USHIO / Zylight

ent-takumi2Did you know that Ushio is the leading manufacturer of follow spots in Japan, dating back to 1965?  In their booth, Ushio was showing the Takumi 2000 Xenon Follow Spot.  The cool thing about this follow spot is that the iris will close all the way, creating a nice effect onstage.  Additionally, when the iris, shutter, or douser are closed completely, the voltage auto-regulates to cut the lamp output to half, saving on lamp life as well as wear and tear on internal components.

ent-zylightf8-BUshio is distributing Zylight and they had some new products. Zylight’s F8-B is the UV version of their popular F8 IP-54 rated fixture that combines Ushio’s proprietary Tru365™ LED module with the flexibility and control of a focusable glass Fresnel lens. Built on the 100% silent and field-proven F8 platform, the F8-B delivers the latest in blacklight LED technology with no lenses to change, no filters to check, and no fixed beam patterns to limit your creativity. Emitting a powerful narrow band of UV light, that’s the power of Tru365™.

ent-zylightf83002For the first time we saw the new F8-300 giving you the punch in a large studio or on location. It’s output rivals a 600 watt HMI Fresnel or more than a 2k Tungsten bulb, all while drawing only 300 watts of power. With passive cooling, The F8-300 uses no fan for a completely silent experience.  Built upon the Award-winning F8 platform, the F8-300 continues the tradition of combining high quality optics with a special blend of Quantum nanoparticles to deliver a high quality of light matched only by traditional sunlight and incandescent bulbs, while using a fraction of the energy. Plus, the F8-300 can perform in rain, snow and sun with ease, thanks to it’s IP54 rating.  The F8-300 also has ZyLink™ affording wireless control all of the F8-300’s settings from across the studio or stage from the palm of your hand. Link together multiple fixtures to create a large source or control them individually.

ent-zylightNewz2The Newz is the next generation camera-top light with attributes not found on lights at even twice the price. This palm-sized powerhouse is set up for simplicity while delivering everything you expect from a Zylight xture. The Newz gives you fully dimmable, variable white color temperatures from 3200-5600k. Go from indoors to outdoors with just the turn of a dial. By incorporating a special blend of Quantum nanoparticles with traditional phosphor, the Newz boasts a CRI of up to 92 and a quality of light matched only by traditional sunlight and incandescent bulbs, while using a fraction of the energy.