City Theatrical

City-T-LDI-15From their new booth City Theatrical had a wide variety of new and updated products to on display at LDI.

SHoW DMX SHoW Baby ® 6 is the latest version of the popular SHoW DMX SHoW Baby  wireless DMX transceiver that is used in entertainment venues all over the world.  SHoW Baby 6 gives users the ability to utilize City Theatrical’s innovative Maximum Bandwidth Technology to help avoid interference.  Show Baby 6Max Technology™ allows SHoW Baby 6 to broadcast in the area of Wi-Fi channel 14, which is not used in the U.S. and is not heavily used in other countries.  This is a simple change from the on board user interface that takes only seconds to make.  Additionally, with six SHoW IDs, even larger multi universe systems can be scaled up, or as many as six independent SHoW Baby 6 systems can be used in the same area without interfering with each other.

QolorPointThe QolorPoint™ Wireless LED Uplighter sets a new standard in temporary wireless event lighting.  With its understated elegant design, each RGBA QolorPoint unit is equipped with our SHoW DMX Max  wireless DMX for control from your lighting console (or can also be operated in stand alone modes) and is rated IP65 for outdoor use. Its 2000 lumen output will light up medium sized trees or three story buildings and its even color mixing, long battery life, and six-unit charging flight case make it the most versatile and feature rich portable LED uplighter available today.

The QolorStrip™ Wireless LED Strip is a one meter long LED striplight  with 18 RGBW LED emitters, providing a very bright 4,000 lumen output. The 18 LEDs can be independently controlled by 72 channels for pixel mapping and can produce vivid chases for eye catching lighting effects.  Control is by SHoW DMX Max wireless DMX built in, or by stand alone control.

Q PinThe QPin 300™ Wireless Magnetic Pin Spot has a very narrow, bright, white, 4.5 degree beam spread that can pinpoint any object, such as a floral centerpiece, painting, photo, or sculpture, and highlight it to draw attention to it. The IP65 rating allows the QPin 300 to be used indoors or outdoors in any weather.  The built in magnetic base adheres to any steel object, and the unit can be dimmed either by a switch on the body of the unit, or remotely via a free smart phone app.

The QFlood 7500™ Wireless LED Floodlight is a very bright, white, IP65 fixture that can operate in any weather, and its 7,500 lumen output will give the light output of a 750w halogen lamp. The lens folds down flat for storage and to protect the LED emitters, and the entire package is only about the size of a 10″ (25 cm) cube. This fixture is perfect for parking lots and long paths at outdoor events when it is impossible to use generators or long extension cords.

CTI’s QolorFlex™ brand of professional LED tape, used on The Tonight Show, Late Night, Saturday Night Live, Best Time Ever, and dozens of other shows, has achieved an ETL listing and all types of QolorFlex LED tape will now be certified as ETL compliant.