Ben Peoples Industries – Horatio

Horatio Monitoring from Ben Peoples IndustriesHoratio is a system that provides monitoring, diagnostics, and issue forensics for
unattended lighting systems, dramatically increasing the visibility of a system’s inner workings from afar. Horatio can integrate with any lighting network and monitor all devices on that network, in order to send out alerts when the system isn’t working as it should.

Horatio is manufacturer agnostic, so it can monitor nearly anything accessible through the ethernet network, including (but not limited to) consoles, nodes, architectural controls, managed switches, media servers, relay panels, xtures, projectors, and show controllers. There is no hard limit to how many devices Horatio can monitor.

Sparkular FX

  • SparkularFXSparkularFX was new to LDI with their indoor spark fountain machines.  The Sparkular system produces a dynamic, non-hazardous, effect that looks exactly like traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics.

    The effect is simply created using a Sparkular machine and a granulated alloy, removing the need for gunpowder or traditional pyrotechnic techniques.

    The duration and height of the effect can be varied throughout a display, with sequences of ‘dancing’ sparks created to entertain audiences.

    The advantages of using the system as opposed to traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics are as follows:

  • No hazardous materials to transport or store on site.
  • Much safer than using traditional pyrotechnics.
  • No large safety or exclusion zones are required as the units produce cold fallout which is perfectly safe (the audience can pass their hands through the effect without any concern).
  • Can be used in locations where fireworks and pyrotechnics are not permitted.
  • Up to 15 minutes of effect can be produced from just one powder refill (equivalent to 1800 x 0.5 second pyrotechnic gerbs). This makes the system far more cost-effective.
  • Low smoke output.
  • Rigging time and crew requirement is dramatically reduced when compared to traditional pyrotechnics, again, making them far more cost-effective.
  • Variable duration and height of the effects is achievable.
  • The system is ideal for permanent installations or multiple date productions as they remove the need for re-loading.

Lex Products

Lex Products PowerFLEX™ PowerData CableWhile there was a lot to see at Lex’s booth this year the highlight was their being awarded the ESTA Member’s Choice award for their Lex Products PowerFLEX™ PowerData Cable. By combining power and data within a common jacket, Lex reduced cable tangling and clutter without the need for banding.  A Cat 5e stranded cable supports RS-485 or Ethernet-based protocols while 12 guage power cable supports up to 20 Amps at 120 volts. A molded ‘Y’ reinforces the cable at the point of the split, preventing separation of individual cables that won’t deteriorate over the service life of the extension.

Other new cable assemblies include Cat 6 Touring Shielded Cable, EverGrip® powerCON® Coupler Extension and Adapter, and the EverGrip® Soft Connector Strip.

cineboxLex Products has added a 300 Amp and 600 Amp box to their CineBox™ line as well. These additions utilize heavy duty rubber enclosures that are electrically insulated and resistant to shock, impact and corrosion. Hydraulic magnetic breakers, duplex receptacles with USB ports and rugged enclosure protection round out a feature-laden series of products so important to the Studio market.

Lex PCS TrioAttendees also few additions to Lex’s flagship PCS Trio dimming line (now also available in a touring rack version.)  Lex now has their own Digital to analog Demultiplexer that converts digital signals (DMX) into (16) channels of analog control voltage. It works in concert with PCS TRIO relays for the control of fixtures requiring mains switching as well as direct current control.

For rack safety and noise Lex now has a Weight Transfer Stand that sits beneath an 8- or 16-Module Chamber and is used to transfer the system weight to the floor while maintaining proper air flow clearance.  Where noise dampening is needed a sound-diminishing device called the Decibel Dampener. Requiring no tools for installation, this cowling dramatically reduces the operating sound generated by the Module Chamber.


Total Structures

total-structures-haloCelebrating 25 years Total Structures introduced their unique Halo system that allows operators of their 18” & 20.5” tower systems to provide fully engineered fall arrest provision to technicians needing to climb ground support towers or gain access to self-climbing ground support truss grids.

The Halo allows multiple vertical & horizontal fall arrest & wire rope ladder connection points at various locations along its structure to allow the operator to configure the most user friendly system possible depending upon the unique requirements of each system set-up. Connections points are made available on convenient industry standard 9” connection centers via pre-engineered fall-arrest “D-Bolt” anchors.

Total-Structures-Sky-NetTo add more safety Sky-net from Total Structures allows the addition of a fully engineered & tested fall-arrest net system to Total’s industry leading outdoor stage ladder roof system.

Using only five different components, Sky-net allows the user to add proprietary 10ft x 10ft nets to as many bays of the roof as required to provide fall arrest provision for technicians needing to access the system without the use of man-lifts or similar. With each installation being engineered alongside the main structural payload requirements of the roof the number of allowable technicians can be determined between operator & engineer in order to meet the requirements of each event.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-9-48-33-pmFrom Total’s PointMan chain motor hoist line they introduced their Flex-Phase Electric Chain Hoists. Until now your choice of power supply was limited.  Single or three phase operation with no opportunity to convert.  However, now with Flex-Phase hoists by PintMan Lifting you no longer have to make that choice. These hoists are designed to be used on either single phase 115V or three phase 187V – 253V at 60hz. Switching from one to the other is as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting the power tail.

DeSisti | Coemar

DeSisti showed several exciting new fixtures for the types of small studio spaces which are increasingly common as more and more clients move to in-house content creation to feed social media.

DeSisti PiccolettoThe Piccoletto is a 30W, 3” LED Fresnel with an impressive 15-80 degree zoom.  Available in tungsten or daylight and a CRI of 95+, this tiny unit weighs 2.5 pounds and is also available as a track mount fixture.  When used with track, control can be via DMX using the power + data track which is becoming increasingly common or optional Bluetooth control using the Casambi app.  There is also a variable-white color temperature unit coming early next year.

DeSisti Soft LED 1The Soft LED 1 is a 60W remote phosphor LED softlight.  Shipping in Q1, this unit will offer similar configurations as the Picolletto and provides the even, soft, wrapping light that has made remote phosphor fixtures so popular.

DeSisti has also added the option of mounting their existing, larger F4.7 Fresnel fixtures to power + data track for spaces requiring higher output or a longer throw than the Piccolletto.

Coemar showed finalized versions of their RGBW LEDko and SoftLite fixtures as well as the LEDko EXT Exterior LED Profile.

The LEDko was shown with a 28-40 degree zoom optic producing a very flat field.  The individual LEDs making up the illuminator have been chosen for their color range and even mixing.  LEDko units are also available in fixed color temperature white at 3200k and 5600k at a CRI of 92 and an optional Studio version with a CRI of 97.

The LEDko EXT marries the above with a sleek, IP65 rated aluminum housing for outdoor use.  Adjustments to focus, gobo, and shutters are manual and made by removing the front section of the barrel.

Coemar SoftLite RGBWCoemar also showed their SoftLite RGBW LED wash unit.  With a 120-degree field, this 250W unit is a capable wash light for large areas.  The LEDs are shielded behind a frosted acrylic panel which eliminates the pixelation sometimes seen with this type of larger unit.  The addition of an asymmetric reflector further improves its use as a cyc light.  The combination of the wide angle and high output mean that it should be possible to reduce the overall number of fixtures required for many installations.

Green Hippo

Green Hippo was highlighting partnerships providing new tools to improve the use of their media servers in live video processing and content creation as well as tools for video distribution.

green-hippo-_-notchNotch by 10bit FX allows the for creation and modification of live video effects and interactive elements using combinations of “nodes” within their software.  Nodes are defined as, “small, simple building blocks, connected together logically and intuitively.”  Use for live events is enhanced by the ability to control node parameters via the lighting desk or media server in real-time.

Smode by D/Labs is a, “real-time compositing and generative content engine technology,” designed to reduce the time required by the traditional render, test, edit, re-render, re-test, etc… workflow.  Using Smode, content is rendered live as it is tested/ viewed allowing for a much faster process if changes are needed.atapath was highlighting their Fx4 wall display controller designed to allow easy distribution of 4k input to multiple output devices.  The Fx4 has (4) genlocked outputs with either DisplayPort or HDMI connectors.  Inputs are (1) DisplayPort1.2 main and (2) HDMI1.4 offering 4k 4096x2160p at 60 fps or UHD 2160p at 30 fps respectively.  The hardware allows for cropping, scaling, rotation, and frame-rate conversion to map any region of the input to each output.

Real-time workflow from D / Labs on Vimeo.

Datapath was highlighting their Fx4 wall display controller designed to allow easy distribution of 4k input to multiple output devices.  The Fx4 has (4) genlocked outputs with either DisplayPort or HDMI connectors.  Inputs are (1) DisplayPort1.2 main and (2) HDMI1.4 offering 4k 4096x2160p at 60 fps or UHD 2160p at 30 fps respectively.  The hardware allows for cropping, scaling, rotation, and frame-rate conversion to map any region of the input to each output.


SSRC was highlighting their SuperSwitch Relay Panel, 0-10V and DMX controlled LED Index Rail Light, and LED Worklights.

switch-super-dmxThe SuperSwitch Relay Panel uses relay cards in side enclosures attached to a standard breaker panel and is configurable in 6-circuit increments.  The relays feature the ability to lock out DMX control locally for service.  Another interesting capability they showed was using these 1-pole, 20A relays to control a 3-pole contactor to enable the panel to be used when feeding distribution panels or bussway.  For customers looking to add relay control to existing systems, the 6-circuit cards can be mounted in a surface mount backbox with a terminal strip for easy installation.

They also showed both 0-10V (new) and DMX controlled led-index-rail-lights as a replacement for the traditional incandescent offering with medium screw base sockets.  The strips have a smaller profile than earlier models and are available with a variety of LED tapes as the illumination source.  Control is via 0-10V or DMX for easy integration with architectural or theatrical control system.

Of the many other products they were showing, the folks in the booth made sure to point out their offering of LED Worklights.  These are 120/ 277V, non-dimmable units available in 50W, 150W, 200W, and 240W.  Color temperatures of 3000k and 5000k are available with a CRI of 80+.


Avolites AI V10Avo’s new Ai Version 10 for their flagship Infinity media server was on display and boasts an array of all new visual effects allowing video designers to directly apply the same vibrantly colorful and dynamic treatments onto their own live camera inputs.

A further new feature of Ai v10 is BPM Sync, born from developing the custom integrated control system for the lighting and visuals at JEWEL Nightclub. The in-house Avolites consoles trigger effects in perfect synchronization with the beat – a feature commissioned by Hakkasan’s Director of Video Production Ed Shaw and Vice President of Entertainment James Algate. BPM sync allows users to assign a number of beats to a video clip to create their own immersive audiovisual experience.

The software update will also offer a new projection mapping tool, MeshWarp – a combination of Projective Keystone and Grid Warp – which will enable users to quickly warp their content to match the projection surface. This in addition to automap and auto blend puts a powerful array of mapping tools in the hands of every user. Timeline is a major addition for Ai v10, providing precise control of video in a timecode environment, whilst still allowing live control simultaneously.

Avolites Tital V10Also being shown were the powerful features of the Titan v10 software upgrade that is now available to download for free onto all consoles from the Tiger Touch Pro (inclusive) onwards. Some older consoles may be compatible with v10 if an upgrade kit is fitted; if you are unsure please contact Barbizon or Avolites.  Titan v10 is the result of a year of research and development by a dedicated team of Avolites developers, enhancing the best-loved features of Titan v9 and introducing a wealth of new ones. Many of the new features have been created in response to user and industry feedback.

Titan v10 is the result of a year of research and development by a dedicated team of Avolites developers, enhancing the best-loved features of Titan v9 and introducing a wealth of new ones. Many of the new features have been created in response to user and industry feedback.

Titan v10 also allows the user to view intensity values in one place via the Intensity Grid. This clearly shows levels, source of information, whether increasing or decreasing and tracking information.  Also added the set legend Halo, which allows the user to add color borders around fixtures and groups, enabling view fixtures much more easily within the console screen.  You can also easily identify which group they belong to.

Another feature is Freeform Workspaces – no longer restricted to just four workspaces per screen, pick any position and size for your windows in seconds and store them to your workspaces for quick access to the information you need.

Titan v10 now offers a very useful UNDO feature, offering a 20 step back history, in addition to a new REDO history, too. Allowing you to massively speed up programming, the user can undo almost any action on the console including delete, merge, move and loads more. View history in the new undo window, and click any point to undo back to that action.

There are also extra directions including random for the hugely popular Key Frame Shapes feature, offering many more looks. Key Frame Shapes allows you to create spectacular effects from scratch. Using palettes or the programmer to define the frames, and powerful tools such as transition curves, phase and spatial direction, it is possible to create radically different looks for each channel in seconds.

And Avolites’ Pixel Mapper gets even more powerful with the new Motion Blur effect, which creates trails that follow the element. Users can also now use the faders in Live Shape Editing, to alter the shape with incredible ease.

Titan v10 includes the much-used Multi-User Networking feature, allowing you to connect multiple consoles together to work collaboratively on the same show. A show can have multiple users, each with their own User Settings, Handle Worlds and Selected Key Profiles. When set to Multi-User, consoles can also still be used as backups.

Doug Fleenor Designs

Doug Fleenor introduced a number of new products this year to help with connecting and programming fixtures and control systems.

Fleenor 124 SplitterTheir new 124 splitter is designed as a budget-friendly alternative to their 123 and 125 splitters.  The 124 will list at $412 J and features the choice of 3-pin or 5-pin inputs and outputs in a smaller form factor than the 123 or 125.  The key difference (other than the form-factor) is that outputs are not individually isolated from each other unlike in the more expensive units.

The Ethernet to Ethernet converter is designed to simplify translation of 4-universes of control between ArtNet and sACN.  This stand-alone, 1ru device has (2) etherCON connectors on the back and can be configured with either protocol as the input and output.  Configuration is via a web browser connected to either port.  List price will be $1,700.

Rounding out the control devices, there is updated firmware for the RAD (Remote Addressing Device) which adds the ability to set personality as well as address, for fixtures using the RDM protocol.

Finally, they have added a 208V version of their DMX1Relay to allow remote switching of a single 20A, 208V circuit.


kinotehnik PractiliteKinotehnik has introduced the Practilite 602. The 602 is a versatile bright LED Fresnel lighting fixture that comes with an app for smartphones and is Bluetooth capable. This remote function is cost-effective and useful for single-person shooters or small crews when a gaffer is not available. The Practilite 602 makes event lighting, documentary shooting and field interviews more efficient as managing the lighting setup and adjustments are made with greater ease.

The 602’s unique fresnel lens design provides greater light range than conventional LED fixtures and enables superior color mixing. The lensing also allows wider shot angles and precise light-shaping without losing the LED output power/throw which is typically the case with barndoor controlled fixtures. This compact and powerful fresnel light is designed to gather and throw as much light as possible through its 3.2″ 80mm fresnel lens, providing you with unprecedented size to light output ratio.

The variable color temperature allows operators to adjust to a variety of color temperatures that each shooting location requires. From tungsten to daylight or any lighting situation in between, you just dial in the matching color balance and required brightness from your smartphone.

Nu Delta Digital – Logicue

The Logicue System is a cue light system built around the needs and desires of stage managers and technicians. The Logicue System has unique features such as the button on the cue light can be pressed to signal to the controller that the cue light was seen. Also it has Self-Check Feature when the power is turned on, the controller automatically indicates which cue lights are plugged in and properly addressed. The LogiCue Digital Cue Lights are individually addressed bright LED lights that interface with the LogiCue Controller. You can connect up to twelve cue lights to your LogiCue Controller. (The controller is not included with the cue lights.)

Philips Lighting BV

Philips msr-platinum-35The Philips Lighting lamp division was at LDI with the wide array offerings across many facets of the entertainment industry.

In their popular Platinum range, they released MSR Platinum 35 for when LED isn’t enough and the punch of an arc source is needed.  Its high brightness and high-contrast beams to avoid shadow creation, as well as more compact luminaire and fixture designs to improve creative choice and design flexibility.

Also on the stand were their light engine solutions for data projectors and even some innovative solid state (LED and OLED).


Dazian TerrainThis year’s Dazian booth was made of their Terrain – Projection Mapping Surfaces and the MagLED Walls Halo Tiles.  The Terrain product comes in standard squares 3’x3’, Triangles 3’x’3 and half Triangles 3’ x 1’6”.  Shapes are made of a powder coated white matte steel covered with Dazian’s Trapeze Plus stretch fabric which catches light and color extremely well.

Dazian’s new MagLED Wall: Halo Tiles are a great way to add an architectural background to your exhibit, stage production or corporate event.  magledThe background is a white stretch fabric with magnetic posts that hold the individual tiles in place.  A series of standard tiles are available including Star, Noodle and Moroccan designs.  RGB LED modules backlight the tiles giving the cut out effect and depth to the display.  The background fabric can be lit as well to increase the visual effect.

C.B.I. Professional Wiring Systems

CBI Outdoor BoxCBI had a wide variety of power and sound cables, connectors and devices in their booth.  They manufacturer standard power, DMX and audio cables that we use in the industry as well custom boxes and snakes.  On display was a sample of a custom outdoor rated box that had powercon, DMX, mic cable and net tap plug ins as an example of the special order items they can make on request.


Airstar Crystal and SunshadeAirstar, a leading provider of inflatable structures and lighting balloons for the event industry, announced the enhancement of its successful Crystal range with the launch of two brand new innovative products – Sunshade and Crystal White 50k lum – at the 2016 LDI Show.

Following a successful pilot test at music festivals in France this summer, Airstar introduces Sunshade to the Crystal range: a large lighting umbrella which transforms the Crystal lighting balloon technology into a AirStar Sunshadenew envelope shape. Measuring 2.2 or 2.6 meters in diameter, it features the same RGB LED lights that can be found on the Crystal balloons and is DMX controllable.

In addition to Sunshade, Airstar introduced the Crystal White 50k lumen lighting balloons (available in 130cm, 160cm, and 200cm diameter), which feature innovative LED lamps enabling eight times less power consumption versus halogen technology for the same luminous intensity. In addition, the LED lamps boast a lifetime of 50,000 hours vs 300 hours for halogen.

Airstar Crystal WhiteCrystal White 50k lum is also dimmable, with options including cold white, warm white or daylight that is fully DMX controllable. The Crystal White features an extremely quiet fan to cool the LED engine and is flicker free (tested up to 150 frames per second) making it suitable for use at broadcast events

The Sunshade is currently shipping while the Crystal White 50k lumens will be available worldwide on 7th November 2016.



Arri Skypanel S120Arri’s SkyPanel is a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light that sets a new standard for the industry. With a design focused on form, color, beam field and output, this fixture has gained popularity in content creation from the web all the way to major motion pictures.

New to LDI was the release of the SkyPanel S120-C. The S120 is twice as long as the S60, but weighs nearly the same. Its larger light aperture makes a great soft light even better. Retaining the same features and color tunability as its smaller counterparts, the S120 consumes less than 400 watts, yet it is slightly brighter than the S60-C and has an outstanding efficacy of 90 lumens per watt.


RLED RetroRLED’s The RETRO series of retrofit lamps are a 0-100% phase dimmable (forward and reverse) LED 2700-5000K 80-90 CRI engine.

Designed for SCR, TRIAC, or IGBT dimmers. This light engine is a direct replacement of existing incandescent lamps in a wide range of applications. Specific socket adapters are available to provide simple installation and the standard versions are Edison, Mini-Candelabra, and bare wire.

Custom and standard mounting options are available.

Available in a wide range of wattages, this year at LDI RLED released two new smaller versions for under-balcony applications. The 150 is a 15-watt engine meant to replace 150-watt legacy lamps while the Retro 300 is a 25-watt engine designed to replace 300-watt tungsten/halogen.

For more info check out

Canto USA

Canto-astroThere’s was some excitement at the Canto USA booth this year with the forthcoming Astro 500 LED engines. This new engine can be retrofitted to older units or comes with a new system.  It’s 400-watt engine is brighter than a 700-watt MSR arc source and approaches a 1200. It will also be available in both daylight and tungsten color temperatures.

Canto USA’s new Alterra followspot due out next summer utilizes a 1600w micro-xenon lamp module that affords the fixture to be significantly lighter than Strong’s Gladiator 3 and 4 or Lycian’s 1293- 1294 or 1295 and just as bright in 3000 watts.  The fixture will be just a little larger and the same form factor as Canto’s other followspots.  The exciting part other than being significantly lighter is that the new lamp module does away with the need for cumbersome protection gear needed when replacing traditional xenon lamps. Stay tuned for this one!



Rosco has been busy this year developing and enhancing a variety of their products. Three new products caught our eye.

Miro UV365First up, the new and improved Miro Cube UV 365. Using  365nm UV LEDs this compact UV LED is punchy and nearly invisible to the eye! This would make a great addition in the themed environment market or where a customer is looking for a UV effect, but does not want to actually see any light.

Next, Rosco has developed a bright 40w LED mini gobo projector called the “Image Spot”. Still not entirely flushed out, it does promise to be very bright and will be able to be used in a variety of applications. Some of the options it may have are an outdoor rating, a variety of interchangeable lenses, and a variety of mounting options. These will take a modified “E” size gobo in steel, glass, or even plastic.

Rosco has also entered the market of wireless control for fixtures. They’ve build their own proprietary system that uses a combination of DMX, 2.4Ghz radio, and Bluetooth technology to transmit control signal. The transmitter is about the same size as others on the market and they make a cool dongle that can plug into the DMX port on a fixture. However, keep in mind there are some limitations. First, the dongle can only work with Miro or Braq cubes as only these fixtures can supply the exact amount of power needed to energize the dongle. Also each transmitter can only go up to 254 channels (you can add up to 4 transmitters for control of up to 2 universes between them). It will be interesting to see where their technology goes, but if you already have Miro cubes or are planning on a Miro installation these are definitely the way to go.


Floppy FlexOn prominent display was their new product line called “floppy Flex” which is a 24V Professional Grade Flexible LED “Neon” tape. It comes in single color, RGB, and now “digital RGB” with multi-pixel control. You can easily install it yourself in the field as you can cut and splice the product and it does come in either an IP40 or IP68 rated body. This is a great product for anyone looking for that “direct view” LED tape look.

Solaris Flare Q+The new Flare Q+ fixture has all the features of its renowned predecessor, while Q+ Technology increases the brightness by over 40% with practically no fan noise. Its “Theatre Mode” is effectively silent, yet still brighter than the original Flare. Also introduced at LDI, the new Flare LR Q+ offers Q+ Technology performance in a linear format. Flare IP outdoor fixtures will also be on hand, as will other Solaris LED fixtures such as Mozart and the SoLED strobe.

ProPlex Data Distribution has some great additions for comprehensive data distribution and networking solutions, including the industry’s most powerful DMX node, ProPlex IQ Two 1616, and ProPlex EZ-Lan, the revolutionary Gigabit switch that makes complex networking with multiple V-LANs simple and easy for anyone. Pro Cables, “The First and Still the Best” professional cable assemblies will be on hand, as will new IMS Mk2 individually DMX-controlled marquee / festoon lighting systems.

nurilitesAlso displayed was their new Ultra Affordable offshore- made DJ fixtures called Nuri*Lites. Comprised of a variety of pars, bars, and wash fixtures all named after different drinks they are designed to be a cheap value option for those who do not need a high-end light and just want to spend as little as possible. If that is what you are looking for then they might be a good option.

Chauvet Professional

On the Pro line Chauvet has developed a whole array of new lights in pretty much all areas including; Pars, Ellipsoidals, Batten lights, and Movers.

For the Pars, they now offer the “COLORado Solo Series” with the designation of “1”, “2”, and “3”. Each using the equivalent of LED RGBW 60 Watt Chips these fixtures are bright but consistent across the line. They all have motorized zooms on them which is handy when you do not want to get up on a ladder to swap lenses. Depending on the unit you should expect to get between 8 thru 55 degs range. Their faces are completely homogenized so gone are the days of looking at all those different colored LEDs. The best part is that these fixtures are outdoor rated (IP65) which is great if you are using them for events outdoors.

Chauvet OvationIn the Ellipsoidal line they have greatly added to their selection. Most units still use their RGBA-Lime LEDs which give you lots of possibilities for color, but their newer models now boast an output of close to a 750 Watt equivalent HPL lamp! Units can now come with HD lenses designed by Chauvet in 14, 19, 26, 36, and 50 deg options. They were proud to say that their lenses perform as good if not better than anyone’s on the market right now.

The “Ovation B” series fill are new batten fixtures that boast a bunch of groundbreaking features such as an RGBA-Lime color system and the incorporation of RDM, Art-Net™ and sACN plus standard DMX for programming and networking options. A 60 deg holographic filter is included and locks into place so the fixture can be used in any orientation with no worry about the filter sliding out. The units come in a variety of lengths from 1’-6’ long.

Their new moving light line is called “Maverick” and it includes a Spot, Wash, and Hybrid fixtures. Depending on your needs you have a lot of options at your fingertips. Fixtures are powered by either a 440 or 480 watt engine and boast advanced optics, dazzling effects, and stunning output. You can choose from DMX, sACN, Art-Net, or W-DMX for control.

Chauvet DJ

CHauvet IntimidatorReleased a couple of new Moving light fixtures into the market call the Intimidator Beam 140SR and Intimidator Hybrid 140SR. Both units use a 140 watt discharge light engine and are a bright affordable moving light.

The spot fixture uses a motorized frost filter that can convert the tight beam to a wide wash for different applications. Other features include a 16-facet prism that can split the beam for a variety of effect. The unit also sports a non-DMX control that can be used with the option IRC-6 wireless remote.

The Hybrid 140SR is a powerful all-in-one moving head fixture that can seamlessly switch from SPOT to BEAM to WASH in an instant. It can project crisp beams and gobos at almost any distance. With two overlapping independently controlled prisms and dual gobo wheels you can create a variety of beam effects. The motorized zoom works in beam, spot and wash modes for ultimate light control. Control is easy with the full-color display, IRC-6 compatibility, totem mode and onboard memory for storing a scene.

American Grip

With over 30 years in business, American Grip has constantly strived to deliver better studio & grip products. “It is the little details that sets us apart,” said owner Lance Alan Snoke. New products to them this year are a nifty “Telescoping Baby Riser” and a “compacted version of a 1.25” or 1.5” pipe spreader”, both of which are designed to save space and not take up as much room. Remember if you need a more customized solution give them a call. Their team probably can come up with a solution for you!

BBS Lighting

bbs-pipelineBBS Lighting had on display their Pipeline System. In a convenient cylindrical form factor in lengths of 1′ 2′ 3′ and 4′, the Pipeline remote phosphor provides ultra-high TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) soft light that is controllable and dimmable with no color shift or flickering. Whether installed in an optional single or multi-lamp reflector bank, or deployed stand-alone, Pipelines are the ideal soft-light for modeling faces and illuminating backgrounds. Among Pipeline’s numerous advantages are low power draw, high light output, wide light dispersion, heatless and fan-less operation and DMX 512 controller. The Pipes are available in 3200ºK, 4300ºK or 5600ºK color temperature outputs, and can be used in a bi-color arrangement mixing different color temperature Pipes to achieve mid-range color temperatures.


matrixWith the Matrix light, Fiilex brings its LED expertise into the realm of panel lighting. The Matrix leverages Fiilex’s Dense-Matrix technology by fusing multiple sources into a single panel-style fixture. The result combines the broad, diffuse throw of a panel with the power and controllability of a point source. Engineered with modularity in mind, the 1500W-equivalent Matrix works excellently on its own or grouped in an array of multiple lights.

The Matrix is built to easily accommodate various light-shaping accessories. To further soften its output, there’s the specially-designed Matrix Softbox. This unique softbox does away with the speed ring by attaching directly to the Matrix fixture via rod mounts. Alternatively, users looking for a greater punch can focus in the light with the Matrix Fresnel Lens, which clips simply into place, tripling intensity. The Matrix also features Fiilex’s professional-grade tuning options, which include full dimmability, color tunability from 2800 to 6500K, and hue control. With the Matrix, Fiilex users can complement their single source Q and P series lights with the gorgeous, broad throw of a uniquely versatile top-tier panel fixture.


cineo-hsxHas introduced the Cineo / HSX: The NEW HSX is the latest member of Cineo’s LED Remote Phosphor product line. The HSX is a color-tunable 2700K to 6000K soft source. Unlike other color-tunable sources, HSX remains consistent throughout the life of the fixture with no color shift or need for calibration. Other features include 5 presents: 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, and 6000K. It is flicker free, has no fans and is 100% compatible with HS accessories. This high-power, 25,000 lumen LED studio fixture is ideal for Film, Broadcast Video, and Still Photography.


arina_rigged_850Nila returned to exhibiting at LDI Show this year following their impressive install at the AEG StubHub Center, home of the LA Galaxy major league soccer club. Nila has a long broadcast history lighting film & television projects but is actively pushing into the live events market with a keen focus on sports. The SL100 fixture, cousin of their well known Arina broadcast light, drew a large number of visitors at the show this year.

Philips Entertainment

The Philips Entertainment Group booth was brimming with new offerings.

sl_ledspot_300_image-01The Philips Showline LEDSPOT 300 is a high-performance moving head luminaire that delivers a powerful output, with fast and quiet movement. The fixed 270w white LED engine delivers exceptional output and the versatile and effective precision optical design makes the SL LEDSPOT 300 an ideal replacement for aging automated luminaires using older discharge sources.

  • 7 slot color wheel
  • CMY mixing
  • CTO color filter
  • 7 fixed gobos
  • 6 indexing / rotating gobos
  • Four framing shutter blades
  • 3 Facet round prism
  • Iris
  • 10 – 45° degree zoom
  • 270w White LED Engine 6500°k
  • 11,500 lumens
  • Pan 540° / Tilt 260°

sl-hydrus-350Unlike traditional moving luminaires the SL HYDRUS 350 designed for a single purpose,  the SL HYDRUS 350 has a hybrid optical design. Beam, Spot and Wash features are all combined in a single luminaire.  The SL HYDRUS 350 is a moving luminaire designed for special event, television and concert lighting applications. Powered by the PHILIPS Platinum 17RA Lamp, the luminaire delivers powerful output, strong saturated colors and a comprehensive beam effects system in a compact sized luminaire.

Used as a Beam luminaire: the SL HYDRUS 350 delivers a powerful, crisp pinpoint beam. Combine the fixed gobos and the rotating prism lenses to create striking designs that come to life in larger arenas and auditoriums.

Used as a Wash luminaire: Soften the edge with the frost filter and zoom out to deliver a defined soft even beam that can blend together and create smooth washes over the stage.

Used as a Spot luminaire: Choose the appropriate glass gobo (all designs from the Vari*Lite gobo library), rotate and combine with the animation wheel to produce a myriad of dynamic looks.


  • Philips Platinum 17R Lamp
  • 10 Slot Fixed color wheel
  • 12 Fixed gobos
  • 8 slot indexable/rotating gobo wheel
  • Animation wheel with Fire Breakup effect
  • Four facet linear prism
  • Eight facet circular prism
  • Frost filter
  • Beam Mode: 2 -21 Degrees
  • Spot Mode: 2-25 Degrees
  • Wash Mode: 9-37 Degrees
  • Auto focus mode

sl-strip-10The SL STRIP 10 IP is the ideal choice for outdoor entertainment applications, and wet environments. Ten cells of homogenized RGBW LEDs deliver a blended wash of color, emulating the traditional halogen strip light effect, with reduced power consumption, lower heat output, and minimal maintenance.

Control each cell individually for maximum flexibility or in groups for applications requiring simpler control. The SL STRIP 10 IP can be easily configured to suit your design requirements. Choose the appropriate dimming curve, utilize the built-in chase programs, and adjust the beam angle by inserting one of the optional holographic diffuser lenses.

With its rugged construction, internal power supply, and simple operating system, the SL STRIP 10 IP is an ideal replacement for conventional MR-16 strip lights for all outdoor entertainment applications.

rama-ledPhilips Selecon is re-introducing the RAMA Fresnel line with a beautiful LED engine.  This Fresnel is sure to find a home in theaters and studios across the country.  Available in warm white (3100K) or cool white (5600K) using an 80W Philips Luxeon Lumiled LED the RAMA performs just like its incandescent counterpart.

300sNew to the market this year is the Philips Strand 150S & 300S high-quality soft light.  Both boast convection cooling in a slim, lightweight design.  Both offer fixed color temperature 3100K & 5600K  with high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 CRI and 93 CRI respectively.  Both offer AC input via PowerCon connector or 36VDC input for battery operation.  Both are offered in Manual or Pole Operation.  The only thing you have to decide is whether you need the 2’ x 2’ or the 2’ x 1’ fixture.

Also new to the market this year Philips Strand is the 400F Broadcast Quality 10” Fresnel.   The 400F  provides the look and feel of a traditional Fresnel with modern technology under the hood.  The 400W LED array produces over 18,600 lumens.   Five user selectable fan modes and three user selectable dimming curves are available to match legacy equipment.  A high CRI is offered in both tungsten 3200K (97 CRI) and daylight 5600K (96 CRI).  Look for this new product in showrooms early next year.

Martin by Harman

Martin by Harmon announced four new products at LDI 2016:

mac-axiom-hybridThe MAC Axiom Hybrid is a new three-in-one fixture that offers Beam, Spot & Wash features in one fixture.

  • Osram SIRUS HRI 4440w Lamp
  • 16,000 Lumens
  • CYM Color Mixing
  • Variable CTO
  • 16 slot Color Wheel
  • 2 – 44 degree zoom range
  • 9 Rotating Gobos
  • 16 Static Gobos
  • 3- and 8-facet prisms
  • Frost
  • 55 lbs

VDO Face 5

VDO Face 5Driven by the same P3 system controller as all other Martin LED Video Products the VDO Face 5 is the perfect fit for integration in a total video solution. The consistent pixel-to-pixel calibration does not only give superior image quality but also enables panels from different batches and rental companies to be combined quickly and hassle-free.

  • Bright flicker-free video output
  • Consistent calibration allowing cross-renting between different batches
  • Easy setup, mapping and configuration, and easy mix with other Martin LED Video Products

m1-hdThe M1 HD continues the tradition of the M1, one of the most heralded lighting consoles on the market. With the full power of a larger desk and the agility of a smaller one, the M1 HD is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one lighting desk solution.

  • All-in-one solution with integrated processing
  • Folding capacitive multi-touchscreen with 4 encoders
  • 34 playbacks, 8 encoders for fast user access

m2go-hdWith its small footprint and large built-in touchscreen, the M2GO HD answers the demand for a compact yet more powerful all-in-one lighting console in a cost-effective and portable package.

  • Complete console with integrated processing in a small footprint
  • Folding capacitive multi-touchscreen with 4 encoders
  • 10 playbacks, 8 encoders for fast user access

Interactive Technology

Interactive Technologies, Celebrating their 20th Anniversary, introduced the Cue Server 2 this year.  This update to an already powerful show control system sets it apart from other lighting control systems.  CueServer 2 is offered in a rack mounted and DIN rail mounted form factor.   Offering control of up to 32 DMX universes via DMX or Ethernet protocols (sACN, Art-Net, Kinet) the CueServer 2 can run complex shows, and execute thousands of commands from hundreds of triggers and external devices.

The new specs are as follows :

Cues 1,000,000 per Cue Stack
Cue Stacks Unlimited
Groups, Macros 100,000
Global Rules, Timer Events 1,000
Buttons 1,000
Audio Clips, Web Content Unlimited
Ethernet UDP, TCP, HTTP, Telnet, SNTP, sACN, KiNET v1/v2, CueScript, CueStation
RS-232, RS-485 ASCII, CueScript (available on Terminal Blocks)
Contact Closures 8 (available on Terminal Blocks)
Digital Outputs 8 (available on Terminal Blocks)
Audio 3.5mm (1.4″) Jacks for stereo input/output
Ethernet Ports 2
USB 1x Type-A USB Host Port, 1x Micro-B USB Device Port
Power 30V DC (12V DC Nominal), 12 Watts, 2.1mm Input Jack
Real-Time Clock Battery-backed, 1 second resolution
LCD Display 40 Character x 2 Line
Function Buttons 8 RGB LED Function Buttons, 5-Way Joystick Nav. Switch
Programming Interface Desktop application (Mac OS X, Windows)
Offline Programming Yes
Remote Programming Yes
Memory MicroSD Card (up to 32GB)
Form Factor 1U Rack Mount
Power Supply Included Yes
Mounting Brackets Included Rack Ears


maniac_slide_2CITC is an industry leader in creating unique and exciting special effects equipment for the entertainment market. For their 2016 LDI presentation, CITC was all about the MANIAC LED fixture.

This unique unit combines a multitude of effects in one truly creative solution making this a must have for any creative environment. Super strong fog output, intensive multi-color LED lights, and a rotating moving head makes this a trifecta of fun! It is a sensational, dazzling, and thrilling piece of equipment that will make even the most jaded of professionals stand and applaud its performance.  Maniac has 10 groups of 8W, RGBA Quad LED lights, rapid movement, rapid color change, strobe, instant stop, adjustable fog output, and anti-drip technology.  The yoke has a 540-degree pan and the head has a 260-degree tilt. Maniac can be hung or placed on the floor. The LED lights can be used with or without the fog. Several units can be synchronized together to make Maniac magic.

On display was the new AquaMax, MP version, which is three times more powerful, has a 2-channel DMX with variable output on DMX, and is much quieter.  CITC has created brand new technology that will allow for 2-hour, long-lasting, water-based, 100% certified organic haze to be produced in a quiet haze machine named the AquaMax MP. For years, water-based haze machines produced a haze that didn’t last long, thereby costing thousands of dollars in haze fluid each year.

Le Maitre

Le Maitre has been designing and manufacturing stage pyrotechnics and fog, smoke and haze machines since 1977 so needless to say, they are an industry staple for these solutions. One might ask how can a manufacturer who has been around so long could possibly “re-invent the wheel” for fog and haze machines. Well, you make them more efficient and you make them SMART!

Le Maitre MVS SmartLe Maitre revealed their new MVS SMART Haze Machine at LDI retaining all of the features of the highly popular MVS hazer but adding smart control and monitoring features. This allows the user to set up and control the hazer from a mobile device, tablet or computer. Once connected via Wi-Fi, the MVS SMART can be monitored and controlled over the internet through Le Maitre’s evolving Machine Portal Interface.

Also on display was the G300-SMART smoke machine that features Internet of Things technology. Rugged, versatile and durable, with a massive output of dense white smoke, it supports both WiFi and LAN connectivity for set-up, monitoring, and diagnostics. As with the MVS SMART, the user can set up and change the configuration of the machine via a mobile phone or tablet.

On hand was the Eco Hazer which is an incredibly efficient water-based hazer that is environmentally friendly, producing pure and long-lasting haze using just 100-150W. The Neutron hazer, with its high-powered quiet fan and low fluid consumption, is a simple, popular hazer, ideal for small to medium sized venues, whilst the robust and powerful Haze Master has a tremendous output capacity and is designed for the road.

Robe Lighting

Robe LDI 2016 BoothIn the midst of towering booths, bright lights, and product demos, Robe Lighting transported attendees to a calm European Café to enjoy.  The booth then transformed into an incredible lighting presentation featuring their latest innovations.

Robe SpiiderHeadlining the show was the all-new Spiider; a super bright LED WashBeam luminaire, using 18x 30 Watt and 1x 60 Watt LEDs and combining it with a very efficient 12,5:1 zoom optical system ranging from tight 4° Beam to wide 50° Wash.

Robe SpikieThe Robe Spikie is a small, super-fast LED Wash/Beam, which utilizes a single 60W RGBW light source with a specially designed 110mm wide front lens producing a solid beam. The fixture quickly zooms from a soft wide 28° wash to a tight sharp-edged 4° beam or one of two new stunning air effects. A handful of creative new fixtures were on hand including the Linee linear moving head, DL7 Wash and Profile fixtures as well as the retro 750w Tungsten PATT2013.

halo-rgb-drive-01Do you have some legacy Par64 cans lurking around your shop you want to add some splash to?  Robe showed their Halo system consisting of a circle of encapsulated bright micro-pixel led’s, mounted on a standard size Parcan color frame, Halo can bring the classic fixtures back into the latest lighting designs or be used alone to add many new dimensions and effects.

Controlled via DMX, the operator can quickly and simply program the most sophisticated effects using the internal content generator or switch to display pixel mapped video content.

The system consists of 6 frames of RGB led’s and a 6-way data controller/driver in the familiar colour-scroller truss-hanging format.

The system is interconnected using the industry standard 4pin XLR scroller cables that are already part of most lighting company inventories.

Let’s not forget the big and bold BMFL Family of fixtures including the Parnelli Award Winner for Indispensable Technology-Lighting, the BMFL WashBeam. This powerful new member to BMFL Family comes with extra bright output and an abundance of great features like newly developed framing shutters, super wide front lens and animation wheel.

Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard Lighting Rock-Em Sock-emAs always, Blizzard Lighting was keeping things “cool” for their LDI 2016 presentation joining forces once again with the folks from ModTruss to create a truly unique experience! A life-size, working replica of the classic “Rock’ Em, Sock’ Em” Robots was the perfect centerpiece to showcase some creative new products from Blizzard Lighting.

oberon-fresnel-zoomA new product line called Oberon was launched adding Fresnels and Profile fixtures including a 200w, High CRI LED with Motorized Zoom fixture perfect for studio and theatrical applications. A number of new additions to their moving head family were introduced like the 3-in-1 Beam/Spot/Wash 350w CMY Kryo.Mix fixture and Stiletto Beast LED Beam/Wash. New LED solutions were added to their catalog of fixtures like the interlocking dual LED Beam Fixture with Aura Effects called Look and ProPar 17 LED Wash/Beam. Blizzard Lighting also introduced their DMX Measurement Tool called Buddha with its versatile functions and user-friendly 6-button + full-color TFT touch screen display, Buddha is fully equipped to measure, test, and troubleshoot any application with DMX controlled lighting.

blizzard buddha dmx testerBlizzard Lighting also introduced their DMX Measurement Tool called Buddha with its versatile functions and user-friendly 6-button + full-color TFT touch screen display, Buddha is fully equipped to measure, test, and troubleshoot any application with DMX-controlled lighting.

City Theatrical

SHoW DMX Multiverse™
show-dmx-multiverseSHoW DMX Multiverse provides unprecedented levels of wireless DMX data transmission in a tiny package, for the first time allowing the realistic possibility of a professional quality wireless DMX chip in every DMX device.  The SHoW DMX Multiverse chip is tiny, low in cost, and has the ability to carry as many as five universes of data in a 2.4GHz transceiver or four universes in a 900MHz transceiver.
DMXcat™  – Control Analyze Test 
dmxcat-control-analyze-testAre you tired of struggling to turn on LED fixtures and moving lights without setting up a full lighting console?  That’s why City T invented DMXcat™ . Plug it into a fixture and the fixture’s personality and starting DMX address load via RDM  (wirelessly)  into a smart phone app, and you have control with a user interface that looks like a full lighting console. Many other useful tools are included in the app.
QolorPIX™ LED Pixel Control
qolorpix-led-pixel-controlCity T has taken the complexity out of specifying and setting up LED pixel tape systems.  Our system of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape and QolorPIX Tape Controllers plug with four pin XLR connectors and reduce system setup to just seconds using only a few DMX channels.
QolorPoint™ Mini Wireless Uplighter 
qolorpoint-mini-wireless-uplighterQolorPoint™ Mini is a mini version of our QolorPoint Wireless Uplighter, and is about half the size but with more than half the output.  Packing a powerful punch, the QolorPoint Mini is a great addition to the QolorPoint family.  Each QolorPoint mini is equipped with an award-winning SHoW DMX Neo radio.
b-series-led-dimmersB-Series LED Dimmers, are new group of uniquely featured, professional quality, constant voltage   LED dimmers in a variety of capacities and configurations.  All have the option of 16 bit dimming for ultra smooth low-end fades, and partner perfectly with City Theatrical QolorFLEX™ Professional quality LED tapes.
Lightwright®  6
Lightwright 6Lightwright 6 is the newest version of John McKernon’s industry leading, multi-award winning software for managing entertainment lighting paperwork. Lightwright 6,  for the first time, fulfills a longtime industry dream of controlling the flow of lighting data from design to console without needing to enter data multiple times by hand, while documenting up to 45,000 universes of data.


MDG M3eMDG added handy functionality to the M3e and ATMe as they now support RDM for remote monitoring and configuration, with 100% duty cycles and variable outputs there is a wide range of flexibility.

MA Lighting

MA lighting is making it even easier for you to learn their Dot2 console line, they are now including the first universe for free with the offline software. This universe can be sent via ArtNet or sACN. Another big offering from the MA is the MA Network switch, if offers an easy to use web interface that will allow you to configure a wide multitude of different network configurations from a single device!


Tempest introduced there 4th generation of Projector Outdoor enclosures. The big thing is that unit is now Lighter, faster and supports more types of projectors. A great video on the new enclosures is below.


lycian-superstarThe Superstar line has been given a power boost! They have upped the lamp sizes in both units as well as adding a fan to keep the unit cooler. The new units are shipping now!


color-force-iiChroma-Q’s new ColorForce2 expands on the brands already popular ColorForce. The new unit is about 50% brighter than it predecessor. It contains RGBA color mixing engines that are put into individual cells for a fully homogenized beam. With a high CRI of 92 and smooth dimming and a variety of sizes the fixture is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Quasar Science

quasar-scienceQuasar Science continued to show their Q Line linear lamp, a LED fluorescent replacement.  The Q Line features switchable 3000-5600k or crossfade 2000k-6000k color temperature and an innovative mounting system that allows for flexibility required in film and event venues. They are available in sizes ranging from 1 foot to 8 feet.  The newest version of the Q line will allow from full 0-100% dimming with a 95+ CRI.  Brand new for LDI Quasar Science featured an innovative radio controlled 50 watt Q Line lamp.


g_4_wash_halo_campaign_testThe G-4 Wash is a lightweight and compact high-power Fresnel wash light with superb color mixing and very low power consumption.

Unlike most conventional wash lights, the G-4 Wash comprises red, green, blue, amber and mint LEDs that mix directly in the light source. Additionally, it has a dichroic enhancer that creates a deep blue (Congo blue), delivering a very saturated black light effect.

With a CRI of more than 90 (typically 93), the G-4 Wash delivers the most amazing color rendering of any wash light on the market today. It is not only powerful in colors but also impressive in white.

Equipped with a Fresnel lens, the G-4’s optical system is designed to deliver a staggering output for a fixture with such a small footprint, and equally perfect color mixing with a completely even field with no hotspot.

The durable, IP65-rated exterior of G-4 Wash and the built-in dehumidifier ensure that the fixture is kept free of externally induced impact on internal optics and light source unit, such as smoke fluid, dust and dirt. Therefore, the G-4 Wash is ideal for outdoor applications and is practically maintenance-free.

With an impressive zoom range of 9°-76°, the G-4 Wash enables designers to create tight beams and powerful washes, as well as everything in-between. Because of its unlimited color options and unique color rendering capabilities, the G-4 Wash is highly suitable for multiple applications such as theaters, concerts, cruise ships, exhibitions, architectural installations or any application where high output, stunning colors and dramatic color effects are desired.  The G-4 wash can be remotely configured, controlled and monitored via RDM. Built on a foundation of thoroughly tested technology

The G-4 wash can be remotely configured, controlled and monitored via RDM. Built on a foundation of thoroughly tested technology, the G-4 Wash is a robust and highly reliable fixture.

p_1_webThe P-1 is an IP65-rated battery-driven RGBW LED wash/blind/strobe light with a small footprint and high output, designed for multiple applications, including applications where wireless operation is essential.

This portable, lightweight fixture eliminates the hassle of cabling and ensures a quick and easy setup. For a small fixture the P-1 is extremely versatile. Via a patented technology, its standard 10° beam angle and round beam can be manipulated in various ways. Shape the beam and achieve different beam angles with an optional set of three magnetic holographic filter frames (19°, 45°, 63°/12° elliptical plus an empty color frame).

Running for up to 12 hours in standard operation mode, the P-1 can easily be configured to provide an even output over longer periods of time. It offers smooth dimming and color mixing as well as wireless control and configuration. The battery status can be monitored remotely via RDM or via the built-in display. The P-1 also contains SGM’s patented dehumidifier for a practically maintenance-free operation.

Pre-run of the SGM show at LDI, 2016 from SGM – LED Lighting Systems on Vimeo.

Clay Paky

Clay Paky debuted two new fixtures at LDI 2016.

hepikosHepikos – is an innovative Clay Paky washlight, which encloses all the most advanced optical, mechanical and electronic technology, characteristic of the most professional moving lights, in its highly compact body. The light is built around a new, extremely bright 700 W Osram lamp, and has a 5-40° zoom which provides a bright, uniform wash effect at maximum beam angle.

The color production system includes a CMY color mixing consisting of three wheels entirely devoted to producing single colors, as well as two color wheels, each with 8 filters carefully selected by Clay Paky’s R&D department on the basis of suggestions received from lighting designers. Strict quality control on incoming materials assures near-zero tolerance rates on variations in the standard colors.

Hepikos is also an advanced multi-purpose light: thanks to its 185 mm diameter plano-convex front lens and its narrow 5° beam angle, it can produce a sharp, full-bodied beam, which may be used for striking aerial effects with saturated colors.

Some devices have been specially designed for this product: a mechanical iris, which is able to alter the beam diameter in beam mode as desired to create columns of light of different sizes, right down to a pencil beam;

A four-faced interchangeable rotating prism which modulates the visual effects by breaking the light up into several dynamic projections;

A soft-edge frost filter which makes the edge of the projected light less sharp and produces the wash effect typical of a washlight with Fresnel lens.

Hepikos is ultimately a hybrid beam/wash light, where both functions are optimized, rather than one weakening the other. It is perfect for complementing the beam/spot effects produced by the Mythos, with which it shares the same chassis and the same 7800K lamp color temperature.

SCENIUSSCENIUS UN1CO is the latest addition to the Scenius family, therefore its first highly appealing feature is the quality of its light (1400W Osram lamp, 6500K, high CRI). It is a magnificent SPOT LIGHT for projecting effects, with six rotating gobos, a rotating prism a beautiful animation wheel, and it is equipped with the most sophisticated and most precise FRAMING SYSTEM on the market today. The Scenius Unico is also an excellent WASH LIGHT, since it features a system with different diffusion filters, which may be inserted gradually. However the most amazing feature is that the Scenius Unico can also generate a Powerful NARROW BEAM of super concentrated light, with a minimum beam angle of only 5 degrees. SCENIUS UN1CO is a Powerful, Multifunctional luminaire combining top quality light and incredible versatility of use.

Mountain Productions

mtn-boxMountain Productions’ MTN BOX®Spektrum Series LG has been engineered and manufactured to meet the rigors and challenges inherent to the entertainment industry. Our proprietary design delivers an uncompromised level of strength and durability.

Constructed of a super tough polyethylene resin (10 times stronger than traditional laminate flight packs), the MTN BOX®Spektrum Series LG is resistant to chemicals, heat, dust and moisture. The material used is 90% recycled PE and will not degrade over time.

The result is a significantly extended lifespan when compared to the current industry standard. Your assets and resources represent a significant investment. Protect them with a case that not only meets, but exceeds these challenges.

The MTN BOX®Spektrum Series SM, has been engineered with the same focus on durability and versatility as our MTN BOX®. The smaller size of this case is ideal for various trucks and smaller storage loads.

Mountain’s Newest Offerings: Vibe MTN and MTN Film

Mountain Productions is expanding with new Vibe and Film capabilities. At MTN Film we are passionate about storytelling and our creative team is there to craft the visual journey for your brand or event with pre-production, production, and post-production capabilities. Our Vibe MTN offering will create stunning scenic for events and creative conceptual development for the most unique and captivating brand activations. Learn more about Vibe MTN and MTN Film by talking with our CEO, Ricky Rose, about these exciting additions and our growth into the west coast market.parnelli

Congratulations to MTN Productions for winning the 2016 Parnelli Award for Staging Company of the Year!

Wenger / JR Clancy

JR Clancy – While Wenger/JR Clancy did not debut any products at LDI, they were showcasing The Transcend System.  Building on their Virtual Acoustic Environment, you can transform your performance space into a multipurpose venue.  Transcend™ Active Acoustic System gives you the control to perfect your sound environment in virtually any space: performing arts centers, auditoriums, theatres, opera houses, arenas and worship spaces.

Wtranscend-active-acoustical-systemith new advanced state of the art Lexicon active acoustic technology, Transcend stands above. Our processor is designed specifically for active acoustics. For a reliable and affordable system that is easy to operate, Transcend is simply a sound investment.

Advanced design – A dedicated, state of the art processor for Active Acoustics using high speed digital audio communications with the other system components.

Natural reflections – Transcend™ Active Acoustic System enhances the reflections of the space providing optimal acoustics for any performance or event.

Technology transforms – From choral and symphonic to drama and lecture, Transcend™ Active Acoustic System can optimize the space for each performance.

Command and control – The entire system can be managed with remote control and visual monitoring using state of the art Audio Architect software.

Change your space into a multipurpose venue by integrating an Active Acoustic System. Transcend delivers “Variable Acoustics” and will truly transform your space into a multi-functional venue. You can manage the behavior of your sound to mimic the acoustics of many larger and smaller spaces. It’s truly dynamic.

Wenger’s system requires a fewer number of inputs and outputs to achieve amazing results, which translates to an affordable solution with better value for the investment. This system was also designed to be very reliable and stable with less opportunity for feedback.


ENTTEC’s brand new surf-themed booth at LDI complete with Hawaiian shirts and flip flops, highlighted their new products that included:

Enttec Pixel LinkThe CVC 3 Pixel Link which invites standard RGB tape into their popular Pixie Driver or Pixelator Control System making it possible to mix and match pixel controlled LED’s with standard LED’s. Configuration is simple because the DMX address is automatically assigned based on the location in the chain. The Pixel Link was an ESTA Members Choice Award Nominee for Best Gadget 2016.

At the request of set designers and the film industry where 12v solutions are required ENTTEC now offers a 12V version of their RGB 60 LEDS/METER Pixel tape. A very handy option to keep in mind when voltage drop is an issue on your 5V system.

Phero 33The new PHERO 33 is ideal for direct lighting applications. It’s the slimmest form factor in the PHERO family, designed for pixel mapping and lighting applications.  The PHERO 33 also offers blended and uniform color along its output. Simple loop-in / loop-out cabling makes installation quick and trouble free.

enttec-50w-led-worklightENTTEC’s 50W Bright White LED Flood Light is an adjustable, robust, and efficient Flood Light with an IP65 weather rating. This slim-line LED Flood Light that also features:

  • Aluminum casting with protective coating
  • Adjustable angle bracket
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Clear enhanced glass cover
  • 48PCS Super Bright LEDs
  • Available in 4000K or 3000K or 6000K white LEDs
  • Built-in High Efficient Wide Angle LED Reflectors
  • Built-in 50W Non-Dimmable Constant Current Power Supply
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Dimmable versions are available as a custom order

Enttec E.L.M.ENTTEC also released a new version of the E.L.M or ENTTEC LED MAPPER software that provides total control over your LED system, regardless of shape and size. Design your layout with vector-based objects for maximum precision and flexibility. Load the media of your choice and begin playback as needed. Supports up to 1024 universes, so you can design without limits.

Baxter Controls

bestboyThe Pocket Console had a great product on display, the Best Boy. This is a Pocket Console built into a water resistant Pelican 1060 Case and comes complete with Pocket Console Playback-8, 9v Battery, 120v P/S and flush mount external DMX and DC ports.

They also showed their Rack Mount-2 DMX unit as well as re-introduced their Wall Mount unit. These two units are similar to the original Pocket Console, except they are designed for permanent installations.

RC4 Wireless

dmx-io-trRC4 Wireless showed us a brand new product that will be rather useful to the architectural market, the DMXio-TR – this is a Wireless DMX Transceiver track adapter.

  • Available in black or off-white to match the equivalent Euotrac track colors
  • Stock is available “now” (pending ETL listing) with RC4Magic 2.4GHz or RC4Magic-900 900MHz RF
  • Available soon with LumenRadio CRMX or Wireless Solution W-DMX RF
  • All versions provide an external antenna connection to utilize various different antennas types
  • Operation from 100VAC – 240VAC (automatically, no switches or jumpers)
  • Available with North American or European version of the track mount
  • ETL listing will be for USA, Canada, and CE for Europe

Home Page

Goddard Design

dmxter4a-350Goddard Design had their DMXter 4A RDM on display, which is an updated version of the DMXter we are all familiar with but with RDM capabilities as well as updated software that allows RDM to be inserted into a live DMX512 data stream using any console or controller.