OSRAM HMIOsram continued to add a new level of safety to their HMI line by adding their patented UVS quartz outer jack some of their higher wattage HMI lamps. This new technology will replace the existing non-UVS lamps and reduces UVB and UVC emissions up to 99,9 %. UVS not only extends the life of fixture components, it also protects film crews and talent from UV radiation. Most importantly, HMI lamps equipped with UVS achieve these benefits without compromising performance. The unique orange base of the re-engineered lamps indicates the UVS envelope.

HMI Studio Metal HalideOsram also presented their new HMI Studio Metal Halide series with a 3200 K color temperature. The new CTO color temperature will allow an HMI fixture to match existing incandescent fixtures on stage, film set or on location without the need for gel, greatly simplifying the setup processes and elimination the need for redundant lamps and fixtures. The CTO is baked right into the quartz outer envelope and will not fade over the life of lamp.

Osram PhaserAlso showed a version of their white light laser technology.  After successfully being introduced into the field of medicine and the automotive industry, laser technology is now set to revolutionize the entertainment market. The Osram PHASER, which will be shown at the company’s booth at LDI, stands for phosphor and laser, and is combined to create light with high luminance, which has the potential to replace many light sources which are currently used with lamps in various fields of application.