DSC Labs

DSC LabsThis year at NAB in addition to their already wide array of charts DSC Labs were showing the new ChromaMatch which is a combination of
electronic chart and paper chart in a split screen.

When displayed on a Sony O-LED monitor of broadcast quality (BVME250 recommended), shading
can properly balance the digital signal against the paper chart being light by any combination of lighting fixtures technology to deliver a perfect match. As a foot note this O-LED LCD monitor is considered by many to be the closet to CRT quality available today.

We also heard a lot of discussion around their Xlya line of charts that are designed to test dynamic range of new 4K and greater cameras.

Dynamic range is an important factor in selecting the best camera for the job. Ensure your camera’s dynamic range is setup accurately with DSC Labs latest high dynamic range test system – the Xyla. Available with up 20 f-stops of dynamic range (only 1:1,000,000 of the light passes through on step 21), the Xyla presents more than a challenge for even the most advanced camera systems. There are currently two Xyla models available – the Xyla-15, provides a spread of 14 f-stops and the Xyla-21, an amazing 20 f-stops.