Maniac_white_backgroundCITC had a Maniac on the floor – well, this maniac is a combination fogger and pan and tilt LED lighting fixture. Control allows for fog alone, LED beam alone or both at the same time. The moving head allows for 540 X 270 pan and tilt. The on board fog fluid tank is adjustable allowing the unit to be under hung, over hung or hung vertically. Instant stop technology allows for “no drip” operation. Fully DMX controllable, utilizing 10 control channels. The fixture has 10 – 8W RGBA LEDs. Total power is 1600 Watts.

Smart Fog – Out of a request from designer for fog that can be “timed”, CITC has Smart Fog. Available in 7 speeds, it allows for perfectly timed fog effects;

  • 15 second ultra quick
  • 1 minute quick
  • 3 minute
  • 15 minute
  • 25 minute – Regular
  • 45 minute – long lasting
  • 60 minute – longer lasting

All fluids listed are FDA approved and uses all organic, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Made in the USA.