Le Maitre

Le Maitre has been designing and manufacturing stage pyrotechnics and fog, smoke and haze machines since 1977 so needless to say, they are an industry staple for these solutions. One might ask how can a manufacturer who has been around so long could possibly “re-invent the wheel” for fog and haze machines. Well, you make them more efficient and you make them SMART!

Le Maitre MVS SmartLe Maitre revealed their new MVS SMART Haze Machine at LDI retaining all of the features of the highly popular MVS hazer but adding smart control and monitoring features. This allows the user to set up and control the hazer from a mobile device, tablet or computer. Once connected via Wi-Fi, the MVS SMART can be monitored and controlled over the internet through Le Maitre’s evolving Machine Portal Interface.

Also on display was the G300-SMART smoke machine that features Internet of Things technology. Rugged, versatile and durable, with a massive output of dense white smoke, it supports both WiFi and LAN connectivity for set-up, monitoring, and diagnostics. As with the MVS SMART, the user can set up and change the configuration of the machine via a mobile phone or tablet.

On hand was the Eco Hazer which is an incredibly efficient water-based hazer that is environmentally friendly, producing pure and long-lasting haze using just 100-150W. The Neutron hazer, with its high-powered quiet fan and low fluid consumption, is a simple, popular hazer, ideal for small to medium sized venues, whilst the robust and powerful Haze Master has a tremendous output capacity and is designed for the road.