Wenger / JR Clancy

JR Clancy – While Wenger/JR Clancy did not debut any products at LDI, they were showcasing The Transcend System.  Building on their Virtual Acoustic Environment, you can transform your performance space into a multipurpose venue.  Transcend™ Active Acoustic System gives you the control to perfect your sound environment in virtually any space: performing arts centers, auditoriums, theatres, opera houses, arenas and worship spaces.

Wtranscend-active-acoustical-systemith new advanced state of the art Lexicon active acoustic technology, Transcend stands above. Our processor is designed specifically for active acoustics. For a reliable and affordable system that is easy to operate, Transcend is simply a sound investment.

Advanced design – A dedicated, state of the art processor for Active Acoustics using high speed digital audio communications with the other system components.

Natural reflections – Transcend™ Active Acoustic System enhances the reflections of the space providing optimal acoustics for any performance or event.

Technology transforms – From choral and symphonic to drama and lecture, Transcend™ Active Acoustic System can optimize the space for each performance.

Command and control – The entire system can be managed with remote control and visual monitoring using state of the art Audio Architect software.

Change your space into a multipurpose venue by integrating an Active Acoustic System. Transcend delivers “Variable Acoustics” and will truly transform your space into a multi-functional venue. You can manage the behavior of your sound to mimic the acoustics of many larger and smaller spaces. It’s truly dynamic.

Wenger’s system requires a fewer number of inputs and outputs to achieve amazing results, which translates to an affordable solution with better value for the investment. This system was also designed to be very reliable and stable with less opportunity for feedback.