Aside from some pyro excitement, they were excited about their SMART technology that is making its way into their units. Mainly their most popular  G300 Smart (Fogger) and MVS Smart (Hazer).

For the G300 SMART it features its Internet of Things (IoT) capability that supports Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity for Set-up, monitoring, and diagnostics. The network capabilities also allow for flexibility in setting and changing the unit’s configuration via a mobile device. The user can also set interval, durations and pre-delay times as well as set flow level, turn the unit on or off and do a diagnostic run as well.

For the MVS Smart functionality lets the unit control 2 variable speed fans which control projection and direction of the haze stream form 0-90 degrees. It also has an oscillating mode that you can program for automated back and forth sweeps.


Chauvet DJ

Over on Chauvet’s DJ side they were showing the new Eve units that include the 130W tri-color Eve P-130, the 140W variable white Eve P-140 and the 150W ultraviolet Eve P-150 UV. The three new Eve units have a bright, flicker-free output that makes them well-suited for events of all sizes. All the fixtures are fan free and silent for use in video recording applications.

The Eve series features an interchangeable 25° and 45° magnetic lenses making it easy to change beam angles. The fixtures also have a gel frame holder and 6 ¼ – inch accessory slot for optional barn doors. Adding to their flexibility, the new fixtures offer D-Fi USB compatibility, PowerCON-compatible power linking capabilities, and both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections.

There were also two new atmospheric effects, one called the Cumulus which uses an ultrasonic agitator and water to create a low lying “dancing on the clouds” effect without the need for dry ice.  Joining the Cumulus is the Hurricane 2000, a high-volume fog machine that produces a thick plume on demand because of its Always-Ready technology that provides a continuous output, and its built-in timer provides hands-free, automated operation. An advanced fluid sensor with automatic shut-off prevents overheating, and the variable output can be controlled from the on-board LCD display or DMX.


Ultratec Special Effects

Ultratec created a couple of new accessories to complement their current line of foggers, hazers, snow, and bubble machines. The first unit of note is called a “swivel bracket” which gives the end user the ability to mount most of their Ultratec machines (weighing roughly 100lbs or less) in the air and oscillate the machine back and forth. Fully DMX controlled, the units speed and direction can be controlled. They have roughly 90degs of motion, so know you can spread your atmospheric effects more evenly across the stage.

In addition, the swivel bracket, Utratec now also make a variable speed/directional fan that also allows you to push your atmospheric effects further on stage. With both of these accessories you now have a lot more control of your effects!



MDG created a pair of new products this year to complement their existing line; giving the end user more tools to create atmospheric effects in unique locations, quicker, and at less cost. Their first innovation was taking their ATMe Hazer and placing it into a IP55 enclosure. Now you can use this hazer outdoors! Since their hazer produces such fine particles, wind has minimal effect on the haze. Several theme parks have recently installed these units with great success.

The second new product out there was designed to help existing customers with Ice Fog Q units better manage fog throughout their space. Called the “diverter” the unit sits in front of the Fog Q unit and allows you to divert the stream of fog thru two different ducts or paths. Now you can use ONE machine to fog multiple areas on stage. This cuts down the need for multiple machines saving you money!



maniac_slide_2CITC is an industry leader in creating unique and exciting special effects equipment for the entertainment market. For their 2016 LDI presentation, CITC was all about the MANIAC LED fixture.

This unique unit combines a multitude of effects in one truly creative solution making this a must have for any creative environment. Super strong fog output, intensive multi-color LED lights, and a rotating moving head makes this a trifecta of fun! It is a sensational, dazzling, and thrilling piece of equipment that will make even the most jaded of professionals stand and applaud its performance.  Maniac has 10 groups of 8W, RGBA Quad LED lights, rapid movement, rapid color change, strobe, instant stop, adjustable fog output, and anti-drip technology.  The yoke has a 540-degree pan and the head has a 260-degree tilt. Maniac can be hung or placed on the floor. The LED lights can be used with or without the fog. Several units can be synchronized together to make Maniac magic.

On display was the new AquaMax, MP version, which is three times more powerful, has a 2-channel DMX with variable output on DMX, and is much quieter.  CITC has created brand new technology that will allow for 2-hour, long-lasting, water-based, 100% certified organic haze to be produced in a quiet haze machine named the AquaMax MP. For years, water-based haze machines produced a haze that didn’t last long, thereby costing thousands of dollars in haze fluid each year.


Le Maitre

Le Maitre has been designing and manufacturing stage pyrotechnics and fog, smoke and haze machines since 1977 so needless to say, they are an industry staple for these solutions. One might ask how can a manufacturer who has been around so long could possibly “re-invent the wheel” for fog and haze machines. Well, you make them more efficient and you make them SMART!

Le Maitre MVS SmartLe Maitre revealed their new MVS SMART Haze Machine at LDI retaining all of the features of the highly popular MVS hazer but adding smart control and monitoring features. This allows the user to set up and control the hazer from a mobile device, tablet or computer. Once connected via Wi-Fi, the MVS SMART can be monitored and controlled over the internet through Le Maitre’s evolving Machine Portal Interface.

Also on display was the G300-SMART smoke machine that features Internet of Things technology. Rugged, versatile and durable, with a massive output of dense white smoke, it supports both WiFi and LAN connectivity for set-up, monitoring, and diagnostics. As with the MVS SMART, the user can set up and change the configuration of the machine via a mobile phone or tablet.

On hand was the Eco Hazer which is an incredibly efficient water-based hazer that is environmentally friendly, producing pure and long-lasting haze using just 100-150W. The Neutron hazer, with its high-powered quiet fan and low fluid consumption, is a simple, popular hazer, ideal for small to medium sized venues, whilst the robust and powerful Haze Master has a tremendous output capacity and is designed for the road.



MDG M3eMDG added handy functionality to the M3e and ATMe as they now support RDM for remote monitoring and configuration, with 100% duty cycles and variable outputs there is a wide range of flexibility.



MDG MEHas revamped their entire line of foggers this year, the New ME series starting at one output, able to produce 3,351 sqft. of fog in one minute, going all the way up to the ME 8 with 28,251 sqft. per minute output.   All of the foggers are rated for 100 % continuous duty,  have 0 to 100% output control, DMX and RDM controllable and all have an automatic purging system to prevent residual build-up.