KinoFlo Diva LEDKinoFlo showed their new Select and Diva-Lite LED lines of fixtures.  Both will be available later this year in two sizes (20 and 30) and bring KinoFlo’s LED performance features to the remote ballast and Diva formats of KinoFlo’s earlier fluorescent fixtures.  These fixtures will all feature a CRI of 95 plus and are variable color temperature from 2700-6500k.  The Select and Diva-Lite LED also include adjustment for Green/ Magenta shift to enable better color matching with other sources.  Select is the remote driver version and is available with a 25’ head cable.  With the Diva-Lite LED, like with the original Diva-Lite, the driver is permanently mounted to the back of the head.  The controller on both types allows the user to easily store up to four presets with color-temperature and color-shift settings for 1-button recall.  In addition to the onboard controls, both can be controlled via wired DMX or wireless DMX using Lumen Radio.  As with their fluorescent predecessors, the barn doors are built-in to the unit, the Flozier half diffuser can be added to further soften the output, and the beam can be shaped using 60 or 90-degree egg crate louvers.