Canto USA

Canto-astroThere’s was some excitement at the Canto USA booth this year with the forthcoming Astro 500 LED engines. This new engine can be retrofitted to older units or comes with a new system.  It’s 400-watt engine is brighter than a 700-watt MSR arc source and approaches a 1200. It will also be available in both daylight and tungsten color temperatures.

Canto USA’s new Alterra followspot due out next summer utilizes a 1600w micro-xenon lamp module that affords the fixture to be significantly lighter than Strong’s Gladiator 3 and 4 or Lycian’s 1293- 1294 or 1295 and just as bright in 3000 watts.  The fixture will be just a little larger and the same form factor as Canto’s other followspots.  The exciting part other than being significantly lighter is that the new lamp module does away with the need for cumbersome protection gear needed when replacing traditional xenon lamps. Stay tuned for this one!