SKB Cases

SKB-iSeries-Fly-RackSKB Cases introduced their New internal Fly Rack frames which are built of high strength, lightweight aluminum alloy and 11 gauge hot rolled carbon steel rack rails – the same shock rack cages found in SKB Military-Grade Shock racks.  Each internal rack contains front and rear rack rails with a 13” rack depth. ABS plastic covers the top and bottom of the removable shock rack for added protection when the rack is out of the case.  The rack frame will easily fit into SKB’s iSeries case that is protected by high quality PE foam that provides space for protruding knobs and buttons as well.  iSeries Watertight cases are lightweight and under 62 linear inches keeping them from being oversized – the perfect solution when flying or shipping delicate equipment.  The Fly Racks are less than half the weight of standard shock racks.