Matthews Studio Equipment

Matthews Studio Equipment, one of the leading grip equipment manufacturers based out of Burbank CA, has been very busy this year developing a whole bunch of new and exciting products!

InfinityArmArticulated_RGBFirst up, is their new Infinity Arm  which is a versatile cine arm used to mount cameras, lights, monitors and anything else you require. The Infinity Arm is a fully articulated arm equipped with 360degrees rotate-able and interchangeable, ball-in-socket, quick release tips for adding and removing accessories quickly and efficiently. Depending on configuration, it has a weight capacity of 15-32lbs. One feature that really sets this arm apart from the rest is its use of a radial rosette at the center point that can simultaneously lock the two independent arms in their positions all at once!

Matthews Sutti DollyNext up, the Dutti Dolly is a newly designed dolly that can handle heavier weights. Some key features are that it is made from a rectangular CNC’d aluminum plate with a built in Mitchell mount, measuring just 20” x 24”, rolls extremely low to the ground at just under 2” in height, and can work on both track and just the floor!

Also worth mentioning, is The Rover(TM) which provides a shooter with a comfortable, stable, and sustained hold around the perimeter of a smartphone and the capability to mount professional accessories onto it. The WEDGE a portable, low POV camera mounting device that ensures fast, stable camera positioning in a variety of situations, offering increased creative filming possibilities. The KERRI Kart which is a transport kart designed to be customized for your needs. The kart can be configured as a camera kart, a DIT kart, or a production kart with dolly-slider option depending on what is purchased. The Kerri Kart is lightweight, but capable of transporting a significant amount of gear while still fitting through a standard doorway.