Rosco has been busy this year developing and enhancing a variety of their products. Three new products caught our eye.

Miro UV365First up, the new and improved Miro Cube UV 365. Using  365nm UV LEDs this compact UV LED is punchy and nearly invisible to the eye! This would make a great addition in the themed environment market or where a customer is looking for a UV effect, but does not want to actually see any light.

Next, Rosco has developed a bright 40w LED mini gobo projector called the “Image Spot”. Still not entirely flushed out, it does promise to be very bright and will be able to be used in a variety of applications. Some of the options it may have are an outdoor rating, a variety of interchangeable lenses, and a variety of mounting options. These will take a modified “E” size gobo in steel, glass, or even plastic.

Rosco has also entered the market of wireless control for fixtures. They’ve build their own proprietary system that uses a combination of DMX, 2.4Ghz radio, and Bluetooth technology to transmit control signal. The transmitter is about the same size as others on the market and they make a cool dongle that can plug into the DMX port on a fixture. However, keep in mind there are some limitations. First, the dongle can only work with Miro or Braq cubes as only these fixtures can supply the exact amount of power needed to energize the dongle. Also each transmitter can only go up to 254 channels (you can add up to 4 transmitters for control of up to 2 universes between them). It will be interesting to see where their technology goes, but if you already have Miro cubes or are planning on a Miro installation these are definitely the way to go.