Backstage Equipment

Backstage case cart openThis year, Sig at Backstage Equipment brought a cool new line of “Case Carts” to the show.  These carts, varying in size and capabilities, quickly convert from fully functioning rolling gear carts to flat, compact cases that Backstage Case Cart closedare very easily shipped or transported.  The wheels, shelves, and other optional attachments are enclosed in a suitcase-like package with rolling casters.

They can also be outfitted with an array of power distribution options for monitors, battery charging, laptops, etc… The models available in the Case line are the Camera Case Cart, Jr. Camera Case Cart, Steadicam Case Cart, Mini Flight Case Cart, Jr. Flight Case Cart, and the Flight Case Cart.  While the Flight Case Cart shown here is made of plywood, steel and aluminum (like a roadcase), the rest of this line is made of textured black aluminum.