squarepic_largeGaffGun uses a funneling system to straighten and center cables and then lay tape over them.  CoreLok tape works in unison with the GaffGun, wound on a plastic core that locks onto the GaffGun’s hub, keeping tape centered and allowing use of the GaffGun’s tensioning knob.

New at LDI was their GT Dance™ premium vinyl tape for dance floor splicing and floor marking.  Don’t waste time stretching tape when you could be dancing: The GaffGun’s tensioning system was developed with your application in mind.

GT Dance™ has been specially wound on a locking plastic GaffGun™ core, it features optimized pull-off tension for smooth, even release, and allows for controlled elongation with maximum adhesion to the floor.

All GaffGun products and options are available through Barbizon.