Fiilex Q1000Tucked away at the end of an aisle was the Fiilex booth.  Those outside of the Film/Video world may not be familiar with Fiilex.  They make line of portable LEDs that are perfect for the run and gun shooters.

On display in the booth were their popular fixtures including the P360EX and Q1000.  Some of the great qualities of the Fiilex units are that they are small, compact and lightweight which makes them perfect for building into kits.  The fixtures are dimmable and tunable from 2900k to 6500k.   Fiilex has a full line of various accessories available for their lights including barn doors, dome diffusers and softbox kits.

Fiilex P360 TNew from the development team is a track mount fixture based on the P360 fixture.  This will be a great addition for those small satellite new rooms or video conferencing rooms that need a tunable track light fixture.

If you have not seen the Fiilex fixtures, contact your local Barbizon. We have demo kits but they are in high demand!