Lee Filters

Lee Filters releases Diffusion Comparator and Stopper Exposure Guide App (Android & IOS)

lee-diff-appDiffusion Comparator App

The Official LEE Filters Diffusion Comparator enables lighting designers to directly compare different diffusions lighting a model. As the video plays simply tap to switch the diffusion in real time. It’s a great way to select the perfect diffusion for your next project. The comparator is built from video clips of a real world lighting setup using a single M8 source and every diffusion in the LEE range. By switching between them you’ll immediately see how each molds the shadow in subtle but distinct ways. You’ll also notice any color balance changes.

  • Switch diffusions in real-time as the video plays
  • Pause to compare similar frames, for instance, a long shot or profile view
  • A commentary track by DOP Don McVey is also available

The app includes various design refinements so you can get the most from this tool:

  • This is a universal app designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • On either device switch between portrait and landscape views and retract or expand the menu to get the best possible view
  • Collapse the diffusion list so you can quickly jump between any filters

It’s a great tool to learn more about lighting with diffusion and for creative experimentation before getting on set.

stopperStopper Exposure Guide App

This is the official exposure guide for photographers using LEE Filters range of Stopper long exposure camera filters. It’s designed to help you get the most from your Big, Little and Super Stopper filters – accurately calculating the precise exposure you require and offering a flexible timer for very long shutter speeds.

Tap the menu at the top to select your Stopper:

  • 6 Stops = Little Stopper
  • 10 Stops = Big Stopper
  • 15 Stops = Super Stopper

Turn the left-hand wheel to dial in your metered shutter speed (before you insert any filters) and read the adjusted exposure on the right-hand wheel. The app converts a full range of shutter speeds in 1/3 stop increments.

Use the built-in countdown timer for any exposure over 5 seconds and see in a glance how long you have left. For very long exposures you’ll also get a reminder notification plus all countdowns finish with an alarm and a timestamp.

There’s also a handy User Guide and links to a variety of informative and inspirational web resources to support your Stopper photography.