James Thomas Engineering


Thomas was very proud of their new two story booth. The second story utilized Thomas’s flat catwalk system. Their featured product was the Galaxy 300 Truss. This truss is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel, and features adjustable mounting bars for conventional or moving heads. A 10’ span has a uniform distributed load of 7050 pounds. It also has a removable dolly that folds away and stacks. This truss is ideal for a touring rig with lots of movers.

Pixel Range


New at LDI were a host of products. The first of two  standing out of the crowd was the PixelPar Q12.   This is a fully programmable LED wash unit with 12 high intensity Quad color RGBW Cree Leds.  The unit produces 4500 Lumens at a 10 degree standardbeam spread , and is also available in 17 and 23 beam spreads.  DMX dimmable gives you  a choice of dimming curves, such as Tungsten, and TV fine.    It has a IP20 or 65 rating available for dry/damp or wet locations autosensing power input, DMX , power in and out,  and a 2 year warranty.   Another notable was the Pixel Smart a small unit mixing 12 quad LED, RGBW and 12 cool white LEDs.  DMX control with 39 internal chase effects.   175 watts maximum power.

Philips Entertainment



Lots of newness from Philips Entertainment Group (PEG)  From the Selecon world comes the new PL1 LED with full control over color, beam and intensity, using the same light engine as in the VLX by Varilite.

If that’s not enough fun they have also come out with the PL3 and PL5 using 3 and 5 LED light engines to create a powerful remotely operated color changing and beam changing light equivalent  to a 1K Fresnel consuming only 400 watts.

Also new to LDI was the Selecon SPX a 750 watt ellipsoidal with up to 63% more light output.  The SPX is a fixed beam angle range of 14°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°, that are drop in, interchangeable lens tubes.  Central planetary gear for effective, intuitive control of Peak: Flat light.  The unit has a new molded yoke, with twice the rigidity of steel.  The SPX contains an integral shutter clamp system which secures all four shutters after focusing.  Full 360-degree beam / pattern / shutter rotation with indexing for recording the settings.  Automatic mains power disconnection via micro switch when the lamp module is removed to change the lamp for maximum safety.

Strand has embraced the multitudes of lighting options from LED to quartz in the new S21 LED Raceway.

Systems can be mixed and matched as needed to create a completely flexible lighting system to meet the needs of any installation. The dimmer strips feature quiet convection cooled IGBT dimming for low lamp noise and reliable operation.  The S 21 is a fully Digital Dimmer strip with Forward and Reverse phase dimming with compatible LED drivers that require reverse phase operation, DMX512 I/O.  The IGBT dimmers are convection cooled requiring no dimmer room they are energy efficient – only a 2.5 volt insertion loss. S-21 has a choice of 3 power input locations – top, bottom and back in a wide range of load connector options.

JR Clancy


New from Clancy is the Alpha Chain, a black alloy chain for rigging specifically developed for theater.    The black chain eliminates glare and reflection, made of hardened alloy meeting OSHA requirements for sling usage.   The Alpha Chain has a 3250 lb working limit based on a 4:1 safety factor.   All chain is stamped with JRC with a date code on every 10th link for traceability.

JR Clancy was also showing people their Powerlift line of automated hoists. Designed to greatly enhances the impact productions with seamless scenery changes and dramatic movements. PowerLift hoists are in use in schools, universities, and professional theatres worldwide. Some of the benefits of the line include:
* Predictable, consistent scenery movements at every performance with SceneControl® and Altus™ consoles.
* Dual-brake system to ensure reliable stops and hold loads securely for long periods.
* No need to handle counterweight or climb to loading galleries.
* Clancy’s built moving drum winches for 50 years, resulting in compact winches that free up backstage space.
* PowerLifts are ETL Listed.
* PowerLifts can be provided with optional load monitoring to stop movement in case of overload or underload, and to display the lifted load.

PowerLifts can be mounted vertically on the fly tower wall, minimizing space requirements. Horizontal mounting is also available. Access to the PowerLifts is required for mandatory OSHA maintenance and inspection. The PowerLift family of hoists gives you the choices you need to meet your rigging requirements

JR Clancy was also a co-winner of the Rock our World award for their work on the Winspear Opera House providing 85 counterweight sets, 16 highspeed point hoists, a custom retractable chandelier and steel framed fire curtain.



Wildfire has a very exciting new Long-Throw Series II 150 watt fixture that makes everyone’s lives easier if they work with black light regularly. In the past, you needed a fixture for each beam spread.  With this new fixture, you can replace only the reflector and you get a Flood, Spot, or Wide Flood at your fingertips! Of course Wildfire has designed this light with rugged touring applications and space in mind. Even more exciting is the addition of clear drying glow paint.  Previously only available in blue, now you can get invisible paint that dries clear, but shows up under UV as Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black, or Green.

Everyone is more energy conscious these days and that has not passed by Wildfire.  The new Effects Master Energy fixture adds to the Effects Master Line by providing an option for applications where you don’t need the output of the Standard or Delux fixtures.  These fixtures are ideal for wall murals, or even general black light coverage.

Lastly, the UltraRail T5 Fluorescent Black Light System offers a very low energy, slim profile design with the option of linking together fixtures for optimal ease of installation.  The fixture is the perfect choice for Black Light effects in coves, soffits, shelf lighting, merchandising displays, and trade show exhibits.



GAM was showing several new products at this LDI including the Go-lite, Prismo, GamColor Kits, Chroma Key Green GAMFloor, and some new gobo designs.  GAM is also regularly improving their website and now has parts lists at your fingertips – just check it out at www.gamonline.com !

You may have seen the recent release of the GAM Go-lite, an inexpensive, easy option for theaters to cue what you want when you want. The system uses inexpensive and readily available telephone cord for easy installation. Even a non-theater person can figure this one out.

GAM has also come out with new full sized sheet color kits to make your gel choices quick and painless giving you the colors you need most without the hassle of picking them individually.  Kits include Master Location for video shooters, Master Diffusion, CTB – Tungsten to Daylight, CTO – Daylight to Tungsten, Master Theatre, Party Colors, and Pro Party Packs.

The Prismo motion effect gives you the option of a GAM Prismo3-Facit or 5-Facet Prism to place on your existing ellipsoidal spotlight. With variable speed options this effect can turn your boring single pattern into an eye-popping plethora of images and color without the bill of adding a moving light. Best of all, it is designed for a continuous duty cycle, so it is a great option for museums and themed environments where it has to run many hours a day.

Lee Filters


LEE showed their wonderful series of gel colors at LDI. They also highlighted some of their every-day products that make our lives so much better.  Gel products unique to Lee are their Quick Rolls – cut to size so you can just slice, slice, slice, the squares (or rectangles) you need;  Lighting Packs with multiple colors at a pre-cut size to make choosing gel quick and easy; and their special Wide Rolls of 60” for the TV / Studio market.

Did you know that Lee’s architectural division has all kinds of accessories for MR-16’s that are PRE-MADE – to fit? From holders and diffusions to dichroics, spread lenses, and honeycomb louvers – Lee has you covered for your MR-16 needs.

Sylvania / Osram


Just across the aisle from Barbizon, the Sylvania booth showed off several new products such as the Lok-It, Dot-it, and the GL family.  The Lok-it lamps can be easily installed in luminaires providing an ultra-strong and vibration-free connection with the lamp base.  Designed to ensure proper lamp insertion every time, just a quarter turn secures the lamp and aligns it accurately while a mechanical stop prevents the lamp from being turned too far.  The versatility of the system makes it ideal for a variety of applications in the entertainment industry.

The DOT•it Backstage Blue is ideal for areas where directional light is needed, but cannot be detected. Perfect as work lights for touring and road cases or as illumination for light and sound board operators, the Backstage Blue provides work light without the hassle of wires and finding available outlets.  Other practical applications include crossover lighting and backstage illumination during performances, lighting for the stage manager’s desk and as a quick-change booth light source for performers.  The DOT•it Backstage Blue easily adheres to practically any surface with three included options: adhesive, magnetic or hook n’ loop.

The new GLG lamps is sure to be a hit, at only 375 watts, the newly designed HP 375 lamp (ANSI coded: GLG) provides designers with a lower wattage halogen option for high output in ellipsoidal spotlights.  The lamp is perfectly suited for stage, theater, television, film and concert illumination.  Using an optimized multi-segmented filament, the lamp offers excellent performance. In fact, the lamp has a 3,250 K color temperature and an average rated life of 300 hours, making it comparable in properties and overall design to the GLC (575W) and GLD (750W) lamps.  Because of it’s lower output you will not notice a color temperature shift caused by dimming it’s bigger brothers.

Electronic Theatre Controls


The ETC booth had quite a buzz about it this year.  ETC Prodigy Rigging Controllers It is apparent that they are not sitting back and resting on the success of last year’s introduction of the Prodigy Rigging platform.  Now that the Prodigy System is shipping they were featuring it in their booth.

The Controls Division has also been hard at work this year.  Anne Valentino and her developers were proud to show the latest version of Eos Software v. 1.9.5 for Eos & Ion which includes a low resolution pixel mapping feature via an on-board media server.

Tom Littrel was showing off the new Source Four XT – a sharp focus exterior ellipsoidal with an IP rating of 65,  15 – 30 degree zoom range and 12,000 hour 150W HID source.

Robert Gerlach & Novella Smith could not be moreETC Selador "Pearl" happy to show you the latest developments in the Selador product line.  The Pearl LED fixture is the latest compliment to the Fire & Ice collection.  Boasting over 3400 lumens from a mere 125W the Pearl offers a fully adjustable range of white light from 3200K to 5700K.

Strong Entertainment Lighting


Strong Entertainment Lighting has released a new addition to the Solutions LED fixture line.  The Solutions 900 is a 900W high-performance color-mixing RGB full spectrum LED lighting fixture.  It is controlled by DMX512 and is IP65 rated.  It is available with a variety of accessories including asymmetrical and symmetrical beam spread lenses.  The Solutions 900 family includes the Solutions 650 LED fixture which has 750W of total power.

Strong was also showing the Neeva LED Profile Fixture.  Neeva LED ProfileThe Neeva is a RGBA, RGBW or tunable White LED that is perfect for gobo projection or anywhere a sharp, hard edged beam could be used.  The Neeva features a 26 degree beam angle for throws of 10’-30’.  Strong is also distributing DTS lighting products.  DTS manufacturers a variety of moving head projectors, LED fixtures, smoke machines, dmx controllers and other lighting equipment.

Robert Juliat


Robert Juliat has introduced its first LED profile spot, Aledin.  The Aledin 630SX consumes just 85W and is the winner of the PLASA 2010 Award for Innovation.  The fixture is available in both 3500K and 5800K versions and has a built in flicker-free power supply with noiseless forced air cooling.  The Aledin comes in 3 zoom ranges; 28-54deg, 16-35deg and 11-26deg.  There is local control as well as DMX control of light intensity, either 8 bit or 16 bit.  The fixture handles home-made gobos easily due to its low operating temperature.  The Aledin – 630SX is in stock and available now.

Airstar America


Airstar America is introducing a new Crystal LED air-filled lighting balloon with a fan enclosed inside.  The Crystal LED will include DMX control of the LED light source and is an excellent choice utilizing all the benefits of LED lighting. The light output is equivalent to four ColorBlasts.  The LED version complements the halogen and HMI versions of the Crystal product line and will be available in several sizes.  Airstar America manufactures a variety of lighting products for events & design, film & television and permanent installations.



There was nothing new on the followspot side of the Phoebus booth but there were definitely some new products to be seen on the flashlight side.  Phoebus with partner Cree has introduced some extremely bright LED flashlights.  Some of the memorable ones were the Nightshift line.  The Nightshift I, II and III are all battery powered, small flashlights that make a great gift idea.

Other interesting lines include the Rescue line.  Rescue line flashlights are made from military grade aluminum and are water resistance and shower proof for those who forget to take their flashlight off before showering.  The Rescue convertible has a body extender so it can use either 1 CR123A battery or 2 AA.

Also seen was he new Spectrum 2 multi-color LED flashlight is designed for CSI type applications where blue or red illumination is indicated. The 1.5 watt single chip LED has red, blue and white emitters selectable by a four position tail-mounted button switch.  This flashlight is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with a bright nickle finish. The Spectrum 2 is convertible for use with either one CR123A battery or, using the body extender, with two AA type batteries. Both battery types are included.



There was definitely something in the air at Le Maitre.   Le Maitre had their line of both smoke & haze products as well their special effects products.

In the smoke & haze family there were both products LeMaitre MVS Hazernew and old.  From the throw back era is the Neutron XS hazer still chugging away.  Newer additions to the family are the MVS hazer and the Stadium hazer. Both units are made for high volume output.  All 3 hazers use the same Le Maitre haze fluid.

In the smoke area Le Maitre has developed 3 G Force fog machines to go along with the existing G300.  All G Force machines incorporate Le Maitre’s unique Genesis Easy Change Block System.  Options include On/off Variflow and Timer, DMX and hand held remote.

All machines use Le Maitre’s standard fog fluids.



New at the Ushio booth this year were their U-LED.  The U-LED series is a line of LED replacement bulbs that have the look of an incandescent filament bulb.   Currently they have candle, globe and mini globe shaped lamps.  These would be great replacements for chandelier or marquis bulbs.

Also new at the booth was their DirectLED Direct Illumination Engine.  It is a high powered LED mounted on a circuit board for sign and display retrofits.  It is dimmable and designed to last up to 140,000 which makes it a good choice  replacing fluorescent tubes.

For those energy conscious folks who are not yet ready or able to move to LED MR16 replacements but want to conserve as much as possible, Ushio was promoting their Eurosaver series.  The Eurosaver series is a MR16 lamps that use a newer filament design and a proprietary blend of gas to achieve a brighter output with less wattage.

Currently there is a 24w, 35w and 50w in various beam spreads.

Total Structures

Total Structures this year were showcasing the RSC Light Lock.  They set up a sequence for one side’s lights to move while you watched the other side stay nicely within a target range.  It was an effective way to show the precision the Light Lock allows you when dealing with moving fixtures.  The rumor is that next year they will have a new version of the unit available that will counteract not just rotation but also lateral sway.

Another exciting item from Total is their TOTALITE spigoted truss that fills a hole in their product range between  New Wave truss range and Light Duty rigging truss, and is lighter, less expensive and more appropriate for the exhibition, conference, television, decorative and small show market.

Despite its decorative looks, easy portability and low cost, TOTALITE is very much a performance product and has surprisingly high load capacity due to the direct chord connection between trusses and excellent geometry between main chords and diagonal bracing. A 20′ span supports a uniformly distributed load (U.D.L.) of 3,000 Lbs with only a 2″ deflection.  Totalite is available in 12″ box version in 10′, 8′, 5′, and 2′ truss sections complete with a full range of corners, bases and accessories.

Also worth noting, the New Wave Truss (winner of awards at LDI, PLASA and various other trade shows) will only be available in aluminum, as carbon fiber has become very difficult to acquire readily.



New for Rosco on the floor this year was their new series of gobo rotators.  The Simple Spin is a dual gobo rotator with a local and dimmer control switch – it is not DMX controllable.  The Revo is a dual indexing rotator with DMX in and thru.  The RevoPro is a dual programmable rotator equipped with a library of effects that lets you store custom effects to its onboard memory.  All 3 units have a switch to shut off the LED display for less visual noise on your fixture.

Rosco also had a display of items from 100 years of lighting.  A fun history lesson for lighting gurus, it showcased gelatin gel and paint samples from the past, as well as gobo technologies of today.  They really have come a long way from 1910!



On display at MDG’s booth was a product designed to do both fog and haze  called “The One.”  It is a dual purpose unit, available in a stand-alone and touring version.  Using only one fluid type, you can switch back and forth easily between haze and fog output.  It has an RJ-45 connector for use with ACN systems, as well as a DMX in and out.  The LCD display allows for easy navigation through menus with different levels of access for different users.  And the system has automatic purging – which helps maintain the fixture better over time.



Dazian’s booth this year was Ocean themed.  It was a lovely mix of sparkly and earthy.  They display their fabrics with such elegance – good lighting, effective layering, and simple draping.  With such texture available for scenic and costume pieces, the potential is limitless for lighting designers with their products!

They have made great pieces using grand format digital printing, dye sublimation printing, and silk screen printing.  I was impressed to learn of the significant selection of fabrics they can use for printing purposes: 40 different types!

Check out their website for the list of new fabrics, as well as the “Global Voyages” and “Rediscover Glamour” lines of years past.

American Grip


American Grip did not have any ‘new’ products to share with us, but is proud of the ongoing improvements they are continually making to their line. American Grip confirmed their commitment to customer service and to having products on hand when you need them.



The good folks at  Ocean Thin Films hosted an Oxygen Bar this year.  The design of the booth highlighted the energy efficiency and low heat created by the Nemo plasma source (LiFi).   One half of the booth showed how the SeaChanger Profile and Wash could individually replace dozens of incandescent fixtures, and also demonstrated the heat created by incandescent light sources.  The other half of the booth featured the Nemo fixture and showed exactly how little power was being drawn by each fixture through the use of an in-line meter.  Most importantly the Nemo is one of the more efficient light sources producing 30 lumens per watt, versus only 15 lumens per watt from most LED sources. Not only is the Nemo more efficient, but it products less than half of the total heat of a comparable 750W tungsten source.  Seachanger’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability continue with these fixtures. Both the profile and the wash were designed with the LEP source to deliver energy efficient, high intensity lighting, while reducing energy consumption.

Perfect for hard to reach installations; the NEMO product has a 15,000 hour lamp life and produces 10,000 lumens on 320W of power.  A dimmer wheel is included to control the intensity of the output.  These fixtures are great for galleries, museums, theme parks and other architectural applications where location make routine maintenance difficult.

You can see the online demo of the NEMO on YouTube or we’ve embedded it below.



The Leprecon LP-X Series DMX console is marketed as “a lot of board for a very good price” and helps to bridge the gap between inexpensive and expensive.  The console is designed for control and cross-programming of moving lights and conventional dimmers and has applications for stage, event, production, and house of worship lighting. The X24 (with 1 DMX Universe) or X48 (with 2 DMX Universe capacity) supports a touch screen monitor for easy programming and user interface and features virtual channels, 20 pages of 12 playbacks, theatrical-style cue stacks and live override function, making this a great board for someone in between beginner and advanced.  Additional features include:

– Built-in fixture library
– 20 pages of preset playbacks
– Color, Beam, Intensity & Focus control w/ individual fade times
– Effects Generator
– Cue Stack memories with hold and fade times
– VGA output
– PS2 connections for keyboard and mouse
– Two dimmable Littlite brand work lamps

The Leprecon LPC series is great for users needing a basic approach to conventional lighting but maintaining the option to grow.  With 1024 DMX output channels and 512 channels The LPC48V and LP96V lighting consoles have six programmable “Quick Looks” that are perfect for a multitude of users, including those who just need to bring up the house lights.  The LPC is simple enough for a volunteer to use but powerful enough for programming complexities- making this a great desk for worship or schools.  A VGA monitor is required, but a touch screen can be used.

The Leprecon Aris Architectural system was developed primarily to integrate all lighting system needs into one control interface.  The system consists of the AI-512 unit (with software and power supply) and the optional control surfaces (button stations, sliders, and lock out panel) to give you complete control of your architectural systems. The AI-512, housed in 2r rack mount chassis, contains all of the necessary hardware and software to interface with, and control, any DMX lighting system, either through an existing DMX console or through an Aris wall or Ethernet station. All 512 DMX channels can be used for architectural or stage lighting, are easily recalled from a number of different interfaces and can program up to 8 different rooms with 24 playbacks per room.

Pathway Connectivity Solutions


The Pathport VIA system is the latest network switch for complete Ethernet-based lighting data distribution systems.  Featuring  10 ports with Power over Ethernet (POE) +1 layer 2/3 gigabit capability and front panel LCD with encoder knob (a feature not found on even enterprise switches) the VIA allows for easy configuration and review from the front- no need for a computer link or web browser.

The VIA recognizes industry specific lighting protocols (including ArtNet, E1.31 sACN, Shownet, Pathport), and E1.17 nACN and Audio Visual Bridge 9AVB are also native.  Link mode will allow the user to force a slower connection speed and PoE can be disabled, port-by-port, should there be a concern about older lighting nodes.  All Pathport devices can be viewed from the LCD (and include settings for device name, IP settings, MAC address, serial number and operating version).  Switch configuration and logging can be saved to external media via integrated SD and USB ports.    Best of all – it doesn’t contain a fan, and can be used in the most acoustically sensitive environments.

The Pathport Octo is the latest rack mount node from Pathport.  With up to eight-ports this node provides great flexibility with Pathport’s lowest price-per-port.  Available in a rugged aluminum housing, with front or rear connectors and LCD display for diagnostics and configuration interface, the Octo is a great way to upgrade your system to Ethernet-enabled network.  This cost effective product allows for easy replacement while retaining DMX wiring through an adaptor kit.   The node provides address support for 128 universes, DMX routing, and can easily be configured with the latest version of  Pathport software, Manager 5.

LEX Products


Lex Products Corp is expanding their EverGrip line of molded cable products to include 7 and 14 Pin Motor Control Cables.  These also have a new Weatherproof Cover option, and are able to be custom printed with a company name, directly onto the rubber jacket, along the full length of the cable assembly.

Lex is also now offering Colored Feeder Extensions, available in seven colors (Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange, Grey and Blue).  Custom printing is also available on Feeder Extensions and Bulk Cable with customer’s text in sky blue ink along the entire length of the cable for company identification and theft deterrent.

Their compact 1.8 kW Slim Dimmer is now available as the Slim Dimmer Plus with DMX.  It is controllable using both DMX512 and a front panel fader for maximum versatility.  It is ideal in situations where “one more dimmer” is needed, and has a variety of hanging options.

Dove Systems


Dove Systems was featuring The Dimmermaster Shoebox trussmount dimmers which are very compact and available in four, two, or single 2.4 kW dimmer options, all with a 20 amp Twist Lock inlet. They may be pipe or tree mounted and are perfect for tight spaces where conventional dimmer packs are too bulky. The units accept both DMX-512 or 0 to +10VDC control signals, and are powered from a single standard 20 Amp wall outlet.

The Dimmermaster wallmount dimmers are compact units with the option of one 2.4 kW dimmer or four Terminal Block 1200W dimmers. The units accept DMX-512 control and analog 0-10VDC control.  Each channel is protected by a circuit breaker conveniently located on the front panel for quick access.

The HLC line is a small reliable 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 channel house light controller with master sliders. With take control and off buttons, these controllers may be linked in series for any number of stations. The output is 0 to +10VDC. They require between +12 and +15VDC from the dimmer pack as a power supply, and an optional power supply is available for use with dimmers that do not provide it.

Dove Systems also offers customization of most of their product lines.

The Light Source


The Light Source was featuring their usual array of extruded aluminum hanging hardware products, and also showing two new LED fixtures: a work light and a house light that are each 100 watts.  At an 11’ throw, these produce a pool of light with a diameter of about 18’.  Fixtures are available with the option of red, blue, green, or white LEDs.

They also showed their new Mega Folding Floor Stand. It’s another great alternative for a quick floor stand. It fully extends to 15″ square. Folds compact to 6″ square. Fits in corners or against a wall by folding the legs in or out.

Apollo Design Technology


Apollo Design Technology is adding two new light fixtures to their product line.  The D1000 Cyc Light uses linear halogen FFT lamps. Its asymmetrical light distribution is particularly suited to give uniform washes on a wall or cyc. The D1000 is modular and has been expressly planned for use in square, or linear multiple units, where each single element can be independently focused in the vertical plane.

Their Spotlight miniLED Zoom is still in development, but Apollo wanted to show what was coming up.  This compact 100W LED fixture uses a high density RGBW chip that allows a smooth zoom range of 12 to 50 degrees.  A stand alone mode allows static color choices and dynamic effect presets.  Each fixture may be configured a either master or slave, and optional infrared remote control allows selection of functions.  The miniLED Zoom is also modular, and can be combined with other units in row or square configurations.

Union Connector


From connectors to distro boxes, Union Connector is widely known for their solutions to power requirements.  They have cable, connector strips, outlet boxes, and so much more.  They will do custom work as well, so this is the place to go for any unique or specialty items you may require.  A new offering from them will be RDM Net, which will allow DMX distribution options in their connector strips.  Union Connector will happily work with you in finding solutions to your power needs; their family operated business gives you that personal touch and time we all appreciate.



Robe has been diving into offering more environmentally friendly fixtures.  Their new Robin series of fixtures gives a high light output at a reduced power consumption from what was required in years past.  There is a wide range of fixtures available in this line, in both a 300 and 600 series, and in spot, wash, or beam style outputs.  Some really cool LED additions are the LED 300 and 600 wash units.  They are moving head units and have motorized zooms and offer all the savings and features that LED’s are noted for.  Their Digital series adds the 3000 and 7000 models, which combine LED technology with a moving light projector.  This is something new and is sure to create a lot of interest. 

Their new CityFlex 48 LED strip light fixture can be configured in a wide range of form factors, and is IP 65 rated.  This makes it an extremely versatile item, and can be used in architectural and live applications.



TMB continues to offer a wide range of products, for a variety of Green Hippo Logoapplications and uses.  One new item in the works is the Grasshopper from the Hippotizer range of media servers.  The rack mountable Grasshopper will offer a single output of full HD, be capable of 8 layers, and accept a wide range of input formats.  It will compliment the full line of Hippo products already available.

Some new products from Photon Lighting are LED fresnel fixtures.  These will be available in both tungsten and daylight color temperatures.  They project an incredibly even beam field, and give the flexibility of going from spot to flood.

ProPlex will be introducing the GigaBit Ethernet Switch.  It will be completely configurable and modular, and be capable of 8 Ethercon connectors, fiber options, and be offered in managed and unmanaged versions.  There was also the ProPlex 2×8 DMX opto splitter that has 8 optically isolated DMX outputs switchable to either of the 2 DMX in’s.

A few other fun products to keep in mind are the Vegas Festoon lighting string and the CF35 Strobe String.

Altman Lighting


Altman Lighting used this year’s LDI to show products that build not only on the success of recent years, but also on the long history of the company. Altman has entered the theatrical LED world with both feet, enjoying great success with their Spectra-Par and Spectra-Cyc fixtures. This year’s booth showed off the lighter and smaller Spectra Star Par, as well as an outdoor entry into the cyc light market, the Outdoor Spectra Cyc. But the real meat of development in the Altman booth was tucked away at the bottom of the cyc – the Spectra Strip. Built on the form factor of the venerable mini-strip, the Spectra-Strip offers multiple options in lighting the bottom of a cyclorama. The unit is available in RGBA,RGBAW, or in variations by individual cell. For example, in a 3-cell unit, you could have two cells of RGBA with on cell of all-white LEDs, allowing for more careful modeling of certain colors. You could have one cell of color with two cells of white for orchestra downlights. You could have three cells of white light and just add gel like you’ve always done. The folks at Altman haven’t locked users into any one way of lighting with this instrument, they’ve just added flexibility and efficiency to the fixtures people are accustomed to working with already.

Also seen on the stand was the The SPECTRA UV 30.This is a 30 Watt UV luminaire utilizing high performance and long life UV-A emitters. The Spectra UV 30 is designed with three LED cells on three independent DMX channel’’s for intensity control. The LED cells can be individually focused and the interchangeable yoke allows for vertical or horizontal alignment of the LED cells.  An on board multi-voltage power supply allows for direct power & data connection as well as feed thru capabilities. The SPECTRA UV 30 is compatible with both DMX & RDM protocols and comes complete with a library of pre- programmed fades, strobes as well as manual intensity controls. Shows and addressing are accessed via the push button display.

Martin Lighting


Martin Professional had a full range of LED fixtures, automated lights, video walls and control solutions on display at the back of the hall, but in this year’s booth, bigger might not have been better. Two of the most impressive fixtures from Martin were also two of the smallest, the MAC101 and the MAC 350 Entour. Two very different fixtures working off the same principle – good things come in small packages. The MAC 101 is a smaller edition of the very popular MAC 301 Wash, a very quick little LED color wash unit. It’s a unit largely designed for flash, with a very quick movement speed, fast strobe and low price point to allow for purchase in multiples. The 350 Entour on the other hand, is a full-featured profile spot with an LED source creating 8,000 lumens with just seven white LEDs. The optics on the 350 Entour are what we’ve come to expect from Martin, very crisp and clear. The 350 features 6 rotating gobos, an 8-slot color wheel, a fast strobe and very nice iris. I was very impressed with the punch from both of these low-power high-output fixtures.



The fine folks at Swisson had a lot to show at LDI this year, including a dead-sexy little sinewave dimmer designed for TV studios. The XSD-D Satellite Sine Wave Dimmer can be a switched or dimmable power source and is available in 4×2.5kW, 2x5kW or 1x12kW models. This could be the perfect choice for someone needing to dim one or two very large studio or motion picture fixtures. By using sine wave technology, the XSD-D avoids all the filament hum issues that arise with very large filament lamps, making this a viable option for quiet sets. The unit features onboard and DMX control, and can daisy-chain to link multiple units together.

Barco / High End


New from High End Systems this year was the eagerly anticipated Intellaspot XT-1, a new entry into the field of automated profile spots. The Intellaspot shows a new design mentality from High End, with aggressive stylings far from the smooth look of the old-school Studio Spots we’re accustomed to seeing come out of Texas. The incredibly efficient fixture gets a whopping 20,000 lumens out of an 850-watt source, and is packed with features, including CMY color mixing, variable CTO, dual gobo wheels, frost, strobe and iris. The fixture is available with optional Art-Net built in, as well as a wireless DMX option. It’s a big fixture, tipping the scales at well over 100 lbs., so this is not the light for a 200-seat room. But for bigger venues and tours that are looking for a lot of bang out of not a lot of wattage, the Intellaspot is a solid choice.



New this year to the Desisti hoist line is a new Self Climber Hoist EHD (extra heavy duty) featuring a new band technology allowing for extra long travel distance never before attainable from a traditional automated rigging hoist.  Its 442lb lifting capacity can be supplied at any required length up to 20 feet.


Daktronics / Vortek Rigging Hoists

Daktronics released its newest upgrade for the VAC Pro-series control system for its clients who already have a Vortek Automated Rigging System.  This new software features three cue stacks.  Contact your local Barbizon service center to schedule a technician to come out and upload the latest upgrade.

ACT Lighting


On display at the ACT Lighting booth this year was the GDS Stage Manager PanelGDS Stage Managers Panels.  The GDS SMConsole range offers versatile, scalable Stage Management control systems catering to applications in small studio theatre’s to the world’s largest opera houses in three different flavors, desk mount, rack mounted or free standing fiberglass.  Utilize either a 3-pin XLR microphone wiring scheme or tie into your existing computer network wiring to transmit both data and power to the SM Console Cue Lighting system.

MA V2 Screen ShotAlso featured at the ACT Lighting booth is the newly released V2 GrandMA software.  This upgrade includes some extensive advancement in features and add on effects.  If you’re an owner of one of these systems, RUN, don’t walk to the closest computer and down load this free upgrade immediately, it’s that cool.

Clay Paky


Clay Paky had three new Moving Lights this year at the show.  First was the  Alpha Profile 700 which has a brand new shutter module.  Second the Shotlight Wash which is a totally new kind of projector that combines an extraordinary 1500w discharge lamp wash and a 3000w Xenon strobe in just one device.  The fixture also included an impressive 10 to 70 degree zoom.  Rounding out the companies new releases is the new Sharpy.  This tiny moving head generates an agile, parallel beam flying high in the sky, an 189w lamp beam moving light with an unprecedented brightness that until now has only been possible with lamps nine times more powerful.  Its light beam is in fact so concentrated and aligned that it looks more like a laser ray.New Clay Paky Fixtures

DeSisti Lighting

DeSisti jumped into the LED fray with their Set Light DE LED.  It is available in various configurations. 

The Set Light DE LED system was designed for use in production lighting for either key, fill or backlight.  It can also be used as stage wash and down light. The FRE-LED combines high efficiency LED technology by Philips, with an efficient optical system that optimizes light output and control of the light beam.  These color changing fixtures are DMX controllable as white sources with tunable color temperature from 2500°K to 6500°K, that it kept true over the life of the unit by utilizing a patented internal optical measurement system developed by Philips.

Also in the booth was the Leonardo Multi-Power.  It’s a compact, highly efficient 10″ Fresnel, capable of accepting a wide range of tungsten halogen lamps. It has a G22 socket accepts lamps available are 650W, 1kW, 1,2kW, 2kW and 2.5 kW.  This allows the lighting staff to use one fresnel for a wide range of applications.  What’s neat about the lamp housing is that the locking G22 lamp holder has an adjustable height mechanism that allows the use of a wide  range of tungsten halogen lamps ensuring the are correctly centered in the reflector.

Matthews Grip


Here’s a recap of the new and exiting gear @ the Matthews’ booth:

HOT FLAGS – a new line of heat resistant flags for use with high temperature lighting fixtures. Manufactured from a patented, thermal resistant fabric, Matthews HOT Flags will allow precise cutting of the light at relatively close distance to large, heat-producing HMI or Tungsten fixtures. HOT Flags will withstand a continuous heat of 1800F/972C. They weigh approximately one-half the weight of metal Hi Temp Flags and will dissipate heat rapidly allowing for easier handling and faster tear down of the lighting set up.

EXTENDELLINI – Matthews has made gripping capabilities even greater with this new tool. By simply removing the movable jaw, spin handle and bushing from the Matthellini Clamp and securing the new EXTENDELLINI to the thread of the clamp, users can increase the gripping range by almost a foot. Replace the jaw, spin handle and bushing and the extended clamp and fixture can be safely secured to a wide variety of objects. Like the Matthellini Clamp, EXTENDELLINI is a precision machined, chromed product for durability and ease of operation.

MICROgrip – a broad range of mounting and grip products developed around the MICRO-griphead. Great in the studio for table top and product imaging as well as in miniature work, the micro gripheads allow all the moves and features of its bigger 2.50″ brother but in a smaller package. A further development by Matthews form the MICROgrip series is the MICROmount – a highly maneuverable and versatile on-camera light/monitor mount. It’s a highly flexible mount that will allow the photographer to get the on-camera light up from the camera body and off to either side to create dimensional instead of flat lighting. It will also serve as an on-camera monitor mount.

BALLHead Camera Mounts – Unlike most other ball head mounts which are manufactured from die cast components, Matthews Ball Head camera mounts are individually CNC machined from solid bar stock to ensure precise control over all critical dimensions and elements. A precision machined camera quick release plate with a balancing feature offers quick, safe and positive-locking of the camera to the Ball Head Mount. The mounting plate can stay permanently attached to the camera thus avoiding the hassle of trying to screw the camera onto the ball or screwing the ball onto the camera. All heads mount either to the suction cup or other devices. Matthews Ball Head Camera Mount is available in three different sizes to accommodate particular camera weights.

CT Overheads – Cool it up or Warm it Down. These new color-balanced, color-temperature grid cloth overheads will adjust ambient or overhead lighting up and down the Kelvin scale. Available in 1/4 CT and 1/2CT values in both straw and blue to compensate for varying daylight conditions or shifting artificial lighting sources, CT Overheads are manufactured form rugged grid cloth and accurately matched from lot to lot to ensure consistency of color and transmission.



ARRI introduced its new Hybrid kits with both LED and Tungsten source lighting fixtures as a contemporary answer to portable lighting.  Combining energy-saying efficiency, control and intensity these convenient kits draw less than 490w at 120v.  ARRI Hybrid Kits feature the new ARRI LoCaster LED fixture with six selectable color temperature presets and an onboard dimmer.  The unique mixing chamber ensures CRI over 90 and a ‘single source’ for impressive shadow quality.  Having a LoCaster as part of an ARRI kit allows a shooter to work with both hard and soft light, and the ability to manipulate color temps without having to use gels on the LED source.  Hybrid kits also feature ARRIs tungsten Fresnel units with excellent beam-shaping characteristics; ideal for  background and backlight.

ARRI is introducing the next generation of 1000Hz High Speed flicker-free Ballasts used for digital high-speed photography.  The new ballast is available is several wattages included 125/200w, 400/575w 575/1200w and 250/4000w.  The new high speed ballast can now achieve high quality, flicker-free images even at frame rates of 500-1000 fps and in many cases beyond.  The new technology supplies the lamp with 100Hz square wave current, allowing worry-free shooting from motion picture, commercial and industrial high-speed scenes even with a single, HMI daylight source.


Are you wondering what happened to Reflecmedia and want to know if you can still get your hands on their very cool chroma-key system in the US.  Well, yes you can!  Reflecmedia is now offering their products through Chromatic Distribution, Inc here in the US.  Barbizon has recently reestablished our distributor relationship for Reflectmedia through Chromatic Distribution and our customer service folks are set up to field your questions.  Welcome back Reflecmedia!  If you looking for a cost efficient Chroma-key solution for a major broadcast operation, simple student shoot or worship facility, the Reflecmedia system is something worth looking at.

Reflecmedia recently added a chroma-key flooring material to their product offering called “Base Matte”.

To avoid ordering the wrong camera mounting adapter with your system, Reflectmedia is now shipped all 4 of the most common camera mounts at no additional charge.

Rosco Labs


Rosco showed their line of LitePad LED light panels for lighting in tight spaces. For a video click HERE

They also were demo-ing their light control solution for broadcast windows, RoscoShade mechanical shades and RoscoVIEW.

Rosco VIEW is a two-part system consisting of wide width polarizer filter in gel form and a matching optical glass polarizer camera filter. When utilized together, you are able to instantly control 100% of exterior brightness as seen through windows without affecting the lighting and exposure within the studio or set.



The NAB Mario Award winning SeaChanger line of lighting fixtures delivered brilliance in light and color to their

mini set lit by the SeaChanger Nemo,  the first color-changing fixture with a LIFI® plasma light source.  The Nemo delivers an energy efficient class of high intensity lighting, using proven plasma technology – with the seamless, swipe-free color transitions you expect from the SeaChanger product line. You control the color, intensity and saturation of lighting with unprecedented levels of precision and ease.  The fixtures are also available in an outdoor version called Nautilus.

For you meter freaks they hinted that an updated version of their ColorBug may be available by LDI that measures illuminance, color temperature and will be able to determine CRI remotely sending the data back to an iPhone or iTouch.

Miller Camera Support


Miller had their new version of the Compass system including the Solo, a 75mm head on three-stage spreadless legs.

Also in the booth was the Combination Pedestal for lightweight mobile camera support. The adjustable air-column system provides quick and easy height adjustment for payload configurations up to 60 lbs. You can readily adjust the camera to a suitable height and then lock off with the quick action clamp.

The Combination Pedestal has a 100mm bowl to suit a Miller Arrow fluid head. The Combination Pedestal systems are also supplied with the #481 Miller Studio Dolly with cable guards and provide an ultra-smooth rolling action.



Pelican extends their line of 51 cases with the introduction of the 1170 case.  Designed as watertight/crush-resistant armor for handheld electronics and any small, delicate items, the case sports a high-impact, heat and chemical resistant polymer shell that will stand up to some of the harshest conditions known to man. As additional protection, the case features stainless steel hardware and double-throw latches that can stand up to 400 pounds of pull force, yet open with a light pull. The case’s tongue-and-groove lid construction and polymer o-ring creates a watertight seal and its built-in, automatic pressure equalization valve keeps moisture out and makes it easier to open the case at any altitude.

To offer another legendarily tough, portable equipment protection solution, Pelican Products has introduced the 1460 Case.  The top lid opens up 180 degrees to form a wide stable base. The lid can also act as additional storage space, offering easy access to equipment such as HD video cameras with accessories when secured within standard Pick N Pluck™ or optional custom foam. The 1460 Case is engineered with an open cell-core wall, polymer construction that protects sensitive equipment from the world’s harshest conditions.  Standard features include a lid equipped with a polymer o-ring for a dustproof and watertight seal, as well as two dual action latches that have been tested to withstand nearly 400 pounds of pressure (but open with a light pull). The 1460 Case sports an integrated automatic pressure equalization valve that keeps moisture out and prevents vacuum lock, ensuring the case is easier to open at any altitude. Two over molded rubberized grips are standard on each side and a handle on top of the case is also featured.  Genuine Pelican Cases are fully stackable for optimal space efficiency and can always be spotted by their distinctive, trademarked “Dual Band” design.

Available in black or desert tan, the 1460 Case is backed by the Pelican products lifetime guarantee. Other idea’s for the use of the 1460 case include video cameras, grip equipment, computer equipment, light meters, microphones or tools.

To meet the demand for long, deep and versatile shipping cases, Pelican™ Products, Inc., has introduced the 1740 and 1770 Long Cases.  For easy one-person transport, the 1740 comes standard with several mobile-friendly features including two rugged double-wide handles for easy steering and team lifting. Wide-track, polyurethane wheels (for stable mobility) with ball bearings and nylon hubs ensure extended towing durability. Designed to either be moved manually or stacked on pallets, the 1740 features four extra-deep base-to-lid locking cleats that ensure maximum stacking stability.  Built for longer equipment and weapons such as .50 caliber guns and survey drill kits, the 1770 Long Case is Pelican’s longest case to date with a length of 54.58”. It features the same transit friendly attributes as the 1740.  With more than 6,600 (1740) and 7,300 (1770) cubic inches of usable storage space and an infinite number of internal storage possibilities, both cases feature an open cell core, polymer wall construction engineered to protect sensitive equipment from some of the harshest conditions on earth.  Additional standard features include a lid equipped with a polymer o-ring for a dust and water tight seal and six dual action latches that have been tested to withstand nearly 400 pounds of pulling force (but open with a light pull).  Genuine Pelican Protector™ Cases can always be spotted by their distinctive, trademarked “Dual Band” design.  Due to their large internal volumes both cases feature dual integrated automatic pressure equalization valves that keep moisture out and prevent vacuum lock so they’re easy to open at any altitude.

Leveraging next-generation LED technology; Pelican Products has introduced the rugged Nemo 1960 LED as a compact and powerful back up light in its Nemo extreme submersible flashlight line.  Engineered with a next-generation LED, the Nemo 1960 LED shines 24 lumens/657 candelas at peak performance (to cut through murky depths or illuminate a dark trail). Powered by 2AAA batteries the flashlight  offers more than 3 hours of usable light and  a beam that can be seen from 51 meters/167 feet.  O-ring sealed and rated submersible to 100 meters/330 feet, the flashlight sports an incredibly tough polymer construction that will stand up to the pressures of the deep and just about anything else that will come along. It weighs in at a mere 1.9 ounces (with batteries) and features an integrated polymer pocket clip.

Pelican Products has introduced the rugged 9410 LED as their most powerful handheld flashlight ever.  Engineered with an array of four next-generation LEDs, the 9410 LED shines a smoke-cutting 710 lumens/43,200 candela peak beam intensity.  The 9410 LED offers three illumination modes (high, low and strobe) with a water-resistant electronic switch that toggles between modes at the push of a button. The switch also features an integrated battery level indicator that illuminates when the light is on – green (more than 75%) – amber (Between 75% and 25%) – red (25% and lower). In high mode the flashlight outputs a beam that can be seen from an ANSI FL1 Standard tested distance of 416 meters/1,512 feet. Powered by the latest in Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery technology, it boasts nearly two hours of run time (4 hours and 45 minutes on low mode).

The flashlight is available in black and safety yellow. Like all Pelican flashlights, the 9410 LED is backed by the company’s Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.

Sennheiser Audio


Sennheiser came to the show this year with a completely new line of wireless headsets.  The RS Series of wireless headset offers up to 24 hours of Headphone operating time, A frequency response of 18–21,000 Hz, and operates in the transmission frequencies of 2.4–2.48 GHz.

Also, with the addition of HD video to several lines of SLR cameras currently on the market, there has been a renewed interest in the MKE400 Miniature Camera Microphone. The MKE is a versatile shotgun microphone with a lighting shoe mount to provide professional audio with your small video camera.



Da-Lite Screen was keeping up with the buzz over 3D TV & movies with their new Virtual Black 3D projection screen material. Specifically designed and dedicated as the first rear screen 3D projection fabric in the industry, 3D Virtual Black features breakthrough polarization preserving properties engineered by Da-Lite Screen Company’s research chemists.  3D Virtual Black effectively eliminates stereoscopic cross talk or “ghosting” by maintaining 99 percent polarization purity, an industry first for 3D projection.  3D Virtual Black is available in a wide variety of screen types and sizes.

American Grip


Although the folks at American Grip did not have any ‘new’ products for the NAB show they were proud of the ongoing improvements they are continually making to their products.  Lance Snoke also confirmed their commitment to customer service and having the products we need on hand.

Alcorn McBride


The engineers at Alcorn McBride were please to introduce the  SetPlayer SP8000 which supports up to 8 channels of synchronized high-definition video playback in a 3U package and with all of the features you need to control playback from a centralized location.  These control methods include : RS-232, VDCP (Louth), GPIO, Ethernet & SMPTE.  If you don’t require an 8-channel playback device – check out the SetPlayer SP1000, the single channel version of the same product.