SWISSON manufactures a wide range of DMX and RDM products as well as Sine Wave Dimming/Power Management solutions.

xsh-smallThe XSH Hybrid Splitter allows for distributing power and a DMX signal to within one single unit. The XSH features a powerCon 20A input and an XLR input and four pairs of powerCon 20A and XLR outputs. This combination comes especially handy with modern DMX setups where cable sets with XLR and powerCon connectors are run together from fixture to fixture. A built-in amp meter which makes it a breeze to keep track of the amount of power that is consumed, allowing its user to take action before the cables or input circuit are overloaded. With the RDM option, it is also possible to remotely monitor the current draw.

xwl_01_resize_275x183_86_255x255x255The XWL Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver provide an effective means of transmitting a single universe of DMX and are compatible with CRMX (Lumen Radio) or W-DMX (Wireless Solution).  A broader ranging solution is the XSW Wireless DMX Splitter which functions as both a transmitter / receiver and adds a splitter with additional 4 ports of DMX output – your choice of either 3 or 5 pin XLRs

ISP-4 is a 4 port Din-Rail mounted DMX Opto splitter, available with terminal or RJ-45 connection, and optional RDM  protocol