Westcott (FJ Westcott)

Westcott is known for manufacturing durable, high-end lighting equipment for professional filmmakers and photographers, but it’s their commitment to design innovative, high-end products that set them apart from the rest. Adding to their impressive collection of innovation, Westcott showed off their new “Flex Cine Mats” at NAB. These versatile mats are backed by a lifetime warranty, a wireless DMX dimmer, and V-Mount power. They are available in RGBW, bi-color or daylight, with sizes ranging from 1’ X 1’ to 2’ X 2’. These compact LED mats offer powerful and pristine, flicker-free lighting for any situation. The pliable surface of these LED mats makes them easy to conceal in tight spaces, mount virtually anywhere and offer up to a 360-degree beam angle. At less than 3lbs, these flexible mats are constructed with durable materials that are water-resistant, quiet on set, and backed for life. Westcott’s Flex Cine Mats are the ideal solution for lighting in compact spaces, concealing on set, travel, and storage. As an added bonus, these pliable mats are equipped with built-in mounting options, including hook- and- loop edging, powerful magnetic corners that support the weight of the mat, and metal grommets for hanging.


Philips Entertainment (Strand / Vari*Lite)

Now consolidated into one unit Strand and VariLite were showing as one company.  New for Strand Lighting, the C21 processor revamp with better electronics, a new onboard RJ45 connector, no longer requiring a separate plugin location, USB data slot, updated menu and encoder wheel access to the processor menu.

Also for Strand the SPX LED, warm white LED profile spotlight launched. Designed to replace your conventional tungsten fixtures, this SPX is dimmable either via DMX, or your standard forward phase dimmer.  It provides a smooth step-less fade right down to zero.  The output is similar to a standard 575-watt lamp.

VariLite was showing the new VL10 BeamWash fixture, the first lighting fixture to use the Philips 25R platinum 550W lamp.  The VL 10 BeamWash can produce 28,000 lumens of output and ranges from a 2.2  to 48-degree zoom.  With Dual overlaying prisms, an eight-slot rotating gobo wheel, an aperture wheel featuring 12 designs, along with the new VL*FX glass animation wheel make this a powerful addition to your lighting arsenal.



Pelican Air CasesPelican cases continue to find ways to improve on an already amazing product! The New Pelican Air case was the item they were showcasing at NAB. The Air Cases are 40% lighter than the standard cases but still maintain the same quality and durability of the earlier models. The reduction in weight is accomplished by using a honeycomb structural design and Pelican’s proprietary formula. These cases are also backed by Pelican’s famous lifetime warranty.


Elation Professional

fuze-par-z120-rt-500pxAt NAB Elation Professional was highlighting their line of lighting that can be used for broadcast use.  will be the new Fuze Series™ of dynamic LED wash luminaires with single lens, RGBW COB LEDs for a wide choice of colors and extremely homogenized field of light. All Fuze Series fixtures (Fuze PAR Z60™, Fuze PAR Z120™, Fuze Wash Z120™, Fuze Wash Z350™) house a wide 5-50-degree zoom and have an IP65 rating.

elation_tvl_cyc_rgbw-500pxAlso on display at NAB was Elation’s new TVL CYC RGBW™, a theatre-style cyclorama wash luminaire that delivers a smooth and even field of seamlessly blended colors onto cycloramas, backcloths, scenery or any surface. An ideal color-changing floodlight for broadcast applications, the TVL CYC RGBW features a 150W COB RGBW LED engine for an infinite choice of colors.


Manfrotto debuted a new line of friction arms that are smaller than their original 53” Magic Arm. The new models have a 5 year warranty with registration and are available in 14” and 24” with a variety of interchangeable adapters.

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Manfrotto LumieAlso new, were the Lumie on camera LED lights priced for entry-level photographers. 3 models are available in varying sizes, with built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, snap on filters and easy 3 step dimming.

Available in June, Digital Director is the ideal companion for pro and hobbyist photographers who are serious about videography and are Apple addicted. Composed by Hardware, Software (APP) and firmware, all gone through the Mfi (Made for iPad) Certification, this innovative product is designed to make shooting photos and videos much smarter: by simply plugging the USB cable in to the camera and turning on the App, photographers and videographers are ensured a reliable high-performance connection between their Canon or Nikon DSLRs and their iPad Air.

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Manfrotto Digital DirectorA dedicated CPU embedded into the Digital Director provides an interface between the two devices, which via a cable enables the camera protocols to be fully understood and controlled by the iPad. Furthermore, Digital Director enables the user to place the camera even in the most awkward or difficult to reach positions and conveniently control it remotely.

Manfrotto also added to their bag line with an outdoor line called “Off-Road” and “Pro Light Bags” that give equipment protection but yet doesn’t weigh you down.



Strong Entertainment Group

DTS Delta12FC IP 65Strong Entertainment Group showed a wide variety of products from DTS, Solutions, and their own Super Trooper line.  The Delta 12FC IP65 Outdoor Architectural Light was bright enough to cut through all the light on the busy trade show floor.  The 17,000 lumens can be distributed to cover any area using the holographic filters.  Both Max & Jack were present representing DTS’s powerful discharge type moving head fixtures.  The Solutions fixture,  which was used on the top of One World Trade Center, offers extreme output in a narrow beam for long throw applications requiring either white or RGB lighting.

RGB FlexiFlex

RGB Lights introduced their new FlexiFlex Touring Truss, an integrated hanging, cable and power management system that allows stagehands and technicians to set up faster with fewer connections. Consider it “Pre-Rig” Truss for video. The 24 in x 14 in box truss is designed to house power supply, power distribution, and networking components. The FlexiFlex Touring Truss can support 50-100 mm FlexiFlex panels up to 60 feet tall.

Massive LED video surfaces can be set up in a fraction of the time needed for other products. After bringing power and data to each section of the Hud/GT compatible truss, the system can be hoisted up while the FlexiFlex panels simply unfold as the truss raises. Upon disassembly, the FlexiFlex panel simply folds into its cart as the truss is lowered. No extra handling, attachment, or cabling is required.

For more information on the Touring Truss, please click HERE.


Doug Fleenor Design

Doug Fleenor Designs was showing off their LED600 power supply, a 600 W power supply for LED fixtures (those clever naming principles!). Designed to work with Color Kinetics Color Blast fixtures, the LED600 provides 12 4-Pin XLR output connectors in a handy portable box.

Also in the booth was a handy tool called the DMX Decelerator.  It has existed in a more expensive convertors but the new streamlined design does just what it says.. Slows down a DMX signal because we’ve found there are some manufacturers out there who’s gear might say DMX but, it doesn’t always work when the signal is plugged in.

The brainiacs at DFD were also showing a prototype of their new network converter, a sleek little node to allow DMX devices to jump on and off of an Ethernet lighting network. Planned for release sometime in 2012 if they don’t let Milton out of the lab to go to any more trade shows, the as yet unnamed device will speak ArtNet and streaming ACN, so should serve as an interface for most lighting networks.


Philips Entertainment Group

Philips Entertainment Group had a multitude of new products on display, both in released and prototype versions. The popular VLX moving head luminaire from Vari-Lite has delivered a baby brother in the VLX3, a compact LED moving head wash unit that uses three of VLX RGBW light engines to produce a vast array of colors in a small package. For ultimate control and visual effects, each LED cell of the VLX3 can be controlled independently, but in that mode the fixture eats up a whopping 42 DMX channels!

Also in the Vari-Lite line, the 440,770 and 880 spot units showcase an entire line of compact but intensely bright new fixtures. The 400-Watt 440 Spot features everything customers expect in a full-featured moving light, with full color mixing, pattern projection and exceptional brightness, all with only a 400W power draw.

The Vari-Lite 770 Spot adds a 15 to 36-degree zoom to the package, and uses the Philips 700W MSR Fast-Fit lamp for high output. But the real punch of the compact fixture line comes from the 880 Spot, which puts out 19,000 lumens, almost the same punch as the VL3000.

Strand Selecon is not lagging behind in the innovation arena, blending the Vari-Lite advances in LED technology with the high quality fixtures we’ve come to expect from Selecon. The PL Cyc light is a new addition to the PL line of LED fixtures, which started off with the PL 1 spot and the PL3 wash fixture. The PL Cyc is a true cyc light, with one PL1 RGBW LED light engine in an asymmetrical reflector to ensure a smooth wash across a wide area. From the demo we saw, it looks as though this fixture will light a 16-17’ cyc evenly top to bottom when hung on 4-5’ centers.

Also in the demo room was the new LED ellipsoidal from Strand Selecon. So new it doesn’t have a name, price tag or even an outer housing at the show, it nonetheless boasted exceptional optics, high output and good color that puts it in a competitive place in the market once design is completed.




American Grip

Louis and the gang at American had some great stuff to show at LDI.  First they have the Candle Stick Maker.  Now you can make your own Candle Stick using 1-1/4” pipe with a junior receiver.

Next there was the Double Head.  Now you and have your diffusion and your color correction on the same head making life easier.

Then they showed us the Center head. The idea is to have your load centered over your stand instead of off set.  This will relieve some of the stress of the offset load we are used to.

The Menace Arm is customizable solution to a boom arm.  It consists of 3 pieces.  The first piece is for balance weight.  The second piece is to put in the head, a great use for the Center Head by the way. The third piece is for the load. It has a junior receiver and two baby pins.  You can use a standard coupler between the head and load piece to extend you arm to whatever length you wish within reason of course. Use this assembly on 1-1/4” pipe.

The Image 80 Arm is about my favorite at American Grip.  It is perfectly balanced so that you can refocus or reposition your Image 80 fixtures with ease.  You can rotate the fixture 306 degrees on the arm. This hand device will save you headaches like no other.  I have attached only some of the possibilities.

Le Maitre

New at LDI for Le Maitre was the Multi Venue System (M.V.S.) Hazer is the most recent addition to complement Le Maitre’s range of hazer machines, using Le Maitre’s patented system.

The MVS has a variable high output haze with whispers to 80cc/hr, twin variable high output haze projection fans and 90 degree electronically variable haze output direction. It features four channel DMX512, combined control functions and DMX receiver.  The MVS has a higher power air pump and advanced fan motor control for wide range operation. Its larger diameter hazing tube doubles the effective area and increase its working life span, and makes cleaning easier.

The MVS is arc bonded, shielded and has a heavy duty thermo-couple sensor. It also has data storage capability.

For those of you with a penchant for the pyrotechnic, the CometFlame distributed by Le Maitre is a spectacular new machine which produces incredible flames up to 6 meters high.

It fires for 5 seconds at a time and can be set to fire in high frequency or at preselected intervals. Furthermore the flame can set at 5 different firing angles – 45, 22, 0, 22 and 45 degrees – to create fabulous effects.

A unique feature of the system is that unlike other models, the flames can be produced in multiple colors, with six colors fluids in the range: red, green, yellow, blue, purple and orange.

Unlike many other flame effects on the market, the CometFlame doesn’t need any gas, which means there is no need for any external pressure vessels containing gas or CO2. The absence of gas makes the system much safer and enables it to be used in environments where gas systems may not be used.

The CometFlame is an easy to use plug and play system, while at the same time offering fully featured controls. It uses standard DMX protocol and can be controlled by 2 DMX channels – a safety channel, and a fire channel. It is also single or multi DMX channel operable. A fully programmable remote control is supplied with a host of functions such as control of firing angles, channel selection; ready status; DMX status; backlight; system flushing; system pressurizing and saved settings for future use.

As with any flame effect, safety is paramount and the CometFlame has many built-in features including a safety DMX channel, and sensors for tilt, low level and low pressure.

Combined with its high quality construction and stainless steel cabinet, the CometFlame is robust, versatile, easy to use, low power consuming and extremely safe.



Dazian’s Chimer Surfaces were the first thing to catch our eye.  They are made from a flexible PVC that has thousands of parabolic lenses are molded into the surface on both sides.  These lenses create the patterns by reflecting and absorbing light.  There are three patters, Sea Glass, Psychedelic, and Moire.  The effects are really quite unique.  The PVC can also be vaccu-formed allowing for even more creativity.

Dazian also is making Projection Strings.  They are 1/8” wide flat stings designed to provide more surface area for projection.  All of the advantages of string curtains with that added benefit of projection, even better they don’t tangle.

Dazian also has what they call Honeycomb Tables.  Made of Honeycomb Drop Paper they are clean and expandable.  They ship flat and fan out to create round tables.  They had one set up in the booth as a rectangle and in the picture below you can see that has been shaped into a pretty custom shape.

They also make the K-Baby Seating/Low Tables.  These look like the same material but are made from Polypropylene.  They look like paper but we can tell you, they are really sturdy and actually very comfortable.


Apollo Design

Apollo introduced a handful of our new 2012 gobo patterns. Some customer favorites were the intricate steel patterns and life like glass patterns. Now everyone can view our new patterns! Click here to see what the creative artists have designed for 2012.

Also in the booth was the new Multiform Multispot HP5 which sports an IP65 rating.  It has a 70W RGBAW array, exchangeable lenses, and a large LCD display interface.  Also being shown is the new IP65 Multispot HP3 medium flood fixture.

Apollo also has added the ProfileLED.  This is a 50 watt LED profile fixture with at 20 to 40 degree beam.  It takes an “M” size gobo.   We decided to see how well it did and projected it on the column across from the Apollo booth.  It did pretty well.  It’s a great little museum / retail fixture.

The Apollo Wrench won the PLASA Member’s Choice Award in the gadget category at LDI. We have received great feedback from people who have viewed and demo’d it in the Apollo booth. With an MSRP of $58, the Apollo Wrench is a tool many will view as a necessity.

The Control Booth gang put together a little video about it.. Check it out:


Mole Richardson

Mole introduces this year the new 4171 12,000 watt baby Twelver Solarspot.  It has a 17” lens, a tilt out rear door and dramatically improved cooling.  There is an increase on average of 45% over the existing 14” Fresnel and a spread that is reminiscent of the standard 20” 10K’s.

The 6kW DayLite Par is designed for Motion Picture, Television, and Event Professionals worldwide. The combination cast and sheet
aluminum construction features dramatically improved strength and cooling while the Brytal Aluminum parabolic reflector provides over 95% reflectivity. The electronics in the fixture are contained in a low-profile trough totally isolated from the main housing, and feature a swing-out trap door for easy access to the igniter and safety switch. The fixture has visual and tactile focal indicators to determine lamp position and, when used with the interchangeable lenses, the field of light can be fine-tuned for optimum beam control. Other features include: a trough skid for operating and safe transportation; an adjustable yoke pivot point; a locking, hinged front door for easy lamping; and a “pig-tail” style electrical input. Standard on all fixtures are a stainless steel safety screen, spring loaded fourth accessory clip, and variable accessory clip positions located at either 90° or 45°. Compatible with all existing 151/2” accessories.

The MoleLED® 12-Pack fixtures consist of 12 OSRAM KREIOS® LED circuit boards. Each of those 12 boards contain 20 high output LEDs, for a total of 240 individual sources. Unlike existing LED fixtures, the MoleLED® blends these multiple sources into one, soft, single light source. This single source approach renders the light more attractive to the talent and more familiar to the technicians.



We compiled Rosco’s new things, but then saw they produced a cool little video.  Check it out.

Rosco’s LED Channel Mount Kit allows designers to color and/or diffuse the light emitted from LED tape or ribbon and package it in an elegant and practical housing. The Kit consists of a 72″ long extruded aluminum housing, a clear plastic cover, three mounting clips and end caps – one of which is closed and the other contains a wire pass-through. Screws for the end caps are also included.

Rosco Bubble Fluid Bubbles are fun! Whether bringing joy and laughter to a party or creating an enchanting, effervescent atmosphere for any spectacular event, a room full of bubbles makes everyone smile. Rosco, the original innovator of safe, water based fog and smoke fluids, now brings that same attention to quality and safety to Bubble Fluid. Rosco Bubble Fluid is a premium, universal solution suitable for use in all bubble machines. This purpose engineered formula creates the maximum density of brightly iridescent bubbles that fly higher and float longer than other fluids. And most importantly, these bubbles remain dry and will not leave behind a slippery surface or harm sensitive electronics like lighting or sound desks. Available in gallons and 55 gallon drums.

The PF-1000 Remote Head Fogger is essentially a fog machine taken out of its box and reassembled to meet special design needs. It is designed for remote, precise applications where the use of a standard fog machine is not practical. The system consists of a Heat Exchanger Module that is separate from the Control Module and attached with tubing and a special cable. The Heat Exchanger Module is approximately 9 in. (22.9 cm) long and 3 in. (7.5 cm) in diameter. This small size allows it to be affixed in many places a standard fog machine could not be used, such as in props and animated mannequins. The Control Module can be mounted on a wall or placed anywhere remote to the Heat Exchanger Module and fluid reservoir.  It can also be modified to allow activation through a lighting control board or a main control computer. A 15 ft. Head Cable links the Heat Exchanger Module with the Control Module. This cable carries power and the data line for the thermal sensing device. A 15 ft long, 1/8 nylon tube carries fog fluid from the reservoir through the Control Module to the Heat Exchanger Module. The system uses all standard Rosco Fog Fluids.

The Delta 3000, Model 1600, Alpha 900 and the PF-1000 have been tested for use in professional theatrical productions and are included under the Equipment-Based Guidelines of the Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds.

Rosco Simple Spin™ Dual Gobo Rotator

A basic, double gobo rotator that is heavily laden with features for an affordable price.  On-board controls allow you to control the speed and direction of the gobos, or with flick of a switch, the Simple Spin can be controlled by plugging it into a dimmer.  The on-board, 100-240v power supply eliminates the transformer found on other similar rotators and allows it to be used all over the globe.  Combined with features like absolute silent rotation, Rosco’s unique Channel Lock that holds the rotator in place inside the iris slot, a threaded Teflon collar that allows for easy installation of thin steel & thick glass 86mm gobos and electronic controls & stepper motors that ensure the gobo rotates at speeds as fast as 24 RPM and as slow as 1/3 RPM without stalling.

Rosco REVO™ Dual Gobo Rotator

The Rosco REVO is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing lighting system.  The REVO operates using a standard 24v PSU, such as the Rosco Universal PSU’s or the PSU you may already be using for your color scrollers.  The rotator offers complete control over both motors, including: speed, direction and even 8 bit & 16 bit indexing on BOTH rotators, plus it’s got seven DMX control modes – allowing you to program your gobo rotator effects like you would other moving light equipment you’re already working with.  Combined with features like absolute silent rotation, Rosco’s unique Channel Lock that holds the rotator in place inside the iris slot, a threaded Teflon collar that allows for easy installation of thin steel & thick glass 86mm gobos and electronic controls & stepper motors that ensure the gobo rotates at speeds as fast as 24 RPM and as slow as 1/3 RPM without stalling.  The Rosco REVO is the perfect choice for theaters, tours and rep plots around the world.

Rosco RevoPRO™ Dual Gobo Rotator

The Rosco RevoPRO was designed for customers that need to have a programmed rotator, but don’t have the capability to run DMX on the job site.  With its on-board control system, the RevoPRO not only comes with 99 pre-programmed effects, but also the ability to program a specific effect using on-board controls, without a DMX console.  The RevoPRO can also be controlled via DMX and offers complete control over both motors, including: speed, direction and even 8 bit & 16 bit indexing on BOTH rotators, plus it’s got seven DMX control modes – allowing you to create expensive ‘moving-light’ rotation effects using an affordable gobo rotator.  Combined with features like absolute silent rotation, Rosco’s unique Channel Lock that holds the rotator in place inside the iris slot, a threaded Teflon collar that allows for easy installation of thin steel & thick glass 86mm gobos and electronic controls & stepper motors that ensure the gobo rotates at speeds as fast as 24 RPM and as slow as 1/3 RPM without stalling.  The Rosco RevoPRO is designed for customers looking to rotate gobos in themed & retail store environments or create lighting effects for special events.



Elation has also decided to incorporate the new Philips Platinum lamps into their new line of fixtures called the Platinum Pro.

The 300w and 800w profile seemed super bright and had a very sharp focus.  The 15R and the 35R contain all the usual moving light attributes including Elation’s EWDMXR wireless DMX.

Also on display was the new Arena par which looks to be the brightest 4 color par in the Elation family.

The center of the booth display was the EPV762 MH which is Elation’s moving head video panel. It was hard to tell how good the resolution is because they were only a couple feet away.

A neat fixture in the Elation booth was the EVCMH is a DMX512 moving head video camera designed to spotlight almost anything and project it onto a video wall or TV. It features DMX512 controllable pan/tilt, zoom, and focus, as well as 48 warm and cool white LEDs (24 each), allowing customization of shades of white to work with skin tones and ambient light.

On display around the perimeter of the booth was the new TVL3000.  This fixture is based on the design of Nila’s boxer fixture.  Other than the look there is no other similarity.  The integral barn doors are a nice feature except that they need to be bigger in order to actually control the light.  The color temperature on the daylight and tungsten seemed decent.



Robe has revamped their line of moving light fixtures.  The new Robin line incorporates some of the newer lamp technologies included the Philips Fast fit lamps and the Philips Platinum MSR lamps.  They also have some LED and Plasma lamp fixtures.

The Robin 300 Plasma Spot and Wash incorporate a Lifi Plasma lamp source first seen in the Nemo by Seachanger.  This highly efficient lamp has a great CRI at 94.  While LED’s are the new cool thing they still struggle with producing high CRI.  The plasma lamps allows for energy savings while not sacrificing color rendering.  The plasma lamp is dimmable to 20%.  Since they are using it in a moving light the mechanical dimmer can cover the rest.

Also new at LDI was the Robin 1200 LEDWash.  It sports the same multi-chip LEDs as the Robin 300 and 600 LEDWash fixtures.  Also new was the Robin DLX Spot LED-based moving head with RGBW LED sources as well as the Robin Sniper with the Philips Platinum 35 lamp for a tight, parallel beam used in place of Xenon-lamped large venue fixtures.

In keeping with Robe’s Green mission, you can view their digital catalogue online.  I recommend you check out the “Robin Scoreboard” for a fast comparison of features across this new line of fixtures.



Rosebrand continues to add to its line of stretch shapes and specialty fabrics.  New this season is the Geometric Display Wall shapes.  There are 3 shapes curved, flat and wavy.  This is a neat idea for displays, tradeshows and events.  Shapes can be printed on digitally or plain white.  The Tendo spandex is a great surface to project onto or light with a few LED’s.

Other cool new fabrics include the Crackle Tendo, Gliss Velvet and the Gloss Satin.


Lowel Light

Lowel’s new fixture for LDI is the Prime LED.  I was immediately impressed with its output.  I did notice that the “tungsten” version incorporates some daylight colored LED’s.  This helps with the intensity and also helps balance the color temperature. The Prime LED 400 is similar in size and body to the Fluotec fixtures.  This fixture will be a good option for small educational or cable access studios.  There was also talk at the booth about possible case and kit options.



Lite Panels also had a the smallest DMX controllable LED Fresnel on the market, the daylight-balanced Sola 4™ offers the controllability and light-shaping properties inherent in a Fresnel light at a small fraction of the power draw of conventional fixtures. like the rest of sola series, sola 4 provides Litepanels’ famous soft light quality.

Fresh from IBC LitePanels teased their Croma™ fixture.  It is a sleekly designed, camera-mounted LED lighting fixture that provides Litepanels hallmark soft light with the addition of variable color temperature output.

It is a versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, event videographers, or still photographers who move rapidly from one light environment to the next, without time to change lighting equipment or add gels.

Delivering powerful performance in a small package, this self-contained light can be a secret weapon on any set or location, wherever extra kick or nice fill is needed.



ETC had all kinds on new products on their stand this year.. here’s a brief rundown:

Desire D60 fixtures – among the brightest LED wash fixtures available – available in color and in white (daylight and Tungsten) — I want people to know that these fixtures are really bright and they are shipping

S4 Fresnel –  Now shipping! – Winner of PLASA members award. With the Source Four Fresnel, you choose the lamp wattage that best suits your particular application and energy requirements – from 375W to 575W to 750W lamps. And when you need to relamp a Source Four Fresnel, ETC’s smart new design makes your work easier than ever. Our innovative socket and access door let you change out the lamp from underneath the fixture — without having to break focus — saving on work, time and trouble.

It’s a zoom to focus. With the Source Four Fresnel, you get that timeless Fresnel light in a 21st-century fixture. ETC’s innovative mechanical design has simplified the focusing for you. Whatever physically awkward spot you’re working in, we make it easier for you to adjust the fixture from spot to flood, with a full-sized zoom knob you can get a real grip on. We’ve also engineered the fixture-housing to eliminate light leaks and minimize spillage.

Sensor 3 Power control system – Featuring the new CEM and our new Thru-power modules.  Sensor 3 features thru-power modules include a pair of 20a dimmers ad a pair of 20A relays. Each circuit can be converted to a switched relay or a dimmer via the new CEM 3. Each module also features a switch on the front to turn the load on constant. These units are the tools for new theatre designs where the designer is bridging the gap between tungsten and LED. These modules will allow you to control any load at the circuit.

Source Four LED – Yep – This fixture was previewed in ETC’s “Lava Lounge.”  The unit will both retrofit to existing Source Fours or can be purchased new. The colored fixture will rival the output of a S4 750 when used in saturated colors. This unit features the X7 – 7 color LED system and all the control features of the desire fixtures – Available end of Q1 and ETC is currently projecting $2500 list.

Gio – The newest member of the Eos product line – Gio is stationed nice between Ion and Eos. Gio offers powerful Eos functionality and popular operational syntax, in a compact and portable footprint – to fit anywhere and to take on the road. The console features backlit buttons and integrated, articulating multi-touch displays. It supports up to three external displays, which can also be multi-touch. Gio can act as a primary console, a back-up, or a client console.

ETC will demo the new Mosaic Tessera Panel Controller (MTPC) — a sleek addition to their Unison® line of control. Tessera combines a 4.3” touchscreen with a 512-channel Mosaic controller. Complex lighting shows and lighting devices like LEDs and dimmers can all be controlled by Tessera, which also handles impromptu show control, accessories, and non-lighting effects. Tessera integrates within a larger system while containing all the software and functionality within its compact, economical package to master an entire installation. Used as a wall station, Tessera blends into any interior design.


Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat showed their normal complement of quiet, well-constructed followspots, but all attention was focused on their LED products. What else would you expect from L(E)DI? The Aledin profile produced a nice even beam, had good pattern projection and great shutter cuts. It has the output equivalent to a 375W ellipsoidal at only 85 watts of power. The unit features a 50,000 hour life and is available in two color temperatures. It is a white-light only fixture. The Aledin Fresnel is another 85W LED fixture, this one using a traditional Fresnel optical system to provide excellent barndoor cuts and a smooth spot-to-flood ratio, with the equivalent output of a 650W tungsten Fresnel.


Lighting & Electronics

Lighting & Electronics showed their brand-spanking new dimmable LED Worklite / Houselite.  Powered by 120 Cree LEDs, the total power draw is 150W with 120 to 277V input. The fixtures color temp is4,000K to 4,500K with a CRI of >72.

The unit is dimmable via either a 0-10V dimmer or DMX512.  Aluminum alloy construction gives the unit great ruggedness and advanced heat dissipation.  It is available in black or white, and mounting options include yoke and clamp, pendant, or torchiere.


James Thomas Engineering

James Thomas Introduces the Galaxy line of truss for touring applications.  The Galaxy features an open bottom and adjustable hanging pipes to allow the truss to carry both conventional and moving lights.  The unique feature is the 8 wheel dolly the truss rests in for transport, the dolly allows fixtures to remain hung in a pre-focus position, and folds up for compact storage.


Union Connector

Manufacturers of connectors, company switches, and Emergency Transfer Switches is expanding their operation  through a recent move to sunny FL.  A warmer business climate is credited for bringing Union Connector to the sunshine state.  Metal fabrication will be performed in CT, and assembly, quotes, and administration will be located in the new Florida facility.



Building on the strength of the True Blue line Arri has recently introduced the L7 Fresnel and Broadcaster LED Fixtures.  The L7 is a 7”  Fresnel with a choice of LED engines.  L7-T is a 3200K color temperature, L7-D is the 5600K daylight Fresnel and L7-C is a color mixing fixture.  All fixtures share single shadow imaging,15 degree to 50 degree zoom range,  true shutter cuts with 4-leaf or 8-leaf barndoor, and high color rendering index (92CRI).

The Caster Series features similar high quality LED’s in a small eye light fixture.  The Broadcaster provides DMX control over intensity, Color Temperature from 2800K –  6500K, and +/- green tint.  The LoCaster has the same features, but is manually controlled via on-board potentiometers.  Both are offered with power supply, 2-leaf barndoor, and intensifier.


ACT Lighting

ACT Lighting was showing the GrandMA, but there was little new about that. The buzz in the ACT booth was over GDS’s new LED House Lights. They have direct replacement options for pendant and high hats. The fixtures include wireless data receivers so adding control cable for a retrofit is unnecessary. They didn’t have published photometrics, but the fixtures output looked substantial. The LED’s are recessed in deep reflectors that prevent peripheral glare. They are still several months from market availability but highly anticipated. This was the Green Product of the Year at LDI.



Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies had no new products, but had instead focused on upgrades to their existing products. They offer RGB indicators on their pushbutton stations and the programmer can choose which color is active based on programming events. The colors on the buttons can also mimic button colors on their LCD controls. They also have an upgraded windows based software package for programming and control. The software makes designing and implementing custom screens for the LCD Stations very easy to do.



UltraTec introduced the Ultra Handy Fogger. This Ultra Handy Foggerlatest machine features a removable cord and manual pump for easy portability. Ideal for location work and wherever you need to run out and apply fog quickly in a specific area. They were also showing their Floor Pocket utilizing the LSG Low Smoke Generator. The Floor Pocket is rated for 1000LB load and pops up to distribute the LSG fog when needed. In addition, Ultratec has a new Fog Burst, which is a compressed air accelerator attachment for the G3000 and does what the name implies.



Oh Baby it was bright.   New to LDI was the Seachanger HMI ellipsoidal.  This unit uses a standard 575 HMI and kicks out 24,000 lumens with a CRI of 95.   In the sea of LED’s it was unbelievably bright.  If you’re looking for intensity this unit has it.   Plus it contains the Seachanger features of standard Cyan, Magenta and Yellow filtering with a Micro patterned dimmer for 0-100% control.   The lamp color temperature is 6,000K, you can use DMX and RDM control with on board LED keypad.


JR Clancy

Clancy didn’t have a whole lot of new products but did feature the PowerLine line shaft hoist that uses a lighter backbone than the standard line shaft, without reducing strength or durability.  The new hoist brings users an expanded choice of brake options (electric or over speed) and drums (3/16″ or ¼”).



Pathway has been recently acquired by Acuity Brands who manufacturers energy efficient lighting products.  However, this move will remain seamless for the end user.   You will continue to have access to the Pathway line through you Barbizon offices.

This year new to LDI was the Pathway Quattro.   The Quattro replaces the R-Series 2 Port nodes with four ports for less than twice the price.  It contains PoE and uses a front panel LCD display for easy configuration without the use of a computer.  The details:  Four DMX 513 ports individually configurable,  RDM gateway, in conjunction with Pathport Manager 5,  DMX output speed and signal loss user set, 8-way DMX routing per port.


Clay Paky & Parasol

This year, Clay Paky debuted three new fixtures and one enclosure at LDI. The first new fixture was the Alpha Spot QWO 800. The QWO 800 uses the MSR Platinum 35 lamp operating at 800W to produce outputs that are normally equated with a 1000-1200 W fixtures.  Clay Paky created this fixture to take advantage of this additional output primarily as a gobo/graphics projector.  It features a wide zoom range (7.6° to 55°), CMY color mixing, fixed color wheel, 15 glass gobos (7 rotating & 8 fixed), 9 facet rotating prism,  16 blade iris, animation wheel, variable frost system and hybrid (electro/mechanical) dimmer.  One of the interesting features about this fixture is the Stay-Sharp-Zoom. When set, it holds the sharp focus of the gobo projection across the zoom function by self-altering the focus on the fixture.  Additionally it features the dyna-cue-creator (also seen in the alpha 1500 and 700) to allow for a moving cue creation with zoom, color, and gobos. It creates fast moving and easy to program effects that are in perfect synchronization.

The second fixture they released at LDI was the Glow-up.  It is their battery powered LED fixture.  They are available in three versions (RGBW, Tunable White, and Full white).  Built into each fixture is wireless DMX allowing each unit to act as a receiver and a repeater (to help increase max distance of the chain of fixtures).  Unlike other fixtures in this niche market, the Glow-up can store onboard DMX streams. So you can program a complex function, upload and go without further need for the console. It also features mounting plates and anti-theft cables due to the portable nature of the device. Comes standard in White, Black, or Chrome.

Lastly, Clay Paky introduced their Igloo enclosure. This is a domed climate controlled enclosure for Clay Paky’s smaller lights. It can fit Alpha 300, Alpha 700, and Sharpy Fixtures. It is IP54 rated and features either onboard wireless DMX or a gland-based wired DMX version (chosen at purchase time).  It can be installed in any orientation without compromising its IP rating.

Also sharing Clay Paky’s booth was the new company Parasol. Parasol is creating products to bring new functionality to moving fixtures. They currently are developing two new product lines. The first is the Parasol system which is a track system with fully independent and programmable carts. Each of these carts mounts a single fixture.  Then the carts can be programmed to move along a straight or curved truss in either direction.  Control is achieved through wireless DMX and power is conveyed through the use of a power rail on the mounting surface.

The second product is the Kinetic light ring (KLR)(which was installed in the Clay Paky booth with a ring of Sharpys). It is a fixed space ring that mounts moving fixtures on it. The ring can then be rotated up to 72” per second.  It can be scaled from 10’ to 30’ in diameter.

Both of these options can offer new ways of creating amazing effects by offering new axis of motion for traditional moving lights.  They are controlled via a computer resident proprietary program. The programming shown for the KLR was very simple, with only a few parameters to monitor.

Here’s a video from PLSN TV that shows it:



Strong & DTS

Sharing the same booth and distribution chain, Strong and DTS were showing the newest fixtures in their respective lines.  Strong was showing their LED lines of fixtures. The first of which is their extreme long throw Solutions line. These are either White or RGBW fixtures that operate at 650W to throw over extreme distances (White version – 96 fc at 200’).  The Neeva LED profile fixture is their other offering. It is currently available in a 50W version with a 100W version coming out in January. The new 100W will be available in both tunable white and RGBA models. The fixture features 1195 lumens of output. It can project gobos and a hard edge. However it cannot create the traditional soft edge that is found in many incandescent ellipsoidal fixtures.

DTS, which is distributed by Strong, was showing its full line of architectural and entertainment fixtures.  One of their highlighted fixtures was the “Jack Spot”. It is a high power moving head fixture based on the Phillips platinum 5R lamp.  It offers many of the normal options such as a Color wheel, motorized focus, motorized iris, 5° to 34° linear zoom, rotating gobo wheel, fixed gobo wheel, and 5 facet rotating prism. On first glance, the aspect that immediately jumps out is the overall size of the fixture.  It measures 47 cm (18.5”) high x 34 cm (13.4”) wide. The Platinum 5R lamp does have tremendous output for its size, but at certain focal points (as seem with similar fixtures) the lamp creates a spotty throw.  Gobos and other effects looked excellent, and offered a ton of options for a small fixture.

Additional LED emitter upgrades were also forthcoming for many of their LED products including the Nick 600 Wash Zoom.  Which after upgrade is intended to be 25% brighter and feature a quad chip format with internal mixing (instead of current pixilated version). The fixture will either have a 8°-53° zoom or three interchangeable fixed focus optical units. It will also be available in a full white version with two color temperature options (2700° K & 6500° K).



CAST Software

In addition to the newest releases of both Wysiwyg and Vivien, Cast was showcasing the phase 2 product of BlackTrax.  BlackTrax is a beacon based tracking product that uses infrared cameras to track objects and performers while on stage. It employs a tiny belt pack (approximately 2”x 3” with tail). The beacon operates by sending a burst pattern of infrared emissions which is picked up by the cameras on the edges of the performance space. Since the cameras are looking for that specific burst pattern, it allows the tracking software to ignore other infrared sources such as pyrotechnic effects, lighting fixtures, or LED video walls since their infrared emissions do not match the pre-proscribed pattern. The belt pack includes a gyroscope for tracking rotational changes. This allows them to track not only in three dimensions (X,Y,Z) but also to track rotational data (yaw, pitch, roll).   A small radio transmitter also assists with backup positional location and feedback to the console about battery life and other pertinent information. The BlackTrax system is accurate to ~.25 inches at 50’

Setup is easy. After installing the cameras around the performance area; you use a beacon wand to walk around the entire space thereby showing the limits of the camera view. As long as two cameras can see the beacon at all times, the system will function. The wand alerts you when it is only being seen by one or less cameras.

It features interfaces for Lighting, Audio, and Projection.  Lighting tracking is its native mode and allows for tracking of multiple moving fixtures across multiple targets. Unlike other tracking products, BlackTrax interfaces directly with some lighting consoles (such as the Grand MA) to provide complete control over all the parameters of the tracking lighting fixtures. It allows for single surface control over both the lighting rig and the tracking interface.  Since each beacon is independently coded, tracking can switch from cue to cue depending designer needs without having to switch to another laptop or console. Additionally, BlackTrax can monitor and adjust for movement of the fixtures as well. By interfacing with the rigging controller, the exact location can be plotted for every fixture as well, and if a rig is being lifted or moved during a show, the fixtures can extrapolate the new coordinates of the beacon and adjust its movements accordingly.

Cast Software is working with various manufacturers in the audio and projection markets to provide support and tracking information for them as well. By interfacing with media servers such as Pandora’s Box and Hyppotizer it can create movable projection surfaces, instant keystone abilities, and much more.  Certain media servers can also map 3-d audio effects across line arrays and speaker clusters. While BlackTrax is currently available, there are many future upgrades planned for increased functionality, fixture support, and external integration.  


Airstar Space Lighting

The newest products offered by Airstar were their new event supplemental lighting named Accent. Made from a stiff plastic with internal LED emitters, they serve as event accents. They come in cube, sphere and egg shapes. Each unit has an onboard rechargeable battery with charging ring on the bottom so it can be plugged into a charger base. Airstar states that they can be used in dry or wet environment – even floating in pools (although they did not give it a specific IP rating).

They were still showing their standard air filled and helium filled balloons.  Air filled is available in stand or ground versions and helium models are both stand and ground tethered. They can be used with both printed and unprinted sleeves.  Additionally, they offer the standard halogen, HMI, and LED Sources.

And lastly, they were showing some of their specialty products that have been created for various installations. From custom made shapes, to blimps with banners for large stadium event,  Airstar has created some amazing materials for brand advertising and event production.



This TMB had networking and control cable offerings as well as an LED fixture. Here’s a bullet list of their booth’s highlights

  • A rack mount gigabit switch in either 8 or 10 ports and with or without fiber.
  • A portable gigabit switch with 6 outputs
  • Pro-Plex 4-core fiber cable will be available by the spring of 2012. This is 4 core fiber with the outer jacket of standard Pro-plex and will allow for a tighter bend radius.

Also new to TMB is the Schnick Schnack line of LED fixtures and controls. They come in both strip and tile versions. All are DMX controlled.

  • C series strip is full RGB and can be video controlled, has a 25MM LED pitch and allows for up to 30 channels of control.
  • B series strip is full RGB, allows for up to 3 channels of control and comes in either a 25mm or 12.5mm LED pitch.
  • L series strip is white light that comes in several color temperatures and is available in either 12.5mm or 25mm LED pitch.
  • C60 series is RGB, comes in either a 25mm or 50mm pitch, uses from 1 to 5 universes of DMX channel control and can be video controlled.
  • C50 series is RGB, comes in a 50mm pitch, uses 48 channels of control and can also be video controlled.
  • B series tile is RGB and used 3 channels of control on a 50mm pitch.
  • L series tile offers the same white color temperatures as the L series strip in a 33mm or 50mm LED pitch.

Schnick Schnack also offers several varieties of controllers and power supplies that allow everything from simple DMX RGB control to a power supply that handles up to 255 universes.



Lex Products

LEX debuted their new 100 Amp Bento style distribution enclosure. The new boxes are stackable and easy to store, and six will fit in a standard six-gallon milk crate. The enclosure is heavy duty extruded PVC, fully insulated, shock, impact, corrosion resistant, and stackable. The box is 5.9”L x 7.5”W x 11.5”H.

Available in the first quarter of 2012, LEX will also have a new LSC19 Multi pin connector. These new connectors use an anti-rotation design. 12 interlocking keys prevent spinning of the interior within the male and female housings. The new LSC19 connectors are now rated 23 amps, 600 VAC and are UL rated.

LEX is also now offering 19” rack mount power distribution. This is fully customizable and can be made to specification.


Applied Electronics

Applied Electronics offered some changes to their LA12-25 and LA16-30 Line Array Towers. Both towers now are able to pack easier and offer a cart for easy transport.

AE also showed off their new Chain Motor Hoist control. This system is so new there was no name, price point or literature available on it. Literally completed and tested days prior, this system uses a touch screen LCD for simple multi-hoist control. Some safety features include sensing of power loss or incorrect power at all hoists connected and not allowing movement of any hoist until issue is resolved. The screen while monochrome, will allow for a red, blue or green background. Buttons and readouts will turn red indicating an error giving the end-user visual reference. Plans are to upgrade to a full color LCD screen.



Altman is pleased to offer a new Ellipsoidal called the Phoenix. This line will eventually take the place of the Shakespeare line of ellipsoidal. It is compatible with a GLA, or HPL 375, 575 or 750 watt lamp. You choose lamp type when ordering. It also has a 360 degree rotating barrel, locking shutters and gobo, tool-free interchangeable lens barrels. Barrels will be available in 5, 10, 19, 26, 36 and 50. The 5 and 10 degree barrel will not be available at first release, which is 1 qtr 2012, but Shakespeare barrels will work in the fixture. It has very little light leak and also accepts a Sea Changer. The fixture ships with color frame and c-clamp.

Altman also showed the Spectra Strip. This is a low profile LED strip light. Available in 2’ / 200W, 4’ / 400W and 6’ / 600W models. There are 4 light cells in the 2’model, 8 cells in the 4’ and 12 cells in the 6’. Each cell is a 50w RGBA color mixing or 3000K high CRI White light LED engine. The strip can be customized to any combination of RGB or white light cells you would like. Each cell can be individually filtered, lensed or diffused using the filter slots provided. It has Powercon and DMX in and through. It can be pipe mounted and floor mounted and can be considered an LED replacement for traditional theatrical strip lights, cyc lights or border lights.


American DJ

In the world of American DJ its business as usual, bringing small inexpensive “flash” fixtures to the independent DJ’s and small production company’s of the world. Amidst the strobes and lasers we found two fixtures that could add some good looks to any DJ’s lighting rig. First is the Event Bar DMX which is nothing more than four LED pin spots mounted on a DMX control bar that gives you 17 channels of control over the spots, everything from strobe effects to full dimming of individual lights. I was more impressed by how bright the small pin spots were than anything else, the 4x3W LED pins definitely cut through everything else happening in the booth to create very well defined beams that can add that professional feel to light show.

The second fixture is a LED flat par; it’s a small light weight fixture that has decent light output with a price tag of under $200. The best part of the fixture is that it contains Tri LED’s which eliminates the fruit salad look and gives you even color washes when used for up lighting. A Tri LED fixture with decent output at such a low cost can be a good seller in the production company market.



Out of all of the vendors at LDI, Chauvet definitely made an impression with their “Infectious” marketing campaign and busy booth. The spider like truss rig contained everything from their well known COLORado tours to the new Legend 412 LED moving heads.

What was also very impressive were their MVP LED video display walls. The panels come in different LED spacing configurations, the highest resolution screen being the 12mm separation all the way to their 37.5mm separation low resolution screen. You can daisy chain power for up to 7 of the high resolution panels and 13 low resolution panels with 120v. Chauvet is making a push with their new LED fixtures to be compared to some of the higher end manufacturers in the industry while still maintaining pricing that makes their fixtures accessible to most production and lighting customers.



Not many products really caught our attention during my trip to the Ushio booth until we saw caught a glimpse of the FLS Fiber Optic LED display. The FLS LED system uses a 3W diode to illuminate up to 6ft of fiber optic cable. Color options are the standard white, red, green, blue; unfortunately they don’t have color changing capabilities. This is a very bright and cost effective way to replace neon tubes and expensive LED tape. You can only light 6ft of fiber optic cable with a single LED engine but if you stagger the engines you can definitely create the effect of a long continuous light source which would be great for cove lighting in clubs or a residential install as well as backlighting existing signs and neon bulb replacements.



Lightronics introduced Unity, their new line of architectural dimmers and controls, including Unity Central Desk, which provides 8 recordable lighting scene recalls to allow quick access to scenes during rehearsals and general purpose lighting. Simply insert the Central Desk in between the main theatrical console and the dimming system, program your cues and you’re ready to go.



Reliable source for truss,  structural components, and rigging hardware. From basic light duty truss to roof systems, hoist and specialized truss systems.

The TOMCAT Dance Tower is a versatile truss product used in numerous Broadway theatrical productions such as Mamma Mia, Hairspray and The Producers. The tower provides a side lighting position for performers on stage and is designed so that truss members don’t interfere with the lighting fixtures.


The Light Source

The Light Source a premiere manufacturer of fixture hanging accessories, including C clamps and couplers has new colors for their Mega Combo wrenches (Orange, Red, Silver, Black, Blue, Green and Gold are in stock).

Also, for those who have a Barco  projector, there is a new clamp that will fasten to the pipe, comes with a T-handle, so no tools are required.

And not to be outdone, they had an impressive prototype of an LED Ellipsoidal that uses an industry standard optics system.


Pro Tape

Pro Tape showed a new line of camouflage gaff and duct tape that can be used outdoors to camouflage cables, in addition to their extensive line of entertainment industry tapes on display.

Pro-Tapes products include Pro-Gaffers (21 colors) , Pro-Glow vinyl tape and Pro-Artist tape clean removal. Products also include Shurtape P743 , opaque photo grade black paper tape and Shurtape Professional Grade Gaffers tape. Pro-Tapes offers new and improved Cable Path which offers a friction-free, adhesive free path for your cables to be fixed into place. . Pro-Tapes has also added Shurtape P661 Glow in the dark gaffers to their comprehensive line of tape products. It boasts the same superior adhesive system as P665 and the same thread count and easy cross tear.