Neutrik USA

Neutrik SCCD-WTired of your sockets taking abuse from the elements? Neutrik USA’s spring-loaded cover SCCD-W shuts automatically after unplugging the cable connector and seals the chassis connectors against dust and water to IP65. The transparent cover allows you to see the protected chassis connector all the time. SCCD-W fits all D-size chassis connectors.
First shipment: June 2014


iKan Corp, a Houston based designer and manufacturer of digital video and DSLR gear used by independent filmmakers, videographers, and professional photographers will showcase nearly 100 new products in their NAB booth.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.30.17 AMStanding out were the next generation field monitors for film and video production. The D-Series monitors have True Color 1920×1080 IPS panels, waveform, the ability to cross convert HDMI and SDI signals, and many more features. In the M-Series of monitors there will be two new lighter and thinner models that will be displayed at the show. The M-Series models will have most of the same features of its predecessors, the MR7 & MD7, but just more compact for convenience.

The VX9i will on display at the show this year, equipped with True Color 1920×1080 IPS panel with an aluminum body and has all of the same features as the current VX9e. To go along with that monitor is its counterpart, the VX9i-2K and it will support 4:4:4 2K signals. Other major features to look out for in the monitor are the True Color IPS Panel, HDMI and SDI Conversions, Waveform, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), rugged aluminum body, and many more.

iKan also had their new affordable follow-focus and a wide selection of affordable solid state lighting.

Kino Flo

Celeb 400Kino Flo Lighting Systems showed all of the popular fluorescent fixtures that made them famous, but front and center were their three new LED units: The Celeb 200 DMX LED, the Celeb 400  DMX LED, and the Celeb 400Q DMX LED.  All three are variable color temperature, from 2700-5500K (CRI of 95+), with onboard dimming and color temperature adjustment as well as control via DMX.

For ease of use, the units have five presets for color temperature accessible from buttons on the back.  These units provide the excellent, soft wrap lighting that Kino Flo is known for while offering the increased flexibility of an LED fixture.  The units dim without color shift, and they also maintain their output as the color temperature is changed.  The Celeb 200 is positioned as an LED replacement for the 2-tube Diva-Lite 201.  The Celeb 400, which begins shipping in April, is similarly designed to replace 4-tube fixtures.  The Celeb DMXCeleb 400 was also named the Videomaker “Best Light of NAB 2014”.

Finally, the Celeb 400W, which will be available in July takes the light level of the 400 but changes the form-factor to a 2′ x 2′ square LED panel for a more concentrated source that still feels soft.

American Grip (AGIgrip)

AGI Short HangerAmerican Grip, soon to be rebranded as AGIgrip, showed a production version of their Aluminum, Medium Duty Adjustable Extension which was shown as a prototype last year.  This uses the slide-through pipe clamp of a traditional hanger but with 1″ tubing suitable for use with the smaller/
lighter fixtures which are now more typical in studio hangs.  The tubing incorporates steel internal stops for safety and, of course, can be fitted with a stirrup or other hanging hardware.  They have also expanded their
line of heavy-duty crank stands.  The line now includes three models:  the Boa (41″ to 6′), the RoadRunner 220 (53″ to 11′-5″), and the BlackBird (6’to 17′-10″).  All have easy to find, bright red adjustment handles; large tires for easy movement; and engraved and filled height markings on the mast.American Grip


Zylight F8Zylight continues to improve on their line of fixtures.  This year they showcased the updated F8 LED Fresnel which is available in both tungsten (3200K) and daylight (5600K) versions with a CRI of 97+ and 95+ respectively.  The F8 utilizes a unique bellows made of high temperature silicone.  Similar to an old-fashioned view camera this allows the lens to travel through a 16 degree spot to 70 degree flood adjustment and store in only 4.6″.  Lens adjustment was smooth using the knob on the back of the unit which incorporates an automatic brake to prevent lens drift.  The F8 has onboard and DMX controls as well as a range of accessories including handles and battery mounts for location use.  The unit can use either
Anton-Bauer or V-Mount batteries for up to an hour and a half of operation.

In addition to the F8, the IS3c LED Softlight and Z90 fixture were also shown.  Both offer variable color temperature plus the ability to be used as a colored source for scene setting or effects.  As an added benefit, all
IS3c units now include a Chimera softbox to increase their flexibility.


Flolight has that solution for those of us that can never fit the standard mold.

With over 800 possible permutations, our pre-configured kits can’t possibly cover all scenarios, customers will want a mix of spot and flood versions in one kit. Previously if you wanted a permutation not shown you would have had to order lights individually, and would have missed out on the free stands offered with kit purchases. This new feature allows you to configure your kit the way you want it!

When purchasing any three lights as part of your Build A Kit, you get free 8′ light stands. These stands retail for $60 each when purchased separately. In addition a light stand carry bag is also included which retails for $79. This means when you order a lighting kit from us you save a minimum of $199 dollars with just two lights, and if you order 4 lights your savings climb to $319.


Hoodman Corporation manufactures inspired digital camera tools. Glare Fighting LCD loupes, ratcheting variable angle viewers, the fastest, longest lasting CompactFlash memory cards and the worlds first steel plated, ruggedized SDHC memory card line for digital media production.

Hbm1_1(ADD)At NAB this year Hoodman’s simple new hood model (HBM1) for the Blackmagic Production Camera LCD screen greatly improves outdoor LCD viewing. The new HBM1 hood uses a pierceable bottom panel to facilitate glare free touch screen access. Mounting the HBM1 hood to the OEM visor takes only seconds and is done with the included adhesive Velcro mount kit. Rugged nylon plastic insert construction allows the HBM1 hood to fold flat for easy storage.

Hoodman also had their H line of SD cards which are a wise purchase for customers who require reliable memory cards, but do not require the fastest memory cards we make. The H line features “Chip on Board” internal construction, up to 60 MB/s transfer speeds and a lifetime warranty.

BB&S Lighting (Brother, Brother & Sons)

BB&S Area 48 softBBS Lighting brings the Area 48 LED Soft Light. The Area 48 LED technology moves the phosphor away from the LED itself, improving the color rendering, consistency and light output.

The system has a CRI of 95 that is a soft source comparable to a traditional 1k softlight. It also has multiple power options including an integrated battery that can be used with vmount or gold mount batteries or standard AC power. It also offers internal DMX 512 for remote control and flicker free dimming from 0-100% . Each unit has a special strobing mode and no fan resulting in silent operation.  With interchangeable phosphor panels you can quickly change from daylight to tungsten to chroma green in a matter of seconds. Each unit also has an integrated barndoor, 160 watt power supply with AC power cord and angled yoke with 5/8 female baby pin TVMP.

LedheimerBB&S was also showing their Ledheimer.  A LED beamlight made for key, fill and backlighting in television and different purposes in exhibitions and architectural expos where a powerful single source is needed. Ledheimer is available in two versions comparable to tungsten (warm) and discharge (cold).

Each Ledheimer comes with 3 Interchangeable high quality aluminium reflectors 17, 25 and 40 degrees and has a filter frame cassette for optional accessories e.g. barndoors and tophat.

BBS is also showed their breakthrough High CRI (94 CRI 3200K and 92 CRI 5600K) LED Force V LED profile fixture engine.

Prime Time Lighting (Formerly KW/2)

Known for highly engineered lighting, PrimeTime Lighting, Inc. manufactures broadcast lighting, videoconferencing light fixtures, and LED and fluorescent studio lighting. PrimeTime’s U.S. fabricated products illuminate broadcast and cable news sets, videoconference facilities, worship sanctuaries, religious broadcasting studios, production studios, city council chambers and eLearning classrooms throughout the United States and around the world.

GUS 41 LED FresnelAt NAB 2014 in addition to their already solid line of fluorescent and LED fixtures they released the GUS 41 LED Fresnel engineered and built by Gus Hutchison, Director of Product Development, Chief Engineer and legendary driver.

Many people know Gus Hutchison as a formula race car driver who designed, built and manufactured racing engines prior to his career with KW/2 and PrimeTime Lighting Systems. Gus has designed over 2,000 lighting instruments with the same technical precision as his racing engines. In fact, he meticulously refined every feature of the LED Fresnel and built the optimal light for every broadcast or production studio. Here are some of its attributes:

  • Superb energy savings with LED technology
  • Extremely consistent intensity across the usable diameter of light
  • High performance acrylic lens that provides a uniform and elegant wash of light
  • Available in 3000K or 5000K
  • The highest build-quality in its class
  • Extruded aluminum and machined body

For more information about Prime Time’s fixture line check out their website or call your local Barbizon office.

DSC Labs

For over 40 years, DSC Labs’ precision test patterns have helped DPs and Engineers worldwide create consistent, superb quality images in production, broadcast and digital cinema. Use DSC’s legendary “put ‘em in the boxes” colors and patented neutral grayscales to produce your finest images!

At NAB DSC introduced IllumaMatch, which is ideal with use in stadiums and on location. DSC’s patented spectrophotometrically neutral CamWhite is ready to identify and correct for color mismatch from mixed lighting. Simply frame IllumaMatch in camera and white balance to the dominant light source, then gel the secondary source to match the dominant and you are all set.

It comes in a handy pouch with Velcro tabs, just pull out and attach the Velcro edge and its ready for use.

Spider Support

Spider SupportSpider Support Systems had their line of portable tripod risers and platforms as well as their Ringo Head for Video Camera Professionals. The Ringo Head allows the camera operator to mount any video camera at a 90 degree angle. This allows the camera to capture images in a vertical orientation rather than the traditional horizontal position. The Ringo Head operates with existing tripod heads, jibs, and steadicams.

Electronic Theatre Controls

gio-product1ETC, Electronic Theatre Controls, as always has plenty to show. Up front in the booth they were showing the new Magic Sheet features of the Eos console family software. Magic Sheets enable the easy creation of full-featured touch screen (or mouse clickable) fixture layouts. This means that rather than having to remember what channel controls the key light for a particular chair on a set, the board operator can select the visual representation of the fixture on the screen making it “live” for adjustment. Magic Sheets can be further customized with macro enabled buttons for common features such as raising or lowering intensity. When fully implemented, turning the lights on and even adjusting them for different talent becomes as easy as using an app on your phone or tablet. They also showed Nomad, ETC’s long awaited entry into the lighting console software on a laptop space.

desire-studio-productsFor fixtures ETC showed their Desire LED wash fixtures, mostly in their Studio HD configuration. This populates the fixture with LEDs for variable white plus a good range of color adjustment, going beyond the usual “plus/ minus green”. The Desire fixtures are now available in three sizes, named for the number of LEDs in the fixture, D60, D40, and the new D22 which we expect will find use in smaller studios and as a back light fixture. In profile fixtures, ETC showed their Source Four LED in both the Studio HD configuration and the new Series 2 Lustr which has brighter white light output than the original ETC Desire D22Lustr through the use of Philips new “lime green” LED which while maintaining the ability to create traditional theatrical gel colors. In the Source Four range, they also showed the LED Cyc barrel which is used with the Source Four LED of your choice and adapts it to use as a cyc wash fixture with smooth color mixing. The final fixture on display was the new (and much anticipated) Source Four LED Mini. Drawing a maximum of 14W the LED Mini puts out more beam lumens at greater efficiency (lumens per watt) than the original 50W MR16 based Mini. The LED Mini is available in a standard configuration with a CRI of 80+ and a Gallery version of a CRI of 90+ (I got 93 in a spot test onsite), both at 3000k.

ETC Sensor 3 Portable - TouringFor the lighting side of the house they were showing a new version of the 96-circuit Sensor Touring rack. Equipped with the CEM3 control module this rack dispenses with the patch panel found in earlier racks, allowing 96 dimmers to fit in the footprint of 48. All outputs are 19-pin VSC connectors, inputs are camlock with pass-through and a main circuit breaker. The use of the CEM3 also enables the rack to be equipped with the Thru Power module, which incorporates two discrete circuit paths for dimming and switched power control to facilitate use with both conventional fixtures as well as LED or HMI sources that should not be dimmed.

ETC also showed an example of their Prodigy rigging line of products, which combine easy to understand controls with installer and engineer friendly features such as an extruded aluminum compression tube to eliminate resultant loads on the structure.

Dedotec USA

Dedo LEDZillaDedolight has been at work improving their highly engineered line of lights.  Well-known for their small precise halogen framing projectors, their LEDZilla line now has a 10w LED element and can function as a camera-top, spot and has softbox, and soft-tube attachments.

Their range of LED fixtures also has spots and washes in 40 and 90 watt units now.

Dedo-LiTH95SIOf particular note is that Dedolight USA is now distributing LiTH Batteries state-side. Their 95SI V Mount self-charging battery is capable of delivering up to 10 amps for high current draw applications, including LiTH LED Panel Light. The 95 watt-hour LiTH Battery can operate a 50 Watt LED Panel Light for almost 2 hours.  The battery features:

  • V Mount
  • Size: 16.5*10.5*4.5cm (6.5*4.13*1.77in)
  • Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
  • 14.8V 95Wh For high current applications (Up to 10 amps)
  • Integrated charger (90-240V
  • LED indicators
  • Compatible to all V plate application
  • CE standard, 3 years conditional warranty

Frezzi Energy Systems

eylight_1The EyLight is the world’s first professional camera light with an internal quick-swap rechargeable battery that delivers sustainable power to traditional tungsten and LED lamps in a compact “all-in-one design”. Built on the industry standard Frezzi Mini-Fill’s form factor, it’s ideal for handheld cameras that have no way to power a professional light. Finally, get the professional quality light you need and extra run time for your camera all without cables.

Frezzi skylightAlso by Frezzi was the SkyLight designed to deliver an impressive amount of daylight-balanced light suitable for indoor/outdoor news gathering and field production. It’s a highly portable LED fixture powered by standard broadcast batteries, DC or AC power.
The Skylight delivers equivalent light to a 650 Watt tungsten or 125W-150W HMI source while drawing only 75W of power. It’s fully dimmable with selectable beam angles using quick change reflector technology.

Clear Com

HME-DX300ESClear-Com had an abundance of different products on display. One of the featured items was the HME DX300ES. With the HME DX300ES, wireless intercom communication has become more portable and flexible for live event, remote broadcast and movie/video production crews. The system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversation with two-channel interfacing for intercom communications. Its compact design makes it highly portable and very quick to set up and operate.

Ideal for today’s frequency-congested markets, the HME DX300ES is a digital spread spectrum system that requires no frequency coordination or license for operation. With Spectrum Friendly technology, users can select the 2.4 GHz operating frequency range – low band, high band or full band – to avoid frequency conflicts.

Special features include two-channel operation, dedicated channel relays, battery operation, and four-wire audio interfaces. Use with the BP300 COMMUNICATOR ® or WH300 All-in-One Headset.

HelixNet-PartylineClear-Com® also announced the launch of three new product units that add significant flexibility and functionality to its HelixNet™ Partyline Intercom System. The new units – HRM-4X Remote Station, HKB-2X Speaker Station and S-Mount – extend the digital product range by allowing many more stations to be added to the system.

HelixNet is the industry’s first digital network partyline intercom system. It was designed as a digital version of Clear-Com’s industry-standard analog partyline system, bringing simplicity, efficiency and a powerful set of intelligent features to those users who require a cost-effective digital communication solution. Up to now the HelixNet line has consisted of the HMS-4X Main Station, the HBP-2X HelixNet Beltpack and several interface modules


Started in 2002, CineBags grew out of the need to have to best possible camera and equipment bags designed by cameramen for working camera crews. All their products are designed from a users point of view and by designers who are actually using them.

CineBagsAt NAB CineBags introduced the PRODUCTION BAG MINI (part # CB11) which is the little brother of the award winning CB01 Production Bag. Four removable pouches allow for a customizable interior which keeps gear and accessories organized and protected. Exterior size is 22”x13.5”x9”. Interior size is 17.5”x10”x8”.

Rosco Labs

RoscoViewRosco was featuring the RoscoVIEW. RoscoVIEW is a 2-part window control system for TV and film. It consists of wide width polarizing filter installed on windows and a matching camera polarizing filter. With RoscoVIEW panels on the windows, the exterior exposure can be easily controlled by rotating the camera filter. Rotating the camera filter changes the degree of cross polarization on the window where the RoscoVIEW filter is installed. This results in 100% control of exterior brightness as seen through the window. The ambient light coming into the room or studio is reduced by only one stop.

Rosco was also sneak-peaking a larger LED that will be coming soon.. In the meantime check out Joel and Chad in the Teradek Show floor studio (Joel even gets a call from his wife during it!)


At this year’s NAB, OConnor introduced the NEW 60L Carbon Fiber Tripod.

OConnor 60L Carbon FiberThe new OConnor 60L carbon fiber tripod and floor spreader offers superior, lightweight support for the O’Connor Ultimate 2065 and 2575D fluid heads. The tripod is designed with precision engineering, built with high tensile strength and lightweight material to serve a variety of production environments. The 60L weighs just 9 lbs and has a double extension design that can safely and stably carry payloads of up to 209 lbs. Despite its generous height range it folds down to a mere 29.9”.



PAG BatteriesAt this year’s NAB, Pag unveiled a new lineup of High capacity Gold mount batteries with linking technology introduced as the PAGlink HC-PL94T Time Battery. These batteries are compatible with Gold mount/Snap on plates and Anton Bauer Lithium Ion Chargers.

Smaller and lighter in size these Li-Ion batteries include a higher energy density which draws up to 12A for high-current applications (10A individually).

  • Additional features include:
  • Hot-swap for continuous power
  • Camera run-time displayed numerically in hours and minutes
  • Remaining capacity displayed automatically in the viewfinder/LCD

Micro-Charger-AFor people travelling light the PAGlink Micro Charger is an ultra-compact, single position charger designed to fit any kit bag and to suit any budget.

PAGlink is the first battery system that allows batteries to be charged whilst linked, making it possible to charge multiple batteries on one charging position.

  • Travel light and charge PAGlink or standard V-Mount Li-Ion batteries on location
  • Small enough to fit in any kit bag
  • Fully charge two PAGlink batteries in approximately 7 hours
  • Designed to charge simultaneously up to 4 batteries overnight
  • If you need power in a hurry, one fully discharged 96Wh battery will be 80% charged in approximately 2 1⁄2 hours
  • The charge status of each battery is shown on its individual display
  • Interchangeable plug adaptors and a wide range 100-240V input enable world wide use
  • The unit features LED indication of charging, charge completion, a faulty battery, and battery absent
  • The Micro Charger is smaller than a PAGlink battery and weighs approximately 200g


Steadicam SOLOSteadiCam was in full force in the Tiffen pavillion showing the range of their camera steadying equipment.  Solo Arm and vest makes extended shooting nearly effortless, providing complete comfort and functionality for extended productions and long continuous shots.  Solo can now fly for hours shooting weddings, sporting events, or theatrical performances.   It has up to 10lb. capacity,able to convert between a Steadicam and monopod easily.   It can be used via handheld or with optional arm and vest.   It folds up to a 25″x6″ profile, all metal infrastructure design and it can convert to a monopod.

Compact camera stabilizer designed specifically for use with GoPro HERO, GoPro HERO2, GoPro HERO3 and GoPro HERO3+ cameras.  LCD BacPac or LCD Touch BacPac required.   Fine tune knob for precise forward/back balance adjustment.   Lightweight durable aluminum frame.  Handle folds up and locks to frame to provide compact storage and portability, and for use as a GoPro HERO camera handgrip.  Extra balance weight stores in handle.  It comes in red, blue, silver and black handles.

No more shaky videos the Smothee handheld stabilizer shoots smooth videos anywhere.  While down steps, running along your favorite sports figure or even through crowds.   It works with your Apple iPhone 3Gs, Apple iPhone 4/4S, Apple iPhone 5/5s, Apple iPod Touch (generation 4) and GoPr Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3/3+(with LCD BaPac or LCD Touch BacPac) with mounts for similar devices in the works.  Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, Ergonomic comfortable hand grip folds up securely when not in use.  Quick release removable mount can be used as a tabletop stand or mounted to any standard 1/4″-20 tripod camera mount.

Also at NAB was the new Steadicam® Pilot® HD Series stabilizer systems are state-of-the-art, lightweight and affordable, designed especially for the modern breed of lightweight cameras from 2 to 9 pounds (0.9 to 4.1kg). Video professionals need add only battery and camera of choice as all other required system components are provided for normal operation.

The Steadicam® Pilot® HD stabilizer systems are designed with a lightweight Iso-Elastic™ Arm and ultra low profile vest, lightweight sled with CarbonLite expandable or aluminum fixed post, low mass gimbal and offers advanced features/benefits with low cost for the video professional.

Broncolor / Kobold

Kobold Para 88New at NAB 2014 from Broncolor Kobold is the Para Focus on 3D.  The system gives you the option of focusing or positioning of the lamp head within the reflector.  In the focused position the light source is located just at the apex of the parabola.  The light is highly directional and has a spot-like character with high contrast as only little bounced light from within the studio lightens the shadows.  If you like to defocus the Para you need to move the light towards the reflector opening.  With this setting you not only get a great spot, but rather 24 small and hard lights, softly arranged.  Which results have fabulously beautiful light cloud that envelops everything softly lit.

There are a total of 5 models  which all of the sizes have a long focus length which allows the light to be varied between almost parallel (focused) to extremely scattered (defocused).  Para 177, 222 and 330FB can be easily set up by a crank handle mechanism.   The rods are also provided with joints that allow the Paras to collapse and shorten to half the usual length for transporting.

Para 88 and 133: these are small and mobile and have a special patented opening mechanism.  Just with two quick hand movements on the four clamping brackets allow the Paras to be set up in seconds.  These can also be mounted directly without the focusing device as reflectors for other broncolor lamp heads.  For all models the main structure is made primarily of aluminium, the rods are made of fibre glass or carbon fibre – titanium alloy for the small Paras.   Also available are diffusers and honeycomb grids for more light shaping and control.


These innovative products bring high end chromakey technology to almost anyone with an interest in it.

Reflectmendia microliteMicroLite is a lightweight adjustable cradle which allows a Reflecmedia LiteRing to be attached to almost any high street digital stills camera or DV palmcorder and also stepping rings for 43mm and 37mm lenses. It is sold as a unit compatible with all our Chromatte products or with either 2.5m x 2.5m (8ft x 8ft) Deskshoot Lite or 1.4m x 1m (4ft x 3ft) ChromaFlex EL to provide fully functional chromakey facilities in a truly portable way.

Deskshoot Lite is a newly-developed curtain, using the same technology as the highly acclaimed Chromatte fabric, but it’s lighter and therefore easier to pack away. As an entry-level product, the MicroLite bundle is priced to ensure it’s affordable for smaller users and is ideal for schools, churches, students, small businesses, videographers and home movie makers as well as stills photographers wanting to use chromakey technology in their work. Deskshoot Lite is now also available with a standard LiteRing bundle, for greater flexibility.

MicroLite bundles come with the adapter, LiteRing, ChromaFlex EL or Deskshoot Lite curtain, integrated mini controller to adjust the intensity of the LiteRing and a universal power supply, and are compatible with normal chromakey workflows and software.

Schneider Optics

SCHNEDIER XENON FF PRIME LENSES18crpdFor Spring 2014 they have an assortment of products.  The wide angle  adapter for Cabrio  19-90 PL Mount Zoom lens.  It provides 30% wider angle than the Cabrio’s 19mm limitation, with a minimum focal length of 14.5mm.  The non-zoom through adapter is designed for quick mounting and removal on the front of the Cabrio lens.

Chrosziel Magnum Remote Lens Control System
Schneider Chrosziel Magnum Remote Lens Control SystemIt has been designed with heavy participation from professional 1st assistant camera operators to achieve ergonomic perfection in pulling focus.  It has a symmetrical design , left handed 1st ACs can operate a MagNum controller with the same ease as their right-handed cohorts.   They are able to operate around the world by utilizing the worldwide free frequency 2.4GHz band.   Includes a built-in spectrum analyzer to identify the best transmission channel.  The controller features an intuitive, menu-guided operation by membrane  keys and color OLED display. These are available in 3 models: MN-100 single focus channel, MN-150 which can be upgraded to dual channel control, and the complete dual channel MN-200.   These are also offered in kits for popular digital cine cameras and is compatible  with all digital motors.


Glidecam featured their innovative line of camera supports including Hand-Held and Body Mounted Stabilizers, Camera Sliders, Cranes and Remote Heads.

iGlide display at NAB, showing typical camera types for use with this lightweight hand held stabilizer.
iGlide display at NAB, showing typical camera types for use with this lightweight hand held stabilizer.

Using Glidecam’s lightweight Hand-held Camera Stabilizers eliminates distracting, shaky camera footage and gives you that hypnotically smooth, professional look that you’ve always wanted. The iGlide is a lightweight, hand-held camcorder stabilizing system designed for compact, low profile cameras weighing from 4 to 14 ounces. Perfect for a Go-Pro, and, with the use of an additional adapter, can also work with the IPHONE.


Sachlter, part of the Vitec Group, is well known for their robust offerings of tripods, pedestals, fluid heads and camera accessories. Featured were the line of Ace Accessories, a new range of premium camera support gear, which include the Ace Base Plate, Ace Follow Focus and Ace Matte Box. Items can be bought individually or as a package.

Sachtler Ace Base Plate, Ace Follow Focus and Ace Matte Box

A height adjustable base plate provides a platform for the other accessories to be attached to a tripod using industry-standard 15 mm rods. The Ace Follow Focus enables camera operators to manipulate the focus point of photo or cine lenses without having to touch the lens barrel directly, bringing added accuracy and efficiency to shooting. The follow focus operates backlash free, and its versatility makes it ideal for professional video applications. Operators can change the direction of the drive gear mechanism, as well as easily set hard stops – merely by pressing one or two buttons. The Ace Matte Box can be used to minimize unwanted lens flare and provides housing for up to two standard-sized filters for the 4×4 and 4×4.56 variants. The matte box has been designed to support a range of DSLR and professional video cameras. It features an adjustable top and side flags, two filter stages (one rotating), four filter frames, two different sized donuts, one gear wheel and a friction drive wheel, as well as a rear clamping interface.

Sachtler Soom XL System showing TriPod, TriSpread and Tube
Sachtler Soom XL System showing TriPod, TriSpread and Tube

The SOOM TriPod is the basis of the SOOM XL system with which the camera reaches a maximum lens height of 8ft. The easily extractible aluminum tripod fits perfectly with the popular fluid heads of the FSB series. The SOOM TriSpread can be used individually as an aluminum baby tripod it reliably delivers extremely low shooting positions from 21.5 to 49 cm. The SOOM Tube is the final part of the SOOM XL System. Used individually as a Monopod camera it can hold up to 9 kg (including fluid head) and has a height range of 87-157 cm.

Sachtler Website


Avenger-Long-John-SilverAvenger, part of the Vitec Group, had on display their innovative line of grip equipment. Prominently featured was the Long John Silver Jr, the world’s lowest stand with the highest payload. The winch driven hoisting system can raise a 250lb load to a height of over 11ft. An extremely compact and sturdy stand it’s low loading height of just 4ft, makes loading, lifting and unloading even the biggest lights on your production safe and easy.

Cineo Lighting

Cineo Matchstick MaverickCineo continues their line of phosphor panels with the AC/DC powered Maverick and 6” or 12” Matchstix Single Phosphor Bar. Both meet the demands of field use: lightweight, DC powered and weatherproof (Maverick only). Cineo’s Maverick delivers a volume of light equal to a traditional 1K soft source with interchangeable phosphor panels to permit a variety of color temperatures in one fixture.

Cineo Photon 2The re-designed Foton2 Portable and Studio lights are small, PAR-style fixtures with twice the output of the original Foton, now available in both Tungsten and Daylight balanced color. Foton2 is designed to meet the stringent requirements for film, television and still photography. The output of Foton2 is comparable to a 200-watt tungsten fixture, yet typically consumes only 35 watts with no U/V and IR emissions in the beam. The beam angle can be varied from 20° to 60° by changing reflectors and can be fitted with accessories such as barn doors and gel frames. Foton2 Studio integrates easily into both permanent and temporary studio locations, while the Foton2 Portable unit is perfect for remote situations.

Foton2 Studio lampheads are powered using the new Studio Hub, which provides power and DMX control for 1-4 fixtures at distances up to 100’.

*Soon to release are their combination 3 light kits, available in either 1 Maverick / 2 Foton 2 or 2 Maverick / 1 Foton 2 configurations.

Matthews Studio Equipment

MSE NogaMatthews introduced their articulated multi-jointed arm, the NOGA Arm. It locks or releases the three articulated joints instantly, making it easy to position equipment or accessories quickly. NOGA Arms are available in two lengths: Large – 22” & Medium – 10.5”. With an internal steel rod versus the traditional cable system, these two arms are stronger than any other similar product in the market.

MSE also welcomes the return of the Low Boy Crank-o-Vator & MiniVator crank stands. The LoBoy Crank loading height is now shorter; while the Minivator is taller – shrinking and growing according to need.

Also new is the Intel-A-Big Jib, a 23’ jib arm and dolly system that sets up in 10 minutes or less – without tools! In addition, MSE is also offering a retrofit kit that easily converts your standard Intel-A-Jib to the INTEL-A-BIG Jib!

MSE SliderLast but certainly not least, MSE offers the Matthews-Slider, a camera platform that is extremely sturdy and lightweight and the Matthews-Slider Stand. The Matthews-Slider comes in three basic sizes: 29″, 35″ and 45″ and is also available in many custom lengths. All three of the standard sizes are completely modular, allowing offset mounting of the rotating Mitchell base to extend the reach of the system. The Slider Stand comes standard with two rocky mountain legs for easy leveling on hills, mountainsides, rocky environments, stairs and most other uneven terrain, plus can be used with the widely known Dana Dolly!


Chimera products some handy products at NAB this year.  First up was their new modular speed ring for those larger lights up to 9-5/8”, like the Arrimax M8.

Chimera TechNext was a new line of TECH Lightbanks for LED, Plasma and Remote Phosphor lights. Fixtures include the Creamsource Classic, Litepanels Hilio, TruColor HS, Rotolight and a Universal Softbank for all the 1×1 panels out there. These Lightbanks are versatile in that they have unique mounting methods to accommodate most LED fixtures, like using slide-in frames, circular rings, barn door mounts and a new adjustable mounting Lightbank that requires no frames, rings or poles!

The Low Heat LED Lightbanks are part of the Video PRO, Daylight JR and Quartz lines and accommodate most popular LED Fresnels. The Low Heat Lightbanks have the soft silver interiors and are made with the same high quality materials that are used in the Video PRO, Daylight JR and Quartz series Plus One Lightbanks, minus the high heat material.

Chimera EZ PopThe new Lighttools ez[POP] Soft Egg Crate grids integrate a tensioning frame into their existing Soft Egg Crate designs to simplify the assembly process, maintain a better shape and guarantee maximum soft light control in the most challenging of lighting set-ups. The Lighttools ez[POP] Soft Egg Crate grids are available in small, medium and large for Lightbanks and Strip Banks with 40º angle of coverage.

Window_Pattern_NamesChimera also came out with a new urban range of window pattern break-ups that come in 22″ or 16″ sizes for 48″, 42″, or 24″ frames. Now you can create the interesting light patterns you want, without all the time-consuming work. No more chopping tree branches, removing Venetian blinds from windows or adding foliage. Chimera has created a variety of Window Patterns that help you achieve perfect lighting backgrounds for interviews, portraits, still life and more.

Petrol Bags

PetrolPetrol continues to improve their Deca line of bags for camcorders and other models especially designed for DSLR cameras, which feature 6 sizes, all with a wide center opening, built-in interior LED light and brackets to connect to an optional trolley.

Petrol PC 306Should you wish a hands free system, Petrol offers the PC-306 backpack with an independent slot for a laptop, removable dividers in the main compartment and a quick access flap at the face. This bag holds cameras as large as the Sony PWM200. In addition to camera bags, Petrol also deals in bags for either a 2 or 3-head lighting kit with room for stands.

Prism Projection

IPrismf you haven’t seen it yet, checkout the Prism RevEAL LED Profile Junior and RevEAL Studio.3 LED Fresnel with the new 95 Enhanced CRI (EC) model.

Prism RevEAL LED Profile JuniorThe RevEAL Profile Junior luminaire is a tunable white, true high-CRI, LED profile spot with high lumen output. Its debut follows the successful launch of the multi-award winning RevEAL Profile. The Profile Junior’s size and weight are similar to conventional tungsten source ellipsoidals.

The RevEAL Studio.3 from Prism Projection is a professional grade LED fresnel lighting RevEAL Studio.3 LED Fresnelinstrument that provides high lumen output, unparalleled color rendering, tunable CCT from 2700-8000K with +/- magenta/green correction, and beam quality, all guaranteed by TrueSource® color management technology. The RevEAL Studio.3 illumination sources are energy efficient and long lasting solid-state LEDs that are applied with proprietary control algorithms and projection optics.

These fixtures have recently been installed on Jimmy Kimmel Live , The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallen and the new ESPN studio’s in Bristol CT.


Rip TieRip-Tie is featuring a custom logo printing promotion for first time custom print customers.  With a minimum order of 500 wraps with pull tabs, the factory can print your logo onto any CableWrap, CableCatch, CinchStrap, CinchStrap-EG and CableCarrier.  This NAB Show special is good from April 7th and May 10, 2014.  Contact your local Barbizon office for more details.

Rip Tie MiniHave you seen the Rip-Tie Mini?  This super small reusable cable wrap is perfect for cell phone cords, small charger cables, portable music player earphone cords, and any small bundle of cables.  No more frustration with small tangled cables in the bag, your pocket or your car.  Mini Rip-Tie are available in black or white and come is packages of seven.

Elation Lighting

Elation has been developing some interesting new fixtures for the budget-conscious broadcaster / content-creator who would like energy-efficient lighting but not break the bank.

DW ProfileThe new DW Profile™ features a very height 90+ CRI, 250W 100,000 hour average life dynamic LED engine, 17° to 27° manual zoom, (4) blade manual framing shutters, supports B size glass, metal, or HT transparency glass gobos, variable color temperature settings (3,000K – 6,200K), variable dimming curves, manual and DMX controlled strobe and dimmer, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, 3 and 5 pin in/out DMX and powerCON in connections, (4) button (2) dial control panel, 300W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).  Available to ship May 2014.

DW FresnelThe new DW Fresnel™ features a very height 95 CRI, 250W 100,000 hour average life dynamic LED engine, 13° to 41° manual zoom, variable color temperature settings (3,200K – 7,000K), no noise thermo-optical cooling, manual and DMX controlled strobe and dimmer, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, rotating barn door and frost filter, 3 and 5 pin in/out DMX and powerCON in connections, (4) button (3) dial control panel, 320W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).  This fanless unit is available for shipping next month.

TVL F1CWThe new TVL F1CW™ features a 100W Cool White 5,600K LED engine and TVL F1WW™ features a 100w warm White 3,200k LED engine, motorized 12°-40° zoom, no noise thermo-optical cooling, DMX controlled dimmer and zoom, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, 5pin DMX in/out, powerCon, 2 Ethernet (RJ45) connections, integrated yoke / handle, 141W max consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

Arena Par ZoomThe new Arena Par Zoom features (19) 10W QUAD Color LEDs from Osram™, 10° to 60° motorized zoom, variable strobe macros, selectable dimming curves, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, 3 and 5pin in/out DMX and powerCON in/out connections, 4 button touch control panel, integrated dual rigging yoke / floor stand, linkable power for up to 4 units at 120V and up to 8 units at 230V, 220W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).


Photoflex North Star Lite LEDThe NEW NorthStar™ Lite by Photoflex, a 100-watt continuous LED light, is color-balanced with daylight and housed in a robust extruded aluminum shell. It boasts an auto-voltage sensing unit for worldwide use and has an S-type mount for use with reflectors, beauty dishes, and softboxes, including LiteDomes, HalfDomes and OctoDomes. Its 120° angle of light dispersion is ideal for each of these light modifiers.

The NorthStar™ Lite includes the high performance Photoflex Swivel Mount, which can be adjusted along the housing to balance the weight load with any sized softbox or lighting modifier.


TMB-Green-Hippo-MagpiTMB is proud to launch magpi 4x HD Video Player at this year’s NAB. The North American debut of magpi rounds out a trio of new, user-friendly, task-specific AViary Video Tools from Green Hippo, makers of the famous Hippotizer range of media servers.
Aviary Video Tools is a new product family of real-time video players from Green Hippo. Extremely simple to operate, models include Parakeet 4K+, 2KAN 2K+, and magpi 4x HD, each representing a new approach to real-time, high-resolution video playback and mixing. All are available with options featuring the powerful video toolset originally developed for Hippotizer media servers. AViary Video Tools makes high-quality, superior video production and display accessible to everyone!
Housed in a rugged chassis designed to install almost anywhere, magpi Video Player offers four independent streams of HD video, or six streams of SD video, with highly-configurable media feeds, real-time correction and trimming of clips, along with a host of tools to tackle the most challenging display setups. Each output has independent real-time playback control, including color correction, contrast, and aspect ratio, as well as parameters such as speed, in and out points and geometry, that can all be adjusted on the fly. magpi offers comprehensive video and audio file format support as well as real-time control via on-board timeline, or external protocols such as time-code, MIDI, and many more. A unique output-mapping toolbox removes the need for additional video wall controllers or processors, and projection mapping is a breeze with VideoMapper and RegionMapper, plus complete pixel control is provided with PixelMapper. All of which makes magpi Video Player the perfect complement to Hippotizer media servers.

TMB-GBS-DMX-OptoTMB also had their wide range of data splitters for DMX or Networking.  Available in both rack and pipe mount options.


Videssence FaceliteFacelite Series FL010 & FL010-S10 watt, high color rendering LED niche light.

These fixtures are very small, lightweight, and easy to handle. They are designed to mount in tight quarters and to boost the vertical light levels on your face and features to separate you from the ambient lighting around you for the camera. The Osram/ Sylvania HF2 Narrow Stick LED lamp is 10 watts, with 3000K color (4000K optional) and has a rated life of 50,000 hours. These fixtures are provided with 22 gauge CRS adjustable mounting brackets to allow aiming that may be secured to a surface with screws. Optional Stand mounted version has weighted base with height adjustment.

Little VID Series LV050 & LV050-F Stationary & Focusable Beam50 watt LED Fresnel Fixtures.

TVidessence Little VIDhe stationary version has permanent barn doors to shield or focus the light intensity. The focusable version, allows additional control achieved with 4˝ gel frame and barn door accessory options. A manual slide bar at the top of the fixture adjusts the beam and locks in place. Both provide the single shadow characteristics essential to Fresnel fixtures while using a fraction of the power of tungsten units. They deliver flicker-free dimming without color shift and amazing color rendering at 96+ CRI. Heat dissipation is designed with a unique passive thermal cooling system to assure maximum LED light output without internal fans. Provided with 12´ cord to remote driver box that allows easy programming for dimming or DMX control. Power is shut off to the driver and LED when dimmed to ZERO with DMX so no external relay or power cut off is required. cCSAus for USA/Canada and CE Listing in process.

VIDNEL Series VN050 & VN100 Adjustable Beam 50 watt / 100 watt LED Fresnel fixtures.

Videssence VidnelProvides the single shadow and focusing characteristics essential to Fresnel fixtures while using a fraction of the power of tungsten units. The fixture generates a strong directional beam of adjustable light with even coverage of 3200K color (5600K optional). It also delivers flicker-free dimming without color shift and amazing color rendering at 96+ CRI. A manual slide bar at the side of the fixture adjusts the beam and locks in place. Heat dissipation is designed with a unique passive thermal cooling system to assure maximum LED light output without internal fans. Control at the back allows easy programming for DMX control and dimming. Fixture shuts off power to the integral driver when dimmed to ZERO in DMX mode so no external relay or power cut off is required. Additional control achieved with 4´´ gel frame and barn door accessory options. cCSAus for USA/Canada and CE Listing in process.


Libec_ALLEXLas Vegas offered the first opportunity for Libec to show ALLEX – their innovative new tripod and slider system for smaller cameras and SLR operators. Utilizing a slightly flattened 75mm half-ball, the tripod head can quickly move from multi-stage tripod to linear slider. The ALLEX S slider can be attached to a tripod via half-ball for quick leveling or on any flat surface with the included legs, which fold in for easy transportation.

Anton Bauer

New Anton Bauer Brand LogoAnton Bauer rolled out a new look and an updated line of their popular batteries at NAB for 2014.

This show also marked the introduction of Sachtler-branded V-Mounts – Powered by Anton Sachtler-D90-V-Mount-BatteryBauer. Featuring the same electronics configuration and impact resistant rubberized outer shell as the popular Digital Series batteries, the Sachtler V-Mount versions will be available in 90, 150 and 190wH versions with 1000 charge cycle warranty. Inside, both mounting styles feature a new “honeycomb” design, which isolates each cell for airflow and to inhibit damage and P-Tap for accessories power.

Anton Bauer Performance Charger New LookA new generation of smart Performance Chargers were also shown at NAB, with many interactive features set to come online later this year. Designed for Digital Series batteries, the Performance Dual and Quad chargers allow for in-depth diagnostics via the on-board touch screen and promise remote monitoring through built-in Wi-Fi (mobile apps due later in 2014). Priority charging and best-in-class efficiency helps the Performance line conserve up to 40% power, compared to competing products.


nab_cartoni_maximaAt the top of the line for digital cinema production and broadcast is Cartoni’s Maxima Fluid Action Head. With a massive payload range of 0 – 86 lbs., there are virtually no configurations the Mitchell base-fitted Maxima cannot support throughout its 180° tilt range. The quick release plate is adjustable fore and aft by almost six inches to allow balancing a wide range of acquisition platforms and accessories. Viewfinder leveler and front box pegs are standard, as are dual pan handles.

For smaller configurations, the new Master MKII Fluid Head is built for camera configurations weighing between 6.6 – 66 lbs. The “Wing” system is infinitely adjustable for any load in the range between +/- 90°. The MKII comes with a Mitchell base as standard, but can be adapted for use on a 150mm bowl.

nab_cartoni_p20_1Among the full line-up of Cartoni fluid head and pedestal platforms is the budget-friendly P20 for portable studios and lighter camera configurations. The P20 pneumatic column smoothly supports cameras up to 55 lbs. With variable tracking width between 26.5” – 38”, the rugged dolly base remains stable even when moving through narrow doorways or in smaller spaces. List price is $6795 US.


Pelican revealed several new products at NAB this year, including new portability products, a cooler and several backpacks.

nab_pelican_20QT_2Adding more options to the popular Elite line of 10-day coolers, the compact 20QT model now takes its place as the smallest in the line. The 20QT features: large Press & Pull latches; threaded drain plug; dual carry handles. As with most Pelican case products, the coolers carry a generous lifetime warranty.

In the Urban Elite backpack range, a new half-case U160 version brings IP-rated waterproof protection to users who need the ultimate in wearable storage. About the size of a Pelican 1200, the U160 backpack integrated case offers 8.95” x 7.25” x 7.28” of storage with lid organizer and 900 denier ballistic nylon construction on the rest of the bag. Padded dividers and pockets help organize the rest of the backpack.

nab-pelican-go-pro-3For the huge GoPro market, Pelican rolled-out three Storm case and foam combinations designed to house 1 – 3 cameras, with plenty of room for accessories. Utilizing a stock im2050 or im2100 cases, the GP Series configurations feature custom-cut foam for Hero3 cameras, Press & Pull latches, reinforced hinges and watertight protection – guaranteed for the life of the product.

Miller Camera Support

1055 Cineline 70 Fluid HeadA cameraperson’s best friend is a solid tripod and fluid head. At NAB 2014, Miller was displaying their new 1055 Cineline 70 Fluid Head. And fluid it is…. Among its many features are:

  • Quick and easy rear mounted controls
  • Drag controls with ultra soft starts and smooth stops (really nice)
  • Perfect diagonal drag transition
  • Side load camera platform, 150mm travel with Arri type camera plate
  • Easy fit to 1225 Mitchell base adapter to suit Mitchell flat base tripods.
  • Illuminated, yes illuminated, pan/tilt drag, counterbalance controls and bubble level.
  • Dual side mounts for monitors and accessories.
  • Front head mount for camera assistants accessory box.
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Alloy construction with anti-corrosive pre-treatment.
  • Includes a 3 year warranty.


This year at NAB, leading filter manufacturer, The Tiffen Company, introduced four new lens filter lines that enhance the camera image. With the advent of 4K digital camera technology, cinematographers and DP’s are looking for creative solutions to work with larger sensors and the hyper-realism resolution associated with these new cameras.

IR Variable ND:
This filter line is a unique, versatile and flexible tool, affording you the convenience of using several Neutral Density filters and an Infra-Red transmission blocker all in one. Primarily used as a photographic tool for controlling depth of field and exposure, the IR Variable ND is being sought in the video market as well because it is fast, easy to use, small, lightweight and does not require additional accessories such as a matte box. These filters provide 2 to 8 stops of light control. They also have have a wider output optic to help reduce vingetting at wide angles. When you consider the IR blocking they provide along with the depth of field control they offer, you have a very useful tool for any camera operator.

Black Satin:
These lens filters have been designed to soften excessive sharpness and add a mild contrast reduction to smooth out unwanted blemishes and wrinkles. They also mute halation as compared to the Satin. The effects of these filters give a matte look to textured surfaces and a delicate glow to highlights. They also soften details in a unique manner, while adding a subtle granular contrast reduction. Made of water white glass, they are available in densities of ½, 1, 2, and 3.

You can create a subtle new look with a slight softening of contrast and a luxurious pearlescent halo around highlights with this new line of filters. Want to take the edge off you image while reducing blemishes on talent and adding softness to image highlights? This is the line for you. The Pearlescents create a special atmosphere. They are made in densities of 1/8, ¼, ½, 1, and 2.

These lens filters are designed to soften excessive sharpness and add a mild contrast reduction to your image, while smoothing out unwanted blemishes and wrinkles and a light constant halation. You will give a silky smooth look to textured surfaces and a glow to highlights with these filters. Made of water white glass and in densities of ½, 1, 2 and 3.

Below is a video from Studio Daily that goes through them.

DeSisti Lighting

Nobody can accuse DeSisti of standing idle. This company is constantly striving to improve and innovate their product line to meet the needs of the marketplace. At NAB 2014, they introduced new products and improvements to existing products. In this report, I will highlight their new LED SOFTLIGHT. Information on their other new or improved products can be found on their website. They include a new LED FRESNEL RANGE (High Power and Enhanced CRI >90), LED FRESNEL RETROFITS, LITE MINI HOIST and MINI SPIDER. All are worthy of your attention.

This extremely bright LED entry in the softlight category is truly noteworthy. It produces almost twice the light output of a standard fluorescent fixture and has a CRI greater than 95. Yes, greater than 95. It utilizes an innovative Remote Phosphor screen to create this astonishing color rendering. Here are just a few more highlights regarding these fixtures:

  • Controlled beam pattern using grid spots
  • Soft shadows
  • Even light distribution in intensity and white light balance throughout light pattern
  • No “pixel” effect, so common with other brands
  • Small size and light weight, but ruggedly built.
  • Available with pole operation
  • DMX dimmable and flicker free from 0-100%
  • Available in tungsten or daylight color temperature version
  • Available in 2 or 3 LED arrays (SOFT LED 2, SOFT LED 3)


Arri L5At this year’s NAB, Arri unveiled a new addition to the L-Series fresnels, introduced as the L-5 series. The L-5 fresnels will be approximately 45% brighter than a traditional 300w Fresnel while drawing only 115 watts of power. Portable, compact and lightweight the L-5 series is basically half the size and weight of the L-7 fresnels and includes all the same characteristics of color and tuneability.

In addition, the L-5 series will be available in three versions; the L5-C (color), L5-TT (tungsten tuneable), and L5-DT (daylight tuneable). The L-5 series will allow for portable lighting making it ideal for smaller locations and interview setups and will be a perfect complement to the L-7 series. For more information please visit WWW.ARRI.COM

Philips Strand Lighting

Philips Entertainment Lighting NeoAt NAB Strand introduced their newest lighting console called Neo. Up to 100 Universes of DMX per Console, 10 Motorized Submasters, Motorized A/B Playback Faders, 5 Motorized Multi-Function Faders, Pixel Mapping, Media Playback, Multi-User, Tracking Backup and Android / iOS Remotes are just a few of the new features of this console.   If you want a backstage tour of this new control desk go to


AC Lighting

Chroma-Q® Studio Force V PhosphorAC Lighting introduced the new Chroma-Q® Studio Force V Phosphor™ is a 3,200 – 5,600K CCT, variable white fixture which utilizes innovative LED technologies found in the Studio Force™ range to provide an equivalent soft edge output to a fluorescent fixture – up to 4,200 lumens – developed specifically for use in TV, film and broadcast studio environments. Other features include fine-tuning of the green & magenta tints and frequency for camera, an extremely smooth uniform wash, extra soft beam, theatrical grade dimming and laboratory calibration to match Black Body Locus. Designed for practicality, the unit is equipped with a manual control mode, color touch screen interface, is fanless, studio & full modes for maximum control of the units and a range of optional accessories.


LitePanels fresnelsNew to NAB this year was the introduction of three products to complete their line. They now have a complete line of Fresnels in the Sola family adding the Sola 9.   Still maintaining all the features of the Sola family 12, 9, 6 and 4.   Also available in the incandescent color temperature with the Inca family of Fresnels.

Also new to NAB is the Hilio D12 which is a high output Panel for long throws. Available in tungsten balance with the Hilio T12.

Litepanel also introduced a line of kits for ENG work. They are having a 1×1 anniversary sale that can save up to 45% till June 7th 2014

Mole Richardson

Mole-LEDMole-Richardson Quantom Dot sets the stage! Made in the USA, all MoleLED Fresnels are powered by a new, proprietary Quantom Dot chip on-board module. This module powers their 100watt Tweenie LED, 150watt BabyLED, 200watt JuniorLED, and 400watt Studio Junior LED Fresnels, as well as their LED Retrofit Kits and new 400watt and 900watt Spacelites.

MoleLED Fresnels: High-output, with unmatched color quality, the MoleLED Fresnels perform identically to an incandescent or HMI Fresnel. They provide an 80% reduction in energy usage, flicker-free onboard dimming with little to no color shift and no need for external dimming systems.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Mole offers a simple retrofit kit to convert existing legacy Tweenie, Baby, and 8” Junior Solarspots to new Tungsten or Daylight MoleLED Fresnels. The self-contained troughs allow you to convert your existing Tungsten Fresnels to either Daylight or Tungsten LEDs with no modifications needed to the head. Keep your original Tungsten trough for future use and switch between the two in minutes if the need arises.

Mole LED Space LightMoleLED Spacelite: Used with all existing Spacelite accessories, the 400watt LED Spacelite 2 and 900 watt Spacelite 4 replace traditional 2K and 6K Tungsten Spacelites. Reduce energy usage by 80% and eliminate costly lamp replacement, silk degradation and yellowing, as well as the dimmer room and cable “waterfall” coming from the grid with these new Spacelites from Mole. Heads are available in Tungsten or Daylight and provide over 35,000 hours of LED life from Mole’s Quantom DOT chip on-board LED module.

Singles Night: The MoleLED Single gives you the features and quality of light of their 12 Pack in the palm of your hand. A go-anywhere, rig-anywhere fixture designed for use in interviews and news desks, car rigs and podiums, the Single is packaged in kits of Tungsten or Daylight or any combination of both, and powered remotely by Mole’s 3-Channel Controller.

Porta Brace

The folks at Porta-Brace are always busy updating the look, function, and feel of their entire family of professional video equipment bags and accessories. From new cases and covers, to new protective materials, to completely new lines of products designed to embrace major shifts in technology, no other company responds faster or more completely than Porta-Brace.

Porta Brace Shoot ReadyMany of their Wheeled Cases now offer removable off-road wheels to reduce weight and protect against shipping damage. This new wheel system uses smooth-rolling, off-road wheels that stay in place when rolling the case but easily detach when it’s time to check your bags.

Shoot Ready: Porta-Brace’s new Quick-Zip Camera Case is a versatile, soft-side carry solution for your compact HD or DLSR camera setup. Unzip and go…

Get organized with the Camera Hive. Maximize space and protection with Porta-Brace’s new Camera Hive, delivered with a dozen removable padded lens cups that also function as dividers. Lens cups can also be removed a worn on a belt or secured to the inside of other Porta-Brace cases. Carry as a backpack or slinger.

It’s a Backpack! Porta-Brace’s tripod and light bags feature traditional carry handles, as well as fold-out backpack straps so you can easily load and go.

CAR-2CAMAccessorized! Customize your case with accessories for your specific field-production needs. Porta-Brace offers over 100 case interior and equipment accessories designed to protect, organize, and keep you Shoot Ready.


Manfrotto US is working hard to become your one stop shop for Photo and Video equipment. With the recent launch of their latest Professional Bags Collection aimed at top photographers, as well as their new Spectra family of professional LED Lights, designed to meet the needs of demanding videographers and photographers, we’d say they’re well on their way.

Manfrotto Professional BagsThe new Professional Bags Collection covers a range of different bag types, with enough variety and versatility to ensure that there are styles and sizes to suit everyone:

Shoulder Bags (5 sizes), Backpacks (3 sizes), Holsters (4 sizes), Roller Bags (2 sizes)

The bags’ Camera Protection System (CPS) provides protection where it is most needed – at the center of the bag. This is usually where the camera body and the most valuable lens are stored and, in many traditional bag designs, is also the area most likely to be damaged if the bag is dropped or mishandled. The CPS consists of specially structured 3D foam encasing dividers at the center of the bag which dampen shock and absorb and dissipate the force of impact. Exo-Tough Construction is a shock-deflecting design feature on the outer face of the bag. This rigid multi-layer construction keeps the center of the bag protected and spreads and lessens the force of sharp impacts. The design of their Professional Bags is typical of Manfrotto – minimal, stylish and elegant.

spectra_shopSpectra LEDs excel in reliability and light quality and stand out from standard LED panels, thanks to their slim and elegant design. Spectra 1×1 panels offer flattering soft light thanks to daylight balanced LEDs with a great full spectrum output. They are mains-operated, but can also be powered by professional batteries. Both narrow and wide beam angle versions are available. Thanks to excellent color rendition (CRI>90), Spectra LED fixtures allow for high fidelity color reproduction and the skin tone of subjects is always natural. The light output is typically centered at 5600°K and one model is provided with the ability to change color temperature from warm white (3200°K) to cool white (5600°K).

SPECTRA 1×1 LED panels are carefully designed, paying close attention to reliability and consistent, flicker-free functionality. Despite being robust, these LED devices are lightweight and compact and thanks to the slim design, Spectra is extremely portable and is suitable for a great variety of situations.