Arri Lighting

Arri Lighting was showing some of there latest and greatest additions to there LED soft light line.

Arri Sky PanelThese included the S30-C & S60-C with new software that let you control all environments right from the fixture or remotely using DMX. In addition there is a new accessory called the SkyBender, which is available for both the SC30 & SC60 allowing for beautiful washes from green screens, Colored wall washes and even translight’s!

ARRI’s new generation of ballasts incorporates an AutoScan feature that ensures optimum light and image quality with a minimum of effort for high-speed recording up to 1,000 fps and beyond.

EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScanFirst to be released was the EB 12/18 HS AutoScan for 12 kW and 18 kW discharge lamps, followed by the EB 6/9 HS AutoScan. Now ARRI presents the EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan, designed for the 2.5 kW and 4 kW power classes.

Three different modes are available for high-speed operation: AutoScan (fully automatic), Man (manual frequency control) or AutoMan (manual frequency setting with automatic frequency control). Other key features include Active Line Filter (ALF), Compensation for Cable Losses (CCL) and DMX control, delivering maximum light quality with efficient supply and wiring. When combined with the ARRI M40 lamphead, the EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan ballast enables a faster and simpler way of working on set — at any frame rate.