Rip Tie

Rip Tie Rio LocRip-Tie, makers of the original Cable Wrap, introduced a new twist on the industry-standard in cable management. New for NAB 2016 they introduced the Rip-Lock.

Gone are the days of cable wraps vanishing when the cable is uncoiled. The Rip-Lock is a semi-permanent wrap that stays on the cable until removed with a special “key”.

One end of the hook and loop wrap has a slotted buckle with teeth that grip the loops, attaching to the cable. Once secured, the Rip-Lock can only be removed with a Rip-Lock key, a small piece of flat plastic with a hole for attaching to you keyring. A key is provided with every Rip-Lock.

This small innovation has large implications in an industry that relies on cabling for a broad spectrum of applications. The Rip-Lock will benefit any user, one cable at a time.