Lycian Stage Lighting was showing off their prototype follow spot, model 1299, a 1600W Xenon with an output that rivals a 4000W source as well as their flagship model 1295, this model provides the option of a 3000W or 4000W Xenon lamp. Their prototype follow spot is rather exciting as it provides the option to use 120V power while still having the tremendous output of a  4000W Xenon. Lycian also intends on putting a Seachanger color changing module in this unit, which will provide CMY color mixing over a boomerang. This will ultimately be controlled via DMX and will provide seamless color changes. This unit will also have a ‘lifetime iris’ and will have the functionality for short, medium and long throw applications. Both of these features will utilize patented technology (patent pending) to eliminate the need for replacing the iris. This unit will be available in 2016.