Dedo DLED 4-BIDedoLights announced their new Turbo series of LED lights this year.  The Turbo series DLED7 and DLED3 utilize active (“whisper”) cooling and brighter sources to achieve nearly double the output of their predecessors the DLED4 and DLED2 respectively from the same size and weight fixture.  Twice as bright without an increase in size or weight of fixture also means that most accessories from the previous lines are still compatible.  The new DLED7 turbo comes in at 90w consumption, and the DLED3 at 40w and they are both available in daylight, tungsten, or tunable bi-color from 2700k – 6000k.  Many options are available for the turbos including multi-unit kits in soft or hard carrying cases and either AC or DC ballasts.  Additional turbo fixtures are claimed to be in testing now, so more units may be added to the turbo series.