Lex Products

Lex Products PowerFLEX™ PowerData CableWhile there was a lot to see at Lex’s booth this year the highlight was their being awarded the ESTA Member’s Choice award for their Lex Products PowerFLEX™ PowerData Cable. By combining power and data within a common jacket, Lex reduced cable tangling and clutter without the need for banding.  A Cat 5e stranded cable supports RS-485 or Ethernet-based protocols while 12 guage power cable supports up to 20 Amps at 120 volts. A molded ‘Y’ reinforces the cable at the point of the split, preventing separation of individual cables that won’t deteriorate over the service life of the extension.

Other new cable assemblies include Cat 6 Touring Shielded Cable, EverGrip® powerCON® Coupler Extension and Adapter, and the EverGrip® Soft Connector Strip.

cineboxLex Products has added a 300 Amp and 600 Amp box to their CineBox™ line as well. These additions utilize heavy duty rubber enclosures that are electrically insulated and resistant to shock, impact and corrosion. Hydraulic magnetic breakers, duplex receptacles with USB ports and rugged enclosure protection round out a feature-laden series of products so important to the Studio market.

Lex PCS TrioAttendees also few additions to Lex’s flagship PCS Trio dimming line (now also available in a touring rack version.)  Lex now has their own Digital to analog Demultiplexer that converts digital signals (DMX) into (16) channels of analog control voltage. It works in concert with PCS TRIO relays for the control of fixtures requiring mains switching as well as direct current control.

For rack safety and noise Lex now has a Weight Transfer Stand that sits beneath an 8- or 16-Module Chamber and is used to transfer the system weight to the floor while maintaining proper air flow clearance.  Where noise dampening is needed a sound-diminishing device called the Decibel Dampener. Requiring no tools for installation, this cowling dramatically reduces the operating sound generated by the Module Chamber.