Swisson XSHSwisson showed their new XSH Hybrid Splitter allows for distributing power and a DMX signal within one single unit.  The XSH features a powerCon 20A input and an XLR input and four pairs of powerCon 20A and XLR outputs. This combination comes especially handy with modern DMX setups, where so called ‘hybrid cables’ with XLR and powerCon connectors are frequently used.  The XSH comes with a built-in amp meter which makes it a breeze to keep track of the amount of power that is consumed, allowing its user to take action before the cables are operated at their limits. With the RDM option it is also possible to remotely monitor the current draw.

XPD-28m-640Swisson’s XPD-28 is the latest and at the same time the most sophisticated Swisson splitter. The RDM capable splitter features two DMX inputs (A and B) and eight DMX outputs, which are intuitively assignable to any of the two universes at the push of a button. At each output port, a status LED signals by its color, to which universe the port currently is assigned. Amber stands for universe A and Blue for universe B.  Even more detailed status information is provided by an OLED display, which is for example capable of showing the refresh rate or a graphical overview of the received channel values. In conjunction with an encoder wheel and eleven additional push buttons, the OLED display also helps keeping the XPD-28 easy to operate in spite of its versatility.