Tempest Enclosures

Tempest has been making weather-proof enclosures for fixtures that do not have an IP rating for years.

At LDI Tempest had their new G4 line of data projector enclosures.  Designed for projectors of most any size up to and including their G4 Typhoon stackable enclosures, if you need to have a projector outside and protected from the elements, Tempest are the people to talk to.

Tempest also now has their AC Assist coolers supplement outside air with cooled, dehumidified air, guaranteeing safe operation in the very hottest locations. Download the AC Assist Calculator from their website. This handy Excel file that will help you decide when AC Assist may be needed.


Doughty Engineering USA Inc.

Doughty debuted their newest product, the Space Saver Omega. This new product will give people the ability to leave their clamps and hanging brackets installed on fixtures when riding in road cases. This product will not only save countless hours during load-ins and load-outs but will also save money by not having to buy custom cases that have headroom for clamps to ride in transit.



Tempest introduced there 4th generation of Projector Outdoor enclosures. The big thing is that unit is now Lighter, faster and supports more types of projectors. A great video on the new enclosures is below.


screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-36-03-amSeaChanger’s new Prodigy color engine from SeaChanger™ is specifically engineered to provide color mixing for fixtures using a white LED light source. Prodigy gives users the same high color rendering and extensive palette achieved with traditional tungsten fixtures, while incorporating the energy efficiency of compatible LED technology. The new Prodigy also features a slimmer housing design and silent, fan-free operation with color changes in less than 0.3 seconds.

It is also compatible with ETC’s Source 4Wrd led retrofit engine for Source 4’s.

NEW! SeaChanger™ Prodigy