Dazian TerrainThis year’s Dazian booth was made of their Terrain – Projection Mapping Surfaces and the MagLED Walls Halo Tiles.  The Terrain product comes in standard squares 3’x3’, Triangles 3’x’3 and half Triangles 3’ x 1’6”.  Shapes are made of a powder coated white matte steel covered with Dazian’s Trapeze Plus stretch fabric which catches light and color extremely well.

Dazian’s new MagLED Wall: Halo Tiles are a great way to add an architectural background to your exhibit, stage production or corporate event.  magledThe background is a white stretch fabric with magnetic posts that hold the individual tiles in place.  A series of standard tiles are available including Star, Noodle and Moroccan designs.  RGB LED modules backlight the tiles giving the cut out effect and depth to the display.  The background fabric can be lit as well to increase the visual effect.