Ketra Lighting

Ketra provides everything you need to illuminate your environment with the smartest, highest quality light available. The Ketra system offers unprecedented control of your lighting: replicate the sun’s natural rhythms, optimize your lighting according to tasks:

  • Find just the right tint to accentuate a painting in an art gallery
  • Adjust the mood in your theatre’s lobby based on time of day or event
  • Bring the opportunity for color and movement into a space without adding more than lamps

Screw in Ketra lamps and they’re ready to go. Wirelessly controlled, connected to the whole system, and totally tunable — with an intuitive app to tie it all together.  Currently available are A and Par38 lamps with more coming as well as a linear cove/graze light.

The system can interface with most any existing system or operate autonomously.

To see the whole array of the Ketra system options check out their website.