Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

ETC ColorSource RelayETC’s brand new products at the LDI tradeshow included the ColorSource® Relay wireless power controller. The newest member of the ColorSource family, the ColorSource Relay can switch power and transmit DMX and RDM to hard-to-reach places, while going easy on your wallet. With no difficult setup – just plug it in and start lighting – and round-the-clock support from ETC’s Technical Services department, it’s the right fit for any small or medium venue… and your budget.

EOS-Wing-systemETC also had their new Eos® Programming Wing that provides a portable home-base for the programmer on the move. The wing uses the familiar Gio® desk layout, so you can get to work immediately – no need to hunt for keys. With the Programming Wing, you get the freedom of mobile programming without missing out on control features. Each wing includes playback and fader controls, parameter encoders, level and rate controls as well as DMX512-A/RDM and MIDI In/Out outputs. It is compact enough move from room to room in a venue or to take on the road with your ETCnomad™ or ETCnomad Puck™.

For building infrastructure the Sensor® IQ intelligent breaker system  is a powerful and versatile power-control solution in a compact footprint ideal for entertainment-lighting and audio systems. Sensor IQ delivers switching with data reporting for one-, two- and three-pole circuits. Like its namesake Sensor3 system, Sensor IQ is a go-to solution for hybrid-lighting systems that contain any combination of tungsten, LED and moving lights, and video projection.

ColorSource_spot_ylw-350ETC’s new profile the ColorSource Spot LED luminaire  outperforms other four-color LED profiles, thanks to its precise combination of red, green, blue and lime emitters. ETC applied its extensive color-mixing knowledge to the fixture, to ensure that it can achieve brighter, richer and more believable colors than other budget LEDs, especially in the warm end of the color spectrum. Bright, punchy, with incredible output, the ColorSource Spot is also more dependable. You don’t have to worry about it fading over the course of a show, because it compensates for thermal droop to keep the color going strong.