Elation Lighting

elation-ldi-2016Elation showed a number of their new moving lights and static LED fixtures, most notably they debuted a pair of moving lights that are rated for outdoor use, the Proteus Beam and Hybrid. These are two moving lights that will work together well in any outdoor environment with their IP65 rating.

Platinum 1200 Wash
– Output equivalent to 1500W discharge sources.
– An extremely bright LED color wash moving head luminaire with (19) 65W Osram™ multi-chip RGBW LEDs
– 5° to 50° motorized zoom
– 8-bit and 16-bit color mixing along with adjustable linear color temperature (2,700K – 8,000K)
– Adjustable GAMMA brightness and LED refresh rates

platinum-sevenPlatinum Seven
– A patent pending high power 7 color wash luminaire, featuring (19) 25W multi-chip LEDs including Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, Cyan, and UV
– 5° to 50° motorized zoom
– Features a silent mode which reduces fan noise by over 25% decibels
– Utilizes (3) pixel ring control, color-pixel zone and color preset macro effects along with CRI presets (85, 90, 95) and linear color temperature presets (2,700 – 8,000K)
– Adjustable GAMMA brightness and LED refresh rates

Rayzor 360Z
– A brilliant compact beam moving effect luminaire with (3) 60W Osram™ RGBW LEDs
– 5° to 50° motorized zoom as well as fast and precise 16-bit continuous full 360° pan and tilt rotation
– Utilizes pixel control and adjustable color temperature (2,700K – 8,000K)

satura-profileSatura Profile
– Features a new 440W LED Cool White LED engine delivering a total of 20,000 lumens
– 11° to 38° zoom with full CMY color mixing and CTO as well as 7 dichroic colors
– 6 rotating glass and 7 static-stamped metal interchangeable gobos
– 4-blade framing shutter system and 3-facet rotating prism along with frost filter and motorized iris and focus

Fuze Wash Z120 and Z350
– Single source par moving head wash luminaire featuring a 120W and 350W Quad Color RGBW COB LED
– 12° to 53° motorized zoom on the 350W unit and a tighter 7° to 55° motorized zoom on the 120W unit
– Both units also have an optional snoot accessory

Fuze Par Z60 IP and Z120 IP
– Single source silent operating par luminaire featuring a 60W and 120W Quad Color RGBW COB LED
– 7° to 39° motorized zoom on the 60W unit and a wider 7° to 55° motorized zoom on the 120W unit
– Both of these units also include a barn door accessory