Elation Professional

fuze-par-z120-rt-500pxAt NAB Elation Professional was highlighting their line of lighting that can be used for broadcast use.  will be the new Fuze Series™ of dynamic LED wash luminaires with single lens, RGBW COB LEDs for a wide choice of colors and extremely homogenized field of light. All Fuze Series fixtures (Fuze PAR Z60™, Fuze PAR Z120™, Fuze Wash Z120™, Fuze Wash Z350™) house a wide 5-50-degree zoom and have an IP65 rating.

elation_tvl_cyc_rgbw-500pxAlso on display at NAB was Elation’s new TVL CYC RGBW™, a theatre-style cyclorama wash luminaire that delivers a smooth and even field of seamlessly blended colors onto cycloramas, backcloths, scenery or any surface. An ideal color-changing floodlight for broadcast applications, the TVL CYC RGBW features a 150W COB RGBW LED engine for an infinite choice of colors.