Tempest Enclosures

Tempest Lighting is the world’s premier manufacturer of outdoor enclosures for intelligent and conventional lighting fixtures, as well as projectors. Their Patented Digital Enclosure Control Technology keeps your equipment cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold and also prevents condensation. They also provide solutions for custom applications, as well as accessories for Color Kinetics Graze and Blast fixtures.  Look at Tempest Lighting for solutions to your outdoor lighting applications to ensure your fixtures are not only kept dry, but kept in safe working conditions.Tempest Lisza

As projectors are gaining momentum in architainment Tempest has two new enclosures.  Tempest’s LIZA is the quietest and most elegant HUSH enclosure family we have ever made. LIZA looks great in any upscale location, for museums, meeting rooms, home theatre, classrooms, you name it. LIZA is available in three sizes to accept most business and home theatre projectors between about 5,000 to 15,000 lumens, with a high quality white gloss finish, with other colors to special order.

Tempest TyphoonThe Typhoon is the culmination of many years developing outdoor and rental and staging enclosures for the world’s finest video projectors. Typhoon is perfect for both permanent outdoor installation for mapping projects, and also for rental events and tours, where it will protect your investment from hard knocks, smoke and oil fog. Typhoon is available at launch for the new Christie Boxer projector, and other models will be added as the family grows.