Gantom Storm SeriesNew to the Gantom booth this year was Gantom’s new line of outdoor rated fixtures and outdoor rated cable.  For those who are not familiar with the Gantom line, they carry a line of tiny fixtures with big output.  There are flood and spot fixtures and also a gobo projector fixture.  Both indoor and outdoor fixtures come in a variety of color options including fixed white, variable white or RGBW.

Gantom also has a line of controllers.  Most are designed to work with their fixtures some of their products however their apps and the GPlex Micro console can be used with any DMX units.  We use the GPlex constantly for small demos or testing new fixtures when a full lighting console is not necessary.

DMG Lumiere

SL1-SwitchThe SL1 and Mini Switch by DMG LUMIÈRE is a LED light designed by a gaffer and a cinematographer, exclusively for the Motion Picture Industry. These fixtures comes in single color with the SL1-5600K and SL1-3200K or in bicolor with the SL1 Switch. These LED fixtures has the full color palette from 3200K to 5600K. Comes with frosted diffuser (easily removable) and the 360 degree mount as standard.


FRK2-LED-867x10303Visionsmith has set out to build a drop-in solution for most popular halogen fresnels. If you have a halogen kit, this is for you. This isn’t anything like an LED retrofit, it’s just a bulb swap. So upgrading to LED is no longer a process of throwing out all your old favorite lights, and rewiring to support the new expensive LED Fresnel’s. Now you can literally just upgrade from a halogen lamp to a ReLamp LED. It’s much faster. There is no rewiring at all. It costs four times less in most cases. You still get all the benefits of LED.

Lee Filters

Lee Camera FiltersLee Filters was at NAB this year showing their filters not only for lighting but also for cameras.  Their lines of quality filters for all sizes of cameras whether you have a compact to a cinema size lens, Lee has the filters that can work for you.

The Zircon range of filters is designed specifically for use with LED based luminaires, addressing the fact that LED lighting intensity can contribute to rapid fade and failure times of standard lighting filters.  Made of a 180-micron substrate, they are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter, making them more durable and easy-to-use

Historically color filters have been designed to work with 3200K Tungsten sources.  Those who have used the standard color filters on Cool White 5600-6000K sources have found it ends up looking like a completely different color. The problem is exacerbated when mixing Cool White LED and Tungsten sources together, where obtaining a color match from the two different sources is virtually impossible

Lee filters has solved the problem by providing a range of colors now matched for Cool White LED.  These new LED Filters  are designed for use on Cool White CT LED to give a visual color match to the existing colors on Tungsten CT.  Designated as CL, a match for Lee 181 (Congo Blue) on a Tungsten unit would be a CL181 on a Daylight Source.  The units are not color correction (5600K to 3200K) but rather an adjustment to create consistent color from a higher CT source.


LEDko-EXTCoemar was in the DeSisti pavilion at NAB and was showing their Reflection LEDko EXT fixture that has a fixed white color temperature 3200 K or 5600 K.

Featuring an weatherproof rating of IP65 the LEDko EXT has electronic 16 bit dimming with 2 selectable curves, simulating halogen or discharge lamp based fixtures and has a zoom range of 26°-40°.

Its LEDs life is projected at 50000 hours at 70% lumen intensity maintenance so if you’re looking for an LED outdoor framing projector this is worth consideration.

DeSisti Lighting

Fabio DeSistiAt NAB DeSisti was showing their new Super LED Vari-White range of LED fresnels.  The innovative variable white fresnel provides the ability to modulate the color temperature range from 2800°K to 6600°K. The light output has an enhanced CRI (Color Rendering Index) greater than 94 and with equal output throughout the color temperature range. (Right: Fabio DeSisti giving Barbizon an insider’s view of the Vari-White LED Engine.)

  • 0 to 100% with a super smooth Dimming
  •  STEP MODE for CCT Control: Increments of 400°K every 10% of DMX variation
  • CONTINUOUS MODE for CCT control.
The fixture was designed to achieve classical SPOT/FLOOD beam control on an equivalent focus range to a conventional tungsten lamp fresnel, with excellent barn door cutting when needed.
PicolettoAlso for the first time were production samples of the new Picoletto series LED Fresnels. Think LED Inky – they will be available in tungsten and daylight color temps.  They’re so cute!

Electronic Theatre Controls

ETC-NAB-2016With a colorful cast of new gear to show off, ETC lit up this year’s NAB tradeshow with the ETC-MP Rolling Rack, Source 4WRD™ LED, mobile lighting controls, the ColorSource™ family.

ETC now offers a version of the 96-way Sensor® touring rack that’s made with television and film studios in mind. The ETC-MP Rolling Rack packs 96 circuits into a compact footprint the size of a typical 48-way rack, and boasts a simplified circuit configuration. A CEM3 controller and ThruPower modules let you switch from a dimmer to a constant circuit at the touch of a button.

Save time and gain efficiency with the Source 4WRD™ LED. You can transform your tungsten Source Four® fixtures into white-light LEDs in just seconds by swapping out the burner assembly with a Source 4WRD. Its power draw is only 155 watts, but it’s just as bright as a 575-watt extended-life HPL lamp. You can save 70 percent of the power and still get the same superior optics and camera-worthy light as a traditional Source Four.

ColorSource family

Industry leaders ETC recognized the need for an economical feature rich front end to address the multi-parameter lighting fixtures found in most modern day production environments and the ColorSource family of controllers was born.

ColorSource consoles streamline the patching process by doing most of the work. The consoles offer comprehensive RDM (remote device management) support , not found in most lighting controllers at this price point. When a console powers on, it immediately identifies any intelligent lights in the rig and populates their profiles in Patch.  The fixtures can then be assigned to channels using the touchscreen and dragged into position on the onscreen stage map for easy direct-selection and programming. ColorSource desks support the color-mixing systems of all mainstream fixtures, including the extended gamut of ETC’s seven-color Source Four LED and Desire luminaires. ColorSource consoles touchscreen interfaces include swatches of preprogrammed, attractive colors and a color wheel for quick, full-spectrum selection.

An AV version of the console is offered with HDMI and audio output, so that you can run sound cues, images, interactive Video Toy effects, sound-to-light effects and lighting cues from the same device.

S4 Series 2ETC Source 4 Series 2 LED introduces a whole new level of LED lighting that can be used across a wide range of production applications.

ETC’s x7 Color System uses an array seven colors to create evocative color mixes. The Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr array is provided with a lime-green LED emitter, an evolution from the Series1 with the 7th color being white.  Lime green increases lumen output in open white and lighter tints to make them brighter and livelier.  The lime also enriches color-rendering by addressing the spectrum between the red and blue extremes to fills the gaps found in a standard RGBA array.

Daylight HD & Tungsten HD arrays Series 2 is also available in Daylight HD and Tungsten HD were designed for the studio and other applications where quality lighting is a must. The Daylight HD array provides  4000k to 6500K variable-white light , and the Tungsten HD array creates warm (2700 to 4500K), adjustable-white light that mimics the performance of tungsten fixtures. CT and Tint can be adjusted to illuminate individual skin tones without the use of filters. Both arrays offer flicker-free operation – even at high shutter speeds and high lumen output for the brightest light in their respective color-temperature ranges.

Series 2 LED can be used with existing S4 lens barrels, but also with the exciting compliment of additional fittings including Fresnel lens adapter, (Asymmetrical) cyc adapter, or the EDLT (Enhanced Definition) range of Lens tubes with more precise optics, increased efficiency and crystal clear projection

S4 MiniSource4 Mini offers superior optics, precise image projection, shutter cuts and a bright, even field – in a fixture that’s just one-third the size of a traditional Source Four. Only nine inches long, and available in both tungsten (3000K) and LED (3000K, Gallery high CRI 3000K, 4000K or 5000K) and in four field angles: 19°, 26°, 36° and 50.

The Source Four Mini is perfect for set dressing, image projection and highlighting in the studio or in the field.  Available in track, canopy or portable hanging mounts.  The portable unit typically comes with a mini-clamp, but Barbizon has developed a c-clamp form mounting on a standard studio grid – please inquire!


BBS Lighting

BBS-PipelineBBS Lighting spotlighted its new Pipeline LED lighting system, which expands its Area 48 product line. Pipeline is an expandable array of customizable cylindrical fixtures that produce soft, fully dimmable light without any color shift. The rugged, 1-inch diameter LED pipes are available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-foot, lengths offering brighter, higher fidelity light emission of over 1000 lumens per foot with a 95+ TLCI.

Users may use 3200-degree K, 4300-degree K or 5600-degree K pipes individually or in combination, along with a new four-way controller. Pipes are available in 3-foot and 4-foot reflector/four-bank housings that hold either 5600-degree K, 3200-degree K, or a mix of the two, as well as soft boxes and grids for each. BBS also has a new, palm-sized remote dimmer for Area 48 that provides single or multi-fixture 16-bit dimming.

K7BBS also showcased a round-shaped K7 light that attaches to most surfaces via a strong neodymium magnet. It can illuminate dark areas, such as the background of broadcast sets, with a choice of 2W LEDs at 2700-degree K, 3000-degree K or 4000-degree K color temperature.


PAG launched its new PL150 Series of PAGlink Intelligent Linking Batteries at NAB in April 2016.

The new Li-Ion batteries offer an increased capacity of 150Wh – 50% moPag PAGLinkre than PL96 batteries – with no increase in size. PAG has used the latest high-capacity Li-Ion cells to create a 150Wh battery that is housed in the same case as the established 96Wh models, ensuring that PL150 batteries have the highest energy density of any Li-Ion battery of equivalent capacity brought to market.

DSC Labs

DSC LabsThis year at NAB in addition to their already wide array of charts DSC Labs were showing the new ChromaMatch which is a combination of
electronic chart and paper chart in a split screen.

When displayed on a Sony O-LED monitor of broadcast quality (BVME250 recommended), shading
can properly balance the digital signal against the paper chart being light by any combination of lighting fixtures technology to deliver a perfect match. As a foot note this O-LED LCD monitor is considered by many to be the closet to CRT quality available today.

We also heard a lot of discussion around their Xlya line of charts that are designed to test dynamic range of new 4K and greater cameras.

Dynamic range is an important factor in selecting the best camera for the job. Ensure your camera’s dynamic range is setup accurately with DSC Labs latest high dynamic range test system – the Xyla. Available with up 20 f-stops of dynamic range (only 1:1,000,000 of the light passes through on step 21), the Xyla presents more than a challenge for even the most advanced camera systems. There are currently two Xyla models available – the Xyla-15, provides a spread of 14 f-stops and the Xyla-21, an amazing 20 f-stops.


Vector 750Known for there superior camera mounts Vinten’s new Vector 750 Pan & Tilt Head allows a staggering 165.3 lbs of support on the head. With it’s unique counter balance system it ensures an extremely high levels of controls and smooth movements. It also offers and option for a side mounted monitor using there bracket.

vintentrackslsVinten also showed their new Hexagon Dolly’s motorized column and robotic head natively interfaces to the Vinten control protocol and hence can be fully managed from the Vinten control system. With a height of only 30mm (1.18”) from the ground, the system features the lowest profile track design available today while keeping the quality of stability and movement at the highest level. The low profile of the Hexagon System is less obtrusive than any other competitive solutions and also minimizes the risk of tripping. Featuring four traction wheels with dual synchronized motors, the Hexagon System has high traction operation with virtually no slipping. It also provides an optional positioning belt for AR and VR. The track position can be very accurately measured and sent to a graphics engine so that the system can be used in an Augmented/Virtual Reality environment.

Lite Panels

Astra 1x1 Soft Bi-Color PanelVitec’s Lite Panels group introduced the Astra Soft Bi-Color LED panel. With a new diffused lens, the one square foot Astra Soft Bi-Color provides a soft light alternative to the original Astra 1×1 Bi-Color LED panel and mimics the effect of a softbox in a compact, portable design.

The new Astra 1×1 Series Softlight is an extremely cost efficient way to get nice soft light. The range of fixtures consist of Tungsten, Daylight and Bi-Color fixtures covering the entire gamut. With accessories that ranges from Wireless control, DMX and RJ45 modules these panels should be flexible and powerful enough for your next shoot.

RTS Intercoms

RTSRTS’s new KP-Series brings together a complete solution that allows unlimited possibilities. From the minute you see this new system you feel right at home, from custom display interfaces to visuals that re-create the classic look you are sure to be impressed. Depending on the scale you need for your production the system will support up to 10,000 cooperating devices!

Arri Lighting

Arri Lighting was showing some of there latest and greatest additions to there LED soft light line.

Arri Sky PanelThese included the S30-C & S60-C with new software that let you control all environments right from the fixture or remotely using DMX. In addition there is a new accessory called the SkyBender, which is available for both the SC30 & SC60 allowing for beautiful washes from green screens, Colored wall washes and even translight’s!

ARRI’s new generation of ballasts incorporates an AutoScan feature that ensures optimum light and image quality with a minimum of effort for high-speed recording up to 1,000 fps and beyond.

EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScanFirst to be released was the EB 12/18 HS AutoScan for 12 kW and 18 kW discharge lamps, followed by the EB 6/9 HS AutoScan. Now ARRI presents the EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan, designed for the 2.5 kW and 4 kW power classes.

Three different modes are available for high-speed operation: AutoScan (fully automatic), Man (manual frequency control) or AutoMan (manual frequency setting with automatic frequency control). Other key features include Active Line Filter (ALF), Compensation for Cable Losses (CCL) and DMX control, delivering maximum light quality with efficient supply and wiring. When combined with the ARRI M40 lamphead, the EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan ballast enables a faster and simpler way of working on set — at any frame rate.

Chimera Lighting

chimera_skypanel_TECH_LightbanksKnown for their durable and easily packable soft banks and light modifiers, Chimera Lighting displayed two new rings to extend the reach of the very popular Octaplus lighting system.

Chimera is also making a Tech Lightbank for the smaller, ARRI SkyPanel S30 includes the lightbank body, mounting frame, full diffusion front screen, 1/2 and 1/4 grid front screens, 1/8 grid inner baffle and a storage sack.

A wide range of accessories — including various egg crate fabric and honeycomb metal grids, as well as barn doors — are available to complement and extend the Chimera Tech Lightbanks’ and ARRI SkyPanel LEDs’ versatility.

We saw was a universal mount that will work with 1×1 LED fixtures and a second to work with the ubiquitous space light fixture.


Videscence expanded itVidnel-100s full line of LED Fresnels this year (VN080, VN150, VN240).  There are now 80w, 150w and 240w models are all available in both Daylight and Tungsten color temperature and feature an amazing 96+ CRI.  The fixture has a local touch pad and remote DMX control over its 0% to 100% dimming range.

A very unique feature allows this fixture to shut off power to the switching power supply when DMX intensity is set to zero.  This saves a lot of power when not in use and separates it from other brands.

FluoTec – Lowel

studioled_450_r1_c1New this year at NAB, FluoTec release it new BiColor StudioLED 450, 250 and 650 model lighting fixtures.  This new variable white capability allows studio operators to selects any color temperature ranging between 2800k and 6200k via a DMX console.

VegaLux Studio Fresnels are now also available in BiColor (3000k to 5800k) and features a motorized zoom ranging from 10 to 40 degrees via DMX control.

Fluotec is being distributed in the US by Tiffen / Lowel.


Dracast is one of 6 separate divisions all owned by Draco Broadcast.  Barbizon can now offer it’s customer equipment from Avinair, Axrtec, Cinebrite, Magicue and DracastMaxMove as well as Dracast.
Dracast launched a host of new broadcast lighting fixtures at NAB.

Available now is the new Plus Series which combines technologies from it’s pro-series and 2014 studio series to create a complete location lighting panel package.  The on board LCD screen allows local control as well as remote DMX control via CAT5.  Available in three sizes, LED500, LED100 and LED200 all available in three color temperature models (3200k, 5600k, and Variable 3200-5600k) all with on board battery mount accessories.

Surface Series will be shipping in June at a similar affordable price point to the Plus Series but designed for studio applications.

For those of you on location and looking for something extremely light weight, Dracast has cooked up a very cool looking Silver Series.  This like is Dracasts slimmest, lightest LED panel to date.  Silver Series is available in three different sizes LED500 Silver is an 8”x8” square and LED1000 Silver is a folding, dual-board LED panel and the LED1500 Silver with two folding points making it easy to fit in any bag.


K5600 introduced us to several new products in their booth.

They have moved to further enK5600 Kurve - Sidehance the value of their Joker-Bug line with the Kurve series of Parabolic Umbrella Reflectors.  Kurve reflectors are available in 3’, 4.5’, and 6’ diameters and can use Joker HMI’s up to 1600W as well as 2k incandescent and flash sources.  Focus is adjusted from the rear of the unit and there is a crank handle for easy tilt adjustment.  Output was very smooth, with no painful hotspot even looking at a reflection in a glass table top.

Bug A Beam 1600At the other end of the spectrum, for those of you who have felt limited by the 800W maximum on the previous generation Bug-A-Beam attachment for turning an ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal into an HMI, there is a new version which will allow use with a 1600W Joker.  For the new version, K5600 had to come up with the own reflector assembly which replaces the standard Source Four back-end due to the intense heat of the 1600W lamp.  The throw this unit achieved with 19-degree lens was truly impressive!


KinoFlo Diva LEDKinoFlo showed their new Select and Diva-Lite LED lines of fixtures.  Both will be available later this year in two sizes (20 and 30) and bring KinoFlo’s LED performance features to the remote ballast and Diva formats of KinoFlo’s earlier fluorescent fixtures.  These fixtures will all feature a CRI of 95 plus and are variable color temperature from 2700-6500k.  The Select and Diva-Lite LED also include adjustment for Green/ Magenta shift to enable better color matching with other sources.  Select is the remote driver version and is available with a 25’ head cable.  With the Diva-Lite LED, like with the original Diva-Lite, the driver is permanently mounted to the back of the head.  The controller on both types allows the user to easily store up to four presets with color-temperature and color-shift settings for 1-button recall.  In addition to the onboard controls, both can be controlled via wired DMX or wireless DMX using Lumen Radio.  As with their fluorescent predecessors, the barn doors are built-in to the unit, the Flozier half diffuser can be added to further soften the output, and the beam can be shaped using 60 or 90-degree egg crate louvers.


Rosco-Silk-210Rosco is continuing to invest in developing new fixtures and hardware for the industry.

The Silk 110 is the new fixture in Rosco’s Silk series of LED fixtures for film and broadcast.  Measuring just under 13” square, the Silk 110 delivers 2000 lumens of output with a power consumption of only 110W.  The color temperature range is 2800k to 6500 with a CRI, TLCI, and R9 of greater than 96 at both ends of the range.  Color temperature and output level can be controlled via onboard controls or via DMX.  The beam can be controlled with barndoors as well as 45 or 60-degree egg crate louvers.  The Silk 110 can be powered from AC or optionally with a battery plate that enables the use of a V-lock or Anton/ Bauer battery.

RoscoLED with Control BoxAt last year’s NAB, Rosco showed their RoscoLED LED tape.  This year they showed a new line of power supplies to simplify the installation of RoscoLED.  There are three models of RoscoLED Control Boxes which work with their Static Color, VariWhite, and VariColor tape products respectively.  These 400W power supplies are assigned a DMX start address with dip-switches and then auto-address their output ports based on the type of tape they are designed to drive.  The Static Color unit will drive up to (4) 5m sections of tape, and the VariWhite and VariColor will each drive up to (2) 5m sections of tape.  Rosco rounds out the system with connectorized cables in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5m lengths and “Y” splitters.  Power in and through are Neutrik PowerCON connectors, DMX-In is a 5-pin XLR or RJ45, and DMX-Out is RJ45 for easy daisy-chaining to other Control Boxes.


Manfrotto continues to help DSLR users get the most of their cameras.  The new Digital Director is a powerful tool that that uses an iPad to interface with select cameras from Canon & Nikon.  The elegant mount provides power and USB connectivity between the iPad and your camera allowing you to see the image while controlling parameters such as zoom, exposure and focus. Manfrotto also introduced a new line of Monopods with Fluid Heads as well as Lightweight Camera Tripods with Fluid Video Heads to give every shot a professional quality.

Manfrotto Digital Director spot video from Manfrotto on Vimeo.

Mole Richardson

Mole-2016Mole Richardson’s booth was glowing with excitement this year with new fixtures and a new fixture color.  The Variable Color fixtures stood out because of their performance and new bright red body.

New for NAB 2016 Mole showed the 1600W Tenor Fixed Color, 900W Vari-Skypan LED, 400W Vari-Studio Junior LED and 200W Vari-Mole LED.

Also new this year was the affordable Mole-Pro 100W LED Fresnel with the same high quality LED source delivering 100W of  Daylight brightness (5600K) for only $995 list price.  A great value in the market place.


Brightline-LED-Series-OneBrightline had a great looking booth this year featuring the new L1.2 Series One LED Studio Fixture. This 108W fixture utilizes an intensifier to redirect the light and improve performance.  It can be controlled easily using a honeycomb grid or new Chimera Softbox.  Two L1.2 fixtures can be easily joined together to create a wide soft source. +95 CRI remote phosphor LED technology available in 3200 or 5600 degrees Kelvin, offers the end user the ability to shoot in either daylight or tungsten color temperature using the same fixture.  Delivering perfect color reproduction in a heat-free, noise-free package, the + 50,000 hour LED life ensures consistent performance.

SKB Cases

SKB-iSeries-Fly-RackSKB Cases introduced their New internal Fly Rack frames which are built of high strength, lightweight aluminum alloy and 11 gauge hot rolled carbon steel rack rails – the same shock rack cages found in SKB Military-Grade Shock racks.  Each internal rack contains front and rear rack rails with a 13” rack depth. ABS plastic covers the top and bottom of the removable shock rack for added protection when the rack is out of the case.  The rack frame will easily fit into SKB’s iSeries case that is protected by high quality PE foam that provides space for protruding knobs and buttons as well.  iSeries Watertight cases are lightweight and under 62 linear inches keeping them from being oversized – the perfect solution when flying or shipping delicate equipment.  The Fly Racks are less than half the weight of standard shock racks.


Westcott Ice 2At this years NAB, Westcott setup their Flex Light & Led Ice light2 in real life filmmaking situations such as a round table interview, Lighting the interior of a smart car with the flex light mounted on the visor and an exterior 8×8 Flex wall comprised of 16 – 2’x2’ panels. This was by far one of the best interactive booths at the show.

Westcott also introduced their new app that connects wirelessly to any ice light 2 model via Bluetooth. From the app, photographers and filmmakers can check battery life and increase /decrease the light output of their ice light 2.

The Ice Light 2’s built-in Bluetooth can connect to this new app from up to 100 feet away. Users can connect up to 10 Ice Light 2s in a single window and change the name of each individual light for quick identification. Toggling between units is accomplished by simply swiping or tapping horizontally.

Beside offering wireless control for streamlined studio shoots, this easy ­to ­use app is also a useful tool for preserving battery life by giving photographers the ability to lower their Ice Light’s instantly power between takes.

The Westcott app is now available for iOS devices through the iTunes App Store

Block Battery

Block-Battery-SolutionsAt this years NAB, Block Battery displayed various battery solutions for cinematic, lighting & video production, and custom solutions for the most challenging power requirements with respect to high current, high capacity, multiple voltages (12V, 13.2V, 14.4V, 24V, 26.4V, 28.8V, 30V, 48V, 120VAC, 220VAC) with robust electrical/mechanical designs.

MYT Works

MYT-Works-Velour-Nodal-HeadThe MYT Works Velour Nodal Head is currently the best and only solution of it’s kind for much of our work. The “heft” and solidness of this head is an important part of what make it great for precise movements around subjects large and small. Most important is the head’s ability to start and stop a move smoothly and exactly where the operator needs it to happen. Imagine panning just a few degrees while gliding and then stopping on a close up of text on a product. These moves must both look and feel right. It is not enough to hit the mark. The quality of the motion, and its beginning and end, are where the Velour really shines.


Arrowx 7 Fluid headMiller rolled out new for NAB 2016 the arrowX Series fluid heads. Three versions of this head, the arrowX 3, 5 and 7, offer a wide range of options for cameras weighting 2 to 57 pounds depending on which head you select.

Each head is outfitted with Miller’s new 16 CB PLUS TM sequential counterbalance design, a type of counterbalance indexing unique to the industry. The CB PLUS features eight large counterbalance steps, allowing for quick setup that is easily duplicated for each new shoot. The arrowX further dials in the counterbalance with half step settings, for a total of 16 preset counterbalance settings.

All the arrowX Series fluid heads also feature 7+0 pan and tilt drag positions, illuminated bubble level and pan-tilt controls, and an easily removed 100mm ball for easy mounting to a camera platform or slider.

The arrowX Series fluid heads allow for fast setup and duplication of preferred settings for either in-studio or outside broadcast applications. The system is simple, versatile and robust. It is no wonder the line was awarded the NewBay Media’s Best of Show Award, presented at the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas by TV Technology.

Rip Tie

Rip Tie Rio LocRip-Tie, makers of the original Cable Wrap, introduced a new twist on the industry-standard in cable management. New for NAB 2016 they introduced the Rip-Lock.

Gone are the days of cable wraps vanishing when the cable is uncoiled. The Rip-Lock is a semi-permanent wrap that stays on the cable until removed with a special “key”.

One end of the hook and loop wrap has a slotted buckle with teeth that grip the loops, attaching to the cable. Once secured, the Rip-Lock can only be removed with a Rip-Lock key, a small piece of flat plastic with a hole for attaching to you keyring. A key is provided with every Rip-Lock.

This small innovation has large implications in an industry that relies on cabling for a broad spectrum of applications. The Rip-Lock will benefit any user, one cable at a time.


Neutrik Wlss AudioNeutrik featured for 2016 NAB their latest innovation, the XIRIUM PRO Digital Wireless Audio System. Nuretik designed this transmission system as solution where running cable is difficult or simply not an option.

The XIRIUM PRO delivers studio, full bandwidth audio, delivering the signal with a low 3 millisecond latency. The system is modular and plug-and-play ready, delivering studio quantity sound transmission. It operates in the license-free 5GHz range.

Due to the modular design, the XIRIUM PRO can be configured to suit the user’s needs. It can operate up to 1 Km line-of-site, and the signal can be repeated. The XIRIUM PRO housing has a rugged design intended for outdoor venues.

Neutrik’s XIRIUM PRO is a versatile audio transmission solution, allowing audio professionals flexibility in design unhindered but the limitations for cabling.


Known for their durable and economical products, IKAN offers more than a thousand products tailored to the needs of those engaged in motion picture production, broadcast endeavors, and still photography at all levels of proficiency – from beginners to aspiring practitioners to industry pros. In addition to high-quality video monitors, the company has a full range of lighting equipment, camera support and stabilization systems, teleprompters, and accessories for both studio and field production.

Ikan-LyraIKAN – Was offering 3 new LED Soft lights, The Lyra, The Mylo and the Rayden at NAB.

The Lyra is offered in 4 models. The LW10 is a 1×1 fixed, 5600K daylight color temperature panel. It has a beam angle of 110 degrees and boasts a clean single shadow. It has a high CRI chop array with ½ stop soft diffusion. The LB10 is a bi-color version of the LW with a color temperature range of 3200-5600K. The LW5 and LB5 are half x 1 studio LED lights. They also come in a fixed daylight color of 5600K or a bi-color with a range of 3200-5600K. All models offered with ikan barn doors with intensifiers for shaping the light and a 30 degree angled yoke for unobstructed movement.

The Rayden has a tighter beam angle than the Lyra for a brighter, longer throw. It is also offered in 4 models. RB 10 and RW10 are 1×1 studio and field LED fixture. Both models boast a 50 degree beam angle, high CRI array and a 30 degree angled yoke for unobstructed movement. The RW10 has a solid 5600K color temperature and the RB10 is adjustable from 3200-5600K. The RB5 and RW 5 are half x 1 studio and field LED fixtures. The offer a 40 degree beam angle with the same great color temperature as the 1×1. They also offer a  30 degree angled yoke for unobstructed movement. All models offered with ikan barn doors with intensifiers for shaping the light and a 30 degree angled yoke for unobstructed movement.

The Mylo is a 45 degree, 800 LED panel. This fixture’s smaller size will be useful for the ENG market. It has a high CRI, 45 degree LED array and a 50 degree beam angle. Accepts Sony L type batteries. The MW8 is 5600K daylight and the MB8 is bi-color at a range of 3200-5600K. Both models offered with ikan barn doors with intensifiers for shaping the light.

The Light

THELIGHT is a high-power LED lighting technology developer and manufacturer, who has developed their high CRI, white light color temperature variation technology. They’ve been design and manufacturing their products in Barcelona, Spain since 2008.

The Light Velvet PowerTheir line of “Velvet” lights has been gaining traction and requests in the US because the the fixture body is 100% aluminum and is IP 51 to IP54 rated. Utilizing OSRAM LED, it creates a soft quality light with an adjustable color temperature from 2700 to 6500K. It boasts a CRI of 95.

  • 1×1 – has a power draw of 75 Watts. The Beam angle is 100’. The photometrics are 1700 Lux / 157 fc at 1M / 3 feet, 210 lux / 19 fc at 3m / 10 feet. 24-35 VDC with VLock or Gold Battery Mount. 90-264 VAC
  • The model 2 has a power draw of 150W, 3600 lux / 334 fc at 1m / 3 feet, 450 lux / 42fc at 3m / 10 feet. 24-35 VDC with VLock or Gold Battery Mount. 90-264 VAC
  • 2×2 – has a power draw of 290 watts with a beam angle of 100’. 8000 lux / 740 fc at 1m / 3 feet, 1000 lux / 93 fc at 3m / 10 feet. 26-28vdc, 90-264 VAC.
  • The Model 4 is a 49”x12”x2.7” panel. Power is 290W. 8000 lux / 740 fc at 1m / 3 feet, 1000 lux / 93 fc at 3m / 10 feet. 26-28vdc, 90-264 VAC.
  • The Light VelvetThe Velvet Power comes in 3 sizes, The Velvet Power 1, Power 2 and Power 2×2. Using a 100% aluminum body, it also has an IP rating of 51 – 54. The Power line boasts a long throw distance beam without noisy fans. All models are adjustable from 2700 to 6500 and a CRI of 90+. They all have a 30 degree beam angle for longer throw applications.
    • The Power 1 – 13000 lux / 1296 fc at 3 feet and a power draw of 100W. Power Supply – 12-35 VDC vlock or Gold Mount or 90-264 VAC.
    • The Power 2 – 25000 lux / 2315 fc at 3feet and a power draw of 190W. Power Supply – 18-35 VDC vlock or Gold Mount or 90-264 VAC.
    • The Power 2×2 – 40000 lux / 3700 fc at 3 feet and a power draw of 340W. Power supply – 24VDC or 90-264 VAC.


LiteGear-VHO-ribbonLiteGear was showing a wide array of their LED and dimmer solutions this year. Featured items include:

  • VHO Pro LiteRibbon LED is a color correct light tape. 3 simple components work to create full spectrum white light. The VHO Pro emitters are fully color corrected and will blend nicely with tungsten and fluorescent sources as well as with other LED fixtures from Mole Richardson, Arri and others.

It is available in two densities, hard, high density 120 and soft, low density 60. The 120 outputs are about 1.5 watts per square inch and the 60 is around 0.37 watts per square inch.

It is available in four widths, X1 – one row of emitters, X2 – two rows, X3 – three rows and X6 with six rows. All are available in hard 120 or soft 60 and either 3200K tungsten, 5600k daylight or tunable hybrid white.

  • LiteDimmer-hyridLite Dimmer Pro Hybrid – The series 3 Lite Dimmer Pro series has been designed to offer the most advanced performance and reliability. Analog potentiometers offer smooth control that allow changes even during a shot. They include flicker free, cinema grade electronics for extreme settings. The new housing features an extruded case with cold shoe slots down the sides for mounting options.

The Pro Hybrid model comes in 8 amp and 16 amp versions. Both offer 12 – 48 volt operation, fire and paparazzi effects built in, Male barrel input connector, overdrive mode and embedded magnets with rubber bumpers.

All Pro models have a remote trigger port that allows the use of a Canon EOS controller for remote cueing.

  • Litedimmer Plus – The Plus series includes single, hybrid, chroma and DMX versions in capacities ranging from 100 to 1600 Watts in AC and DC configurations. Some models feature CurrentSence technology that will regulate output depending on luminaire size. The AC unit operates between 90 and 250 volts. DC units include a 4-pin powerlock connector and a choice of gold mount or V-Lock battery mounting plates.
  • LiteMat Plus – Coming Summer of 2016 – The Plus series of the LiteMat will be available in 6 sizes and feature the Cinemitter LED’s. It will have a range of 2600k to 6000k. It will maintain the same size from the original model but offer a 50% increase in output. The Plus will contain the PowerLock 7 Connector. This allows for flexibility as all 6 sizes of LiteMat using the same cables and adapters. The Plus line also introduces the LiteMount bracket. This is a Kino Flo compatible bracket with RAM components for double knuckle adjustability. New Light control accessories being introduced with LiteMat Plus are PolyComb Grids, a honeycomb type panel. Available in 3 beam angles, these panels attach directly to the existing polyskirt accessory.

Nila Lighting

Nila-lineNILA Lighting’s presentation for NAB was enlightening as they continue to make it “hip to be a square!” Their powerful line of LED fixtures continue to impress lighting designers across the industry and are making their way on to more and more blockbuster films such as Batman vs Superman.

NILA’s Boxer, Zaila and Varsa line deliver high output LED lighting for Film and TV, ENG, High Speed and Sporting applications. These fixtures offer a high CRM and maintain a low power draw while staying flicker free at speeds up to 5000 FPS.

TArinaheir new Arina fixture is the fixture of choice when you need lots of light without the hassles of heavy cabling, external dimmers, or lamp replacement chores.  The Arina was designed to replace 2500W HMIs and 6000W tungsten fixtures.  With a power draw of only 800W, flicker-free operation, and the most light output in its class, the Arina is an indispensable part of any lighting package. NILA offers many standard lighting kits as well as gives you the option to customize for your application.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products

Checkers Industrial Safety Products presented their new acquisitions at the NAB Show adding more brands to their solution based company. Checkers has Checkers-Fireflybeen providing solutions for the entertainment industry since 1987 including standards in cable protectors such as the Yellow Jacket and Linebacker brands. These products are designed to create a safe environment at entertainment venues where high volumes of pedestrian and vehicle traffic are present. Introduced at NAB was the FireFly line of LED Cable Protectors integrating battery powered LED lights into side ramps that can connect to many of their existing products giving a heightened sense of visibility in applications where light is a factor.  Checkers recently purchased TerraPlas USA, a leader in high end turf protection opening them up to an entirely new market group.


Portabrace may not have reinvented the wheel but they have introduced it to their case line! Showcasing a diverse line of case solutions at the NAB show, the folks from Portabrace continue to inspire their customers with design, functionality and now easier portability by adding wheels to many of their already popular bags and cases. Opting not to use just any wheels but wheels found on professional inline skates makes these new cases ready for the extreme locations they are destined to go.

New at NAB was a holster for the popular DJI OSMO

Portabrace CH-OSMOThe CH-OSMO Camera Holster is the perfect “run-and-gun” field solution for filming with the DJI Osmo. The holster is constructed of durable, abrasion-resistant 1000-denier Cordura Nylon, which is used to make some of the toughest military tactical gear. Our Cordura is treated with an extra layer of water-resistant coating for maximum protection against water and debris. It is also cold-crack tested at -40°F for 4 hours.

There is a long zipper down the front of the holster that can be zipped up to provide a tighter grip around the Osmo. The zipper is reverse-sewn to extend the life of the zipping mechanism and to further prevent debris from entering the main compartment of the holster. Unzipping the zipper allows for easier removal or insertion of the Osmo unit. A cover folds down over the Osmo while the camera is in the holster. The cover securely connects to the holster body with Velcro when in the closed position. The cover helps keep the Osmo securely in place in the holster and is also an effective layer of protection from water and dust.

A thick Nylon-webbing belt is included for mounting the holster on. The belt has a strong plastic clip and adjusts to fit most waist sizes. The belt has four (4) D-ring clips ideal for hanging Portabrace Cable Binders (CB-810), small belt pouches, or other accessories.


Tiffen – Steadicam

The newest Steadicam model for upcoming release is the Pilot 2. The Pilot 2 is a tool-free, versatile stabilizing rig that accommodates a wide range of camera classes and operating contexts. The Pilot 2 is a true upgrade from the original Steadicam Pilot model. The versatility of the Pilot 2 stems from the fact that it was designed to succeed both the previous Pilot and Scout models from Steadicam. Additionally, the Pilot 2 boasts more options when it comes to battery mounts, including Anton-Bauer, V-Lock, and DV battery mounting. For operators looking for a new system, this means choosing the Steadicam model best-suited for their professional needs is as simple as selecting their preferred battery mount and choosing from one of two reliable arm and vest pairings. The new Steadicam Pilot 2 is offered with two different arm and vest pairings to cater to camera setups of varying weight:

  • When paired with the 15 pound arm and vest option, the Pilot 2 can carry loads up to 10 pounds.
  • When paired with the 30 pound arm and vest option, the Pilot 2 can carry loads up to 25 pounds.

What’s more, each arm and vest pairing is affordably priced for the rising camera operator to reasonably expand their toolkit. The tool-free Pilot 2 includes an HD video line, a P-Tap connector for camera and accessory powering, and a superb 7” 1000 nit 3G-HD/SD/SDMI monitor. For dynamic balance and best operating practice, the monitor, battery, and gimbal are all position-able along the rigid carbon-fiber post of the Pilot 2. With a convenient detachable base and lightweight sled design, the Steadicam Pilot 2 is easily transported for the operating job ahead.

Steadicam Smoothee with Universal mountSteadicam also Introduced their Universal Smartphone Mount for Shake-free Smartphone videos. The new Steadicam Universal Smartphone Mount lends a stable hand to everyday, anywhere photography and videography through the lens of the ever-present smartphone. Designed for imagemakers from the novice to the professional, the Universal Smartphone Mount attaches and balances virtually any smartphone to a Steadicam Smoothee with ease and security. No more do users have to worry about updating their Steadicam mount each time a new smartphone is released. This mount supports it all. The Universal Smartphone Mount begins stabilizing in just two steps – 1) just clip on to the Steadicam Smoothee, and 2) It easily grips any mobile device with a dual lock clamp, adding extra security from accidental release and damage, while cradling it with soft foam pads for extra protection. Both image viewing and capturing are completely unobstructed, allowing for the best shot in any situation. Ideal for on-the-go smartphone  videographers looking to catch the perfect spur-of-the-moment story or memory, the Universal Smartphone Mount is compact enough to fit in any Steadicam carrying case, and it will be ready to offer support the second the moment strikes. For added versatility and a unique shooting style, users can also attach the Universal Smartphone Mount to a tripod, including any tripod model from the Davis & Sanford collection, or place it on a flat surface for use as a tabletop stand.

Cineo Lighting

Cineo HSX | Barbizon LightingCineo Lighting  introduced the Cineo / HSX: The NEW HSX is the latest member of Cineo’s LED Remote Phosphor product line. The HSX is a color-tunable 2700K to 6000K soft source. Unlike other color-tunable sources, HSX remains consistent throughout the life of the fixture with no color shift or need for calibration. Other features include 5 presets: 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, and 6000K. It is flicker free, has no fans and is 100% compatible with HS accessories. This high-power, 25,000 lumen LED studio fixture is idea for Film, Broadcast Video and Still Photography.


AADYNTECH-2016AAdynTech announced that the next generation of Punch Plus and Jab Series of LED fixtures is now 30% brighter. There Punch and JAB series fixtures provide high output, flicker free, single-source lighting that runs cool with low current draw, saving up to 90% in energy costs. If the weather is an issue, the JAB Hurricane and new Hurricane Jr. are IP65-Rated, running on both AC power and DC battery. For versatile Tungsten and Daylight lighting, their new JAB V2 Variable provides extreme output with an adjustable color temperature range of 3,000°K to 6,000°K, opening the door to unlimited lighting applications


CB26If Cinebag’s new CB26 GP Bunker looks a bit small, look again. This bag is designed to organize your GoPro gear and a 13″ MacBook Pro, all in one bag. The padded dividers are beefed up this year to provide better protection and allow you to customize how you stow your gear. The CB26 GP Bunker comes with a removable mesh-top bag for small pieces as well as all the things you have come to expect from Cinebags, water proof fabric, padded shoulder strap, over sized zippers with pulls and the Cinebags key chain. The CB26 GP Bunker measures 14″ high, 11.5″ wide, and 7″ tall and is 4.13 pounds.

Cinebags has also released a new larger version of their popular AC Pouch, the CB07 C Pouch XL, for the camera assistant that needs to have all the tools by his side. This pouch weighs in at only 1.1 lbs. but is 11″ wide, 8″ tall and 3.5″ deep, with plenty of room inside, and an array of pockets outside with sturdy D-rings to hang your gloves and other tools.

Cinebags has a limited edition color available on a few of their bags called “Black Tactical Camo.” Definitely worth a look! Get yours before they are all gone!

Hive Lighting

Hive Lighting continued to proudly exhibit its high quality line of plasma based lighting fixtures.  Known for outstanding light output from low power consumption, the Hive Lighting fixtures are extremely efficient and deserve serious consideration.

Barbizon NAB 2016 - Hive-WaspOne such light that is particularly impressive is the WASP 1000 Plasma Par/Kit.  With its 12” parabolic reflector, 4 HDP Lens Set and 1,000W plasma bulb,  the WASP cranks out a ton of light.  That is to say, equivalent to a 10,000W tungsten or a 2,500W HMI at a cost ~40% less to buy and 50% to operate, all with a small 9.5 amp draw.  Claimed to be the highest quality artificial daylight ever produced, with a 98 CRI, you can understand why there is plenty of excitement surrounding this light.  It is 100% flicker free, as are all of the Hive Lighting products, which makes it ideal for high frame rate imaging.  Being a single point source bulb it produces a single shadow, not a multi-shadow nightmare that can often occur with other technologies.  The plasma bulb for the WASP has an expected life of 50,000 hours and has adjustable color temperature between 4,600K and 6,500K.  Get ready to compete with the sun.

Erector Sets

Erector Sets | Set Contruction | Set DesignAfter many year of successful projects, Erector Sets continues to provide  full service set design and fabrication from their facility in Philadelphia, PA.  They provide top quality sets for the television, corporate exhibit and events industries.  They have designed and provided numerous broadcast news sets with demanding criteria.  Always on time and on budget, you can count on them for results.  Always easy to work with and creative, Erector Sets demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond expectations.   Their designs are never “cookie cutter”.  Their fabrication never cuts corners while their service is among the best in their field.   Staffed by experienced design professionals and craftsmen, Erector Sets is an ideal choice for the exacting needs of the broadcast industry.  With a diverse and extensive portfolio, including work with national network affiliates, cable networks, educational institutions and national sports teams, they have the expertise broadcast demands.


Since 2003 this Los Angeles, California based Zylight has been providing the production industry top quality LED lighting fixtures that stand up to the rigors of field, as well as, studio and sound stage use.

f8-300Of particular note at NAB 2016 is their recently introduced F8 LED –300 Fresnel.  A few of the outstanding  features are: light output equivalent to a 600w HMI, passive cooling (fanless and silent) and a high CRI, TLCI LED engine.  This fixture provides exceptional color quality.  It has variable spot/flood controls and creates a single shadow beam.  It can be controlled by DMX or their Zylink wireless software app..  There is an option to run it with Show DMX and WDMX.  This fixture is also weather resistant IP54 rated, which is a real plus.  It comes in 3,200K or 5,600K versions.  This fresnel represents the next big step in the Zylight evolution.

Aladdin+Zylight+mergerAn interesting development is that it was also announced that Zylight will be the exclusive US distributor of Aladdin lighting. 

Anton Bauer

CINE90 G MountAnton/Bauer announced its North American debut of their new CINE battery series at this year’s NAB.

The Cine battery series uses the next generation Li-Ion technology. Today’s digital cinema cameras need higher power performance and the CINE provides a long lasting charge. The CINE is 12 amps of constant power and provides a PowerTap® to power any other 14V accessory. It has an LCD display which shows run time when on board the camera and a percentage of charge when it is unattached. Its new compact design gives it a lower profile and the Fuse Link technology, developed by the Tesla Motor research, provides an added circuit protection.  The CINE line features multiple sensors to detect temperature and over-current states, ensuring optimal battery performance during regular use.

“The CINE battery series is the culmination of Anton/Bauer’s commitment to producing the world’s most reliable power systems for professional cinematographers,” said Treena Dixon, Product Manager for Anton/Bauer.

The CINE series is available in both Gold Mount® and V-Mount connectors and is compatible with all Anton/Bauer Gold Mount and V-Mount chargers.

Manios Digital

Manios Practilite 602Manios Digital introduces the , the “First and smallest bi-color, variable beam smart LED.” The 602 is machined from a high grade aluminum billet making it very compact and durable. Its 3.2″ borosilicate Fresnel lens enables wider shot angles and excellent light shaping. The variable color LED, from 3000k to 6000k, has a CRI <96 and only draws 90 watts at 100-240 VAC, 12-28 VDC with either a V-mount or Anton Bauer battery and includes a universal power supply.  Power is via a locking 3-pin XLR for a secure connection.

Local controls have a bright on board OLED display but the remote is a great selling point itself! The Practilite 602 includes a Bluetooth capable Smartphone app that will control the dimming and color temp for up to six fixtures – individually or as groups! This app has too many features to mention in a short review but it will make your phone smarter than it has been in some time. Attention to detail has not been spared with this fixture, even the shipping foam is saved and three of them fit into a Pelican 1510.

The Practilite 602 has a MAP of $967.00


Sachtler Video 18s2Sachtler announces a new ENG Video tripod to their stable of video products, the

The 18 S2 is capable of supporting a full size ENG rig, up to 44.1 lbs. which is 8.8 lbs over its predecessor. It offers an extremely smooth drag adjust via a stepped mechanism that is repeatable and fast! Sitting on a 100 mm bowl, the 18 S2’s head operates from -40 degree to +60 and is the only one in its class to do so. Sachtler’s Speedbalance counterbalance is accurate and quick to setup with a wide payload range.


SunLight-by-FrezziFrezzi introduced at NAB this year the all new SunLight.  It is bright, with a similar output of a 575W HMI, and has an all new proprietary directional focus.  The SunLight focuses from a 20 degree spot through a full spread flood by adjusting the beam pattern without the use of lenses or filters maintaining 90+ CRI at 5600K.  It draws only 1.8 Amps and can be run off AC or DC.


Dedo DLED 4-BIDedoLights announced their new Turbo series of LED lights this year.  The Turbo series DLED7 and DLED3 utilize active (“whisper”) cooling and brighter sources to achieve nearly double the output of their predecessors the DLED4 and DLED2 respectively from the same size and weight fixture.  Twice as bright without an increase in size or weight of fixture also means that most accessories from the previous lines are still compatible.  The new DLED7 turbo comes in at 90w consumption, and the DLED3 at 40w and they are both available in daylight, tungsten, or tunable bi-color from 2700k – 6000k.  Many options are available for the turbos including multi-unit kits in soft or hard carrying cases and either AC or DC ballasts.  Additional turbo fixtures are claimed to be in testing now, so more units may be added to the turbo series.


ClearCom-FS-II-BaseThis year Clear-Com had a lot of new products to show off, including the FreeSpeakII Base Station, DX410 Wireless Intercom, and HelixNet 3.0.  All of these products have the familiar high quality and durable construction, versatile, and with a simple or intuitive interface that Clear Com is known for.  The FreeSpeakII allows for flexibility in the use and management of wired or wireless intercom systems acting as a base station for signal transmission or as a headset master station for users to make or receive calls to anyone on the system.  It operates in either the 1.9GHz or 2.4GHz frequency bands, has a browser based system management tool to be able to monitor or make changes in real time, and can interact with any standard 2 or 4 wire partyline or audio devices.  The DX410 is a two-channel 2.4 GHz digital wireless intercom system that incorporates up to 15 BP410 wireless beltpacks and/or WH410 all-in-one wireless headsets.  The WH410 has outstanding audio quality and comfortability, especially for an all-in one.  HelixNet 3.0, as its name might imply, is a software update to the existing HelixNet system increasing the system capacity up to 12 party line channels or 24 with the purchase of additional licensing.  With 3.0 you can also assign an unlimited number of pre-defined roles or labels to each individual user, utilize the remote mic kill of ALL channels, and view/manage all users via the same browser based management software used in the FreeSpeakII.