This year at LDI, OSRAM presented three new SharXS lamps which OSRAM is calling Brilliant, after its High CRI Lok-it! Power Series lamps of the same name. Like the Lok-it! lamps, the SharXS Brilliant have a super-high color rendering index of 92-94, making them some of the best SharXS lamps ever for television and live performances with accurate skin tones and vivid, true colors are required. The new SharXS Brilliant lamps are available in wattages of 1000W, 1200W, and 1500W.


Philips Lighting B.V.

Philips Lighting was showing their newest lamp, the MSD Platinum Flex. This lamp is used in Elation’s new fixture – the Smarty Hybrid. This lamps notable features are that it has an extremely long lifetime of

10,000 average lamp hours and has reduced power consumption by 30-45%, enhanced lumen output in colors, deep dimming when the shutters of a moving light is closed consuming less power, down to about

80W from 240W (nominal power consumption). It also has a wide power range, ranging from 190W to

280W, intelligent driver scheme, a very short arc and a high color correlated color temperature.


Osram’s latest addition to their broad HMI family, the HMI Studio, offers a new option to users who work in tungsten color temperatures. The HMI Studio line is a standard HMI lamp with a patented doped UV glass envelope that incorporates a tungsten shift and UV stop, which blocks 99% of UVB and UVC rays.

Because the color is incorporated directly into the lamp, it eliminates the need for color correction accessories, saving time and money, offering a plug and play option for converting daylight fixtures to tungsten. This 90+ CRI lamp will last just as long as the daylight version and is considerably brighter than standard tungsten fixture of similar wattage.

Osram’s workhorse led flood is a solid option when a work light is required. The FLx 90 draws only 90 watts but has the output of a 500-watt halogen lamp, drawing 82% less energy than a standard incandescent fixture of the same light output.

With a 93-degree beam spread and a powerful punch, this is an ideal work light for backstage and front of house. With an IP 65 rating, you can also use it outdoors at the same facility. The FLx 90 also can be dimmed to 15%, adding even more versatility to your toolbox.


Philips Lighting BV

Philips msr-platinum-35The Philips Lighting lamp division was at LDI with the wide array offerings across many facets of the entertainment industry.

In their popular Platinum range, they released MSR Platinum 35 for when LED isn’t enough and the punch of an arc source is needed.  Its high brightness and high-contrast beams to avoid shadow creation, as well as more compact luminaire and fixture designs to improve creative choice and design flexibility.

Also on the stand were their light engine solutions for data projectors and even some innovative solid state (LED and OLED).



RLED RetroRLED’s The RETRO series of retrofit lamps are a 0-100% phase dimmable (forward and reverse) LED 2700-5000K 80-90 CRI engine.

Designed for SCR, TRIAC, or IGBT dimmers. This light engine is a direct replacement of existing incandescent lamps in a wide range of applications. Specific socket adapters are available to provide simple installation and the standard versions are Edison, Mini-Candelabra, and bare wire.

Custom and standard mounting options are available.

Available in a wide range of wattages, this year at LDI RLED released two new smaller versions for under-balcony applications. The 150 is a 15-watt engine meant to replace 150-watt legacy lamps while the Retro 300 is a 25-watt engine designed to replace 300-watt tungsten/halogen.

For more info check out https://www.cantousa.com/

Quasar Science

quasar-scienceQuasar Science continued to show their Q Line linear lamp, a LED fluorescent replacement.  The Q Line features switchable 3000-5600k or crossfade 2000k-6000k color temperature and an innovative mounting system that allows for flexibility required in film and event venues. They are available in sizes ranging from 1 foot to 8 feet.  The newest version of the Q line will allow from full 0-100% dimming with a 95+ CRI.  Brand new for LDI Quasar Science featured an innovative radio controlled 50 watt Q Line lamp.



OSRAM HMIOsram continued to add a new level of safety to their HMI line by adding their patented UVS quartz outer jack some of their higher wattage HMI lamps. This new technology will replace the existing non-UVS lamps and reduces UVB and UVC emissions up to 99,9 %. UVS not only extends the life of fixture components, it also protects film crews and talent from UV radiation. Most importantly, HMI lamps equipped with UVS achieve these benefits without compromising performance. The unique orange base of the re-engineered lamps indicates the UVS envelope.

HMI Studio Metal HalideOsram also presented their new HMI Studio Metal Halide series with a 3200 K color temperature. The new CTO color temperature will allow an HMI fixture to match existing incandescent fixtures on stage, film set or on location without the need for gel, greatly simplifying the setup processes and elimination the need for redundant lamps and fixtures. The CTO is baked right into the quartz outer envelope and will not fade over the life of lamp.

Osram PhaserAlso showed a version of their white light laser technology.  After successfully being introduced into the field of medicine and the automotive industry, laser technology is now set to revolutionize the entertainment market. The Osram PHASER, which will be shown at the company’s booth at LDI, stands for phosphor and laser, and is combined to create light with high luminance, which has the potential to replace many light sources which are currently used with lamps in various fields of application.