DeSisti Lighting

Fabio DeSistiAt NAB DeSisti was showing their new Super LED Vari-White range of LED fresnels.  The innovative variable white fresnel provides the ability to modulate the color temperature range from 2800°K to 6600°K. The light output has an enhanced CRI (Color Rendering Index) greater than 94 and with equal output throughout the color temperature range. (Right: Fabio DeSisti giving Barbizon an insider’s view of the Vari-White LED Engine.)

  • 0 to 100% with a super smooth Dimming
  •  STEP MODE for CCT Control: Increments of 400°K every 10% of DMX variation
  • CONTINUOUS MODE for CCT control.
The fixture was designed to achieve classical SPOT/FLOOD beam control on an equivalent focus range to a conventional tungsten lamp fresnel, with excellent barn door cutting when needed.
PicolettoAlso for the first time were production samples of the new Picoletto series LED Fresnels. Think LED Inky – they will be available in tungsten and daylight color temps.  They’re so cute!