SC810Showing in the booth this year is the SC810 DMX Master Programmable Controller

The SC810 is a compact and simple to use DMX controller and scene playback device, capable of local, independent control of 512 channels of DMX and 18 user defined, recordable scenes. This device can be programmed as a standalone device or connect to a DMX chain with another controller and can snapshot up to 18 scenes to be recalled at the push of a button or slide of a fader.

The SC810 is available in either a wall mount or desk top version.


LightPartsServicing the industry since 2004, Lightparts was founded primarily as a High End Systems parts and repair house for legacy products. Since then they have grown to handle most major brands including Martin Professional, Element Labs, Vari Lite, Flying Pig Systems, Jands, Wybron, Coemar, Color Kinetics, ETC, and Clay Paky amongst others. In a nutshell their mission statement, “LightParts is the ‘one stop shop’ for entertainment lighting parts and repairs”.

Wildfire FX

viostormWildfire was showcasing a couple of their LED blacklight products, specifically the VioStorm series.  The VS-60 and VS-120 employ 10w LEDs to deliver 60w and 120w of power respectively.  The true 365nm UV-LEDs deliver the perfect wavelength for eye-popping UV effects.  The VioStorm series features an array of effects available locally at the fixture, or via DMX including 16-bit dimming resolution, adjustable speed strobe, flash, and pulse, as well as adjustable random strobing.  The VS-60 and 120 offer versatile user-changeable optic kits available in either 10°, 24°, or 40° and an optional beam shaping diffusion.  Also included is a standard 7.5” accessory frame.

USHIO / Zylight

ent-takumi2Did you know that Ushio is the leading manufacturer of follow spots in Japan, dating back to 1965?  In their booth, Ushio was showing the Takumi 2000 Xenon Follow Spot.  The cool thing about this follow spot is that the iris will close all the way, creating a nice effect onstage.  Additionally, when the iris, shutter, or douser are closed completely, the voltage auto-regulates to cut the lamp output to half, saving on lamp life as well as wear and tear on internal components.

ent-zylightf8-BUshio is distributing Zylight and they had some new products. Zylight’s F8-B is the UV version of their popular F8 IP-54 rated fixture that combines Ushio’s proprietary Tru365™ LED module with the flexibility and control of a focusable glass Fresnel lens. Built on the 100% silent and field-proven F8 platform, the F8-B delivers the latest in blacklight LED technology with no lenses to change, no filters to check, and no fixed beam patterns to limit your creativity. Emitting a powerful narrow band of UV light, that’s the power of Tru365™.

ent-zylightf83002For the first time we saw the new F8-300 giving you the punch in a large studio or on location. It’s output rivals a 600 watt HMI Fresnel or more than a 2k Tungsten bulb, all while drawing only 300 watts of power. With passive cooling, The F8-300 uses no fan for a completely silent experience.  Built upon the Award-winning F8 platform, the F8-300 continues the tradition of combining high quality optics with a special blend of Quantum nanoparticles to deliver a high quality of light matched only by traditional sunlight and incandescent bulbs, while using a fraction of the energy. Plus, the F8-300 can perform in rain, snow and sun with ease, thanks to it’s IP54 rating.  The F8-300 also has ZyLink™ affording wireless control all of the F8-300’s settings from across the studio or stage from the palm of your hand. Link together multiple fixtures to create a large source or control them individually.

ent-zylightNewz2The Newz is the next generation camera-top light with attributes not found on lights at even twice the price. This palm-sized powerhouse is set up for simplicity while delivering everything you expect from a Zylight xture. The Newz gives you fully dimmable, variable white color temperatures from 3200-5600k. Go from indoors to outdoors with just the turn of a dial. By incorporating a special blend of Quantum nanoparticles with traditional phosphor, the Newz boasts a CRI of up to 92 and a quality of light matched only by traditional sunlight and incandescent bulbs, while using a fraction of the energy.


SSRCAmong SSRC’s tried and true portfolio of products, SSRC was featuring their LED work light.  In the same form factor you’ve known for years, SSRC offers a 50w LED solution equivalent to a 250W incandescent.  It is also available in 500w equivalent, 3000°K, or 5000°K, and 120 or 277VAC.  It is non-dimmable, UL listed, includes a c-clamp, and a male plug of your choice.


Maniac_white_backgroundCITC had a Maniac on the floor – well, this maniac is a combination fogger and pan and tilt LED lighting fixture. Control allows for fog alone, LED beam alone or both at the same time. The moving head allows for 540 X 270 pan and tilt. The on board fog fluid tank is adjustable allowing the unit to be under hung, over hung or hung vertically. Instant stop technology allows for “no drip” operation. Fully DMX controllable, utilizing 10 control channels. The fixture has 10 – 8W RGBA LEDs. Total power is 1600 Watts.

Smart Fog – Out of a request from designer for fog that can be “timed”, CITC has Smart Fog. Available in 7 speeds, it allows for perfectly timed fog effects;

  • 15 second ultra quick
  • 1 minute quick
  • 3 minute
  • 15 minute
  • 25 minute – Regular
  • 45 minute – long lasting
  • 60 minute – longer lasting

All fluids listed are FDA approved and uses all organic, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Made in the USA.

A.C. Lighting

chroma-q-space-force-led-spaceAC Lighting was showing the new Chroma Q – Space Force which is a low profile, lightweight LED Soft Light. It is available in daylight, tungsten and variable. The fixture draws 600 watts and outputs up to 26,500 lumens. It is a single source fixture, so no “skittling”. The fixture utilizes the same convection cooling methods found in other Chroma Q fixtures, eliminating fan noise. The Space force features adjustable frequencies to provide flicker free operation. The fixture can be controlled by any DMX controller or by the on board controls. Allowing for control of color, temperature and intensity.

studio-one-100-daylight-whiteAlso in their booth was the new Chroma-Q® Studio One 100™ LED Par designed to deliver the highest quality of white light from an LED based fixture, for the most demanding applications. The Studio One 100 uses core LED technology from the Chroma-Q premium performance lighting range making it a multi-purpose fixture is ideal for a wide range of applications and provides a powerful, creative lighting tool.  This fixture is also available as a RGBA version.


Swisson XSHSwisson showed their new XSH Hybrid Splitter allows for distributing power and a DMX signal within one single unit.  The XSH features a powerCon 20A input and an XLR input and four pairs of powerCon 20A and XLR outputs. This combination comes especially handy with modern DMX setups, where so called ‘hybrid cables’ with XLR and powerCon connectors are frequently used.  The XSH comes with a built-in amp meter which makes it a breeze to keep track of the amount of power that is consumed, allowing its user to take action before the cables are operated at their limits. With the RDM option it is also possible to remotely monitor the current draw.

XPD-28m-640Swisson’s XPD-28 is the latest and at the same time the most sophisticated Swisson splitter. The RDM capable splitter features two DMX inputs (A and B) and eight DMX outputs, which are intuitively assignable to any of the two universes at the push of a button. At each output port, a status LED signals by its color, to which universe the port currently is assigned. Amber stands for universe A and Blue for universe B.  Even more detailed status information is provided by an OLED display, which is for example capable of showing the refresh rate or a graphical overview of the received channel values. In conjunction with an encoder wheel and eleven additional push buttons, the OLED display also helps keeping the XPD-28 easy to operate in spite of its versatility.

Lex Products

100-amp-cinebox__largeLex Products showed their new 60 and 100amp CineBox Feed Through Power Distribution box. The stackable, compact design allows for easy storage and portability. Heavy duty rubber enclosure, Breakers are mounted flush for easy access and circuit identification. Hydraulic magnetic breakers will not nuisance trip at high temperatures. They are both single phase, 2 pole, 3 wire, 120v with a stage pin inlet. The 60A has (3) Nema 5-20 20 amp receptacles. The 100A has (5) NEMA 5-20  20 amp receptacles. Both are feed through.

Also on hand were the 6kW, 12kW and 24kW Portable Dimmer . This is a single channel 6000 watt, 12,000 watt or 24,000 watt portable dimmer/relay. All models have a panel mount stage pin connector for input and output, are DMX512 controlled, can run in dim or non-dim mode. The unit will retain last look in case of data loss and will retain pre-heat status, dimmer level, operating mode and DMX512 address through power loss.

Lex PCS TrioOn the control side was their new PCS Trio™, the only system to access all phases of power in as single panel.  Giving integrators the ability to consolidate single and double pole relays as well as dimmers into one panel.  Whether your application requires power management of LEDs, moving and incandescent lights, projection screens, powered speakers or other appropriate equipment, the revolutionary, patent-pending design of PCS TRIO™ enables power control over the widest equipment range within a single panel.

Cineo Lighting

Matchstix-landing_03Imagine a small, simple, color-accurate light source designed for image capture with the versatility of power and mounting options to go anywhere you need it. Cineo Lighting and Litegear™ have teamed up to develop the Matchstix series of small, versatile Remote Phosphor light sources. Matchstix operate from any DC power source from 11.5 to 16 VDC, including many battery options. Connection uses standard co-ax DC power connectors. Matchstix are optimized for flicker free control with Litegear Lite-dimmers. Only 35mm wide, Matchstix are available in 3”, 6” and 12” lengths and are

Surprisingly bright for their size. Available in all Cineo color temperatures, their color quality perfectly matches all other Cineo softlights. The back side of all Matchstix includes a standard cold-shoe slot for limitless mounting options virtually anywhere.

HS2-with-New-Sticker-1024x596Cineo has also revamped their larger HS fixture and call it the HS2. The neat part of this is it features new RDM450 power supply which is smaller and lighter weight than the legacy DTZ450 and features completely re-designed electronics for improved reliability. Other new features include digital display and control, remote programming via RDM, as well as fine dimming, smooth dimming and strobe capability. The RDM450 can be attached directly to the HS2 head for one-piece operation or operated remotely up to 300 feet from the fixture.


Videssence Vidnel 080If you are looking for an 80 Watt Adjustable Beam Fresnel Videssence has you covered. They offer a high color rendering LED Fresnel fixture that provides the single shadow and focusing characteristics essential to Fresnel fixtures while using a fraction of the power of tungsten units. The fixture generates a strong directional beam of adjustable light with even coverage of 3200K color (5600K optional). It also delivers flicker-free dimming without color shift and amazing color rendering at 96+ CRI. A manual slide bar at the side of the fixture adjusts the beam and locks in place. Dual cooper pipe heat sink with integrated ultra-quiet axial fan assures maximum LED light output. Magnetic stabilizer ensures smooth fan operation in any position.  A simple touch pad on the side allows easy programming for DMX control and dimming. Fixture shuts off power to the integral driver when dimmed to ZERO in DMX mode so no external relay or power cut off is required. Additional control achieved with 4˝ gel frame and barn door accessory options.


SGM LDI 15A visit to the SGM booth rewarded the attendees with a wonderful display of light and water.  The SGM G-Profile dancing in a fountain of water showing off its IP65 rating, as well as High Power RGBY LED & framing shutters.  Surrounding the G-Profile was a handful of G1-Beam fixtures.

G_1The G1-Beam is a small IP65 beam fixture available with battery option as well as wireless DMX this fixture can truly go anywhere.    The bright 6500K output paired with one of 19 gobos or 14 colors can create many eye catching combinations.

Strand / Philips Entertainment Lighting

SL-PUNCHLITE-20_01Building on the success of the Showline SL Par155 Philips has introduced the SL Punchlite 220 an Exterior Rated Par with 18) 15W Quad Chip (RGBW) LED’s and an 8 to 40 degree zoom.

They also showed the new SL Beam 300 FX, a compact LED wash light with big beam effects.  The 8 to 40 degree zoom & effects wheel allows the programmer to create interesting aerial images as well as smooth wash looks.

In addition, all of the Selecon PL fixtures (Fresnel, Cyc, Profile) have been outfitted with the new MK2 LED chip.  The MK2 improves both output and color mixing in this range of fixtures.

Strand 500ML console Strand Lighting was also proud to introduce the new 500ML lighting control console. Designed for easy control of LED fixtures and automated luminaires. With its ability to give lighting designers and technicians an intelligent way to create and play back exceptional lighting designs, the 500ML is now available.

The 500ML lighting control console has an 8-inch TFT color touchscreen for fast set up with 119 backlit command buttons to aid in the ease of use. The console also has two DMX Out Ports with the ability to control four DMX Universes. Additionally, the console is complete with four Rotary Encoders, a Level Wheel, LCD Fader Bank Information Screens, and 24 Faders which may be used as Masters, Submasters or Playbacks.

Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies debuted the new CueServer 2 DIN.  This new CueServer offers an elegant din rail mounted control processor for up to 32 universes of DMX.  Designed for large scale architectural applications this system supports a variety of input stations, show control signals, and third party interfaces sucvh as Crestron & AMX.  A new version of the scripting language makes it easy to program any sequence of events.  The CueServer 2 DIN also has an audio output to play music as well as the light show.


Along with their full line of fog, haze, and effects products, Ultratec demonstrated The Cyclofetti mass confetti launcher.  It uses 18 lbs of Co@ per minute @ 700 PSI to propel 4-5 lbs. of confetti into the air.  With the adjustable hanging or floor mount bracket, it can be located in the lighting rig or on the floor.  It’s powered by either 120 or 240 Vac 50/60 Hz.


squarepic_largeGaffGun uses a funneling system to straighten and center cables and then lay tape over them.  CoreLok tape works in unison with the GaffGun, wound on a plastic core that locks onto the GaffGun’s hub, keeping tape centered and allowing use of the GaffGun’s tensioning knob.

New at LDI was their GT Dance™ premium vinyl tape for dance floor splicing and floor marking.  Don’t waste time stretching tape when you could be dancing: The GaffGun’s tensioning system was developed with your application in mind.

GT Dance™ has been specially wound on a locking plastic GaffGun™ core, it features optimized pull-off tension for smooth, even release, and allows for controlled elongation with maximum adhesion to the floor.

All GaffGun products and options are available through Barbizon.

DeSisti Lighting

DeSisti-Super-LEDDeSisti introduced their Super LED F10 HP and Super LED F14, expanding the existing range of Super Series Fresnels.  These new fixtures are ideal for Outdoor Lighting as their light output is considerably higher to compete with natural daylight. With increased wattages and larger lens sizes, the new Fresnels are perfect replacements for HMI (daylight lamps). With an IP23 rating, these lighting fixtures feature Rain Protected construction. When compared to HMI (Daylight lamps) The Fresnels offer smooth dimming to 0% through DMX or locally, without any external ballast and with CRIs in excess of 95 for both the Tungsten Balanced CCT and the Daylight Balanced CCT Versions.


Coemar Lighting

 Reflection Series « Back Reflection LEDko EXT IP65Coemar has created the first IP65 protection rated LED profile on the market, which is similar in size to conventional and LED profile fixtures. The 150 W led engine provides a long lasting light source which is energy efficient, but also allows for instant plastic gobos from standard printers.  Fixed and zoom lens options will be available early 2016, along with a choice of daylight, tungsten, or variable full spectrum RGBW arrays.

Altman Lighting

Altman PegasusThe Pegasus 6 and Pegasus 8 Fresnels are 6” and 8″ white output LED Fresnels that are both Mains Dimmable and DMX controlled all in one luminaire. Pegasus replicates the soft light output that is expected from a Theatrical or Studio Fresnel. Under 150 Watts, the Pegasus 6 surpasses the output of its 500 watt incandescent counterpart, and the Pegasus 8 meets the output of its 750 watt incandescent counterpart.  The Pegasus line also won a Plasa Member’s Choice award this year too!

Altman chalice-150-downlightDesigned specifically for the demands of theaters, churches and public venues, the Chalice 150 down light is a 145W White LED pendant fixture that addresses and alleviates the typical maintenance routines of changing lamps and ballasts in difficult-to-access locations. The Chalice 150 uses a single-point source for optimal beam control, and offers a variety of reflector options for ceiling heights from 15 to 50 feet. Its powerful output blends to seamless coverage in the most elegant setting. Extremely smooth dimming reproduces the comfortable feel of traditional incandescent sources, at a fraction of the power consumption. DMX control allows each fixture to be controlled independently or in groups, from an architectural control system and/or directly from a theatrical control console.

Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting Celebrated Five Years of MSD and MSR Platinum Lamps. In an industry driven by new LED technology, Philips continues to provide research and develop discharge lamps for new and exciting entertainment lighting fixtures in many levels of output and a wide variety for form factors. The Platinum line is found in many moving lights from consumer level to stadium installations.


Marinco-LDI-15The Marinco Twixfer, designed as a low profile stagepin twofer solution, is now UL listed.

Marinco Power Products 45 degree panel mount cam. Their 45 degree Cam is machined from one piece of brass. The lack of seams created by joining two or more components together is more efficient for heat dispersion than an assembled device.


Hubbell-AppHubbell has expanded their line of continuity testers to include the entire twist lock line.  They have also introduced twist-lock connector selector app and a Kellums “Gripulator” Selector app for calculating sufficient cable strain relief. Both apps are available for Apple and Android platforms.

Acclaim Lighting

Acclaim Lighting had a selection of new products that they showed at LDI 2015.  They had their new Dyna Fixtures, additions to the Graze line, and some new Flex line products for display.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.59.24 PMDyna Flood XT

  • High Output exterior IP66 rated LED flood light 75 Watt source
  • Adjustable head with internal line voltage dimmable LED driver
  • Single color or Quad color LED chips
  • 60-100’ throw distance depending on color
  • Available beam angles of 6 (standard), 20, 40, 60, 10 x 60 degrees

Dyna Drum SO

  • High Output exterior IP66 rated LED flood Par fixture with 145 Watt source
  • Adjustable yoke with DMX control in 4, 2, and 1 channel modes
  • Beam angles of 6 (standard), 20, 40, 60, 10 x 60 degrees
  • 200’ throw distance in color, 250’ in white

Dyna Graze DC linear LED fixture

  • IP66 rated 24VDC fixture
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K options with up to 419 Lumens per foot
  • 1’ and 4’ versions with a max of 12’ of fixture in a series
  • 1’ features 12 Watts of power consumption and 4’ features 48 watts

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.55.38 PMFlex Tube SE (side emitting)

  • IP68 rated 32’ spool of tube with 24VDC power at 106 Watts at 32’
  • 160 degree beam angle with 171 Lumens per foot
  • 1 channel of DMX per spool
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Red, Green, and Blue outputs

Elation Lighting

Elation Professional launched several new products at LDI 2015.  Elation presented  new moving head fixtures, static fixtures, a Digital Project moving head, consoles and playback devices, and line of Video Displays.

elation_platinum_FLXPlatinum FLX 3 in 1 Beam, Spot, and Wash Luminaire

  • Philips MSD Platinum 20R 470 Watt Lamp
  • 1.8 – 18 degree Beam and 2.9-25 degree Spot Zoom
  • 6-42 degree Zoomable Wash/Frost Filter
  • 6 Way linear and 8 Facet Rotating Prisms
  • Full CMY Color Mixing and Linear CTO Color Correction
  • RDM, KlingNET and ArtNET, DMX over Ethernet

Satura Profile LED Spot

  • 440 Watt Cool White 20,000 Lumen
  • 11 – 38 degree Motorized Zoom
  • 7 Dichroic Colors, Full CMY Color Mixing and CTO
  • 6 Rotating Interchangeable and 7 Static Stamped Gobos
  • 4 Blade Framing Shutters, Motorized Iris and Focus with Variable Dimming Curves
  • 3 Facet Rotating Prism and Frost Filter
  • DMX, RDM, KlingNET, and ArtNET control protocols

elation_platinum_HFX_rightPlatinum HFX 3 in 1 Hybrid Beam, Spot, Wash

  • Philips MSD Platinum 14R 280 Watt 80 CRI Lamp
  • 12,000 Lumens with CTO and CTB CTO Color Correction
  • 2.3 – 15 degree Beam, 3 – 22 degree Spot, and 10 – 34 degree Zoom
  • 10 Facet, 8 Facet and Linear Prisms with Wash Frost Effects
  • 8 Rotating Interchangeable and 12 Static Stamped Gobos
  • 13 Dichroic Colors including UV and Quad Color (RGBY)

TVL Cyc Series

  • 150 Watt COB LED Engine available in RGBW or WW (3,200K CRI>92)
  • 90 x 113 degree Elliptical Beam Angle
  • Strobe and Selectable Dimming Curve Effects
  • 8 Leaf Adjustable Barn Doors Included

DW Chorus Series Wash Luminaire

  • Long Life 3 Watt Lumileds
  • Individual Hue, Saturation, and Intensity Control
  • Variable Dimming Curve Modes and Multiple DMX Channel Modes
  • Available in 1, 2, 4, and 6 foot Models
  • RDM, KlingNET, and ArtNET control protocols

Emotion High Output Digital Projector Moving Head

  • 4,000 ANSI Lumens, Native 1024 x 768 (XGA) DLP/DMD
  • Internal 64GB SSHD Media Server
  • Elation Gobo Catalog Included, 255 Video Images Included
  • Digital and Optical Zoom, and Motorized Focus
  • Collage Generator, Variable Edge Blending, Mechanical Shutter, and Dimmer
  • CMY and RGB Color Mixing

E Touch Series

  • 64 Fixtures/64 Playbacks/48 Cues per Playback/FX Generator
  • Designed for use with Cuety Software Application
  • Transforms iPad into Lighting Console
  • Full DMX Support for LEDs and Conventional Lighting
  • ArtNET, sACN, and optically isolated DMX512 Ports

elation_ept6ip_EPT6IP LED Video Display

  • IP65 Rated Installation Video Display with 12.6” square Modules
  • LED Configuration 1R1G1B with 48 x 48 resolution
  • Average Power Consumption of 101 Watts
  • Scanning Mode: 1/6
  • Dot correction technology providing full color uniformity and brightness

EPT9IP LED Video Display

  • IP65 Rated Pro Touring LED Display with 22.7” square Modules
  • Panel Power Consumption Average 70 Watts per Panel
  • LED Configuration: 3 in 1 SMD 3535 LED
  • Support Input: Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD_SDI
  • Rigging Options allow for easy Installation of full circle, convex, and concave displays

Pathway Connectivity Solutions

Pathway Connectivity Solutions

Pathway-ChoreoAt LDI 2015 Pathway Connectivity Solutions introduced two new products.  Building off of the popular Cognito2 product, Pathway introduced Choreo.  Choreo has all of the functionality of the touchscreen accessibility of Cognito2, but is designed to be a wall mount control unit in a 3 gang deep well back box.  The Choreo wall unit allows control of lighting, timed events, show controls with full lighting console control for small venues like restaraunts, lobbies, architectural control and larger venues like museums and divisible ballrooms.  Choreo provides up to 4 universes DMX512.  With the configurable display the wall mount unit can present simple control buttons up to full operating screen options, just like Cognito2, which can be integrated with inputs from DMX512, contact closures, serial interfaces and time code.

Pathport VIAPathway also presented their new Pathport Via which is an end to end DMX 512 over Ethernet management rackmount switch.  The Via is a DHCP server that allows bandwidth monitoring and IGMP snooping.  The Via allows the ability to configure each of the 8 outputs separately with priority so that each line can send only the information needed to that line of network, allowing for a much quieter network “chatter”.  The Via Switch works as a powerful front end all of Pathway’s opto-splitters and gateways.


Leprecon LPD Leprecon had their new LPD Series Portable Power Distribution Racks on display.  These racks are a flexible, modular design with heavy duty construction.  They are designed for all applications requiring compact and reliable portable power distribution systems including; concerts, sound stages, film and television production, and conventions.  Some of the features of the racks systems include:

  • Heavy duty rack design with ABS laminate and 1/2” plywood with steel frame construction, with heavy duty casters.  Custom cases and colors available
  • Power input of single or parallel cam type connectors rated for 400A
  • Mains Breakers 100% rated with options of 100, 250, and 400 Amp either single or 3 phase switchable between 300/200A
  • Breakers available in single pole, two pole, and three pole ranging from 15 to 50 amps
  • Parallel load connections 110v or 208v
  • Connector options in Stage Pin, Duplex Edison, Neutrik Power Con True 1, and 19 Pin Multi Connector
  • Accessories include Digital Volt Meter, Digital Amp Meter, Littlite LED Racklite, and internal power for auxiliary equipment.


LiteDimmer-Pro-Chroma-Main-ViewBuilding on top of their already popular LED LiteRibbon and line of flicker-free wireless dimmers, LiteGear introduced the LiteDimmer Pro Chroma for controlling Multicolor LED tape. A simple switch transforms the unit into one of six possible modes: one 32A circuit of RGBW/A Chroma, one 32A circuit of RGB Chroma, one 32A circuit of Hybrid, two 16A circuits of Hybrid, one 32A circuit of Single, or four 8A circuits of Single. Another new product is LiteMat, a lightweight color correct light source available in 5 sizes with your choice of Tungsten, Daylite, or Hybrid Kelvin temperature. LiteMat is powered and controlled by the same gear used for VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon and uses a Kino Flo-compatible mounting system.

Chauvet Professional

Chauvet Ovation E-910FCCHAUVET Professional introduced several new fixtures to their Ovation line of theatrical fixtures, including the Cool White version of the Ovation Min-E and their first color-changing LED profile, the Ovation E-910FC,  which features a five color LED engine: RGBA+Lime, color temperatures from 2800 to 6500 K and new HD lens tubes. New to their Pro and DJ Par lines are the COLORado 1 Solo Par (RGBW) and COLORdash S-Par 1 (RGBA). Both fixtures use a homogenizing lens to blend and soften colors and IP rated power and data connectors to suit any application. CHAUVET also debuted the Strike 4, a new 100 watt COB LED strobe audience blinder and a new smaller wireless battery operated LED wash light, the  WELL Fit. The RH1 Hybrid comes with everything you expect from a beam/spot/wash moving head with the addition of a 6 facet linear prism and 8-facet circular prism that are completely layerable and controllable.

c6-1Chauvet Professional C6 video screen panel is designed specifically for permanent indoor installation. It has 12,800 tri-color SMD 3528 LEDs, a 6.25 millimeter pixel pitch, and a 140° viewing angle for clear, crisp, and powerful images. It’s quiet, fanless operation makes it perfect for houses of worship. The four M12 threaded holes in the corners mount the panel securely to permanent structures. C6 also works with the existing PVP Rig Kit for attachment to truss structures and is fully compatible with the VIP Driver, VIP Signal Distributor, VIP 5162 Signal Processor, and VIP Media Server Pro.

Le Mark

Dirty Rigger ProGrip-MasterLe Mark had their full line of popular Dirty Rigger gloves, tools and accessories on display and introduced two new gloves: Pro-Grip and Comfort 0.5. The Pro-Grip provide a combination of dexterity and grip with a Hexa-grip silicone embossed palm for superb grip in both wet and dry applications. The Comfort 0.5 is a multi-purpose lite duty all black glove, with durable synthetic leather palm and interact touch technology great for touch screens.

American Grip

American Grip Blue TrackAGI took another look at the way Flat Frame Gel Holders are made.  The holder has a 5/8″ Pin and spring loaded paddle-like fasteners with a built-in tightening knob and roll pins that keep the jaws from spinning when all the way open. This handy part proves useful when gel frames are subjected to harsh winds or movements, or when custom placement of the flat gel frames are needed. They also showed off their MC C-Stand base which can fit in a milk crate and a miniature duck bill clamp. Working closely with Dana Dolly, American Grip showed off their new Blue Curve Dolly Track. Available in 8′, 9′ and 10′ curved sections, this curved track which is made from Speedrail is smaller in width so that it can be used with the Dana Dolly systems.


LITEPANELS-BRICK-BI-COLOR-ONE-LIGHT-KITLitepanels is offering the Brick One Light Kit. It is a compact and powerful variable LED and it is IP65 rated. The Brick is a perfect on-camera solution for ENG camera operators on the go or who need full spectrum lighting during wet conditions. It has a high CRI, completely silent passive cooling, adjustable temps from tungsten to daylight, and ulta smooth dimming. It is AC or DC powered. The kit contains:  Brick Bi-Color LED, 100-240 International AC power supply, 60° honeycomb frame, diffusion frame,  Manfrotto Micro 244 Friction Arm, hard case with custom polyethylene foam.

BBS Lighting

BBS-LED-flyerBBS was featuring the Flyer LED Kit. This is a very lightweight, portable boom kit. It is a variable color, 3000K to 5600K overhead softlight. The complete kit includes a Molded Case, Light head, Diffusor;  Diffusor Skirts, power supply, AC Cord, DC Cord, Integrated Belt Pack for Remote Controller and GOLD MOUNT OR V-LOCK battery plate. The head only weighs 2 pounds!

BBS offers the Pipeline Reporter 3200K, 4300K and 5600K kits. These kits are made to address the challengers of traveling correspondents who often deliver their reports via Skype or Messenger from a webcam on a desktop. The Pipeline remote phosphor LED fixtures in the reporter kits deliver flicker free dimming from 100%-0, extremely bright with more than 2000 Lumens output. The footprint of each fixture is less than the computer mouse and set up takes just a minute. Each Pipeline Reporter Kit includes: 1- Rugged case for two lights, 2-weighted adjustable desk top tripod stands, 2-(1’) Pipeline with build in dimmers, 1-DC Adapter-UK/US/EUIAU and 1-(4’) power split cable. Each kit meets onboard travel regulations.

CBI Professional Wiring Systems

CBI Audio JogCBI was featuring the Audio Jog Pro 8 Audio Cable Tester with SINGLE & DOUBLE ended testing. The unit tests 3,4, & 5 pin XLR cable, 1/4″ stereo or mono,  Single or Twin 4.4mm Bantam, stereo or mono,  1/8″ stereo or mono,  2, 4 & 8 Pole Speakon,  DIN 3, 5 & 8 Pole,  MINI DIN 4 Pole (S Video) , RCA, BNC, RJ45, Ethercon, USAB A&B, and red and black bandana.

Lee Filters

Lee Filters ZirconLee Filters has introduced the Zircon Filters, designed for use with LED fixtures.  Manufactured using a 180-micron material, they are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter. The Zircon filters have a much slower fade time than a traditional gel filter….roughly 200 times the life span over regular gel. Popular colors include a variety of warm ambers, minus greens, and diffusion. The Zircon Filters are available in a 10’x4’ roll, 24”x24” sheets, sized specifically to fit the popular 2×2 panel, and 12”x12” gel packs.

Martin by Harmon

Martin The Martin exhibit focused on three main areas within their booth: Stage, Dance floor and Facade under the tagline “Solutions to evoke emotions”.

Martin LDI 2015Stage Lighting products on display included the popular MAC Viper series of moving head luminaires utilizing a 1,000W HID source.  Viper Performance, Profile, Wash FX and Beam are optical variants of their top of the line automated lighting units. The MAC Quantum family of LED source moving heads consists of the Profile, a 575W 13,000 Lumen White Light hard edged unit with CMY color mixing, and beam animation effects;  the Wash, a 750W 16,000 Lumen RGBW Wash light with 1:5 Zoom and rotating front lens for beam effects;  and the Aura XB, a 285W 6,000 lumen compact wash light perfect for that “eye candy” effect. The dynamic beam effects were made notable with use of the Jem ZR family of atmospheric effects. Additional LED products including the VDO Sceptron family of linear units with a variety of optical accessories, and the VC Range of creative LED building blocks in Grid, Strip and dot configurations were used to light up the stand.  The brains behind the scenes were M-Series lighting desk and the video savvy P3 system controllers.Martin video

Dance Floor (Club lighting) products shown featured the RUSH line of effects lighting featuring both automated and fixed units designed to make an emotional impact at a cost effective price point.  The Rush MH series consist of various LED and Arc source moving heads in spot and wash configuration. Rounding out the RUSH line are the Strobe CWL, the Wizard magical beam effect, Multibeam2 with actuating LED Bars, DC1 Aqua color projector, the Gobo Projector with 20W LED source, PAR RGBW2 Zoom and PAR2 CT Zoom for variable CT white light.

martin archRounding out the trifecta was the Facade component of the Martin scene. A series of IP66 rated Exterior Wash units designed to light up your façade are available in different sizes with either single color RGBW LEDs, Quadcolor RGBW LEDs, or Variable white. Looking for accents? The Exterior Linear family and IP67 rated Inground 400 are available in the same color configuration as the Wash.  Finally the Exterior 400 Image Projector is an IP65 rated 7500 Lumen white light LED projector. Beam spreads are available in narrow, medium and wide, and the unit comes complete with six custom colors and 8 custom gobos (steel or glass) for that cool dynamic exterior projection effect that we’ve all been hoping for.


Robe LDI 2015Robe pulled out all the stops with their largest LDI booth to date in an impressive product launch of their new BMFL units.  The stage was set for 2 industry Rock Bands, allowing Robe to demonstrate the features of its lighting portfolio in a real world scenario. Luminaires featured include the DL7S Profile, an LED fixture built for theatres and TV studios. the Square, a 5×5 zoomable LED matrix for video projection, pixel animation, beam effects plus a highly effective wash and cyc light with continuous pan/tilt rotation movement.  ColorStrobe an RGBW version of their white light LED. Viva, an elegant brand new lightweight LED spot moving head, and the PATT 2013 tungsten softlight, utilizing an HPL 750 lamp.

The BMFL (Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire) signature line comprised of the BMFL Spot and BMFL Blade units has now been expanded to include a BMFL Wash and BMFL Wash XF fixtures. BMFL Wash is a 1,700W wash light with large 200mm diameter front fresnel lens for high quality traditional wash output ranging from 4.5° to smooth 55° to create a punchy beam or smooth wash. Interchangeable frost filters available in three grades light, medium (standard) and heavy offer a means for the designer to create the desired level of softness. CMY + CTO color mixing filters compliment two color wheels with 6 colors each. Advanced DMX controllable edge aberration correction is used to create smoother hues and seamless coverage.

The Optional XF module expands the features of the BMFL Wash with an internal graduated filter, allowing rotation of the whole assembly plus/minus 130° to achieve even wash coverage when projecting onto a non-perpendicular surface.  A Beam Shaping internal motorized barndoor module contains four individually controllable blades, rotatable by 180 degrees.



Lyntec RPCLynTec, a manufacturer of remotely operated AC power control systems for the installed sound, lighting and video industries, was on scene to demonstrate the most recent additions to their product line.  On display at LDI 2015 will be three new circuit count panels for LynTec’s RPC line of remote-control breaker panels. The new panels make it possible for LynTec customers to add more circuits in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of components as needed. The three new RPC panels take advantage of a change in the National Electrical Code that allows them to support 48, 66, and 84 circuit breaker positions, respectively. Previously, RPC panels were available only with 30 or 42 circuit breaker slots. Now customers have incremental options between the 30 and 84 position panels with no increase in width. All RPC panels leverage the RPC controller’s ability to address up to 168 motorized circuit breakers.  The new panels are also available as main lug only (MLO) and main circuit breaker (MCB) in 225, 400, and 600 amp interiors.

RPCM Mobile Distro PanelGoing mobile… the RPCM Mobile Distro Panel brings the RPC feature set, including web-enabled control and monitoring, remote-control breakers, and both branch and phase current monitoring, to a mobile power distribution.  Easily controlled through a browser interface, users can turn circuits on or off, or monitor branch current and other energy usage statistics.  Built-in alarming capabilities can provide external messages triggered by electrical problems.

The system operates on 120/208 Volts (other voltages optional) with Cam-style connectors for power input and feed-thru, 200% neutrals and your choice of 150A, 225A, or 400A Main Circuit Breaker. The panel offers 42 breaker positions populated to your specification with motorized and un-motorized breakers. A Multi Function LED panel compliments multiple LED monitor power displays for 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, Neutral-ground voltage, Neutral current and Line frequency.  Rack mount output panels are customized with your choice of connector options such as L6-20, L21-20, and VSC style along with a standard 5-15 duplex outlet.


Green Hippo

Green Hippo has three lines of products Green-Hippofirst the Aviary line of media management and digital display solutions, the well-known Hippotizer range of  media servers capable of 3D mapping, and the LINX DPSDI that solves the problem of converting a single 4K Display Port into four 3G-SDI signals. This rack mounted splitter takes a full 4K and UHD Display Port input and converts it to four independent, genlocked, 3G-SDI outputs.  They developed this for a single customer and are now gauging interest in the marketplace.

The big announcement regarding GreenHippo really came from  Harmon / Martin Professional. The announcement was made that the P3-PC System Controller will now fully integrate with v4 versions of the GreenHippo Media servers, allowing for native control of all of Martin’s LED video products up to 20,736 pixels.

High End (a Barco Company)

SolaSpot2000High End this year was #AllAboutLEDWith the introduction of the new SolaSpot 2000 Highend is starting to cover all of the bases in the LED moving light age. Highend is taking a different approach in that they are giving us a product that functions in the same fashion that we are already accustom to with the benefits of LED’s.

The SolaWash 2000 is also a great compliment to the SolaSpot; it contains a 600w LED source that has the output equivalent to most 1500w Metal halide products on the market. It can also be configured in two variations using lenses, a beam mode provides a field range of 5.5 to 42 degrees and a wash mode provides a field of 9 to 51 degrees.

High End UNOThe other fixture of note was the High End UNO. Utilizing the largest, high efficiency TIR lens ever developed for the entertainment industry, UNO is a LED beam light for the future. An Osram 60x RGBW LED coupled with High End’s proprietary 106mm TIR lens produces the brightest, tightest and most homogenized LED beam to date – which along with lightning fast movement creates three degrees of incredible effects.


EZ-LAN-angle-600x259This year TMB has introduced a couple new products in its ProPlex networking line. The ProPlex EZ-LAN Ethernet switch makes setting up multiple VPN’s a breeze. With four groups of four ports these groups can easily be assigned to one of ten VPN’s using a digital address tool on the front of the unit. There is no external software required. This allows multiple disciplines to run on a single switch in a very quick and easy setup process. The EZ-LAN even won the LDI 2015 Debuting Product Award Widget Category.

ProPlex-IQ-416-Panel-v8-600x110 Another announcement was the introduction of the bigger and better ProPlex IQ Two 416 Converter/Opto-Splitter, this device will allow you to map up to four ArtNet/sACN universes to sixteen DMX outputs. All of this can be configured from the handy touch screen located on the front of the two u box.

Clay Paky

SceniusClay Paky introduced two new movers to the market at the show, the Scenius and the Spheriscan.  Both are arc source fixtures with 6,000k lamps at 1,400W and 1,200W respectively.  The Scenius is billed as the, “top of the Clay Paky range,” and is a moving head profile fixture with an 8°-55° zoom.  Color is CMY plus a linear CTO filter combined with a seven-color fixed color wheel to solve the problem of hard to mix colors.  Beam tools include two rotating gobo wheels with (12) interchangeable gobos, a four-facet prism, frost, a graphics wheel, and an iris.

Clay Paky Spheriscan The Spheriscan brings back the moving mirror fixture in a very modern package.  The mirror is centered above the fixture’s lens in a clear, acrylic enclosure.  The mirror has continuous rotation (no end stop) at up to 280rpm.  Color in this fixture is also CMY plus the seven-color fixed color wheel (no CTO).  Zoom range is 13°-34° and the beam can be modified with six rotating gobos, eight fixed gobos, prism, iris, and frost.  An additional feature of this fixture is that it is IP54 rated for outdoor use.  The mirror can also be removed if you wish to use the fixture as a fixed image projection device.

Robert Juliat

Dalis-onThe new Dalis 860 is an eight color, 300W LED cyc light which pairs alternating six-color clusters of Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Amber, and Royal Blue colored LEDs with two-color clusters of Warm White and Cool White LEDs.  The LEDs are aimed horizontally within the fixture housing into asymmetrical reflectors which then direct the light down the surface to be illuminated.  Control is via DMX, RDM, Art-Net, or sACN and a bonus feature is that the Dalis 860 can act as a node/ gateway to convert incoming Art-NET or sACN to DMX for fixtures daisy-chained to its output.  The 1m unit can be controlled in five modes depending on the granularity of control desired.  At the low end is a basic 8-channel mode with color presets, CCT adjustment, dimmer, strobe, etc…  At the top end is a 68-channel option to divide the fixture into four control groups each with 16-bit control of each color to allow dynamic effects and more natural variation of color within the cyc illumination.  The fixture is convection cooled and uses the QuickRig mounting system.


Seachanger-ProdugyThe new SeaChanger Prodigy color engine is intended to be used in combination with the PRG ReNEW LED retrofit light engines and existing ETC Source Four shutter barrels and lens tubes.  With the ReNEW light engine, output and color seemed very consistent when compared to SeaChanger’s traditional Tungsten and HID units.  It uses the CYMxG color mixing system and adds an onboard dimmer for use with phase-dimmable LED retrofit light engines.  In this “CYMxG+Dim” configuration, the light engine and dichroic filters can work together for tungsten-like dimming adjustments of color temperature as the fixture is dimmed.  It should be noted that while the system is tuned for use with the PRG ReNEW light engine, it should work with other manufacturer’s offerings but performance may vary depending on the LED light engine used.

The SeaChanger Prodigy is expected to start shipping in January, 2016.


Tomcat EVO FoldedTOMCAT surprised many of us by finding a new way to look at manufacturing 12” aluminum box truss. Rather than the fully welded assembly we have come to expect, when it starts shipping in early 2016, EVO Truss will use a combination of extrusions, welds, and pinned connections to create a modular, field serviceable replacement for standard box truss. In its spigoted configuration it will match the strength of the existing Core truss while enabling TomCat Evo Extendedstorage of up to (45) 10’ sticks of truss on a single cart measuring 10’-2” x 3’-6” x 6’-6”. This is made possible by a construction that allows the main chords to be slid out of ladders/ diagonals which can then collapse accordion style.

The advantage, other than storage density, is that all of the parts can be easily replaced in the field. Someone hits the side of the truss with a forklift and damages a couple of diagonals? No need to trash (or hopefully recycle) the whole truss, just unpin the damaged diagonals and replace them with spares. See photos below for a better understanding of how this exciting new product will work.