Wybron Cygnus family of LED based fixtures provides more than five times the brightness of comparable products. Having a really bright fixture is great, but the ability to change beam size is crucial to getting the job done. Now with interchangeable lenses, you can quickly go between very narrow or medium flood patterns without losing brightness or clarity of light. The choice is yours – upon ordering, specify the lens kit 16º (very narrow) or 24º (medium flood) to be installed and add the second beam angle as a lens kit. Cygnus has been RDM compatible from the start. Any fixture feature can be remotely controlled. Any parameter that is measured, such as temperature or running time, can be reported. If any software upgrades become available, they can be uploaded into a fixture in a working rig without dismounting or disconnecting the fixture.

Philips – ShowLine

Philips – Showline is a range of LED luminaries manufactured in China, designed to work seamlessly together to match color, dimming and operation. At the heart of all Showline products is Philips Harmonize calibration technology. Harmonize is a proprietary, advanced LED color matching system, consisting of 3 correction modules: RGB, RGBW and Cool White/Warm White.

Along with color uniformity, Showline fixtures share the same base of core functionality. The color LCD menu, DMX protocol, and RDM configuration allow access to a broad range of important features. Select from multiple color modes including HSIC, change dimming curves, choose color filter presets, edit playback presets, assign stand-alone functions, and more.

The SL BAR 640 (4’) and SL BAR 660 (6’) use 8-in-1 individual LED dies to create a standard 60° beam angle, but can accept a multitude of accessories to adjust it. This offers the ability to have two different beam angles from the same luminaire, providing greater vertical coverage.  Mounting brackets for floor or pipe mount feature secure lock off and a tight profile to insure close placement which further insures smooth beam spreads. Units are designed for daisy chaining and include cable management for clean cabling and easy set up.

The SL BAR 520 provides output from multiple blended sources. Each of the unit’s six homogenized cells provides output at an 8° beam angle. The high output RGBW LED luminaire retains a traditional light source appearance.  Mounting brackets for floor or pipe mount feature secure lock off and a tight profile to insure close placement which further insures smooth beam spreads. Units are designed for daisy chaining and include cable management for clean cabling and easy set up.

The SL PAR 150 is a die-cast aluminum LED Par can that utilizes nine homogenized RGBW LEDs to produce over 3500 lumens of output. The manual zoom provides a beam angle range from 10°-52° and the split yoke bracket allows for hanging or floor mounting.  Power and data can both be daisy chained.

Philips – Vari*Lite

VARI*LITE VL3015 Spot and VARI*LITE VL3515 Spot luminaires provide the increased output of a 1500W lamp in fixtures that offer the same features and are similarly sized as the VL3000 Spot luminaire.  They  feature 6:1 zoom optics (10° to 60°), CYM color mixing, variable CTO wheel, a six-position color wheel, three gobo/effects wheels, a beam size iris, separate dimmer, and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms.

Two reflectors are standard on the luminaire allowing users to choose between either a peaked or flat field beam. In the peaked beam, the fixture provides 27,000 lumens of output, and in the flat field beam, an output of 22,000 lumens is achieved. Reflectors are easily changed, and whichever one is not chosen rides securely inside the luminaire on a specially designed mount.  Users can operate the single lamp at three different wattages via a control channel setting or a lamp menu option. The fixture will run its short arc lamp at 900W, 1200W or 1650W without any detrimental effects on the lamp.

The VL3515 has an added feature of a four-blade shutter mechanism that allows the blades to be operated independently or in unison on two planes for a clear and crisp image.

The VARI*LITE VL3015 Spot and VARI*LITE VL3515 Spot feature new style handles which make them easier to transport.  These new handles have the same bolt spacing as previous VL models, so can also be provided as replacements for original handles.

The VARI*LITE VL3015LT Spot luminaire provides increased output from a 1500W lamp in a fixture that offers the same features and is similarly sized as the VL3000 Spot luminaire.  With the same ballast and lensing as the VL3015 and VL3515, it features 10:1 zoom optics (a range of 5° to 50°) optimized for 200-300 ft throw distances, CYM color mixing, variable CTO wheel, two five-position color wheels, three gobo/effects wheels, a beam size iris, separate dimmer, and ultra-fast strobe mechanism.  Additionally, it contains an independent rotating and indexing 5-facet prism and an independent frost glass.

Using the 1500W Osram double-ended short arc lamp to produce a maximium 42,487 lumens of output, the VL3015LT Spot luminaire allows users to operate its single lamp at three different wattages via a control channel setting or a lamp menu option.  The fixture will run its short arc lamp at 900W, 1200W or 1650W without any detrimental effects on the lamp.

Philips – Selecon

Philips – Selecon’s  Studio Panel is a compact light weight LED luminaire designed for both studio and location use. Units feature tunable white color temperature control from 3000K to 6000K and 10 built-in color temperature presets including 3000K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, and 6000K.  Requiring just 50 watts, the unit will operate on AC or DC voltage. The battery power input is designed to allow location operation using industry standard batteries.  It has a standard 19 degree beam angle with available diffusion lenses (40 and 60) for a wide range of focus control.  Available accessories include snap on 2 or 4-leaf barndoors and battery power (DC) input.

The PLPROFILE1 is a variable beam profile with precise beam control and pattern projection from a high output beam. An innovative combination of LED source technology and precision optical design, the PLPROFILE1 uses the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PL1, PLCYC1, PLFRESNEL1 and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX ranges meaning color matching is simplified across the stage. The user interface is the same ensuring ease of use.

The PL4, which is a slightly larger profile LED fixture, uses 4 of the same color engines as the PL1, providing light output similar to a 575w tungsten halogen source.  With a super definition lens barrel, diffusion to remove chromatic aberrations is not needed.

The PLFRESNEL-1 is a general purpose luminaire for theatre, small studio, and display lighting applications. It produces an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination, performing similar to a standard 6” Fresnel. Using LED source technology combined with a traditional Fresnel lens, the PLFRESNEL-1 uses the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PL1, PLCYC1 and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX ranges meaning colour matching is simplified across the stage.

The PLCYC2 is a double version of the PLCYC1 shown here.  It seamlessly blends intense washes of color on cycloramas up to 10m high (twice that of the PLCYC1), and can be effective when spaced on 4’ centers.  Using LED source technology combined with properly shaped asymmetrical reflectors, the PLCYC products deliver consistent light distribution without the compromising performance of vertical or horizontal spreader lenses.  With the convenient powercon system, the PLCYC can light a typical cyclorama with a single 10A non-dim circuit.  All PLCyc luminaires support wireless DMX512 control for instant connections without running control wiring. Each optional wireless receiver also has a DMX512 out port to control adjacent luminaires. Receivers and transmitters are available using Wireless Solution W-DMX.

Philips – Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics ArchiPoint iColor Powercore, a daylight-visible, exterior-rated LED point ideally suited for a range of direct-view as well as accent applications such as path and marker lighting.  It outputs over 7,000 nits of intelligent color light in a weatherproof, low-profile housing. Perfect for large-scale video, dynamic effects, and other direct-view applications. Easily visible in brightly lit urban environments and daylight — even in direct sunlight.  It includes a clear flat lens for brilliant illumination and path lighting, or a translucent dome lens for direct-view applications, providing an exceptional viewing angle of 180° and uniform color mixing.

ColorBurst Compact Powercore is a high-output, exterior-rated LED lighting fixture designed for accent and site lighting. Standard format Architectural and Landscape fixtures deliver full-color light output of up to 647 lumens, while compact fixtures deliver up to 498 lumens to support a range of dynamic uplighting, floodlighting, and decorative lighting applications.   iW Burst Compact Powercore and eW Burst Compact Powercore are also available.

 eColor Cove EC and eColor Cove QLX are now available with Powercore technology.  eColor Cove EC Powercore is a dimmable, linear LED fixture that provides affordable, energy-efficient cove lighting in applications requiring solid blue or amber light.  eColor Cove QLX Powercore delivers solid red, green, blue, or amber light at an affordable price.

ColorFuse Powercore and iColor Cove MX Powercore are now available in 4’ options.  With narrow and medium beams of high-quality color-changing light, ColorFuse Powercore is an excellent choice for a full range of surface grazing, wall-washing, and accent lighting applications. Its ultra-compact form factor permits installation in tight spaces too small to accommodate conventional grazing fixtures that offer similar level and distribution of light.  iColor Cove MX Powercore high-intensity LED fixtures afford virtually limitless options for filling indoor alcoves and accent spaces with vibrant light.

Philips – Lamps

Philips unveiled its MSD Platinum 2R lamp.  It is extremely compact, and features a high precision reflector and innovative burner filling, resulting in a bright and efficient light beam. The light output of a 132W MSD Platinum 2R lamp is comparable with a MSD lamp of 300W, and it has a life of 6,000 hours; twice as long as other MSD lamps.

Another highlight is the lifetime extension of the Philips MSR Platinum 35from 750 to 1000hrs, which is 30% longer than comparable solutions on the market.

Philips also launched the new MSR Gold 700/1 MiniFastFit. This short arc lamp offers the combination of pure white light (5600K) with high brightness and excellent color quality precisely matching the black body line.  Ideal for theaters and studios, Clay Paky has integrated it in its Alpha Profile 700ST fixture.

Applied Electronics

Applied Electronics was showing their wide line of products from dimming and control to truss, roof, lifts and power distro.

Also in their booth this year was Australian company LSC with their Clarity PC/Mac based lighting and media controler. Available in four sizes providing from 1 through to an amazing 128 Universes, Clarity is capable of handling small shows right through to pixel-mapped LED walls on a large scale. The software is highly configurable and easy to use.  LSC also offer hardware support products in the form of DMX output devices and control Wings. Three DMX output devices QX1, QX2 and QX4 are available providing 1, 2 and 4 DMX512 outputs respectively. Two control wings VX10 and VX20 are also available and offer playbacks, master control and in the VX20 control buttons and a trackball. All QX and VX devices can be interconnected – so a VX20+ 2 x VX10 + 1 x QX2 can all be used on a single system to provide extra playbacks and increase the number of DMX outputs.

RGB Lights / FlexiFlex

RGB Lights had their FlexiFlex line of LED displays on the showfloor that provide full-motion video, graphics, messaging and lighting capabilities in large format for both indoor and outdoor applications. The modular panels may be used vertically, horizontally, singularly or as a multi-panel system creating a uniform and robust LED grid. The translucent LED domes present audiences a wide viewing angle and the low-profile open grid structure allow for ultimate transparency. Flexible, rugged, lightweight and thin, FlexiFlex and FlexiFleXL can be draped, wrapped, hung and adapted to a variety of surfaces.

Similar in nature to FlexiFlex, RigiFlex and RigiFleXL are created using a rigid mesh structure for permanent, customized, or highly uniform applications.  RGB Lights manufactures FlexiFlex panels in a variety of standard configurations and will custom
configure the shape, size or resolution to meet your specific needs. Using proven Philips Color Kinetics components, the FlexiFlex line of products combines quality, reliability and innovation.

RGB also has a pre-rig  version called FlexiFlex Touring Truss which rolls up into the box truss and allows for faster deployment.

Global Truss

GLOBAL TRUSS showed the sleek new lightweight ground support tower the
GT-213.  Capable of raising 440lbs at a height of 21’-3” this tower is a perfect match for small indoor truss systems using 12” truss.  With a weight of only 250lbs the GT-213 is ideal for the customer who’s on the go.


Lightronics displayed their new line of portable dimmers with optional built-in wireless DMX control. They have 3 models available all with duplex input/outputs: 4x600W, 4x1200W, & 6x1200W.

Also in the booth were 3 of their newest LED fixtures: RGBAW wash, Variable white wash, and 120W 5600K Ellipsoidal.


Altman Lighting

Altman Lighting introduced a 50W and 200W cyc to their full Spectra Cyc range, as well as a recessed version of the Chalice house light. Both units are available in 4 standard configurations: RGBA, RGBW, 3000K, 3000K-6000K tunable white.

Also in the booth were the new LED Spectra Cubes, which are a 50W wall wash luminaire utilizing red, green, blue and amber or white LED emitters. Designed for use on 4’ centers, individual units can be linked side by side for greater saturation of light. All models have a double yoke for floor use or can be hung via a C-clamp or track mount applications.

The Chalice house lights are controlled via DMX or can plug straight into your current dimming system with its phase control option.  It has around 40 3W LEDs making its light output equivalent of a 575W fixture.

Strong Lighting

Strong Lighitng showed their updated Solutions fixtures which is an IP65 rated high output long-throw LED fixture. It’s available in either 6500K white or RGBW. Both models have various lenses you can use to change the beam of the fixture. Throw distance are upto an incredible 1500′.

Strong’s counterpart, DTS, introduced their version of the Sharpie called the “Jack.” This moving head has all the personalities of beam, profile, or wash fixture rolled into one with its variable lensing system.

DTS also showcased their LED moving head wash light called the Nick NRG 1201; it has an 8°-50° motorized zoom and an optical system that enables it to be used as a PC beam or a very wide wash. Both the JACK Nick NRG 1201 come equipped with the “FPR” system which allows limitless pan rotation in either direction.

General Electric Lighting

In addition to their full line of dimmable and non-dim LED retrofit lamps, GE Lighting introduced their Lumination™ 2×2 LED Recessed Troffer Luminaires. When illuminated, the panels produce a perfectly even glow that delivers exceptionally uniform light to fill the space. While off, they appear completely free of a visible light source.. Currently available in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K.GE is working towards a 3200K and 5600K model for the Film and Television world.

Doug Fleenor Design

Node 4 is the newest Ethernet Node from Doug Fleenor Design.  With one Ethernet lie in and 4 DMX out it speaks Artnet, ETC Net3, and streaming ACN.  Coming soon is Color Kinetics KiNet.  It is completely user configurable meaning the ports can be place in the front or back of the unit.  This allows you to use the same unit as table top or a rack mount unit.

Node 1 is a Single Port Ethernet in One DMX out, Power over Ethernet.

IP67 Color Kinetics Power Supply is also new this year.  The unit is obviously IP67 DMX In and Out, and 8 Outputs.

Alarm Interface Is a clever device that Milton has been building custom for people that he decided to bring into the product line.  It is simply a DMX IN/OUT Device with relay that you trigger with an alarm such as a fire alarm.  You Simply build your look, whatever you need it to be, push the record button.  It is held in the chip on the device with up to 10 year retention.  When an alarm triggers the relay the look you set overrides what is on stage. Simple.


Hubbell has added a Buss bar panel mount to their single pole range.  They have also extended their boot to include #6 cable.  Coming soon will be mini cams.  Hubbell has also added a Nema 3R Snap back back cover for single pole connectors.  The base is made of Valox and the cover of nylon. The whole thing is UV resistant.

Also new to Hubbell is the Snap connect line of receptacles.  The concept here is that at installation the contractor will install the snap in terminal.  Painters can come in and paint away and not paint the receptacles.  You then come in behind and snap in the connectors, this part does not require skilled labor as the wiring has already been done.  Later the home owner can simply unsnap the receptacle and snap in a new one whenever they want to change one, eliminating the need for them to wire anything. Not theatrical but still pretty cool.

Hubbell USB DuplexA Barbizon favorite is a new duplex receptacle with two USB ports in it, which draw enough to power two iPads. These will be available early first quarter next year.

Cast Group

Cast’s Black Trax is a real-time solution for tracking people and objects, using sophisticated technology that is amazingly simple to set up.

Tracking for automated lights was the main focus of the demo I saw.  The system requires a few elements, cameras, Beacons (IMU), Time Keeper and a calibration kit.  Then you need your fixtures and console and a WYSIWYG CE.

To get the absolute most basic you could use only 2 cameras but for the most accurate system 6 is recommended.  These need to be placed to cover you tracking area 45% off center.  Your tracking area can range up to 20 meters (65’-7”). Focus your cameras to cover your tracking area which can be done w a few different ways.  The next step is to Calibrate the tracking area using the calibrating kit.  Basically you paint the area using infared from LEDs starting from center.  The system will tell you when you have enough information. Next you calibrate your fixtures, which is really quite easy.  What does not fall within calibration from your layout can be calibrated with a 4 to 5 button pushes using the Beacon.

The Beacon gives you Y Pitch & Yaw with the IMU installed.  It uses one LED which the camera uses to focus on.  Take out the IMU and put on three LED instead of just one and you can now track a piece of scenery. X, Y,Z, roll, pitch.

The CAST team ran the Black Trax System through several demonstrations for us including , free form Remote control floating Shark. That impressed me as there is no way to really pre program that.  They had light tracing after a remote control car that was pretty cool as well.  All and all the System impressed me with it’s seeming ease of set up and the repeatable accuracy( less the ¼”), not to mention the speed at which the tracking can be reassigned to the next set of beacons.

Lee Filters

A white LED source appears blue or cold when compared to a Tungsten source. With that in mind, LEE Filters has introduced the new LED Conversion Filters. Specifically “LED CTO” filters with the capability to convert white led (5000K-7000K) to the equivalent of a 3200K tungsten source, giving designers the option to blend luminaries within one design.

  • #622 One and One Eighth Digital LED CTO (Coverts white LED of 7000K to Tungsten of 3200K)
  • #624 Full Digital LED CTO (Converts white  LED of 6200K to Tungsten of 3200K)
  • #626 Seven Eighths Digital LED CTO (Converts white LED of 5550K to Tungsten of 3200K)
  • #628 Three Quarter Digital LED CTO (Converts white LED of 5000K to Tungsten of 3200K)

LEE Filters New LED Filter Range:

Have you ever tried using a colored lighting filter in front of a Cool White LED fitting? It ends up looking completely different. If you did not know better you would think it was a totally different color. The problem is made even worse when mixing Cool White LED and Tungsten sources together, trying to get a color match from the two different sources is virtually impossible. To help fix this problem LEE Filters have launched a new range of LED Filters. These new filters when used on Cool White LED (6000K) have been specifically designed to give a visual color match to the existing colors on Tungsten (3200K).

Total Structures

Total Strucures fixed catwalk trussThe Adrian and the gang from Total Structures wert celebrating their 21st birthday in business in the US in style this year. The RSC LightLock was on display as well as their Catwalk Truss, boasting a stable outrigger design with multiple locations for hanging lighting fixtures.

While not on display Total has a new protective cage for lighting fixtures that, attaches to 20″ box and utilizes bar stock instead of expanded steel which makes focusing at trim much easier.

Also congrats to Total’s Elmer Veith on the new addition to his family!  While we missed  you at LDI, you weren’t at the show for a very good reason this year!


Phoebus were showing their new short-medium throw and long throw followspots. They have a swappable / removable plasma light source box. The color temp is 5500-5700. The short throw spot lists 686 FCD at 100’ and the long throw spot lists 188 FCD at 350’.

James Thomas Engineering

James Thomas was not showing anything new this year but did share a couple of nice industry stories.  They supplied the truss for Davis Blaine’s latest stunt, ELECTRIFIED, which included a 30’ diameter circular truss. They also supplied and installed 420’ of catwalk to Radio City Music Hall. The install included 4 sections at 105’ each.

Elation Lighting

Among the most buzzed-about products in Elation’s booth were two exciting new series that raise the bar in speed and portability:

  • Elation Rayzor Q7
    Rayzor Q7

    Rayzor Series — High-output RGBW LED wash/beam fixtures featuring advanced motor driven technology, billed by the company as “the fastest moving heads we’ve ever introduced.”

  •  Volt Series — Battery-powered indoor/outdoor IP65-rated RGBW Quad-Color professional uplights, which bring a new level of go-anywhere portability to lighting professionals.
Elation Volt Q3
Volt Q3

Visitors to Elation’s LDI booth also got to preview the latest additions to the company’s extremely successful Platinum Series: the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme, featuring advanced optics, remote focus and improved movement speed; and Platinum Spot 35 Pro 800W spot with CMY color mixing, zoom, frost, animation wheel and prism effects. Other popular attractions included the Satura RGBW Spot Series, Level Q7 Quad-Color flat pars; DLED Fresnel 250, and Pixel Pulse Bar Tri-Color LED bar with pixel strobe effects.
In the video solution category, highlights included the new Zeus Media Server powered by Arkaos, ECV40 pixel mesh indoor screen, and EPV15RF IP65 Roll-Flex screen. Additionally, Elation unveiled the world’s first wi-fi fogger, the Wifi 800 from Antari.

Elation’s sister company Acclaim Lighting grabbed its share of the spotlight too, with its Dyna Series LED Flood, Cove, and Graze fixtures, available in both HO and SO versions; ALQ Series IP65 Quad-Color RGBW bars; and ART SSC and ART IO controllers.

ACT Lighting / MA Lighting

Chromalec GleamerThe ACT Lighting team was in full force showing the new Chromlech fixtures including the Gleamer low voltage lighting dimmer. It allows control of any low voltage lamp individually and without external transformers. Nine DMX channels provide independent control of any low voltage lamp within a fixture. Handles any set of low voltage light sources from 6v – 28v.

MA was showing the onPC Command Wing. A control wing that is used in conjunction with their free grand MA on PC software. It is a portable 2,048 parameter control wing that enables the look and feel of the software to be as close to a real grandMA2 console as possible.

ACT is the North American Distributor for: MA Ligting, Clay Paky, MDG, Wireless Solutions, GDS, Tourplex/Datasure cables, and Chromalech.

Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat’s had some exciting new products this year.  Their TIBO LED is a high intensity 75W LED profile with a choice of two zoom ranges in one single unit (30°/45 and 15°/ 35°). Plastic, glass or metal M-size gobos can be projected and benefit from the easy alignment afforded by the 360° rotating lens tube. Three color temperatures are available: Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K) and Cool White (6500K). TIBO LED is supplied with a separate, flicker-free power supply which makes it extremely versatile as it can be used in film, television and studio environments as well as in conventional theatre. The cool running LEDs make it suitable for use in listed venues, exhibitions, museums or when lighting valuable or light-sensitive objects.

TIBO is also available as a tungsten unit with a choice of 300W, 500W, 600W and 650W lamps. Like its LED counterpart, TIBO Tungsten offers two zoom ranges in the single unit, a 360° rotating lens tube and is available in a choice of bodywork colours.

Both LED and tungsten versions offer a shutter lock which fixes the 4 shutters firmly into place to prevent movement from knocking or grid vibration.

ZEP is the big brother of TIBO with a powerful 150W LED light source. Two color temperatures are available: Warm White 3200K and Cool White 6000K. ZEP’s double condenser optical system and A size gobos combine the best beam quality with maximum light output to give superbly sharp gobo projection using plastic, metal or glass gobos. Gobos can be locked firmly in position using RJ’s user-friendly barrel lock, whilst RJ’s unique shutter locking system can lock up to 8 shutters in place within the gate.

A silent, flicker-free, in-built PSU makes ZEP ideal for studio applications when working alongside sensitive camera equipment. ZEP has smooth, high-quality dimming, even at low levels, which renders it perfect for all theatre applications, including the high demands of opera. ZEP is available in three zoom options: 28°/54°, 16°/35° and 11°/26°.

TIBO LED will illuminate Robert Juliat’s PLASA stand and illustrate the quality of its performance and its low energy requirements. An array of RJ profiles – including TIBO and ZEP profiles – will project gobos and show off their projection quality and the versatility of the whole RJ profile range.

DeSisti / LeaderLight

DeSisti had a wide range of products at this year’s LDI booth.  Their very popular LEDonardo line of LED Fresnels available in 40, 90 and 120 watt models. The units are available with a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) either balanced to Tungsten or Daylight. Light intensity can be controlled manually or via a built in DMX card. The LED Fresnel uses the same optic system as the tungsten Leonardo Fresnel and conveniently utilizes the same accessories so they can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

Also in the booth were examples of the DeSisti Rigging line. The hoists are available in batten, self-climbing, point, front-of house, and even chandelier point hoists. De Sisti
has adapted reliable machine designs and electrical cable management systems used in
high-use television studios to these markets. From functionality to higher performance, DeSisti is constantly improving their design and manufacturing processes to conform to global safety certifications and standards. While the world of theater automation is designing for faster and heavier loads, De Sisti is designing more affordable and reliable automation systems targeting the utility market, which covers 95% of theater industry needs.

This year LeaderLight was also a major component of their booth. With a wide-array of LED fixtures with many options available, the items of particular interest are their Highbay downlight with is being used as a houselight.  Their LL SPORT is a sophisticated high-power LED fixture dedicated for sport arena lighting. There are two basic driving systems at choice: worldwide power connection (P)* or worldwide power supply with DMX dimmable 0-100% driver.

SSRC / Switchbrick

SSRC SwitchBrick with HandleSSRC teased their new SwitchBrick with online social media campaign and at LDI unveiled the new product.

The  Switchbrick™ Duo is the first offering in the Switchbrick™ line of portable DMXControlled relay devices. Packed with features in a small, rugged enclosure, the device allows for silent switching of two (2), individually controlled DMX-addressable solid state relays presenting itself as a perfect pairing with modern LED performance lighting fixtures. The Switchbrick’s recycled extruded aluminum chassis and 70% recycled plastic end-caps will stand up to the rigors of production and touring environments. By using these materials in manufacturing SSRC continues its commitment to building an eco-friendly product line.

With both standard wired and optional wireless DMX512, and with over/undercurrent sensing to protect sensitive loads, the Switchbrick™ is a handy choice in your production toolbox for data connectivity and switched portable show power.

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

ETC will showed their new Source Four LED spotlight  — fresh off its win of the Sustainability Award at PLASA 2012 and the ABTT Product Award. Performing at 30 to over 40 lumens per watt — the Source Four LED is a powerful yet energy-saving fixture creating beauty and artistry in stage, studio, and architectural applications. The Source Four LED™ blends the popular features of ETC’s conventional Source Four® spotlight with the intelligence and seven colors of ETC’s Selador® Desire LED luminaires. The three Source Four LED models — Lustr+™, Tungsten™, and Daylight™ — each uses only a fraction of the electricity of its incandescent counterpart.

Also on display for the first time at a US tradeshow was the Source Four Dimmer. Mounted directly to any Source Four® fixture, the Source Four Dimmer draws on ETC’s power-control expertise to offer professional-quality distributed dimming with the same level of performance as an ETC Sensor® dimming system. Designed with ETC’s new ES (Electronic Silent) technology for noise-free operation, Source Four Dimmer is the solution for concert halls, opera houses, theaters, and venues that require silent ambiance. The Source Four Dimmer also has onboard controls for local operation and RDM for remote setup (a whole rig can be configured from a desk). ETC is also offering a stand-alone version of the dimmer, the new ES750, which can be mounted to any brand of tungsten fixture.

Forming part of ETC’s ‘Layers of Light’ theater at its LDI booth and proving its rigging flexibility will be the newest ETC Prodigy hoist, EXO. The ingenuity of EXO is that its fits in — installed in almost any space, in almost any position. Working as a kind of ‘exoskeleton,’ this unique external structure allows the ETC Rigging’s Prodigy Powerhead to be mounted upright (standing on top of the grid), underhung (suspended below the grid or roof structure), or vertically (attached to the side wall of the stage). These hoists are ideal for modernizations and new construction. Prodigy EXO hoists come in small-capacity fixed-speed hoists up to complete systems that carry heavy loads at rapid speeds.


Morpheus has become the exclusive U.S. distributor of the AYRTON LED line.  They Ayrton line of LED’s has a wide range from the real power of the  WildSun 500 family of fixtures to the Versapix Club fixtures, with more in development.

The WildSun 500C Moving-Head fixtures features 31 13watt led modules with 45mm High output optic , 4000k white,  and noiseless advanced ventilation cooling system allows for 10,000 lumen output using  450 watt power consumption.  The fixture is RGBW creating no color shadows. Local DMX addressing and optional parameters are accessed through a build in LCD panel, it also has built in pattern effects with speed and fade controls.  There is also an information screen giving you an hour counter, temperature and software version.

The WildSun 500 family includes the WildSun 500S which uses 31 15watt LED’s and is cooled using three heat sinks equipped with heat-transfer fluids.  The RGBW colors are not using primary colors but rather color chosen by designers to achieve more saturated hues, and a 6700k white.  This fixture has an overall output o 11,000 lumens while consuming just 500watts.

The WildSun500KD is a moving head fixture variable white from 3000k-7000k.  It is equipped with a linear zoom of 11degree to 45 degrees. The 500K3 is calibrated a 3200k with a 15,000 lumen output and the same zoom, only using 450watts of power.  The K7 is calibrated at 6700k with an 18,000 lumen output and 500 watt consumption.  This line of fixtures is powerful with a low power consumption, great for events such as Car Shows to Concerts.

The WildSun 200 S moving head is an expansion of the 500 family.  The S stand for Stage in this case.  Designed for the entertainment industry the WildSun 200S provides options for 4.29 billion color, and a 4:1 zoom 8-32 degrees. Using the 45mm optic the 15watt LEDs delivers an output of 4200 lumens with only a 230watt power consumption.  Pre-programmed effects are available as well as being DMX/RDM compliant.

The ColorSun 200 has 12 LED RGBW modules delivering maximum of 3500 lumens at a power consumption of 200 watts.  The 4:1 zoom of 8-32 degrees and individual control of the 12 LEDs allows for a flexible controllable fixture.  Employing the same noiseless cooling system the fixture can be used in live events and not be disturbing.

VersaPix100 is a modular LED fixture allowing the creation of a variety of effects. It features 8 15watt RGBW with 45mm optics allowing for a 8degree beam.  Optional filters can create horizontal or vertical beams. Individual fixtures can be combines to create fixtures in the shape of discs, spheres or cylinders.  Each module can be individually controlled allowing for incredible versatility.  Your imagination is the limit.


Leprecon’s new Watson Power Management products provides AC power switching and DMX buffering for groups of LED fixtures.  Using one DMX control channel or simply sensing DMX data, Watson turns fixtures off when they are not in use, saving power, extending fixture life, and isolating expensive electronics from power line glitches.  An additional isolated DMX output adds extra DMX capacity, and adds a firewall between fixtures and the rest of the control system.  Watson can be mounted near the fixtures using pipe clamps or threaded rod brackets.  A complete raceway system is available that includes mounting for standard schedule 40 pipe.  Available as a 9” enclosure with a single switched outlet (duplex or powercon), a 19” enclosure with six duplex outlets, or a 72” bar with six duplex outlets.

Also their new APC Series Architectural Wall Station Control system is a handy solution for integrating both architectural and theatrical lighting control into a single DMX based system. APC components are easy to install, wire and configure.

The APC System includes a series of Preset Button wall stations and optional Power Hub. Preset panels are available in one, three, six or 12 button preset looks plus Off, all with programmable fades. Standard Cat5 cable and RJ45 connectors are used to interconnect the panels in a system.

The Power Hub adds optical isolation for the dimmer output, and transmits DMX data with optimized timing that works well with low cost ‘DMX Challenged’ LED fixtures. The APC Power Hub provides power for up to 10 APC panels. Standard 5 pin XLR connectors are used for DMX in and out, and a RJ45 connector is used for connecting to the Preset panels.

Automatic Devices Company (ADC)

ADC were showing some handy curtain track accessories at this year’s LDI.

Model 1483UNI Wall Bracket – New wall bracket which can be used to wall mount the entire line of ADC track systems.  A slotted mounting surface allows the tracks to be easily adjusted from 4″ to 12″ from the mounted wall.  The bracket is designed to work with bi-parting or one-way draw track systems.  You can have them substitute your company’s logo for theirs shown in the image here.

Model STRUTBR Wall Bracket – New fully adjustable wall bracket which can be used to wall mount the entire line of ADC track systems.  A strut channel mounting surface allows the tracks to be easily adjusted from 0″ to 12″ from the mounted wall.  The bracket is designed to work with bi-parting or one-way draw track systems.

Gam Products

Gam Products has some interesting things at LDI this year.  The GAM Custom WindowGrip™ is an adhesive-backed, optically clear window film that’s available in 160 GamColors®. Custom WindowGrip™ colors can be applied to glass, plexiglass and other surfaces to create unique environments; design your own custom colored glass and/or combine colors. Custom WindowGrip® rolls are 47 inches wide, minimum order per color is 200 feet.  For ease of handling, they can be cut down to 25 feet rolls. Standard WindowGrip™ colors are available in shorter runs.

GAM Blinky™ Stage Guide Light is an LED Spot Marker, Caution or Guide Light.  It can be used as a stair locator for edges and corners, runway lights, or low bridge indicator.  It weighs less than one ounce, and runs continuously for months on two AA batteries.

GAM Cookie is a new product for casting shadows and producing patterned illumination with a lightweight, easy roll and store cuculoris gel panel.  It uses heat resistant, environmentally safe ink that will last even longer than the material it is printed on.

GAM Plexus  Designed for Windows Vista and Newer, control any light fixture or any DMX device from your PC with this highly intuitive, easy software system.  It is based on magic sheets, providing a graphic representation of your lighting system.  Customize and organize your control panels to suit your needs, and lay out fixtures and submasters the way you want.  Libraries of most common patterns, colors and fixtures are included.  Multiple universes are available.

City Theatrical

City Theatrical had their new outdoor use SHoW DMX Vero and Vero Net join the entire SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX family at the show.  SHoW DMX Vero Net is an outdoor wireless DMX Transceiver in a NEMA 4 / IP66 rated enclosure that accepts all major entertainment Ethernet protocols including sACN,  Art-Net, Kinet, and Pathport.   SHoW DMX Vero is a smaller version of the product that accepts DMX input only.

Moving Light Assistant
Making its LDI debut will be the new software program for moving lights, Moving Light Assistant, from lighting designer and moving light programmer Andrew Voller.  LDI is the first showing in the U.S. of this new software.

Moving Light Assistant is an application designed to document both the physical setup and the programming information for moving light rigs commonly used in the entertainment industry.

Le Maitre

Le Maitre’s HazeMaster is their most advanced and powerful hazer yet. With its massive output capacity, high power variable fan and low power consumption, it really is a class act. Add to that the rugged construction and you have a true professional hazer engineered to withstand the roughness of the road when on tour.

Le Maitre have taken all their experience from HazeMaster’s predecessors, the renowned Stadium Hazer and the MVS Hazer, and designed a completely new machine with a host of new features and benefits. Le Maitre’s acquired knowledge and original investments have enabled them to produce a much more competitively priced unit, despite using higher quality, longer lasting parts.

Rosco Labratories

Rosco Labs introduced several new products at LDI.

Rosco has partnered with The Black tank to release the innovative MIRO CUBE™ series of LED wash lights packs 48 watts outputting more than 3000 lumens into a compact and portable 4 inch cube! The sleek yet rugged, geometric design of the MIRO CUBE™ is perfectly at home in museums, on track light systems, in stores and lobbies or built into sets, truss and lighting rigs of all styles.

These luminaires offer the flexibility and versatility needed for any type of lighting challenge. No expensive external power supply or ballast is required, the MIRO CUBE™ plugs directly into the wall anywhere in the world, automatically adjusting to mains power from 90-240vAC 50-60hz. Drawing less than ½ an amp of current, more than 40 MIRO CUBES™ can be plugged into a single 20A circuit!

An intuitive LCD control panel sets virtually every aspect of the lights including a master-slave configuration for fast lighting set-ups. Completely flicker free dimming is available via DMX (in 8 or 16 bit resolution).

Mounting these compact 4 inch cubes is limited only by the imagination of the installer. The novel through bolted yoke design allows units to be easily ganged into multi-unit strips and arrays for greater output and coverage. Weighing just 2-1/2 pounds, the MIRO CUBE™ can be attached to standard architectural lighting track using accessory track adapters. For the easiest track installation, use our DMX Data Track and pass DMX to all the luminaires on the track without cable jumpers.

Available in versions that offer full color mixing, tunable color temperature white light, or high powered ultra-violet light for stunning black-light effects, the MIRO CUBE™ luminaires are the smallest, most feature packed and affordable, professional grade LED wash lights on the market.


The myColor desktop app allows you to search Rosco’s color library both chromatically, or numberically. You can save color choices/pallets for future shows or ordering inventory. Works best with Explorer 9. The moble app for myColor will be available in early December.

Cool Ink and Cool Ink HD gobos

Any standard steel or glass gobo in the Rosco catalog is available as a low-cost Cool Ink gobo for use in LED luminaires. Custom gobos are also available in any size and produced within 24 hours of artwork receipt

Cool Ink HD gobos are specially recommended for artwork with a black background, such as those shown here. These gobos are created on a film that incorporates an extra layer of opaque black.

Pixel Patterns

A thumb drive designed to be used as content with a media server…this features 200 digital gobos along with a selection of animated gobos/patterns/ designs. Suggested retail is $299.00. This product will be available in December.

Rosco My GobomyGobo app (version 2)

Free app for desktop, iOS, and Android. Rosco myGobo for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is the perfect tool for lighting designers, technicians and creative directors on the go.
Containing the entire Rosco gobo library of more than 2300 images, myGobo makes it easy to browse, compare and select steel, glass or effects gobos, black and white or color, no matter where you are.


MDG has added theFAN™ to their product offerings. 100W power consumption, with controlled velocity via DMX or RDM, the fan can be used anywhere due to the universal switching power supply. It is a 3-blade fan with verily speed. Only weighs 15 pounds. 1 standard USITT DMX512 channel, 2 XLR-5 connectors, 1 input, 1 output. Stand alone set speed or DMX value.

CBI Cables

CBI was showing the DMX to CAT5 Shuttle Snake. The Shuttle Snake converts 2,3, or 4 DMX lines into a single RJ45 connector. The snake length can be quickly adjusted according to the size of the CAT5 cable. The cable has rugged mic cable jacketing and Newtrik EtherCON connectors. Is available in 2,3, or 4 universe versions.

CBI also featured Ultimate CAT5E Heavy Duty 100% shielded 4 pair Neutrik Ethercon NE8MC Protection system over Std RJ45. Compatible with available complete ethercon systems. Combine with wall plats to create a fully locking, 100% strain relief, shielded data system.


Dazian featured their Projection Moons. They are available in 4 sizes from 6’-12’ diameters and can be used with both front and rear projection. Perfect for use when multi-screen projections are needed, plus they can easily be used as a décor element.

They also had sample fabric on display for metallic and beaded curtain which is geared toward use in the event markets for rentals.


Ushio is introducing the ProPanel LED fixture. It is available in 1×2 and  2×2 with variable color 2700K-6500K. The fixture comes with a gel frame and honeycomb. Barndoors are additional. Continuous DMX 512 dimming 1000%-0%.The 1×2 lists for $2799.00 and the 2×2 lists for $3400.00. The fixture is not available until 1st quarter 2013. The Ushio sales rep will have a demo fixture by early November.

They are also introducing the USR-1200/2 which is comparable to the MSR 1200/2. 1000 hour life, 100,000 lumen high output, 7200K.

Ushio was also displaying their new U-Neo which is a high-output LED fiber system. This is a replacement for neon…it is LED but still has the look of neon. Available in red, green, blue, & white, and red. Color-changing is not available. This product is still in the prototype stage. Probably will not be introduced until mid-next year.

Black Tank

Using their same 4” x 4” compact form factor, Black Tank now offers their fixture in three varieties; RGBW (using 4 quad led chips), Variable white (using a mix of tungsten, daylight, and neutral white chip leds), and a Ultraviolet version. All models consume approx. 50W of power and include a powercon input, dmx input, and dmx output.

Despite their compact size, these fixtures output approx. 1600 lumens. Accessories include a variety of spread lenses and mounting options, including a lighting track mount option which is great for retail and museum applications.

Black Tank has now teamed up with Rosco Laboratories for all their sales and distribution and will continue to operate as an engineering firm developing new products for them.

Lycian Stage Lighting

Lycian has released a new compact follow spot called the Super Clubspot 7.5. Designed to use a 750W Tungsten lamp, this follow spot is priced to fulfill the smaller markets such as schools, clubs, and black box theatres. While it costs less than their current higher end follow spots, the Super Clubspot still packs a ton of features such as a 6 color boomerang, horizontal shutters, Iris, Gobo Slot, and Fader.

To complete with the European market, Lycian has now released a streamlined new family of follow spots based off of one chassis. Called the Zot; the family includes the Zot 5, 7, 12, and 12HP. Other than the 12HP which has an external ballast, the rest of the line can plug into regular 120V outlet power. With simple streamlined controls, and by making use of economy of scale, these units cost significantly less than equivalent follow spots on the market that have the same output.

Remember all Lycian follow spots are made with pride in the USA and ship out of their NY facility.

H&H Specialties

While not releasing any new product this year, H & H Specialties continues to manufacture quality curtain track and motor equipment for stages across the country. Based in California, no project is too large or small.

Da-Lite Screen Company

Da-Lite HD ScreenDa-Lite is now offering new High Definition Screens. These screens are significantly smoother than normal screens which allows for less distortion. When projecting with any 1080i or higher projector these screens are a must, less you are ok with losing projection quality.

Da-Lite also offers now in addition to their standard tab tensioned screens, their Lace and Grommet screen tension system which does a better job at tensioning screens, decreasing wrinkles and bunching. This option is available for most permanently fixed or flying screens. Grommets are heavy duty brass and the edge binding can come in white or black

Arri Lighting

Arri has improved and expanded their L7-C LED Fresnel that was released last year to include a new active cooling model that has removed the power supply and replaced it with a fan module. While nominally increasing the sound of the unit, removing the power supply significantly lowers the weight of the unit. Also in addition to the standard silver and blue model you can now also get the L7-C in a black and blue unit.

For those looking for more punch in a smaller package Arri has come out with their M90 Fixture. Like their current smaller M series fixtures, using Arri’s MAX Technology, the new M90 fixture has an output close to a 12K Par, in a housing similar to a 6K Par. Powering this new fixture is a newly designed 9K lamp from Osram. The lamp is the same size as a 6k lamp and can also be powered by Arri’s EB6000/9000 ballast.

Martin Lighting

Every year the Martin booth is packed and this year was no different.  Martin had several new products being shown this year.

New in the fixture world is the Viper Profile.  By using the new Osram HTI Lok-it lamp, this 1000w fixture has better output than it’s 1200w siblings.   This more efficient unit is also a bit more compact than the Mac 2k but still beefy at 82lbs.

In the console area, Martin has come out with a sweet little console called the M2Go.  This console is the size of most PC wings but is a full fledged console.  It amazingly has 4 DMX outputs on the console which is unusual on a console this small.  4 Universes of DMX are standard but there is room for expansion up to 8 universes if needed.  The console includes a 3.5” touch screen for programming plus 4 encoders and customizable function keys.

For those who like the PC with separate wing option, the M2PC is essential the same product with out the processor and only 2 DMX outputs/universes.  2 additional universes can be added as an option.

In the Jem line, Martin has introduced a new hazer called the Compact Hazer Pro.  Judging smoke and haze machines in a large trade show hall is always difficult but since I had a sneak preview of the machine before LDI, I can tell you this small sized hazer really kicks.  Using their water based fluid; you can easily fill a room in no time.  The light weight and compact nature allows this machine to be attractive to many different venues and clients.  A shutdown button helps prolong the life of the machine by running a short cleaning cycle.

The Light Source

The Light Source has always made amazingly engineered clamps and handy widgets for hanging and placing gear.  A few years ago they started making very rugged LED lights and now they continue to expand their LED line.  Adding to the LED Work Light, the Light Source now has a pendant House Light fixture and a Recessed Light.

Also in the works is an LED source for the ETC Source 4.  The fixture is still in the prototype phase but keep an eye out for it sometime next year.  Notable perks to the LED line is the 3 year standard warranty and ETL listing.  Various lens options are available for all fixtures and 3200k and 5200k color temperatures are available.

On the hardware side, The Light Source has introduced a few new must have products including the Quad Coupler, the Mega Batten clamp and the Mega Baby Side arms which are not really new but cool and not as well known as the other products they have.


As usual, Rosebrand has a list of new products for 2012.  Most notable additions are in the rigging & stage hardware area.  Rosebrand is now a dealer for New England Ropes.  Popular rope brands include Multiline II, Sta-set and Stage Set X.  These ropes are favorites for riggers in both the theatrical and film world.

Rosebrand Spider Web FabricNew fabrics include a Super heavy weight Muslin in 110” and 120” when the regular heavy weight muslin is not heavy enough! Just in time for Halloween or your own production of SpiderMan, they have introduced a fabric called “SpiderWeb” which is a neat black web material 60” wide and flame retardant making it ideal for lighting, shadow effects and decoration. Because of the random pattern and texture, seams are not noticeable when serged.

New for sale is their Kabuki drop system in which a lightweight fabric is dropped swiftly from above to conceal or reveal your product, space, or performers. The Rose Brand Kabuki System is lightweight, modular, and easy to employ. For even greater versatility, the Rose Brand Kabuki System is capable of both single and double kabuki effects.

The single Kabuki consists of either a concealing curtain dropping in, or a revealing curtain dropping to the floor. The double Kabuki is a two-step process which begins with the curtain stored above, out of sight. The first trip releases the curtain into its concealing position. A second trip releases the curtain to the floor for the reveal.

Unlike other systems which require multiple trip mechanisms, the Rose Brand Kabuki System can operate a full stage single kabuki drop on just one trip mechanism. Add just one more for the double Kabuki effect.

Chauvet Ligting

Chauvet Ovation FresnelNew at the Chauvet Lighting booth was the Ovation line.  The Ovation line includes a LED spot, LED Fresnel and a Cyc fixture. Of specific interested is the F-165WW LED Fresnel as there are very few true Fresnels in the lower price range.  The Fresnel is a warm white LED fixture only.  It does have an impressive zoom of 9.5° to 52°.  This makes it a suitable replacement for a standard 6” Fresnel.  The color temperature is 3100K so it will match a typical BTL/BTN style Fresnel.  The unit also had a decent field from spot to full flood.  Dimming control also seemed acceptable as well.  The unit is a bit bigger than a 6” Fresnel more the size of an 8” Fresnel.  The color frame holder looks to be the size of a standard 10” color frame.

Also in the Ovation line is the E-190WW ellipsoidal spot powered by 19 10w LEDs, Ovation™ E-190WW delivers over 2,600 lux @ 5 m without a significant temperature-related drop off. The Ovation™ E-190WW delivers this class leading output with a color temperature of 3,100 K and a beautiful flat field. Selectable dimming curves allow this fixture to blend into existing systems. The fixture also features standard beam shaping shutters, a gobo/effect slot and lens barrels that are interchangeable with other popular ERS fixtures.

The C-1280FC RGBWA cyc light modeled after a traditional sky cyc set up for lighting theatrical backdrops with an expansive palette boasting high color rendering due to 128 2-watt RGBWA LEDs. It has color temperature presets from 3,200 to 10,000 K. Selectable dimming curves ensure smooth fading transitions and compatibility with older, conventional stage luminaires.

Pathway Connectivity

Pathway Cognito Lighting ConsoleWe’ve been keeping our eye on Pathway’s CognitoTM console.  One of our team members described it as “Fisher Price meets a lighting console”.   If you’re programming shows for using incandescent dimmers, moving lights and color changing LED fixtures Pathway has a console for you. Cognito is network-ready, with a streamlined user interface to guide you through the process of selecting lights, adjusting their attributes, and recording reference libraries, memories and cues. The console graphically represents each command, making it a visually tactical experience for ease of control and programming.

Also for those of you that do a lot of DMX networking Pathway’s management tool for Pathports just got better, with RDM control and an IP address auto-corrector. Pathport Manager 5.1.3 provides support for Pathport interface card in W-DMX equipment it features:

  • Differentiates DMX hold last look output from active output
  • Improved table sorting
  • Per-port RDM Device counter added

Also coming down the pipe are some very economical architectural control solutions – Stay tuned!

JR Clancy

As it was put to me the most exciting anticlimactic display ever, what you may ask?  The new SureStop Block by JR Clancy, is a new head block that will halt runaway situations automatically and reliably.   The Headblock can be installed as an upgrade to your existing Headblock on 8” centers.   It has a maximum set capacity of 300 pounds and can be used in upright or underhung mounting.

Having trouble getting a good cable reel supplier?   JR Clancy introduces their own cable management system for Power, or Data.   Travel up to 100 ft and up to 36 conductors, it has a multitude of vertical and horizontal mounting options.

New at LDI the SceneControl 5000 series.  A new generation of SceneControl 5000 automation is the evolution of their existing 500 controllers.  The 5500 unit has a Master Helm 10.1 touch screen with a 24” monitor, a joystick, and Raynok console software with 4 submaster playbacks.   The 5300 cuts the 24” monitor.  The big boy is the 5600 adding two monitors and two joysticks for independent control with a redundant backup processor.


Shown for the first time ever at LDI, Seachanger arrived with a new LED light source.   The SC LED draws 160 watts producing 4250 Lumens.   You can vary the color temperature from 28K to 48K using the integral DTC filter.   The unit uses the Seachanger technology with CYM filters controllable from any DMX console.

Also new from Seachanger a complete wireless LED lighting system.  The wireless 100 Watt units contain variable color through RGBW LEDS.  The Wireless control comes from the controller app on a IOS device.


Nila Varsa with Optional BatteryThe newest fixture in the Nila line, the Varsa gives you a lot of punch in a small package. It’s also the first light in the Nila line that can accept DC voltage directly. That’s right, no more inverters. Just connect your own 10V­ – 18V battery and you’re ready to go.

They even offer yoke­-mountable plates for popular gold mount and V­mount camera batteries. The Varsa is comparable to a 400W HMI, uses only 90W @100%. Accepts both AC & DC power. Ideal for location shoots, ENG, small studios & architectural.