Cineo Lighting

Matchstix-landing_03In the trend of production lighting companies dipping their toes in the water at LDI Cineo was at the show with the news that their new Matchstix are now shipping.  Matchstix are simple, easy to use, color-accurate light source designed for image capture with the versatility of power and mounting options to go anywhere you need it.

Cineo Lighting and Litegear™ have teamed up to develop the Matchstix series of small, versatile Remote Phosphor light sources. Matchstix operate from any DC power source from 11.5 to 16 VDC, including many battery options. Standard co-ax DC power connector permits the use of a large variety of power supply options. Matchstix are optimized for flawless, flicker-free control with Litegear Litedimmers.Maverick-landing

Shown earlier this year, there was also the Maverick that provides all of the benefits of Remote Phosphor Technology found in the TruColor HS™ and LS™, while better meeting the demands of field use: lightweight, DC powered and weatherproof. Cineo Maverick delivers a volume of light equal to a traditional 1K soft source, optimized for image capture as well as other applications that demand accurate color rendering.

Lastly there was the Cineo Space. The TruColor Space delivers an unprecedented volume of broad, shadowless soft light optimized for television and motion trucolor_spacepictures. The TruColor Space exceeds the output of a traditional 6K incandescent space light, while using less than 1000 watts of AC power, avoiding the added cost of generators, fuel, and heavy cables. Operating temperatures are also significantly reduced, producing virtually no heat in the illuminated area.

Inner Circle Distribution

Futurelight Wave fixture from Inner Circle DistributionInner Circle Distribution was front row this year with the array of products they distribute. Brands like: EUROLITE, Futurelight, Elements, Hazebase & MADRIX.

The Future light WAVE generated a lot of buzz and is a great effect for the price point.

Here’s a video of Inner Circle’s demo show on the expo floor.


GaffGunThe GaffGun team made s quiet splash at WFX but came to LDI in full force. For those of you that haven’t seen the saves time to lay gaffer’s tape over cables or taping marley, it simplifies your job while saving time, money and your back. It works so well because it utilizes a patent-pending CoreLok™ technology, you can use any type or size of GaffGun™ tape on the same device. Cables don’t even have to be straight – the GaffGun™ straightens and centers your cable(s) and then lays tape on them.

We also got news that GaffGun core tape will be available from our friends at ProTapes. There are also temp core inserts available should you accidentally run out of tape at your facility or on tour.


Canto-USA-The-RetroDesigned to retrofit into existing fixtures directly, The Retro™ is a 0-100% phase dimmable (forward and reverse) 42 Watts LED 2700K-5000K 80-90CRI engine. Designed for SCR, TRIAC, or IGBT dimmers. This light engine is a direct replacement of existing incandescent lamps in a wide range of applications. Specific socket adapters are available to provide simple installation like the candelabra size mount to the right.

Custom and standard mounting options are available.

Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat MerlinNow distributed in North America by ACT Lighting in addition to Robert Juliat’s broad existing range of tungsten, arc and LED luminaires they introduced a complement to their followspot line called Merlin.  It is the culmination of an ambitious project to produce a powerful, rugged followspot for the touring market. With an output that belies its 2500W HMI lamp and a massive 3°-12° beam range, Merlin covers both long and medium throw ranges in one unit. Merlin delivers a performance that outshines the ever-increasing power of LED lighting and videowall backlighting, while newly designed bodywork ensures Merlin is easy to install and maintain, tough enough for the road and supremely tourable.

Rober Juliat Roxie LED FollowspotA surprise at the Juliat booth was the unannounced arrival of the Roxie LED Followspot at LDI.  There was no pre-show build up, we were told that the fixture we showed came off the production line and shipped direct to the show on Nov 14th via Fed Ex so it could be shown.  There’s  no definitive photometric info on this unit as of yet, though the factory says it is appx 10 to 15% less bright than the Buxie 575w MSD followspot at 300w.

Roxie has the same size and zoom range as the Buxie and Cricket followspot.  The unit at the show had a 5100k color temp and they say there potentially could be a warm white color temp model as well.

Is has a fully closing iris, just like all Robert Juliat followspots.  It is electronically dimmed by the silver knob on the lower part of the lamp house (see photo).  Dimming is smooth from 0-100%.  The lamp house is a fully functional RJ LED Module at 300w.  Like the TIBO or ZEP fixtures all of the parameters and functions apply to the Roxie, including DMX in and out and power pass through. CRI for the CW Roxie is in the mid 80’s and all gel colors in the boomerang there looked solid! What was interesting is that after being on for most of the day it was cool to the touch, is operationally silent and can be left on for extended periods of time without any adverse effects.

A preliminary list price of around $6000.00 was mentioned and the factory is saying that it will be available in Feb/Mar of 2015.


PRG ReNEW LED EnginePRG had some interesting additions to their manufacturing line at LDI.  Of note was the ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly. This LED light engine is designed to work with the ETC Source Four® ellipsoidal’s lens tubes and shutter assembly. By merely swapping out the tungsten light source of the Source Four the ReNEW user immediately cuts their energy and HVAC costs yet increase their output. The ReNEW produces over 8,200 lumens of output, making it an LED option that truly exceeds the output of the 575W Source Four ellipsoidal with clean even field of light. According PRG it Takes under 60 seconds to change each unit out, it is also a time efficient solution to changing out whole rigs to efficient LED. The ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly is available in 3,000K tungsten and 5,700K daylight color temperatures.

PRG Bad Boy Followspot ControllerThe Bad Boy Followspot Controller is a clever accessory that turns the output and highly desired features of the PRG Bad Boy Spot luminaire into a manually controllable followspot. The operator has control over the pan and tilt of the luminaire as well as local control over intensity, iris, zoom, and edge control. Of particular note by designers is that the lighting console controls all other internal functions of the luminaire like color or gobo. The console operator can also take over several of the functions assigned to the local followspot operator like intensity or zoom.

The PRG Best Boy Wash luminaire; a feature-rich wash light that sets the new standard for its class. Joining the award-winning Best Boy® Spot and the Bad Boy® Spot luminaires, PRG again redefines what an automated light should be, with the introduction of the Best Boy Wash luminaire. This dynamic new wash light features a 1,500-watt arc source that generates an unmatched 60,000+ lumens of light output, far brighter than any other available wash light in its class.

With a beam size iris, that works hand-in-hand with the 6:1 zoom, the Best Boy Wash offers unrivaled beam versatility in a single automated fixture and unlike other wash lights, the Best Boy Wash includes a super fast and ultra rich CMY color system and a rotating, indexable gobo wheel with four wash gobos to add effects to your wash beam. Optimized for television and film applications, there is a dedicated minus green filter and a unique color temperature wheel that allows designers to vary color temperatures down to 3,200K and up to a very cool 8,000K. The color temperature wheel, paired with the minus green filter on the fixed color wheel, is ideal for on-camera lighting.

Electronic Theatre Controls

ETC Booth at LDI 2014The ETC booth was busy the entire LDI show and the company known for their innovative products and superior customer service even walked away with several awards.

ETC’s Nomad™ dongle earned a PLASA Members Choice Award in the Gadget category. The device plugs into a user’s computer, allowing it to program and run lighting shows using Cobalt® or Eos®/Element™ software. The Source Four® LED Series 2 Lustr® luminaire picked up an LDI Best Debuting Product Award. The judges called it a game-changer, and commended the luminaire’s unique mix of LED emitters and its brightness. ETC also got a special mention during the LDI awards ceremony for the color control in all Eos®-family lighting consoles. The judges explained that ETC has focused on the needs of designers with its commitment to the development of solutions for real problems in the industry.

ETC showed other products at the show, that included the recently acquired Vortek rigging products , and GDS architectural luminaires that ETC has a manufacturing agreement with GDS for the Americas for which will make for improved manufacturing and shipping lead times.

ETC ColorSource ParReleased at PLASA ETC also had the new the ColorSource™ PAR LED luminaire on display. While most budget LEDs use red, green, blue, and possibly white and/or amber emitters, a combination that results in a limited color range. In contrast, the ColorSource PAR benefits from ETC’s extensive experience in LED color-mixing, by using the proportionate recipe of red, green, blue, a twist of lime and an extra dash of red. ETC ColorSource Par Lime

The lime and double-red emitters expand the ColorSource PAR’s color range, allowing users to get a richness only possible from ETC LED luminaires. The unique blend also adds depth, making a more natural, flattering light. And, when ColorSource PAR fixtures are used at any intensity, they maintain their color quality.

ETC Source 4 Series 2 Tungsten & DaylightFor broadcast / film he Daylight HD and Tungsten HD arrays were designed for the studio and other applications where high-definition lighting is a must. With flicker-free operation – even at high speeds – the Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD and Tungsten HD arrays look great on screen. The Daylight HD array produces the coolest (4000 to 6500K), variable-white light that looks just like natural sunlight, and the Tungsten HD array creates warm (2700 to 4500K), adjustable-white light that mimics the performance of tungsten fixtures. Their temperatures and tints can be tweaked to perfectly illuminate individual skin tones, so they look great in person and on camera. Both arrays output an incredible amount of lumens, for the brightest light in their respective color-temperature ranges.

ETC Unison EchoOn the architectural side there was the the Unison® Echo™ architectural system which enables users to independently-controlled power within your lighting system that is easy to use and doesn’t break the bank. Sometimes all you need is to turn lights on and off; other times you may need an occupancy sensor or daylight sensor to meet local energy codes and increase your energy savings. That’s where the Echo control system comes in.
The Echo control system requires minimum commissioning and offers a low overall cost. Designed specifically to meet energy codes, such as ASHRAE 90.1, CA Title 20/24 and IECC, Echo has an immediate return on investment. This intelligent distributed power control system also has a flexible infrastructure with topology-free wiring so you get the most from your system with the least amount of hassle.


Ushio is offering the Zylight F8 Flat Fresnel. This fixture is a variable spot flood available in 3200K or 5600K. It is IP54 Water resistant, 14.4 volt battery or worldwide AC powering. The Zylight combines true Fresnel lensing with an aspheric beam shaping element to maximize beam quality and brightness. No hot spots, no fringing, just true Fresnel output. The F8 is also available with a 365 nm ultraviolet LED module.

ProPanel V2 – The ProPanel V2 is a 2×2 variable color temp softlight for the video and professional photography market. The diffused softness of the Pro-Panel eliminates the harsh glare and multiple shadow effects associated with typical LED panels. 2700K to 6500K range. Flicker free. Up to 95CRI. On board color and dimming control knobs. The fixture ships with a honeycomb louver and gel frame. Optional accessories are the remote control unit and 4-leaf barndoor.

USHIO 2K Arc Follow-SpotDid you know that USHIO also has been making follow-spots for a while now.  They just have not been selling them actively in the Americas. It looks like that might be changing.  The “SUPERSOL” line of follow-spots comes in a 1, 2, 3, and 3K long throw versions.

More information soon!



Hubbel has introduced the Twist-Lock App. This is the electronic version of the old “slide-rule” style tool used in the past to determine the correct connector needed. You can search by amps volts, ples/wiles; Nema (L5-15) reference number; catalog #/competitor; Nema configuration. Available in the App Store or on Google Play .

Get it on Google Play

Quickly identify and choose a specific Twist-Lock device and view related products. Detailed product information is available to users with an active internet connection.

Hubbell also featured the Twist-Lock 3-Phase Circuit Tester. It tests the wiring condition s of 3-Phase receptacles and connectors. Quickly diagnoses mis-wiring situations. This product is great for dark or hard to reach places and there is no measurement reading to interpret. It has a Carabiner style clip to secure to a work belt and is UL 1436 listed.

Hubbel Snap USB OutletsThe other popular quick change you can do for control rooms, green rooms and other places is swap out duplex outlets to ones that INCLUDE USB chargers. Hubbell’s SNAP Connect ® USB Charger provides USB power in a standard single gang electrical opening. Designed to provide maximum charging for portable electronics, the USB ports are capable of delivering a total of 3 amps to multiple portable electronics simultaneously


CBI Quad-dropCBI Cables introduced the QuadBox.  Heavy duty steel enclosure. Input is  Powercon Blue or True1 male inlet, output is 4 powercon grey. You can connect multiple boxes for custom drops.

Elation Lighting

Elation always has a wide variety of new products introduced. They also won the show’s Best Large Booth award and more industry recognition for the Best Debuting Product award winner Sniper. One item of particular interest is the Sniper 2R. Powered with the Philips 132W Platinum 2R lamp, this fixture offers a multi effect beam, scanner, laser simulator. The fixture has liquid sky, laser wave and cone effects, 14 dichroic colors + white, and 17 static gobos.

Elation Platinum ProfileAlso new, the new Platinum Profile LED is a profile / framing shutter LED spot luminare that features a 180W LED engine, 6,500K, >85CRI, 9,000 total lumens, 18° beam angle, 4 rotating framing shutter blades, 2 color wheels with 11 total dichroic colors including UV, CTO, and white, 2 gobo wheels with 7 rotating-interchangeable and 7 static-stamped gobos, 3-facet rotating prism, frost, iris, and motorized focus, Art-NET (DMX Over Ethernet) support 5pin DMX, RJ45 Ethernet and powerCON in/out connections, (6) button control full color 180° reversible menu display, a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v), and flicker free operation for broadcast TV and FILM.

An upcoming product that should be available early next year is the Protron 3K LED Strobe. It has 202 CREE  3W LED’s, 120 degree beam angle, 2 power modes, and strobe effect macros including burst, pulse, lightning, and full on. 3/5 pin DMX and powercon in/out. 890W maximum power consumption.


American Grip

AGI Short HangerAmerican Grip continues to move forward with their products, always looking to create new pieces and accessories to make the lives of grip and studio lighting technicians easier. If you think something could be done differently, check with them to make sure they have not already have it manufactured.

A great example of this is the Aluminum, Medium Duty Adjustable Extension which was shown as a prototype last year.  This uses the slide-through pipe clamp of a traditional hanger but with 1″ tubing suitable for use with the smaller/lighter fixtures which are now more typical in studio hangs.  The tubing incorporates steel internal stops for safety and, of course, can be fitted with a stirrup or other hanging hardware.

There is a very forward focus to keep as much of the manufacturing process not just in the country but in their own hands, to ensure that buying American means buying quality. Their customer service is there for you, backing up their products and workmanship.


CHAUVET DJ EZ GoboOne of the sought after fixture in the CHAUVET DJ line on display was the EZ-Gobo. Complementing their EZ-Pin fixtures, this battery operated LED fixture gives you a crisp, cool white beam spot, not only with a variable zoom/focus, but the ability to project gobos as well. The strong magnetic base/scissor clamp and IR remote adds to the fixtures versatility.

Another tool for anyone in the event or dj industry is the Freedom PAR line. With the option of Tri, Quad or Hex LEDs, you now have a compact, wireless and bright uplight device that can quickly be adapted for use with a clamp as an overhead PAR as well. Tied in the Chauvet’s Flarecon wireless control system and mobile device app, setting and controlling your ballroom full of fixtures just got even easier.

Here’s CHAUVET DJ’s Allen Reiss with the tour –

CHAUVET Professional

Chauvet-Prof-TheatricalOne of the high points of this year’s booth was their addition to the Ovation, LED ellipsoidal and Fresnel lines. The ED-190WW and FD-165WW respectively, run not only on constant power with DMX control, but also phase dimming power. There’s not even a flick of a switch required to go between the two controls. Simply unplug your straight power line and control, then plug in the phase dimmer line and you’re good to go. Chauvet’s wait to release this fixture to perfect the challenge of a smooth dimmer curve paid off with a clean fade from 0 -100 and back.

Chauvet Professional LED Houselight, Profile and FresnelNew to the Ovation line, the H-105WW LED house light features COB LED technology for outstanding flat, even, and flattering fields of light in your venue. It comes standard with interchangeable lenses for adjustments for differing heights, 5-pin DMX and install terminals for permanent and temporary installations, and is a silent LED fixture. The fixture features 16-bit dimming response, remote device management for added programming flexibility, and has adjustable PWM to avoid flickering in filmed environments.

Ovation-Min-E-10WWOvation Min-E-10WW is the perfect complement in form and function to the bigger Ovation™ E-190WW in a handy, almost pocket sized version. Powered by a punchy 10W warm white LED, this ultra discreet ellipsoidal features a four-blade shutter system to efficiently and cleanly crop light from unwanted areas, and the interchangeable lens tubes slide in and lock down at the desired focus point. Ovation Min-E-10WW is easily dimmed using external dimmer packs apt for LED lighting.

Complementing their line of moving head fixtures are the Rogue series. With choices of HRI lamp or LED based fixtures, these fixtures focus on versatility and brightness. From tight beams to a variety of effects including layering of prisms in the R1 and RH1 Hybrid for new options for aerial effects, this line is a good choice for the medium to large sized venues where small footprints yet high output are needed.

A complete video tour of the from CHAUVET Professional’s Jim Hutchinson is below.

Gantom Lighting (Formerly Darklight)

GT4_1000As of November 2014, known as Gantom Lighting and Controls, in an effort to spread their product beyond the initial themed park and environment markets to a broader range of customers seeking precision, power, and compactness from a low powered, LED source. Assisting with this growth to a bigger market is the Gantom One from their current Gantom product line. This compact 4W LED pinspot exceeds the output of a traditional 30W pinspot using ultra narrow beam optics to creat a pinspot of light shining farther and brighter than their current fixtures. Just look up at the tradeshow ceiling to see for sure. Availabel in 2700K and 6500K color temperatures, rated for both indoor and outdoor (IP65) use.

Gantom-IQXAnd for a new and easier form of programming and control your DMX capable Gantom fixtures, download the DMX Programmer App from Gantom from the iTunes store for you iphone. (Android version to follow) Plug the programming cable into the headphone jack of the phone and quickly address your fixtures and/or set intensity, color and other effects.


Lyntec Web ControlsThe fellows at Lyntec were not resting on their laurels following the success of the Remote Power Control Mobile (RPCM) last year. They have been hard at work digging into the control software which supports all of the RPC devices. Version 2 of the Remote Power Control Software provides a web based interface for the control of their panels via sACN, IP, DMX / RDM, and contact closure. A fast processor allows them to assign a control protocol on a per relay basis as well as assigning a response to each input within a panel.

Avolites – Group One

Avo-QuartzAvolites had their new desk running in their booth called Quartz which is the newest addition to the Titan Mobile family, complete with on-board processing and a bright, vibrant 12.1” screen, in our smallest full-featured console. Super compact, measuring only 42.5cm wide, the Quartz is the ideal companion for all your lighting projects, from touring and festivals to clubs and one-offs.

Featuring the same high quality faders and hardware you’ve come to expect from Avolites, the Quartz can go anywhere you can, ideal for life on the road.

Offering full compatibility with Multi user, the Quartz is also perfect for use as a back-up or extra programming surface, cutting your programming time. Quartz is ready to benefit from multi band Sound to Light Triggering functionality, offered in Titan version 9.

Elektralite – Group One

Group One LTD -Elektralite

EyeBall OutdoorAt the heart of the elektraLite eyeBall Outdoor are seven 12‐watt quad LED’s, consisting of a red, green, blue, and white component. The quad LED uses diffraction lensing, eliminating “rainbow” color spots which are typical when individual LED’s are exposed in lighting a cyc or similar background. By mixing color internally, the eyeBall Outdoor’s sophisticated diffraction lensing system provide true, blended, single‐color output. Because of this, the white is perfectly blended and balanced, so as not to emit a blue‐white so often seen in LED fixtures.

All of these features are packed in an IP65 housing to allow for use in outdoor extreme weather conditions like sun, sand, snow and rain. And a user‐friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options in addition to DMX, including RGB, strobe, and console‐free master/slave operation.

The Elektrolite MJ Parcan – This is a traditional style Par 64 fixture with state of the art LED technology. It is available in white and RGBAW. It has a true Par 64 style, utilizing a standard Par 64 body. The white provides 3200K at more than 4500 lumens. The color has RGBAW has a single 5 in 1 LED source for optimal blending and smoothness of color.

Electralite ElectraBarThe elektraBar is a 43-inch linear LED fixture that can be linked end-to-end or side-to-side for seamless, continuous coverage. Sporting 18 12-watt, 25-degree LEDs (10- and 40-degree lens kits available), the product’s six-in-one LEDs (RGBAWI) deliver the full color spectrum – including Amber for truly fresh tones – as well as a greater color palette than gels can provide. Combining high-performance with very little power draw (300VI), the elektraBar doesn’t generate any heat, unlike conventional current fixtures that can turn a downstage area into an oven. With no lamps or gels to replace, the elektraBar offers full-range dimming, strobe, DMX control, built-in auto program features, silent operation and an IP65 rating. An optional four-inch adjustable glare shield and beam trim flange is additionally available.


Da-Lite – While not introduced at LDI, Da-Lite has new HD Progressive screen surfaces. These are ideal for HD, high output projectors. It allows for cleaner, crisper images edge to edge. Typically used for video. They are available with Electric or fixed frame models.

Da-Lite ViewShareOne other interesting item that Da-Lite had was a new screen that incorporates a HD camera into the apparatus for video conferencing applications called View-Share. It comes in several options including retrofit models.

Clay Paky

Clay Paky won the LDI 2014 award for the Most Creative use of light in a booth.

Clay Paky LDI 2014Showed 3 new fixture products

  • Super Sharpy – Building on the popular Sharpy fixture, the Super Sharpy boasts a 470W, 7800K lamp compared to the 190w of the original Sharpy, Making it 3 times brighter than the original. There is a larger 170mm diameter lens with an adjustable field angle of 0 – 4 degrees.
  • Mythos – The Mythos is an advanced hybrid fixture with a 470W, 7800K lamp. It has zoom capabilities of 4 – 50 degrees, indexed visual effects that can be used along with all of the gobos either in or out of focus. There is a 5° aperture and “pipe” effect (Beam mode), CMY color mixing with gradually fading color wheels, 11 special color filters on three wheel, 2 CTO filters (3200 K and 2500 K) + 1 CTB filter, Wheel with 6 HQ dichroic rotating gobos, Wheel with 18+1 fixed metal gobos, 6 beam reducer filters on the gobo wheel, Advanced visual effect disc (animation disc), 2 indexable rotating prisms (8-facet and linear 4-facet prism), Frost filter for soft-edge projection.
  • Stormy – Stormy is an LED Strobe light but much more. It allows for continuous light making it a viable wash light as well. The all white LED strobe has 3 channels of control, 980w max in pulsed mode and 720w max in continuous mode. There is also an RGBW model, The Stormy CC, which has 7 control channels.

We’re still looking for a YouTube vid of the LDI show, but the one from PLASA is pretty close..


GlobalTruss ClampsGlobal Truss America displayed a series of accessories to complement its long line of truss configurations including a wall mounting bracket, a light duty 1.5″ half coupler and an audio speaker 1-3/8″ tube mounting adapter plate.

The 90 degree corner blocks and three way blocks for 12″ box truss are now available with rounded curves.


Globaltruss iPad StandThe Duratruss product line features a 13′ (220lb) and 12.5′ (175lb) direct drive crank stand.  The new rack and pinyin design replaces the need for any cables that can slip.

Lastly, be sure to check out the sleek looking iPad truss mounting stand and bracket.


Lightronics FXLD2512B5I6 LED Wash Lighting Fixture Bar Lightronics has a few of their newest releases on hand at LDI – including LED Wash Lighting Fixture Bar [LD2512B5I6] which spots 12 – 25 Watt HEX LEDs for 330 Total Watts.  It can run in 5 or 9 channel DMX mode and has a native beam angle of  60°. Control modes include: DMX, Autorun, Master/Slave and Sound Activate.

Lightronics 1018frp5i4 HEX LED ParThey also had an LED PAR called the FXLD1018FRP5I which is another HEX LED (RGBAW) lighting fixture. It is suitable for stage, disco, night club, and other artistic applications. It has several stand alone control modes and can operate via a
DMX-512 external signal. A double yoke enables the fixture to be operated in several positions.

LEX Products

LEX PCS TrioAfter over two years of R&D, LEX Products unveiled a brand new approach to permanently installed power distribution.  This new power control technology centers on the PCS Trio (Power Control System).  Available in 4, 8 or 16 module sizes, this 14.5″ wide panel features three circuits per interchangeable module.  Load types include both single and double pole relays as well as a traditional 350 us rise time SCR dimmer.  Designed to handle the rigorous demand of entertainment applications, these fully rated 20 amp circuits come in 5 different module configuration designs and speak DMX, RDM, sACN and ArtNET.  Chock full of control features, the PCS drives LED loads, traditional dimmers, relays and 220v moving lights from a single 3-phase power source made possible by LEX’s unique patent pending bussing design.

PCS is expected to start shipping in January 2015.   LEX Products also plans to launch a portable model in the near feature.

Pathway Connectivity

Pathway Cognito 2Pathway Connectivity launched the Cognito2 Lighting Console featuring a much faster control processor, HDMI external monitor port and channel expansion up to 2048 channels (4 universes). Show files between the original Cognito and v2 are completely interchangeable as they both run the same software. To top the new release off, Cognito 2 has been reduced in price. Special pricing is available on existing inventory of v1 if interested.

The latest version of Cognito software (dated Sept. 25 2014) features global timing updates for active playlists. External midi time code triggers are now supported as well as up to three separate internal time code clocks. The internal clocks can be triggered via external serial commands or contact closure. The playlist timing can also be memorized during real time recording and later recalled for future playback.

Pathway has also released Choreo Controller (Cognito in a 3-gang LCD wall box). It’s ideally suited for restaurants, lobbies, museums and ballrooms that feature entertainment lighting products controlled by DMX, pathport, ArtNET, sACN, KiNET. The LCD can access an unlimited number of rooms and recall playlists from its on board processor. No longer do you have to bring in a console to update the show, Choreo is a full feature, self-support processor that will allow for instant editing of intensities, color, position and timing. Scenes can also be externally triggered through a series of inputs including DMX, serial, telnet or simple contact closure.

Pathway was excited to announce the Snap Panels, 0-10v control coupled with up to 16 relay circuits, is now in production.


Dipping their toe in the LDI pool for the first time this year was the quiet start up company from Austin KETRA. Ketra has from the ground up created a digital lighting system with lamps, luminaires, controls and software to create beautiful, controllable light.  Ketra products work cohesively to deliver the highest quality rendering of light, to the exact specifications of each user.

Ketra S38 LampKetra’s S38 PAR38 lamps provide the power of digital control and complete programmability in high quality LED light. Whether as a stand-alone element or as part of a complete lighting system, the S38 impeccably renders the full spectrum of saturation and hue, while remaining fully customizable through our included design software. Experience the mainstay of Ketra’s product line with the simple replacement of existing lamps.

  • Fully tunable spectrum delivers white light, pastels and saturated color.
  • Low glare, single point source.
  • Clean industrial design.
  • Active control system maintains consistent color point.
  • Full digital control and performance.
  • Seamless integration with existing controls.
  • Wirelessly control color point and dimming to 1%.

N3-NOBLURKetra’s N3 satellite provides several vital system functions: control of luminaires, integration of third-party control and lighting products, and on-board memory and astronomical time clock functionality. The N3′s wireless connectivity enables its installation in multiple, convenient locations. To simplify the integration of third party control systems, it includes multiple inputs and outputs, including: 0-10V, 0-24V, and DMX; with future releases supporting DALI, TRIAC dimming control, and network backbone connectivity.

  • Enables Ketra’s luminaires to join the Ketra control network.
  • Wireless network for easy installation.
  • On-board content storage and astronomical time clock.
  • Multiple control inputs and outputs for integration of third-party control and lighting products.

To see the whole array of the Ketra system check out their website.


Leprecon XC350 Lighting ConsoleLeprecon released their new XC 350 console, which replaces the now discontinued LP1600 and LPX consoles.  This new addition to the LPC line of controllers offers 6 stacking playbacks, 24 programmable submasters, 12 ‘quick look’ button playbacks along with a conventional cue stack.  The XC features four edge wheel encoders, an on-board trackball and full numeric keypad for fast data entry and parameter adjustment while programming. The LPC software base provides an easy to use interface for events ranging from improvised performance to tightly scripted shows using conventional dimming, LEDs, and automated fixtures.

Leprecon WatsonAlso on hand was the handy ‘Watson’ Power Management relay that provides a simple and compact solution for installing, powering and controlling electronic fixtures available in 120 or 208/240 volt versions.

Features include:
– Uses DMX control to Power On/Off each fixture group
– Extend fixture life, reduce energy use
– Easy ‘Reset’ control for fixtures that need power cycling
– Buffered and isolated DMX output
– Isolates fixture electronics from power grid
– Dry contract closure, no SSR or Triac output devices
– Use as a relay pack for motorized effects or other ‘non-dimmable’ devices
– Lowers installed cost using a single power drop to support several fixtures
– 4 Models: 1-Duplex Out, 1-Neutrik PowerCon Out, 6-Duplex Out, 6-Duplex Raceway
– Mounting brackets included (Product Support shows detailed drawings)
– Wireless DMX option available


Cavotec cable reelsNew to LDI this year – CAVOTEC – an Industrial manufacturer showing a unique line of either spring driven or motor driven cable reels for both data and power. What was interesting about these cable reels was their ability to lock in place in the down position and the option of multi-pin quick connect and disconnect connectors. The cable reels can handle data distribution and audio lines as well. Additionally Cavotec has a line of radio remote controls for motors of all types. The simple system is able to control multiple chain hoists from a single radio remote pendant. Installation of the communications card is quick and easy at the motor, and the pendant has password lockout capability.


Wildfire VioStormWildfire showcased their new VioStorm black light LED. The VioStorm uses 365nm LEDs which is the peak wavelength you need for ultra-bright effects. The fixture has an array of 10W UV LEDs, delivering a total of 60 Watts. The VioStorm is flicker free dimming and has 5 Pin DMX in/Out and Powercon In/Out. There are also 7.5” brackets to allow the fixture to use the industry standard accessories.

Also on hand was their affectionately nicknamed “Powerhouse.”

Wildfire Effects Master VHOThe Effects Master VHO produces such a flood of UV output, you could light up an entire warehouse. Which is exactly what it was designed for.

Laser tag arenas, mini-golf courses, nightclubs, or any large entertainment venues needing to flood a large area with as much UV as possible at a low cost will appreciate the new Effects Master VHO. The fixture features FOUR 4 ft. lamps, and accepts any standard 40W T-8, T-10, or T-12 size. The electronic VHO (Very High Output) ballast, among other features, is what’s responsible for such output. It overdrives each lamp to 80W, giving you 320 Watts of raw black light power.

Rosco Labratories

Rosco featured several new products at LDI, starting with their new Vapour Line. This line includes the Mini-V, Vapour, Vapour Plus and the V-Hazer.

The Mini-V is an affordable, user friendly fog machine. The Mini-V uses 1000 watts and has an output of 1 liter/hour fluid consumption. This fog machine is controlled by on On/Off Remote.

The Vapour is a 1200 Watt fog machine that has a maximum output of 3.6 Liter/Hour Fluid Consumption. The Vapour has two control options; a detachable time remote that offers convenient local control of output & operation, and a DMX interface that allows for programmed fog effects using your console.

The Vapour Plus is a 1500 Watt fog machine that has a maximum output of 7.2 Liter/Hour Fluid Consumption. Ideal for filling large venues and outdoor spaces, the Vapour Plus can produce cryogenic-type burst effects without having to use CO2 tanks. The Vapour Plus has two control options; a detachable time remote that offers convenient local control of output & operation, and a DMX interface that allows for programmed fog effects using your console.

The V-Hazer is a water based haze machine that has a quiet operation when running and a silent mode when not making haze. The V-Hazer shares the same remote with the Vapour and Vapour Plus and is 900W with a continuous haze at .9 Liter/Hour Fluid Consumption.

Added to the LitePad line are three new custom LitePad options. The LitePad HO90, LitePad CCT and LitePad RGB. The LitePad HO90 uses CRI 90+ emitters and is available in 2800K, 4000K and 5300K color temperatures. The LitePad CCT uses two channels or warm and cool LEDs offering variable color temperatures from 2800K to 6500K and the LitePad RGB is a single chip, color mixing RGB LED that produces even color covereage.

Rosco also exhibited the Braq Cube LED Fixtures. The fixture is 100 Watts of LED output with over 7000 lumens of High CRI Output in just a 5 inch cube. There are two options, the Braq Cube WNC and the Braq Cube 4C. The Braq Cube WNC offers variable color temperature control from 2800K-3500K and the Braq Cube 4C is a Quad Chip with RGBQ emitters.

American DJ

American DJ displayed a number of new products at the LDI Exhibition, starting with the Fog Fury Jett. The ADJ Fog Furry Jett is a high velocity fog machine. This machine can be used vertically or horizontally and offers 12 x 3 Watt RGBA LEDs. The blast of fog can shoot 25’ in the air and uses a special heating element that prevents from clogging.

Also featured at the American DJ booth was the 12P Hex. The Hex is an LED Par fixture with 12 x12 Watt Hex LEDs and a 30 degree beam angle. The LEDs are RGBAW-UV.

Other new products include the Inno Pocket Spot Twins and the Zipper. The Inno Pocket Spot Twins contain two mini Moving Heads on a mounting bar. Each 12 Watt LED Mover operates independently, featuring 3 colors plus white, 7 gobo plus spot and separate color wheels. There are 4 built-in shows that allow the user to control by sound.

The Zipper is a lighting effect that contains four barrel mirrors, 8-Watt LEDs and 16 built in lightshows. The RGBW beams move back and forth to create multiple beams that can cover a wide area. The Zipper can be run in Sound Active mode, DMX control or in internal show mode.

CITC Special Effects

CITC AquamaxCITC exhibited the Aquamax MP. The Aquamax MP is a water based Haze machine that uses scent free haze and has a hang time of 1 – 2 hours. The Aquamax MP is the newer model of the Aquamax and now uses 2 channels of DMX and has variable fan speed on DMX. This unit also includes timers and a remote.

A new addition the CITC line is the Double BubbleMax X2. This machine gives users the choice on how many bubbles they want and it produces double the bubbles of the original BubbleMax.

While some snow machines can be incredibly loud CITC is the manufacturer of that they call the “quietest snow machine of its kind in the world”, the Quiet Cube.

Lycian Stage Lighting

Lycian was on hand to display their ever expanding product line of followspots. The standard line ranges from the Clubspot and Midget 1K to the newer Zot units. Offered in 1200 Watt Tungsten & 575, 700 & 1200 Watt Arc lamp models Zot is complete with features such as Internal 6 Color Self-Cancelling Color Boomerang, Innovative Spot Size Controller and Rear Fader Control

The LDI stand also afforded Lycian the opportunity to display their M2 Followspot System. A collection of module that, depending on assembled configuration will yield follow spotlights capable of wide angle short throw to narrow beam long throw units. The modules consist of Main Chassis, Gate, 1200 watt Lamp House, 2500 watt Lamp House, Short, Medium and Long throw Lenses, Yoke and Base Assemblies, and Magnetic and flicker-free Electronic Power Supplies. The modules are easily reconfigured in the field – with no tools – to change operation characteristics.

Lycian 1250 FollowspotDemonstrating that Tungsten is still a viable source, Lycian presented The 1250KB using a quick change 1200W 80V Fast-Fit Quartz Halogen lamp. Designed largely for studio or theatre applications, the 3200K source does not require color correction with optics designed for throws of 30- 125′. Top-mounted controls include a fader, nichrome iris, and square shutters, while a single lever trombone intensifies the beam as the diameter is reduced. With flicker free operation, no external power supply an internal self-cancelling six-color boomerang and folding stand, the unit is sized to fit neatly on a studio platform, or in theatre coves or box boom positions.

Total Structures

Total Structures Elmer VeithTotal’s introduction of PointMan lifting products Total Structures boldly asserts ”Chain hoists aren’t new, but they can be made better“. Throughout the show Total’s Elmer Veith shows a crowd of interested onlookers how simple it is to take apart a PointMan hoist while extolling it’s virtues

To prove their claim the focus of their LDI exhibit focused on demonstrating a number of the hoist’s unique qualities including:

  • Rated IP65 (Totally protected from ingress of dust and largely protected against high pressure water jets from any direction) as standard including factory installed load sheave drain to prevent internal water accumulation.
  • PointmanMulti-voltage ready: 180V-3P to 500V-3P operation with low power consumption for use with existing control systems
  • Unit comes double reeved standard for field modification to operate at 2x the capacity at ½ the speed.
  • Standard Electronics module across all size hoists for reduced service inventory
  • Units are supplied with or without internal limit switches (2 position or 2 position with emergency). All units fitted with mechanical chain stops
  • Available with all industry standard connection combinations like dual twistlock, 7 pin connector, or 14 pin connector
  • Single or double brake; with double brake also available as a post-sale, retrofit option to existing single brake units
  • Total-LDI-1425% Duty factor as standard with higher duty factor units available
  • Factory fitted with handles and power cable strain relief connection point as standard
  • Hoist and chain bag will operate in “motor-down” or “motor-up” orientation without modification
  • Low headroom rigging plate or hook suspension, capable of both swivel and fixed operation. Field switchable without additional parts

High End Systems (A Barco Company)

SolaSpot 1500LDI brought the debut of the SolaSpot Pro 1500, the latest in the SolaSpot range of Automated LED luminaires from High End Systems. Boasting 20,000 lumens using a 400w LED engine coupled with features including framing shutters, CMY color mixing, linear CTO, two gobo wheels, animation effects, a prism, an iris, frost and a 8 to 45 degree zoom range make this unit a viable option for those looking for an LED option to replace their arc lamp profile movers..

High End MMS 100Another first showing, the MMS-100, is High End’s moving mirror system with an Axon Media Server on-board. Using a custom front surface and optically flat custom mirror designed for a 98% reflection of light , the MMS range delivers sharp, bright and incredibly detailed High Definition images from the projector of your choosing ( of course High End recommends a BARCO projector). The MMS range is controlled over DMX or Art-Net and in the near future will link up with Barco’s projector tool set allowing for quick and simple setup in many applications. The projectionist will be able to position and store presets directly within the Barco suite of software. There are two versions the MMS-100 including an Axon HD media server on-board and the MMS-200 being only the mirror.

High End ShapeshifterFor the first time in the US, High End unveiled the SHAPESHIFTER range. 7 independently controlled modules housed in one moving fixture create a multitude of highly defined beams coming together to form an array of dynamic visual effects. All aspects of the fixture are designed for speed to provide a palette of creative options available, all from one fixture. High End Systems has provided almost 150 Module Macros available to the user, written to provide a fast and intuitive way to create powerful effects without starting from scratch. 4 units are available with either RGB or White LEDs, and either 126 or 63 Cree XPE2 LEDs.

GE Lighting

GE Link Connected Bulbs and controlsGE Lighting introduces GE Link light bulbs which connect via a hub to the Wink app on your mobile device. Remotely operate individual lights or groups, sync them with other smart products, dim or highlight for the perfect setting, and automate lighting to fit your schedule. GE Link technology brings together smart LED lights with smartphones to create connected LED bulbs that keep you in control. Currently, available in 60w, 65w, and 90w LED replacements.

City Theatrical

QolorpointQolorPoint battery powered LED RGBW uplight has an elegant design for event lighting. The design is cylindrical shape with removable stainless steel shroud. Built in is the SHoW DMX radio and is rated for outdoor use IP65. QolorPoint recharges in 4 hours using Li-Ion Battery and the battery life exceeding 10 hours on maximum output dual color or cycle. The fixture is available with a 6-Way charging flight case and black or white shroud. For event lighting this unit will be fast and easy setup and breakdown.

Qolorflex NuneonQolorflex Nuneon allows you to achieve the same visual effects as standard neon lights, with the reliability, brightness, and ease-of-installation of LED lighting. Totally encased in a translucent silicone material, the LEDs read as a continuous light source for a truly neon look. Sold in 50M reels or cut to length, our NuNeon lighting is available in Multi-color RGB and Red.

QolorFlex Connect 14QolorFlex Connect 14 is great for large sets and shows where multiple dimmers and many linear feet of LED tape are required, CTI offers a practical and time saving solution for managing the wiring and making numerous connections where needed. Connect any of the 14 terminal block connectors (5 pin) to a dimmer/control output and have 13 additional controlled outputs available where you need them. Each output is color coded for use with 4-color RGBX tape and each has +power. Each tape can then be easily identified and traced for testing and troubleshooting when required.

QolorFlex Control 6QolorFlex Control 6 is a basic six channel DMX controller/color mixer is perfect for use in small shows or events/demonstrations or for use in set-up and testing of large shows with multiple tape runs. Channels are each controlled with individual faders or all at once with the master. The unit has 3PXLRF DMX out connector. It can be operated either by one 9V battery or with the 9V plug in power supply.

D4 LPD4 LP Dimmer is optimized for LED use and offers numerous features for the professional user working in film, video and live theatrical productions. Four channel operation makes it perfect for use with multicolor and hybrid LED tapes and it offers five 5-pin output terminal blocks for connections. It incorporates an integral power supply and its fanless configuration ensures totally silent operation. The low profile (2″ high) unit is sized for surface mounting behind scenery and is also compatible with standard rack mount enclosures. Its versatility is furthered by its availability as either a 12V for 24V unit with either Class1 or Class 2 device ratings.

Calzone & Anvil Case Company

Anvil calzone caseCalzone & Anvil Case Company builds custom cases designed around the way you work to save time and money on location. They currently offer quick set-up and packing of rack-mounted equipment, small flat monitor and production screens cases, console cases to name a few. If you’re on the road there versatile because same cases lids and sides are interchangeable, so you’re not trying to find the right lid for the right case in a time crunch. Calzone has plans for all major fixtures on file, from 4, 8, or even 16 in 1 cases for smaller lights to cases with drop down ramps and H.D. casters for large lights.


AadynTech SpacelightAAdynTech continues its mantra “Brighter. Lighter. Cleaner. Greener.” with the new LED Jab, Punch, and Space Light. The Space Light LED features 3400k CTI and 96+ CRI rating. With an output of 52 foot-candles at 25 ft, the SpaceLight LED draws slightly under 7 amps. This high output fixture is as bright as a 6k Space Light and with its multi-channel operation has many versatile applications beyond the traditional Space Light; as a skypan, audience blinder, or for chase and effects lighting. This fixture ships with a standard adjustable heavy-duty yoke and attachment points for industry standard skirts, targets, hoods and Chimeras. An optional lightweight single gel frame will allow the use of filters or gels. The fixture has no UV or IR emissions and is certified for UL, ETL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliance. The Space Light is equipped with an industry standard PowerCon locking A/C cord.


Daktronics ProPixelDaktronics’ ProPixel freeform products allow designers to turn any structures into eye-catching video displays.   The flexible mesh mounting platform is thin, lightweight, and can be mounting from either the front or rear. The IP67 rating makes the ProPixel ideal for outdoor locations, even in a wet environment. The ProPixel Freeform is offered in two forms, the video stick (PSX) and the video puck (PCX).

PSX has pixels set at specific intervals along its length making it ideal for extremely tight radius corners, weight restrictions, see-through display, or where long, thin lines of pixels are desired. The pixels are configured with two red, two green, and two blue LEDs, giving designers 16-bit imagine processing, with a horizontal viewing angle of 110⁰ and vertical viewing angle of 50⁰.

The PXC is ideal or curved shapes or spheres, where variable spacing is desired, and see-through applications. The pucks are configured with one red, one green, and one blue LED providing 10-bit image processing, a horizontal viewing angle of 140⁰ and vertical viewing angle of 70⁰.

AirStar America

Airstar-SiroccoAirStar America manufactures a variety of balloon space lights for décor, film/TV, or the contraction industry. Their newest product featured at LDI was the Sirocco 2. The Sirocco 2 is a 3’x2’ balloon constructed of flame retardant fabric, and is IP54 rated. The balloon contains six 100watt LEDs with an average life of 50,000 hours while providing a maximum of 50,000 lumens in a daylight color temperature.

Airstar also had inflatable light sources in a variety of shapes for events, film/video production and work-site/safety applications.


Marinco-CL-CamMarinco has introduced their Inline Cam. The new body design with improved contact, wider cut lines, and ergonomic grip give you maximum control during mating and removal. The new Inline Cam meets UL1691, the new industry standard as of March 1, 2015. The new design is compatible with current Marinco Power Products and also with other manufacturer’s products that meet the new UL1691 standard.

Interactive Technologies

Integrated-Cue-Server-2Interactive Technologies has revamped their CueServer lighting controller and introduced the CueServer 2 which also won the Plasa Member’s Choice Award 2014 and LDI Best Debuting Product in the Lighting Controls category.

The CueServer 2 is forty times faster and with 1,000 times the memory of the original, CueServer2 is also ethernet based and now provides up to 32 DMX universes, and can handle up to 32 times lines. Users can create lighting scenes directly or capture snapshots from an external device. It contains a real-time clock with astronomical functions and calendar events.  The new revision also supports multi-show storage and sports a removable micro SD memory card.

Interactive-Tech-CueServer-2The system integrates via Ethernet, Serial, Digital I/O, or audio, and can seamlessly interface with other control systems such as Crestron or AMX. You may also choice from the Interactive Technologies line of Cue Stations, including preset button stations with one to eight buttons, or the touchscreen control station. At this time, CueServer2 is available in the eDIN mount version only.

Martin by Harmon

Martin Rush MH1 ProfileThe latest addition to the Rush line of lighting for the installation market, the Rush MH 1 Profile Plus is a moving head LED fixture considered as an upgrade to the Rush MH 1 Profile. With 50% more output, the new version has two gobo wheels (fixed and rotating) and two color wheels. The fixture also features an increased beam angle from 13° to 16º for more efficient optics. The unit houses a motorized iris and an electronic dimmer and strobe to create effects such as strobes, pulses, and instant open/blackouts. The fixture also features a 3-facet prism for indexing and rotation with variable direction/speed as well as an improved cooling system for quieter operation.

The MAC Quantum Profile has been given a few changes in hardware design and software since it’s launch at Prolight & Sound earlier this year.  This extremely bright LED Profile fixture incorporates white light combined with a super-quick, yet smoothly operating CMY color mixing system and crisp gobo projection. Combined with the new Animotion FX system, it is comparable to 700/800 W discharge fixtures.MARTIN_MAC-Aura-XB

MAC Aura XB is an upgrade to the popular Aura fixture.  Incorporating many new features first introduced on the MAC Quantum Wash, the MAC Aura XB offers additional brightness and a new color mixing system with optimized lens design for tighter beams and more even washes.  Using a 15W RGBW array system vs the previous 10W system, the lumen output is essentially doubled.

Martin M-TouchMartin M-Touch is an affordable console which can connect to any M-Series console or a PC running M-PC, which can be installed on any PC running Windows 7 or higher.  It’s the same software you will find on the Martin M2PC. With a full 512 DMX channels that are expandable up to 65,000 channels, the The M-touch features 14 Force Sensor Resistive Faders (FSR) and 20 Pressure Sensitive Buttons (PSB), along with easy control with direct access to common programming buttons including Record, Delete, Group, Cue update, Beat trig, Main Go/Pause/Release, and a multitude of others.

Martin Rush Gobo ProjectorThe RUSH Gobo Projector 1 is ideal for applications that require a compact fixture for easy LED gobo projection. Ideal for clubs, bars, restaurants and shopping malls, this silent gobo projector provides easy adjustment of focus. Easy-touch buttons allow for easy adjustment of focus, speed, and direction, while a magnetic gobo holder allows for simple gobo changes in seconds.

The Exterior PixLine family consists of linear LED video fixtures for media-facades and creative installations. The three pixel pitches (10, 20 and 40 mm) can be combined with a wide variety of lenses and diffusers for the right look for multiple applications. The fixtures can be fully customized in terms of length and color, while the power source is hidden.  Driven by the Martin P3 System Controller family for easy setup and video display, it is also backwards compatible with DMX for smaller setups.

RUSH DC 1 AquaRUSH DC 1 Aqua , a compact and bright LED fixture projects brilliant aquatic decoration effects. With full electronic dimming, variable manual focus, variable effect speed/direction control and five selectable colors including open white and split color options.  Controlled via stand alone or DMX modes, it’s ideal for shows, clubs or simply your own personal party.  Powered by a 75-Watt LED engine, the DC 1 Aqua offers a variety of color moods and effects, from chill to warm and from a silent trickle to a surging waterfall. The fixture features a beam angle of 40 degrees and has a minimum LED lifetime of 50,000 hours.  The luminaire is housed in a high-impact and flame-retardant thermoplastic and comes standard with a bracket for surface or truss mounting.

Martin JEM HAZER ProJem Hazer Pro includes advanced pump technology, 2.5 L of fluid capacity that provides 10 hours of operation on full output, and a user-friendly on-board control panel with preset functionality.  As the newest member of Martin’s professional hazer family, the JEM Hazer Pro is 30% lighter and 45% smaller. An innovative high-quality air pump system using C+ haze fluid and CO2 input produces exceptionally fine atmospheric haze in a short period of time.  The hazer also comes standard with an on-board DMX 3-pin and 5-pin connection, a sealed fluid system for easy transportation, and is plug-and-play capable with programmable fast-access keys.


Manfrotto Light ControlOver the last month, Manfrotto has launched a collection of light modifying tools – The range consist of: reflector and diffusers available in triangular and circular shapes; softboxes for on camera and off camera usage, a dual functional umbrella; unique textured backgrounds which are easily collapsible, and backgrounds supports for instant setup

Manfrotto also introduced the XPRO fluid head in both 2 way and 3 way axis in early November.  The Xpro allows a switch from hard fluidity for soft tilt movement to soft fluidity for fast tilt movement. homepage_static_banner_3WayThe retractable levers can be extended when needed. You can make fine framing adjustments by setting the head’s friction to support the weight of your camera, even with the locking knobs open. Its aluminum body has a max load of 8kg/16.8 lbs. which is great for most of today’s DSLR and even small video cameras.

Clear Com

Clear Com LINQ

The gold standard for intercom communications over standard mic cable – LINQ is Clear-Com’s new IP interface equipment. The devices are available in two-wire (LINQ-2W2) or four-wire (LINQ-4W2) versions. The LINQ-2W2 is both Clear-Com and RTS TW compatible, while the LINQ-4W2 can interconnect with devices such as analogue ports of any matrix intercom system, analogue telephone circuits, two-way radio gateways and audio consoles. As many as six LINQ IP interfaces can be linked together in any two or four-wire combination.

Baxter Controls (BCi)

Baxter ControlsKnown for their small footprint and economical mini-dmx controllers, Baxter had a something new up their sleeves at LDI.

The 24/8 is new toy from BCi.  Push of a button on the side allows you to select one of 3 pages of channels AND record up to 8 submasters.

Altman Lighting

SSCYC400-RGBA-smAltman unveiled their new Spectra Cyc 400 – a 4′ cyclorama wall wash luminaire available in RGBA, RGBW, warm white, cool white, variable white and custom LED arrays options. Designed for theatrical and architectural applications, the Spectra Cyc 400 blends colors via a patented LED blended lens which reduces pixilation from direct view. The on board power supply allows for direct power & data input which can be daisy chained and the fixture features an on board in rush current limiter as standard. Designed for use on 12-16 foot centers maximum and a height of 46’+, individual units can be linked side by side for greater saturation of light. The Spectra Cyc 400 is compatible with both DMX and RDM protocols, and comes complete with a library of pre-programmed single colors to various color mixes. Units are made for floor or Sky-Cyc applications.

LED-R40Also a new R40 with LED lamps from GE shipped with lamps installed.  Hinged gel frame options on top and bottom.


Altman LED WorkliteA handy fixture for those worklights you always seem to be changing lamps for is the Altman LED worklight. The 3000k, 130w single point source provides 10,000 lumens and offers a true tungsten look and feel. The Work Light comes with a metal filter frame for use with diffusion and color filters. The Altman worklight functions as an on/off only fixture for ease of use and offers yoke mounting making it an easy retrofit solution.

While not at the show but something to keep in mind is the Altman recessed Chalice houselight which comes in a 50W or 100W LED version designed for permanent installation and energy savings. Changing lamps in your fixtures has now become a thing of the past. Integration the fixture into an existing control system is easy with the simple three-button DMX addressing that is easily accessible from the bottom of the fixture: set it once and enjoy a smoothly integrated and energy efficient illumination solution for your area of choice.

recessed-chalice-iso-smThe fixture is able to be controlled by your entertainment console, architectural control system or both; also available as a mains dimmable fixture for those facilities being built without a DMX control system, or for easy retrofit to a current installation for energy savings.


AyrtonAyrton, exclusively distributed in North America by Morpheus Lights, displayed their “RADICAL” line of LED beam fixtures.  These feature distinctive 67-mm 4.5 ° collimator optics with Osram Ostar 15W RGBW multi-chip LEDs to project 100 candelas per lumen.  The MagicRing-R1 is an updated version of the WildBeam-R (still available) with continuous pan and tilt and seven individually controllable emitters, which pulls less than 150W.  MagicRing-R9 is the most powerful luminaire in the RADICAL line, with 61 collimators coupled with 15W LEDs configured in four concentric rings around a center point with the option of fully pixel-mapped control.  The MagicPanel-R uses the same optics in a 5×5 matrix configuration; and the Intellipix-R is a modular projection panel that can be combined to create a giant screen, or placed under glass to create a projection floor.

Lee Filters

Still going strong in 2014 making their full line of gel and dichroic filters, in addition to their new “LED Correction” gels that they released last year.

One area that they have made great strides in has been revamping their website and catalog offerings. Alisa Kasmer, the Marketing Director for LEE, created a nifty one page flier that basically shows every product LEE makes, as well as, links to their new website and apps that allow you to pick your favorite colors.

Also check out their newly created “Mood Boards” which basically break colors down into families. Perfect for those new designers starting out looking to pick a bunch of colors that work really well together!

Lee has also recently updated the iOS and Android app called Lee Swatch – it’s worth a look!

H & H Specialties, Inc.

H&H-SpecialitesWhile nothing much has changed in the curtain track world this year, H & H Specialties is very excited to announce their recent move to a brand new facility! At almost 60k sqft the new space is almost double the size of their old one. Reid Neslage, President of H & H, thinks the added space will really allow them to speed up manufacturing and give them the space needed to grow!