K5600 introduced us to several new products in their booth.

They have moved to further enK5600 Kurve - Sidehance the value of their Joker-Bug line with the Kurve series of Parabolic Umbrella Reflectors.  Kurve reflectors are available in 3’, 4.5’, and 6’ diameters and can use Joker HMI’s up to 1600W as well as 2k incandescent and flash sources.  Focus is adjusted from the rear of the unit and there is a crank handle for easy tilt adjustment.  Output was very smooth, with no painful hotspot even looking at a reflection in a glass table top.

Bug A Beam 1600At the other end of the spectrum, for those of you who have felt limited by the 800W maximum on the previous generation Bug-A-Beam attachment for turning an ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal into an HMI, there is a new version which will allow use with a 1600W Joker.  For the new version, K5600 had to come up with the own reflector assembly which replaces the standard Source Four back-end due to the intense heat of the 1600W lamp.  The throw this unit achieved with 19-degree lens was truly impressive!