Nila Lighting

Nila-lineNILA Lighting’s presentation for NAB was enlightening as they continue to make it “hip to be a square!” Their powerful line of LED fixtures continue to impress lighting designers across the industry and are making their way on to more and more blockbuster films such as Batman vs Superman.

NILA’s Boxer, Zaila and Varsa line deliver high output LED lighting for Film and TV, ENG, High Speed and Sporting applications. These fixtures offer a high CRM and maintain a low power draw while staying flicker free at speeds up to 5000 FPS.

TArinaheir new Arina fixture is the fixture of choice when you need lots of light without the hassles of heavy cabling, external dimmers, or lamp replacement chores.  The Arina was designed to replace 2500W HMIs and 6000W tungsten fixtures.  With a power draw of only 800W, flicker-free operation, and the most light output in its class, the Arina is an indispensable part of any lighting package. NILA offers many standard lighting kits as well as gives you the option to customize for your application.