Wild fire long throwWildfire has updated their long throw series fixture to decrease operating temperature. Another advancement is interchangeable lenses in 20/50/90 degree. Wildfire is discontinuing their 3 tube fluorescent UV fixture and is making the 4 tube unit the standard.  Products on the horizon include a UV laser, three-head relay pack for power control and a commercial grade UV LED Strip Light. There is a consumer grade UV LED Strip Light currently available.

Global Truss

global-truss-crank-standGlobal Truss was showing their Medium Duty (330lb capacity) and Extra Heavy Duty (459lb capacity) Crank Stands. The stands feature easy transport and set up and have a variety of optional accessory truss adapters. One nice feature is the analog height indicator on the crank side of the stand. The Global DuraTruss line comes in three square and 2 triangular sizes as well as beam and single tube. DuraTruss features tool free assembly and can be powder coated. Standard colors are black and white and custom colors are available. To give your rig a touch of elegance, try the DuraTruss Pro Zip Covers.


Canto USACanto will be releasing a new 200 Watt LED Truss Spot in Q1 2014. Specs show it with output close to a 575 Spot. The LED Light Engine can be retrofit to existing Canto spots. They also have a new accessory for the Canto line that permits single hand control of the iris and dowser.

Profile-R3055-20131023Canto USA is the national rep for a line of LED Profile, Fresnel and Panel Light fixtures by MacoStar. The MacoStar Profile series includes 3 zoom spots (8/22, 18/36 and 30/50) with a 200 Watt LED light engine. The barrel/lens tube assemblies are interchangeable. The light engine is available in 3200k and 5600k and comes standard with DMX control and RDM compatibility. The beam at sharp is crisp with no halo and is smooth and consistent at full soft. The Fresnel Series includes 100 and 200 watt LED fixtures. The Fresnels feature spot/flood adjustment, 3200k or 5600k light engines, no multi-shadows, DMX control, RDM compatibility, PoweCon In/Thru and accept a range of power inputs. Beam shaping is clean and precise with either a four or eight leaf barndoor. The panel fixture line includes two 100watt LED floods and a 100 watt LED softlight. All three feature local and DMX control, PowerCon In/Thru. Accessories include barndoor, reflector, honeycomb grid and diffuser screen. Yoke attachment at the fixture can be adjusted along the length of the fixture body. All of the fixtures in the MacoStar line include a simple to use touchscreen GUI, adjustable fan speed and an auto cutoff safety feature to protect the fixture from operating in an over temp situation.


Aquarii AP AxceleronThis year’s LDI was recent start-up Aquarii’s first time at the show and they came out swinging. Their Axceleron down-light is designed to be used as a down-light for theatre and entertainment venues, convention centers, arenas, museums, high school gyms & natatoriums.

Perfect for commercial and architectural lighting applications, the Axceleron can also be used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, dairies, wineries, and airport common areas. It is designed to replace metal halide, and high pressure sodium, incandescent lights. The Axceleron outperforms these conventional fixtures in energy savings and maintenance by up to 70%.

Axceleron can be configured with several lens types to provide the many choices in light  distribution. They are can do custom enclosure wraps so the fixtures can stand out or blend into any environment.

Light Tape

Light-tapePeople are generally familiar with electro-luminescent technology.  We’ve been incorporating EL-Wire into costumes and EL-tape into scenery / themed applications for a bit now, but the drawback is the drivers needed to illuminate the system, and connecting that driver to the wire / tape.   The folks at LightTape have a very solid system utilizes Global Tungsten & Powder’s premium quality light emitting phosphors and Honeywell’s Encapsulant Systems to guarantee that delivery the highest quality lamp possible to their customers.  Their electrical connection is extremely solid and robust as compared to other companies so it’s road-worthy and can hold up to the rigors of day in and out production.  If your considering EL for an upcoming production this is worth a look.


Ult-Re-sizing-jigOur friends at StageJunk are well known for their handy line of focusing tools, but they had something else pretty handy this year.

How many times has an DMX, Mic, or Ethercon been run over by a lift that renders the plug unable to mate to the socket?  Enter the “Ultimate Residing Jig”.  This solid machined solid stainless steel jig fits into the male connector end and if you push it in or gently tap it with a hard plastic or rummer hammer re-rounds you connector so it can work again!  There’s even a mark so you know when it’s the correct size.  Pretty ingenious, and you don’t have to solder on a new connector!


Spotlight-Fresneled-200-UDThe Spotlight team was on hand at LDI with their GreenLine which includes Fresnels, PCs, Beam lights, Profiles and Followspots with LED sources ranging from 50 watts to 250 watts. Three fixed white, a tunable white and RGBW versions are available. The output of their LED fixtures meets or exceeds that of comparable 300, 500 and 1000 watt incandescent lamps and all have reliable color rendering.

One interesting item of note was their FresneLED 200 UD that is equipped with new electronic power supply that can be ordered with so that it can be controlled by DMX, local potentiometer, or available with a dimmable driver to it can be controlled via a traditional dimmer line.  This is a great fixture to consider if you cannot change out your dimmers or are limited in DMX control capabilities.

Prism Projection

Prism Projection had the RevEAL Studio a Fresnel with high lumen output, tunable CCT from 2800-8000K, and beam quality guaranteed by TrueSource™ color management technology.  The unit provides 7600 lumens, local, DMX, and ethernet control options including color, intensity and spot/flood (20-70°). In addition, with the MicroLouver beam shaping accessory, the beam can be controlled to cut light analogous to barn doors for conventional lighting fixtures.

Prism Profile JrThey also showed the Profile Junior a tunable white, true high-CRI, LED profile spot with high lumen output. The Profile Junior’s size and weight are similar to conventional tungsten source ellipsoidals.  The new 10,000-lumen fixture features a variable CCT range of 2800K to 6500K. It has adjustable focus from hard to soft edge and accommodates all standard ETC SOURCE FOUR® lens barrels. It also offers four shutters on a tri-plane; a B-Sized GOBO; DMX, Artnet and local control; and universal AC input from 85-265 VAC.

Power NETFinally Prism showed the PowerNET which allows for DMX control over the existing power grid. Thus the system eliminates the need for the DMX infrastructure.  The system can handle 1000s of lighting units by taking ArtNet or DMX out of a console into the PowerNet unit. PowerNet then directly controls the Prism fixtures plugged into the spaces power grid.

Pathway Connectivity

Pathway-1012-1014Pathway Connectivity is one of the leading data communications company in the entertainment lighting industry. They design, manufacture and support an innovative family of products that enables the operation of sophisticated stage and architectural lighting systems. Whether you need data receptacles, opto-splitters, or networking gear Pathway has a proven track record.

A couple of useful items were revealed at the show that should be shipping early Q1 in 2014.  Pathport eDIN 1012 2-Port node is a compact gateway for encoding, routing and decoding DMX512 data over a standard Ethernet network. In addition to DMX, the Pathport eDIN 2-Port supports RDM discovery and configuration data transport. DIN-rail mountable for fast installation in existing cabinets, or also available as part of a complete ETL-listed assembly.  It is also available in a 4 port version with the part number 1014.

Pathway Cognito Lighting ConsoleRecently they got into the controller game with their Cognito console. Cognito solves the complex task of programming shows for systems that include incandescent dimmers, moving lights and color changing LED fixtures. Cognito is network-ready and features a streamlined user interface to guide you through the process of selecting lights, adjusting their attributes, and recording reference libraries, memories and cues. Once programmed, the show is played back manually or with sequenced playlists. The recent Nov 5, ’13 release bundled several important updates including improved effects, Wall Station mode, Cue Actions, sliders always play Memories, and much, much more. Bob Bell does a great YouTube series on using the desk that is worth watching. To the right is his recent post on “busking” or using the desk for on the fly playback.

JR Clancy

J.R. Clancy has been designing and manufacturing rigging and theatrical equipment since 1885 so they are intimately familiar with the needs of rigging on any scale.  At LDI they expanded the SceneControl 5000 series of controllers with rigging control consoles for performance spaces of every size, from the most complex performing arts center, sporting complex, or Broadway show to the high school, church, and college stage.

The new addition is the SceneControl 5200 console, which provides programming capability for an unlimited number of cues, including the ability to control other stage machinery like turntables, wagons, chain motors, and even performer flying hoists. Small enough for venues with confined backstage space, the SceneControl 5200 console controls up to 24 axes, making it the right controller for stages including high schools, colleges, and small to mid-sized theatres. (Thanks to Jacob and Stage Directions for the video!)

Osram Lighting

KREIOS FL_FLXThe OSRAM KREIOS FL and FLx (Flood Light) LED fixtures are work lights designed for theatres and other large venues.  Delivering  higher luminous intensity than traditional 300W halogen fixtures, the KREIOS FL allows superior illumination of the stage during set work and rehearsals. The KREIOS FLx delivers 60% more lumens and includes dimming capability. The color temperature and CRI have been selected to ensure accurate color rendering.  With OSRAM LED product technology and CE/UL certifications, the end user receives many years of reliable, low-cost performance.

Kreios SLOSRAM introduces the KREIOS SL LED set light fixture for studio, theatre and wash light applications. Delivering luminous intensity equal to traditional 250W halogen fixtures, the KREIOS SL offers superior illumination and substantial cost savings. The color temperature and CRI have been selected to ensure accurate color rendering. OSRAM LED product technology and CE/ETL certifications mean many years of reliable, low-cost performance.

The OSRAM KREIOS G1 is an LED gobo image projector designed for a wide range of spot lighting applications that require especially bright images. The high-powered LED light source and dedicated optical system delivers a crystal clear outline of the gobo with a homogeneous distribution of light across the entire image. KREIOS G1 is perfect for projecting messages, brand names and logos.

KREIOS_OneSheet The OSRAM KREIOS OneSheet LED panel is a high performing poster frame that has uniform light distribution and a thin low profile frame. This system is designed for high impact visual performance, long life, and energy savings. The KREIOS OneSheet panel  is a smart upgrade to traditional light boxes. Because of its ultra thin design, movie and theatre posters and messaging can now be placed in new locations to increase awareness.

The KREIOS OneSheet allows for quick and easy content changes with durable snap frame integration. Posters will look vivid and clear with the enhanced light guide technology that distributes the LED lighting evenly across the sign face.


Aadyn Punch PlusReleased at LDI you can now use the Aadyn Punch Plus Luminaire for outdoor floodlighting applications in any climate. Working with Tempest lighting, this custom Thunder enclosure will keep your luminaire dry and cool, and is designed to be hung from lighting poles and frames, with simple but secure pan and tilt adjustment.

Thunder 6670 EnclosureThe Thunder 6670 enclosure has been custom-designed by Tempest. Thunder 6670 protects your Aadyn luminaire in rain, snow, ice and sun, in temperatures up to 50 degrees C/120 degrees F.

Thunder 6670 is equipped with Tempest’s unique MiniDEC controller, to ensure cooling any time the luminaire is on or the temperature is high.  MiniDEC controller monitors temperature and power to the lamp, controls cooling and changes air when the lamp is off to prevent overheating in direct sun.


TMB’s pavilion was in full effect at LDI with lots of new offerings from the various manufacturers they distribute.  Here’s the rundown:

Green_Hippo_Rackoon_FrontGreen Hippo:  The Hippotizer Rackoon media server by Green Hippo. The Rackoon media server provides six layers of full 1080p HD playback, unrestricted output, unlimited PixelMapper universes, and all the features of the latest Hippotizer software, all in a compact 1U rackmount chassis.

IMS Intelligent Marquee Systems: DMX-controlled LED bulb arrays retrofit in existing festoon systems and more! IMS is available in two versions: The Architectural range for permanent outdoor installations, and the Portable Touring range for indoor and temporary outdoor applications. Both IMS ranges are available with RGB, warm white, and cool white A-type bulbs for a clean retro look. The proprietary IMS Universe Drive is available in Indoor and NEW Outdoor versions and integrates DMX data and power for up to 170 bulbs (one DMX Universe). Using the Vampire Tap sockets, systems can be custom built and reconfigured with different lengths and lamp spacing for each specific application.

LumenRadio: The Super Nova 3 software is a complete system management for lighting industry professionals.  Monitor, configure and graphically view your entire lighting system from a laptop. Utilizing the Art-Net management and RDM protocols, the latest version of SuperNova enables system-wide control of the entire lighting infrastructure. Alerts and monitoring can be configured for each element of the system – when a temperature is out of range, a push alert can be sent to a smartphone or sent as an email, providing essential status information never before available to production staff.  The system offers full RDM control including adjustment of DMX start addresses and personality, as well as advanced monitoring and status history information to provide detailed feedback.
What makes this product new from a technology standpoint:  The combination of Art-Net, RDM, RDMnet when ratified, and wireless technologies in a system-agnostic application, which can run under Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux.

ProPlexGBS-compGBS: IS now available with PoE.  IQ now with RDM functionality. High-performance, tour-grade signal management solutions! Product range includes: GBS gigabit Ethernet switches, now available with PoE; Opto-Splitter isolated DMX/RDM splitters; and IQ RDM capable bidirectional Ethernet-DMX converters, now with RDM functionality. Shock-mounted circuitry designed for extreme temperatures and conditions. ProPlex DDD models are available in RackMount and PortableMount versions with optional yoke for truss-mounting.

Schnick Schnack Systems: This full range of German-made, professional quality. LED products include:  Strips, Tiles, and Panels in a variety of control types, sizes, and pixel pitches, along with a selection of power supplies, interfaces, controllers, and software.  Multiple product levels suit any size installation and any budget.  Compact, modular, and easy to use for quick installation and removal, the extremely flexible systems include a variety of mounting options.  High-bin LEDs, unique color-calibration, and special dimmer curve for TV cameras ensure quality and consistency of color, intensity, and luminosity across the entire range.  Newly added products and features include the M-Dots and IP-rated LED Strips.  Also a new software component allows visualization of the entire system in real time.

SolarisSolaris: The Solaris LED Flare is a super-bright, 1000-Watt, high-performance RGBW wash, strobe, colour scroller, and blinder – in one fixture! A single Flare offers superior performance over traditional LED fixtures and eliminates a host of gear and labor with less power consumption! The Flare’s multiple functions saves labor, time, space, energy, and cost. Instantaneous RGBW colour mixing with 1200Hz refresh rate provides smooth on-camera dimming. The pixel-map feature divides into 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 sections for ultimate control. Saturated colours feature intense, deep reds and blues, ultra-bright greens, and brilliant camera-friendly whites. The new Flare Jr. is the baby brother of the Flare with 32 10W LEDs divided into 4 sections (pixels).

Also new from Solaris LED are their Linear RGBW and RGB fixtures that are available in RGBW and RGB, Solaris LED Linear Battens, Half-Battens, and Bricks provide high-intensity, brighter colors and whites.  Flicker-free output with smooth 16-bit dimming (1200Hz PWM).  RGBW units have homogenized 4-color blending, projected from the lenses providing more even color mix:  no “Skittles” or multi-color shadow effect.

SoraaFor the replacement market TMB has Soraa LED lamps: These MR replacement lamps are available in 2,7000, 3,0000, and 5,0000 Kelvin.  They emit accurate, full-spectrum color rendering: CRI and R9 both 95 plus!  A great feature is their Innovative SNAP system with magnetic attachments change beam shape or color temperature instantly!
Soraa is the only LED MR16 lamp rated for use in “Fully Enclosed Fixtures” and is available in 12, 120 and 230 Volt versions.

A steadfast product that TMB is known for is their ProPlex Data Distribution that features tour-grade, copper/fibre, unified signal management systems.

Post by TMB.

Fuel Lighting

Fuel recently came on the scene with some really handy fixtures for niche needs.

Fuel Angle LightThe “Angle Light” System is truly in a class of its own. From its visually pleasing warm-white LED light output, to it’s high-contrast optical system that has virtually zero light spill outside its super-narrow 3deg beam, to it’s wireless full dimming capability… the Angle Light System will inspire a whole new series of creative lighting concepts that will no-doubt change the way events are envisioned, designed, and experienced.  It’s extremely small size, (1.75″ x 1.75″ x 10″) and light weight design of only 1.3lbs allowed us to create many new ways to integrate the system into different venue and event settings that were simply not possible with traditional light systems of the past. Custom adapters such as pipe “clips” that allow you to “snap” the light directly onto pipe & drape, the magnetic mount on the back of the light that is amazingly powerful, and the glass railing mount for spaces that utilize 1/2″ glass railings, come together to form a super versatile lighting tool.

Penda-Light-Main-Header_1024x1024Fuel’s Penda-Light LED Fixture is a remote controlled, and dimmable 360deg light source capable of mimicking the light radiating characteristics of a standard incandescent light bulb designed to light any object that requires smooth 360deg illumination. Decor pieces such as Lamp and Pendent Shades, Paper Lanterns, and Acrylic Furniture are just a few elements perfect for the Penda-Light System. In fact, any situation you think a regular light bulb would be perfect, the Penda-Light would be a great solution.

What’s neat about the fixture is Fuel developed a series of inexpensive reflectors that mount to the tip of the fixture redirecting all of it’s light in one direction. The ability to transform the Penda-Lights 360deg radiating pattern into a direction pattern allows a single fixture to be utilized for many different lighting applications making this new innovation both an amazing light and a great value.



Astera-spotmaxA new find on the floor this year was Astera LED.  Their new fixture was the Spot Max.  It is an IP65 rated fixture with wireless DMX control.   Astera offers a proprietary RF controller or you can use your own controller with a W-DMX transmitter.

The SpotMax LED features a built in stand that folds up into the handle, a nice convenience for those quick event set-ups.  The unit looked to have a nice output in terms of color mixing and punch from the Phillips RGBAW leds.Astera-light-drop

The other must have for the event lighting crowd was the Lightdrop.  A battery operated, remote controlled pod with a magnetic base.  Astera has a line of accessories to trick out your Lightdrop from lenses, housings and columns to a charging case.

They also have wireless dedicated tablet controller called Astera Touch. It allows simple management of wireless lights, and can launch programs, effects, and customize and store these effects for use at events. Whether targeting one light or sets of lights, all doing different sequences, the AsteraTouch™ can do it all. All that is needed is the AsteraTouch™ and their lights, no other transmitter/receiver devices are needed.


darklightDarklight was founded in spring of 2010 as a manufacturer of special effects lighting equipment catering to the themed attraction industry. Their “Precision” series of LED fixtures were developed with compactness, safety, modularity, and ease of use in mind, allowing lighting designers to illuminate environments that were not previously possible with larger fixtures.

In late 2012, they launched a new line of products catering to the professional lighting and architectural markets called the “Gantom” series. The industry recognized Gantom iQ, an ultra-compact image projector, spearheads our focus into the specified lighting market. These fixtures quickly became the “secret weapon” of many lighting designers and industry experts and have been installed in a wide range of applications including theme parks, museums, bars & clubs, casinos, and haunted attractions all around the world.

Electronic Theatre Controls

ETC-LDI-13Audiences packed ETC’s Layers of Light Theater booth to see the company’s latest innovations. ETC employees were busy throughout the show giving demonstrations of the ETC Source Four LED CYC™ adapter, Eos Titanium (Ti™) lighting control system and Source Four Mini™ spotlight, which made their first appearance at LDI.

The Source Four Mini – a compact, nine-inch version of the legendary Source Four® spotlight – took home a PLASA Members Choice Award in the Gadget category. It earned the award due to its crisp optics, crystal-clear image projection and outstanding efficiency. “We’re thrilled that PLASA recognized the S4 MiniSource Four Mini,” says ETC Fixtures Product Manager Jim Uphoff. “It was a big draw at LDI, and is becoming a popular choice for lighting professionals, because it’s so versatile, going where larger fixtures can’t. It may be cute, but it’s a powerful tool that deserves a place in any designer’s toolkit.”

In addition to being a product showroom, the Layers of Light Theater also served as a functional theater, staging a series of presentations on lighting fixtures, system design, and rigging. It was standing room only for the LDI guests who packed the booth to hear ETC experts discuss the history of product development, ETC’s current product offerings, and predictions on what the future will bring.

A large number of LDI attendees left the show floor to go behind the scenes in ETC’s product lounge, where they could get demonstrations of control and rigging products and a sneak peek at upcoming ETC product releases. “We had a huge crowd in the lounge at all times,” explains ETC Rigging General Manager David North. “Despite the fact that the lounge was a long walk from the main show floor, a lot of people stopped in to learn about the ETC Rigging family. We were giving constant demos of the new Prodigy P75 low-profile hoist and Fixed-Speed Motor Starter, which we were showing for the first time.”

ETC’s Sara Claussen also gave demos of the new Cobalt desk designed from the ground up to get you from thought to reality as quickly as possible. Short commands coupled with direct-access touchscreen tools make the console disappear under your fingertips – nothing stands between you and the light.


SSRC-Switchbrick-DuoNew from SSRC is the SwitchBrick Duo, a portable DMX controlled relay device with two individual solid state relays presenting the perfect pairing with modern LED performance lighting fixtures.  The new eco-friendly product line is made of recycled extruded aluminum chassis, two UL listed panel mounted Powercon connectors, a 20A input pigtail and connector of your choose.  Choose to have an optional wireless DMX receiver card installed and select between ShowDMX, Lumen Radio or Wireless Solutions systems.

SSRC-SwitchSuperSSRC also showed their SwitchSuper which is a complete venue power distribution solution featuring as few as 6 and as many as 84 individually addressable relays. Designed to endure the rigors of production envirnments, the SwitchSuper is perfect for retrofitting existing breaker panels or power distribution systems being designed from the ground up.

Their SwitchToggle is a fully customizable DMX-controlled presets control station on a 19″ custom engraved faceplate designed for use with SSRC SwitchStrip and SwitchSuper.

Martin by Harmon

Martin heavily promoted their Rush line that has been expanded this year with plans to expand even further by adding 2-4 products quarterly.

The MH1 Profile LED profile features a 180 watt LED engine out putting 3600 lumen, 2- 7 color, color wheels including 1 U.V. and 2 CTO filters.  It also has 2 gobos wheels, the static wheel is 8 plus open and the rotating, is 7 plus open.  Packed inside this fixture is also a 3 facet prism that is indexing and rotation with a variable speed, and iris and electronic dimming 0-100% with 4 dimming curve options. Control of this using 17 DMX channels or Stand alone using music triggers or 4 pre-programmed sequences.

Martin-quantumMartin is still in the biz of making large lights though, the Mac Quantum is Martin’s biggest new light of the year.  With 50 15watt RGBW LED’s it deliver 15400 lumens with an 11-59 degree zoom. There are 3 rings of LEDs and a center cluster.  Each ring and then the center cluster are controlled separately. You can also pixel map the cells making dynamic images that can spin by spinning the Aura style lens on the front of the fixture. The lens can also glow independently of the light using 100 smaller emitters that circle the lens.  You find this feature on the Aura as well.

Jem-Ready-365-hazeJem- Ready 365 Haze machine.  This machine is new to Martin  Jem this year. It has a 3.5 liter capacity on board fluid bottle.  It does require CO2 but Martin suggests you buy the regulator from them as it is a special 30psi regulator.  Running at high you can fill a stadium in 20mins is what I was told.  You will also run that 3.5liters of fluid through in 70hrs or at low in 200 hours. One more feature is that it has an onboard Lithium battery, so that when the machine is shut off it run through a cleaning cycle.



Arri Lighting

Arri_M8_HMIARRI showed their M8 which is the latest and smallest lighting fixture in ARRI’s highly successful M-series of HMI lampheads.  The M8 is equipped with MAX Technology, a unique, patented and award winning reflector design that unifies the advantages of a Fresnels and a PAR fixture. The M-series is a comprehensive daylight tool set comprising of five lampheads that between them offer a range of nine wattage options from 800w up to 18,000w.  This fixture will be ready for ship first of the year and outputs as much light as the 1200w classic unit did.

Arri Media App iconARRI also launched a new IPhone app.  ALEXA Data app is a data calculator that enables users to determine storage requirements when planning a shoot with any camera from the ALEXA family. By inputting the relevant format (which might be ARRIRAW, uncompressed HD, ProRes or DNxHD), as well as the frame rate, users can immediately see how much time, or data capacity, is required. Simple controls and a single-screen interface allow a quick decision to be made about how many SxS cards, data packs and/or external hard drives a production will need.  Download it today for free.

ARRI also let us know that the L7-D daylight colored LED Fresnel model is now in stock and ready to ship!

Lee Filters

LEE Filters has launched a new range of LED Filters to help fix the problem of color matching gels on warm tungsten sources and cool white LED sources. These new filters when used on Cool White LED (6000K) have been specifically designed to give a visual color match to the existing colors on Tungsten (3200K). They’ve also introduced the new LED Conversion Filters. Specifically “LED CTO” filters with the capability to convert white led (5000K-7000K) to the equivalent of a 3200K tungsten source, giving designers the option to blend luminaries within one design.


Litepanels gave us a sneak peak of what they’ll be releasing at NAB this year; these products included the Inca & Sola 12 LED fresnel, 1×1 kits with a Pelican hard case, & the bigger and brighter Hilio daylight panel.

LP-Inca-sola-12-fresnelThe Sola 12 completes the product family which includes the Sola ENG (3”), Sola 4 (4”) and Sola 6 (6”) with true 12” Fresnel lens.

Litepanels has changed the construction of the 1×1 panel series by removing the plastic cover from the front and built the LEDs flush within the fixture. The goal was to take care of any heat issues and to make the fixtures more durable.


Le Maitre’s booth exhibited all their original effects machines, including G300 (dual fog/haze), MVS Hazer (multi-venue Hazer), Peasouper, Freeze Fog, and G-Force 1, 2 & 3.

LeMaitre-minimistNewer items in the booth included the Mini Mist, which uses a pressure based canister to deliver a quick burst of fog and the newest version of the Haze Master which will be released in January of 2014.

Also, keep your eye out for their new cost effective Club Line and Paper/Snow/Bubble Effects, which they’ll be debuting at the end of 2014!


Utlratec displayed their line of Fog Machines, including: G3000, Ultra Handy Fogger, Mega Fog Burst, Low Smoke Generator, and Floor Pocket. The Mega Fog Burst is an attachment for a G3000 that creates the same effect as the Ice Jet but without the CO2; great for environments where there is not enough humidity.

The Floor Pocket is used in conjunction with the LSG and is embedded into a stage floor to put your low-lying fog effect where you want it. Also, in the booth were two new flame effects machines, Flamaniac & Stage Flame. Both these units offer a variety of colorful fluids to produce blazing effects.

American DJ

Amrivan DJ LDI 13American DJ featured over 20 new fixtures at LDI. Of particular interest are the Wifly collection…wireless, battery powered fixtures.

Available in the WiFly collection are the WiFly Bar QA5, 5X5W RGBA; Wifly Par QA5, also 5X5W RGBA; WiFly Bar RGBA, 320 10mm RGBA LED’s (64 red, 96, green, 96 blue, 64 amber); Wifly Wash Bar, 15X1W RGBA wifly-categoryLED’s (5 red, 5 green, 5 blue). Wifly accessories sold separately include the WiFly Transceiver, D6 Branch, and RGBW8C compact DMX-512 controller.

The Ultra Bar Series are indoor linear fixtures offering bright chromatic colors and 40 degree sharp beam angles. There are 3 models in the series, 6, 9, and 12 3W RGB LED engines. All feature 0-100% dimming, flexible programming from onboard DMX menu, or from wireless remote. (sold separately).

Other new products include the Dotz Matrix and Dotz Flood.  The Dotz Matrix is a Wash/Blinder fixture with advanced COB LED technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. The result is a super-charged, high output, wash fixture with smooth color mixing powered by sixteen 30W TRI COB LEDs. Dotz Matrix also has Pixel Mapping capabilities for stunning visual effects, and boasts a powerful 430 Watts with a massive 60 degree beam angle.

The fixture has many pro features such as: 0-100% electronic dimming, strobe/pulse effect, built-in shows and colors macros, a 4-button DMX LCD display, PowerCon AC In/Out, 5 selectable Dim Curves for stage lighting, 4 Pixel Flipping options, and 5 DMX channel modes. Dotz Matrix may run in its stand-alone mode from built-in programs, sound actively, or from a DMX Controller.

The Dotz Flood is a Wash/Blinder fixture with advanced COB LED technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. The result is a high output, smooth color mixing fixture powered by six TRI COB LEDs. Dotz Flood is suitable for staging and nightclub lighting because it produces wide covers at a short distance and has no RGB color shadows.

Dotz Flood includes barn doors to regulate the beam angle. The maximum beam angle is a wide 60 degrees. This fixture is compatible with the ADJ DF FC wireless foot controller with a wire-free range up to 30ft./10M.

The fixture has many pro features such as: 0-100% electronic dimming, strobe/pulse effect, built-in shows and colors macros, and a 4-button LCD DMX display. Dotz Flood may run in its stand-alone mode from built-in programs, sound actively, or from a DMX Controller. It’s also compatible with the ADJ UC3 Series controllers.

Rose Brand

Rose Brand LDIRose Brand supplies flame retardant fabric, theatrical draperies and production supplies for entertainment, schools, events, exhibitions and houses of worship.  They fabricate custom stage curtains for venues ranging from Broadway productions to school auditoriums. specializing in velour grand drapes, muslin backdrops, scrim, cycloramas, and more. They also can fabricate large, decorative stretch shapes, as well as digitally printed backdrops and banners in the widest range of fabrics and substrates.

Rose-Brand-Triple-ERose Brand LDI news of note is that they are now the US Distributor for Tripe E Ltd which has introduced the T-Drive and S-Drive motors. The T-Drive is a solution for big stages, designed to fit the Unitrack and Unibeam systems for straight and curved track layouts. It is intended as a quick plug & play system. The motor and control system are incorporated into one compact unit that can attach directly beneath the track. Max curtain weight 300kg. Max linear speed 0.7 m/s.  The S-Drive is the solution for small stages and studios. The S-Drive is designed to fit both straight and curved ERAIL track layouts, and is intended to be used as a quick plug & play system.


CBI Professional Wiring Systems

C.B.I is a family owned and operated business of 25 years located in upstate New York.  At LDI they were showing three handy things of interest.CBI

  1. Now offering  30’ 16/3 multi-outlet cable – 6 outlets, lightweight.
  2. Molded extension cable available in varied lengths with shrink wrap labels
  3. DMX to CAT5 Shuttle Snakes


Harkness ScreensDazian is now the exclusive distributor of Harkness Event Screens in the USA. Harkness Screens is the world’s largest manufacturer of screen surfaces, specializing in the design and production of custom screens of all sizes and shapes. Harkness started in the cinema market and has expanded to serve the event and custom screen markets.

Apollo Design Technology

New this year at the Apollo, you guessed it an LED fixture. The masters of metal work have decided to jump into the LED fixture arena. Right now they have 2 LED units that they are producing. The Avid 5 is a casting holding currently the Osram HD Par38 lamp. The lamp itself is considered a dimmable lamp. The choice to go with an off the shelf lamp retrofit lamp means that Apollo can improve the unit as LED lamp technology improves. They may also be able to engineer a better dimming curve within the unit itself.

The Avid 7 is a more traditional LED fixture with quad chip LEDs. It has the same style metal housing, DMX in/thru, Powercon in/thru and an LCD screen for accessing on board features. Apollo had a nifty display set up of the piece of raw aluminum from start to finish along with the initial concept drawings.

The main advantages to the Avid feature line will be the fact that they can be customized for any project. Apollo already has fixtures on display in a number of different colors and will custom build whatever you need. The other great advantage is that they are building all the products in the USA. AC-LF5-WRENCH-S

For you tool junkies Apollo had their Little Focus 5 Wrench is a sleek, handy tool for your focusing needs. Made from durable stainless steel, the LF5 provides easy access to common bolt sizes found in the industry.

Apollo Perma PennyAnother handy item Apollo has designed a unique accessory called the Perma Penny. A handy truss protector that slips right onto a fixture clamp to protect aluminum truss from repeated damage done by clamps. The Perma Penny does not have to be removed from truss when finished, it remains on the fixture clamp until next installation.

Of course there was no shortage of gel and gobo products on display. For those who were not familiar with Apollo’s Gel Wrap, they had the wheel of Gel Wrap which showcase their Gel tubes and wrap.

AC Lighting

AC_Lighting_Inc_LDI_2013A.C. Lighting Inc, showcased a selection of the very latest Chroma-Q® and Jands lighting innovations, plus ArKaos and LedGo video solutions.

Product highlights from the Chroma-Q® premium performance lighting range included the soon-to-launch Inspire Mini™ RGBW color-mixing LED house light; the new DC battery powered version of the award-winning Studio Force V 12 Phosphor™ variable white softlight for location work; the Auto LED II™ moving light specifically designed for precise stand illumination of motor industry tradeshows; and the new Color Block 2 Plus Nano™ versatile single cell LED system.

On show from Jands was the new Vista D1 playback processor providing an additional 8192 DMX channels for hardware models in the award-winning Vista lighting and media control range. In addition, new software features such as control of twice as many groups of LEDs or dimmers, was demonstrated for the award-winning Stage CL “made for LEDs” console.

Receiving its North American launch at LDI was the ArKaos Studio Server. Featuring full HD output over up to four EDID managed outputs, the Studio Server has been designed to deliver optimal images for the high-end demands of studio, concert tour, television and corporate applications.

From Prolyte, their H30V series of strong yet extremely lightweight truss for live event productions, and the Prolyte Barrier lightweight aluminium – only 77lbs per 3.28ft section – crowd barrier control system.

Highlights from LedGo’s range of high-quality modular LED video panels included the 6mm black LED high contrast panels, featuring easy ‘Rig and Click’ hardware for quick assembly and very high refresh rates to avoid flickering on cameras.

ACT Lighting

ACT-LDI-2013The ACT team led by industry stalwart Bob Gordon had all the lines they distribute packed into their booth front and center at LDI.  On display were distributed lines including Clay Paky, Wireless Solution’s W-DMX G4, GrandMA2 with a separate display for the PC Wings, the GDS line of products including LiteWare RGB Uplighter and the the CueSystem, Rainbow Color Changers for those who are still buying gel scrollers. Two new lines were introduced – Elidy, a series LED strips and Chromlech with their range of halogen arrays.  Yes, halogen audience blinders are still the way to go if you want to blind the audience without using LEDs.


Enttec was displaying a few new items this year. Of note was their new PIXEL Tapes and Pixie Driver.

Available in three different densities: 30, 60 and 144 Pixels per meter designed to work with ENTTEC Pixie Driver. Each pixel can achieve 16,777,216 full color display and scan frequency non less than 400Hz/s. They come with 3M adhesive double side tape at the back for easy adhesion to various surfaces.

Enttec’s Pixie Driver is available in 2 versions, the 110 Watt pixie driver can control up to 600 RGB LEDs from one source, the 55 Watt 300 RGB LEDs. This means you need less hardware to controls more strips. Using a standard 30 LEDs per meter strip, that’s 20 meters of LED strip from one compact device.

Enttec Pixie Driver

Lex Products

Lex PowerRampNew at LDI from Lex Products are their PowerRamp Crossover Cable Protectors. These units are made from a two-part polyurethane compound process which provides a sturdy lid and base that can withstand heavy traffic with a load capacity of up to 32,600 lbs. per axle. The materials are UV stabilized to sustain strength for extended outdoor use in harsh conditions.  Featuring a proprietary “slip notch” friction release design for easy mating and un-mating of connectors, PowerRAMP crossovers, left and right turn units, and end boots are compatible with similar cable protection products of other major manufacturers. In addition, PowerRAMP’s four channels can accommodate up to 1.25 inch diameter cables and hoses and a 1.625 inch wide center channel accommodates up to #2 AWG Type SC 5-wire banded cable, unlike some competitive products with smaller channels. This feature allows lids to lie flat over enclosed cables for increased protection and provides an even crossing surface to avoid trip hazards.  PowerRAMP’s exclusive tread design provides extra traction for better foothold in wet or slippery conditions and its bright blue lid is highly visible and identifiable. The entire product is made with non-conductive material for extra safety.  Company names and logos can be molded into lids for easy identification and theft deterrence. Additional colors are available.

EverGRip Stage PinAlso from Lex Products is the first-ever overmolded stage pin cable extension. This proprietary design, construction, and material helps to resolve the problems of damaged housings and ineffective cable strain reliefs, which can loosen with rough treatment. EverGrip Molded Stage Pin Extensions are also the first-ever cULus Listed stage pin assemblies.  100 Amp extensions and 60 Amp extensions are available.  They feature an ergonomic, tapered hand grip providing a firm gripping surface for easy mating and unmating. The extension’s rugged, one-piece connector construction inhibits infiltration of contaminants and eliminates joints and loose assembly screws. UV stabilized thermoplastic elastomer exterior protects connector housing in outdoor applications.

Clear Com

Clear Com RS-700Similar to its predecessors, the new RS-700 Series beltpacks feature state-of-the-art performance and exceptional audio clarity for partyline communications in small- to mid-size productions. All units are constructed with highly durable material for a tough exterior and strong enclosure to endure harsh, repetitive daily use. All 700 Series beltpacks feature recessed rotary volume controls as well as Talk and Call keys that are guarded against accidental activation.

An LED off mode is available for instances when the user requires complete darkness. Call with talk operation and latch or non-latch keying are also available. Electrically, the entire 700 Series requires a lower operating current for additional beltpack drops. Moreover, the beltpacks are built to be fully compatible with all Clear-Com legacy partyline systems and are protected against damage from accidental connection to other XLR-3 equipped digital systems. Watch the video and see how durable the beltpack is!

Clear Com CC-300 HeadsetCC-300 Headset – This single-ear headset features high ambient-noise attenuation headphones and a hyper-cardioid dynamic microphone that provide high quality audio. The headset has a flexible design and a soft-ear pad to offer superior comfort. Able to rotate 300 degrees, the microphone boom acts as an On/Off switch for quick microphone muting.

Union Connector

UC Company Switch Floor pocketUnion Connector showed a great solution for hotels, ballrooms, and event centers. They can now provide customizable floor pocket boxes for a company switch up to 200 amps.  The customer can specify 1 or 2 doors, number and size of scallops at the edge of the door for cable pass through, and whether the hinges on the door should face up or down in case they need to keep a smooth surface under carpet when not in use.

H&H Specialties

H&H 451There were three interesting things of note this year from H&H Specialties.

Really Useful Carrier No. 451- This carrier has a working load of 200 lbs and can be used to carry a variety of things from scenery to lighting.  The Wheels have a urethane tire and have sealed ball bearings allowing the high load rating.  This carrier also has a set of rollers between the wheels. These will allow the carrier to glide along the track should the load go off vertical, making for smoother operation and a longer lasting carrier.H&H 451A

Really Useful Carrier No. 451A-  This carrier is much like the 451 only it has a third set of wheels to help prevent tipping of a potentially unbalanced load.

EZ stop Curtain Controller– This is a user- friendly easily programmable 10 stop curtain machine controller.  This controller must be factory installed to any H&H Specialties curtain machine.  H&H EZ StopUp to 10 presets can be programmed via the EZ Stop controller.  Using RS422 serial interface you may use third party automations systems for up to 99 EZ Stop addresses. Additionally you may connect using terminal connections to push buttons or contact closures for control as well.  These buttons will need to be programmed off of the EZ stop Controller touch screen. The unit operates off a 24VDC power supply.

Robe Lighting

Robin CycloneRobe’s been busy this year releasing a wide array of new products.

For moving lights they have released the Robin Cyclone, an LED Moving light fixture with a built in fan in the center designed to blow haze or fog thru the unit giving you some spectacular atmospheric effects. The Robin MMX Blade combines a new higher quality lamp with output comparable with most other 1200W fixtures and a framing shutter system. Also included is a color wheel and an impressive effects wheel. This fixture gives you punch, shutter capabilities, and great effects in one package.

MiniMeWhile technically a moving light, the new Mini Me fixture is a small digital projector on a moving light chassis. This gives you the ability to pan and tilt video content that can either be streamed live or downloaded to the unit. You can zoom the image down to the size of a postage stamp or out to a couple of feet. This light would make a great fixture for Restaurant/Bar applications or even small corporate events!

For static fixtures, coming soon is the Robin Parfect 100 which is a new LED par fixture. It has both CMY & RGBW color control, Tungsten Emulation, and a really punchy 7 degree beam. Optional accessories are a 25 & 40 degree filter and a wireless DMX module.

Color Kinetics

Philips Color Kinetics is still one of the premier Architectural LED manufacturers in the world. Always updating their product line they have a wide range of fixtures for all types of architectural applications from cove lighting to exterior building washers.

IntellipowerAn exiting recent release is their Intellipower system.  The control system sends high-bandwidth control data (DMX) to fixtures over standard 2 + ground wiring, enabling the integration of intelligent LED lighting solutions into existing power systems. By leveraging existing electrical and physical infrastructures, IntelliPower technology lets you affordably install dynamic, digitally controllable LED lighting where it was never possible before.  They have also developed a Site Assessment Tool that tests data signal quality for pre-installation qualification and post-installation troubleshooting so you can be confidant your existing infrastructure can adequately support the system.

Philips Entertainment Group

Philips Entertainment Group which comprises of Strand, Selecon, Showline, and Vari-lite announced that have officially combined all four product lines under one roof, giving PLCyc_Cyan_Webend-users a one manufacturer solution for a wide range of products from console to Fixtures. By merging together everything from customer service to technical support should be made a whole lot simpler!

Recently they made an effort to lower pricing on their PL 1 series LED fixtures so that LEDs became more affordable for those who were looking to purchase LEDs, but were concerned due to price. This even includes their PLCYC 1 unit which is one of their most popular fixtures!

Some new products to talk about on the Showline series; they have come out this year with a LED bar fixture that varies between 2’ (SL Bar 620), 4’ (SL Bar 640), SL_BAR_620_Frontor 6’ (SL Bar 660). These fixtures can be controlled by each pair of LEDs down the line making the immensely controllable for a wide arrange of effects. In addition to the bars they also released a Par fixture that is punchy, but also give you the ability to focus it without using external lenses. The Showline series is designed for the rugged AV Rental Market, but many other areas are enjoying the lights because of their ease of use, high quality, and affordability.

If you are looking for a small affordable moving light, conventional, and moving light console check out the new 250ML. It allows you to control up to 250 dimmers and 30 automated fixtures all on one console. The user interface is easy to learn and having actual knobs to control moving lights is a big plus.

For moving lights, the Vari-Lite Line offers a wide selection of models which were on full display for attendees. While still making their tried and true models such as the 1000, 2000, and 3000 series; Vari-Lite, is offering their next generation fixtures incorporating LED technology. This includes the VLX-3 Fixture and their VLX Wash Fixtures.Studio_Panel_LED_3

On the studio front, after successfully launching their Studio panel LED fixture that has become very popular due to natively having lots of features and a great starting price point. They have released a whole bunch of additional accessories for the panel fixture including, an accessory holder, barn doors, and other handy tools.


Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.17.18 AMElekralite has been busy this year enhancing old products, while creating new ones.

For upgraded products based off their existing fixtures check out the new Dazer TW.The Dazer TW replaces the original Dazer’s 2700k warm white LEDs (that appear orange when elektraLite_Dazer-225x300you look at the face of the fixture) with new 3200k LEDs that give off a better “tungsten” color. Also upgraded is the 1018 unit that now has an option for a set of Amber LEDs in addition to the original RGBW LED array.

In the new product category, check out the new LED Audience Blinder fixture that is DMX controllable with a 30,000+ lumen output in either 3200k or 5600k color temperature. The new LED Lightstream is a high end moving effects fixture that allows you to pan and tilt two heads in opposite directions for some wild effects.

Elektralite strives to make their products fit the customer’s application. If for some reason one of their stock fixtures does not work for the application, they have the capability to tweak the fixtures so that they do!

Da-Lite Screen Company

Fast-Fold--DeluxeDa-Lite manufactures a variety of portable and permanent installation projection screens for a wide variety of applications.

At the show they were displaying one of their new Fast Fold Screen that employs a heavy duty frame and stand support system that can hold up in even the toughest AV markets. All fast fold screens set up easily, without any tools.

Also on display was an example of how Da-Lite can customize a screen to fit almost any size or shape. To put their production team to the test, their marketing dept. handed them a pair of sunglass, which they were able to recreate in grand fashion. Cutting custom shaped screens shaped like the lenses of the glasses and hiding the custom support frame for each screen within the “glasses” frame they were able to pull off one giant set of “Sunglasses”! If you ever find yourself in need of custom shaped projection screens Da-Lite is up to the task.

Avolites Media

IAvo MSC1 controllern addition to Avolite Media’s powerful media server engine, they produce a variety of wings that a user can purchase to make controlling their software easier. Wing sizes vary from small portable devices to full console desks.

AI7-Virtual-RenderRecently, they released an updated software patch that provides an enhanced user experience while also significantly upgrading the capabilities of their media servers to include displaying content thru the new high resolution projectors coming out on the market, including ones outputting content in 4k resolution.

High End – a Division of Barco

High-End-Hedge-nano-hogHigh End is well known for the Hog console line which has been widely used on large events.  It is, however, the small-mid sized venue that has received attention lately from the respected console maker. Sitting proudly alongside their larger counterparts at the High End booth were the HedgeHog 4 console and the Nano Hog 4.  These two control options promise to make a place in an increasing number of churches, nightclubs, small corporate events, and other mid-budget applications.  The Nano Hog provides the control surface a programmer needs while letting Hog 4 PC do the lifting.  At roughly 21″ square, the HedgeHog 4 is nice to have in inventory for its ability to fly at the last minute, but the ability to get into the hog line at a competitive price is the stand-out feature.

Applied Electronics

Solid and respectable craftsmanship marks new-for-Applied cable testers for Socapex and PowerCon cables, and they had a few along with them at the show.

Applie-Mini-arrayFor outdoor events where small line arrays must be deployed, Applied’s Mini Line Array Tower is a good solution.  This system features:

  • Modular Design For Fast Assembly
  • Easy Transport
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction
  • Adjustable Leveling Pads
  • Tower Hinged For Easy Loading
  • Integrated Motor Pick Point
  • Works With Many Popular Array Designs

Ushio America

Ushio-uphoria-ledNew for Ushio at LDI this year is their Uphoria LED reflector lamps providing energy-saving, professional accent lighting with soft, glare-free illumination that’s perfect for any surface. These dimmable R20, R30 and R40 LED lamps are designed in the classic shape of incandescent reflector lamps, but offer modern quality solid state illumination. The Uphoria LED reflector lamps are direct replacements for standard incandescent lamps offering significant energy savings; and with a 25,000 hour life rating, lasting 10 times more than the standard incandescent lamp life.  USHIO is proud to stand behind these Energy Star Qualified LED lamps with a 3-year limited warranty.  All Uphoria LED Reflectors are 120V Warm White (3000K) Wide Flood lamps available in 8W R20, 11W R30, as well as 13W & 18W R40 types.

In January 2014 they will be introducing the NSL high pressure lamps for moving lights.  This bulb is high pressure short ARC lamp, high lumen output, long life, 8,000 Kelvin and is available in 132W, 189W, 300W & 330W.  At this time there is no pricing confirmed.

GE Lighting

GE was exhibiting at LDI showing their entire line of stage and studio lamps.  But in the works is a new 1600 SRC UV protected lamp, at this time they do not have a time frame, and they are also working on a 1800 version for the near future.  They had their entire line of updated LED replacement bulbs for both commercial and residential use displayed.


City Theatrical

led_tape_spool_medQolorFlex LED: LED lighting tape aimed at the professional lighting market, including live theatre, television, film, and video, and live events.  LED tape is a revolutionary product, allowing lighting users to put light in places that were impossible in the past and to create lighting fixtures and lighting effects in new and inexpensive ways. QolorFLEX LED tape is manufactured to City Theatrical’s exact specifications and is available in a variety of types such as single color, RGB, RGBA, and RGBW.

CITY T LED DimersD SERIES LED DIMMERS:  Working alongside QolorFlex LED Tape are City Theatrical’s D Series LED Dimmers, sized from the single channel D1 Dimmer up to a high powered four channel D4 Dimmer with a built-in power supply. These dimmers all have the extremely smooth dimming curves that professional shows demand and a range of user interfaces and features that makes setting them up easy for lighting users.  Two dimmers in this range also include a miniature SHoW DMX Neo receiver for high quality professional wireless use.

City T S4 LED AutoYokeAUTOYOKE SOURCE FOUR LED: The AutoYoke Source Four LED combines the quiet operation, accuracy, reliability, and professional quality of the AutoYoke, with the brightness, built in color changing, energy efficiency, and long life of the Source Four LED, and is the solution for converting ETC’s state of the art Source Four LED into a fully featured moving light.  Smooth, precise, and quiet, the AutoYoke Source Four LED’s DMX control allows you to pan and tilt the unit, as well as adjust the iris, and change the focus sharpness of the beam.  Since Source Four LED lighting fixtures have color-changing capabilities, there’s no need for color scrollers, and no dimmer is required.

CITC Effects

Two new products for the fog and snow machine line:

First one is called “The Quiet Cube” snow machine.  Is the quietest sow machine ever, a total of 10 dbs quieter than their best seller “Little Blizzard”.  Great output and low power consumption for the small structure.  It has 1 DMX channel with a variable speed remote control.  The output of the snow is super extra dry and does not leave a residue.  In stock and ready to ship, snow fluid sold separately.

CITC AquamaxThe other model is called “AQUAMAX” which replaces the scented or smelly haze machines.  This unit works with “organic fluid” which is odorless and great for the environment.  It has a 2 hour hang time, it does not need rebuilding and never clogs.  As well it has a low fluid consumption about 4 oz. per an hour.  It comes with 1 DMX channel with digital display, adjustable haze deflector, residue free with the smallest particles to date.  The very best part of the unit that is self –cleaning head and built-in adjustable fans to spread the “healthiest haze on earth”, with only 6 minutes of heating time.

Airstar America, Inc

Airstar CrystalLatest product called Crystal is an air-filled self inflating indoor and outdoor unit with a 2000 W halogen lamp, used for functional or décor purposes.  They use halogen lamps, HMI, CFL and LED as their lighting source for this unit.  Covers an area of 140 ft. in diameter, with a 20 amp circuit and it can be customized for any event with the company logo for an extra charge.

The other product that is fairly new to the line is called Spidair which is an open-air spider shape dome also for indoor and outdoor use.  They come in sizes of 72, 60 and 40 ft. high in diameter, and they are all glare free.  These are in stock and ready for shipping from their warehouse and manufacturing in Orlando, Florida.


German Light Products (GLP)

Impression-X4-XL-199x300GLP was introducing the X4s LED quad color, RGBW, small wash fixture, using 7 high power LEDS, with 7 to 50 degree zoom, 660 pan and 260 tilt this fixture is ideal for small venues and clubs. Also new was the X4XL a large LED moving head using 55 high power RGBW LEDs with 7 to 50 degree zoom, 660 pan and 260 degree tilt.

A truly unique product was the SceneX LED Pixel tape.  This IP65 rated LED tape comes complete with 3M adhesive backing in one meter lengths.  Each Tricolor LED can be mapped so you can layout your own LED screen or accent a line or wall with rainbow color effect.  The system comes complete with GLP-Pixel-LED-Tape-300x199power supplies and DMX decoders for very affordable pricing.  If you need to control the tape wirelessly they also have the AIR DMX system. Now you can control your DMX fixtures from your ipad wirelessly over your local WLAN network.  A well thought out transmitter and receiver are the backbone for this system, plus the software has a full fixture library that is capable of running up to 120 cues or programs.