Three new products to LDI, The Silk LED unit, Rosco LED tape and new PICA cube.

SilkThe Silk is a diffused light source, simliar to other LED panel units.  Rosco’s Silk measures 21.5 x 12.6 x 3.6” it is 120 watts with a color temperature range of 28K to 65K with a high volume output.  The unit delivers 2400 Lux at 1 meter at 56K.   It supports a complete line of accessories tin include barn doors, egg crates, it can be portable or AC powered.

IMG_1152The Pica Cube™ series, are the World’s smallest 20 Watt professional grade LED fixtures. They come in three LED configurations – 4C (RGBW Quad Chip Color Mixing), WNC (Warm, Neutral and Cool White) and UV (LED Black Light). The cool part is that it can be powered from a POE Switch!

roscoLED_tape_homeAlthough we saw it at NAB Rosco is now shipping their RoscoLED tape that comes in a variety of kits ranging from static white to Varicolor.  The kits are easy to use with power-supply and pre-configured with multi-pin connectors.  Every kit has a control box the provides power control and a flicker free DMX dimming, it is UL listed and CE certified.