LiteGear-VHO-ribbonLiteGear was showing a wide array of their LED and dimmer solutions this year. Featured items include:

  • VHO Pro LiteRibbon LED is a color correct light tape. 3 simple components work to create full spectrum white light. The VHO Pro emitters are fully color corrected and will blend nicely with tungsten and fluorescent sources as well as with other LED fixtures from Mole Richardson, Arri and others.

It is available in two densities, hard, high density 120 and soft, low density 60. The 120 outputs are about 1.5 watts per square inch and the 60 is around 0.37 watts per square inch.

It is available in four widths, X1 – one row of emitters, X2 – two rows, X3 – three rows and X6 with six rows. All are available in hard 120 or soft 60 and either 3200K tungsten, 5600k daylight or tunable hybrid white.

  • LiteDimmer-hyridLite Dimmer Pro Hybrid – The series 3 Lite Dimmer Pro series has been designed to offer the most advanced performance and reliability. Analog potentiometers offer smooth control that allow changes even during a shot. They include flicker free, cinema grade electronics for extreme settings. The new housing features an extruded case with cold shoe slots down the sides for mounting options.

The Pro Hybrid model comes in 8 amp and 16 amp versions. Both offer 12 – 48 volt operation, fire and paparazzi effects built in, Male barrel input connector, overdrive mode and embedded magnets with rubber bumpers.

All Pro models have a remote trigger port that allows the use of a Canon EOS controller for remote cueing.

  • Litedimmer Plus – The Plus series includes single, hybrid, chroma and DMX versions in capacities ranging from 100 to 1600 Watts in AC and DC configurations. Some models feature CurrentSence technology that will regulate output depending on luminaire size. The AC unit operates between 90 and 250 volts. DC units include a 4-pin powerlock connector and a choice of gold mount or V-Lock battery mounting plates.
  • LiteMat Plus – Coming Summer of 2016 – The Plus series of the LiteMat will be available in 6 sizes and feature the Cinemitter LED’s. It will have a range of 2600k to 6000k. It will maintain the same size from the original model but offer a 50% increase in output. The Plus will contain the PowerLock 7 Connector. This allows for flexibility as all 6 sizes of LiteMat using the same cables and adapters. The Plus line also introduces the LiteMount bracket. This is a Kino Flo compatible bracket with RAM components for double knuckle adjustability. New Light control accessories being introduced with LiteMat Plus are PolyComb Grids, a honeycomb type panel. Available in 3 beam angles, these panels attach directly to the existing polyskirt accessory.