Inner Circle Distribution

MADRIX_3At LDI this year Inner Circle was sneak-previewing the new release of the Madrix software.  If you’re not familiar MADRIX is about allowing users to take lighting control into the third dimension. There’s useful and significant changes to the graphical user interface and everything technical below. This means that you will gain various new possibilities for working with any of your LED projects, may it be 2D or 3D. The new release of the 3.5 software adds additional language support (Spanish & French), improved M2L Color and Tone Range labels for M2L Effects, new MIDI maps, sdded Colorlight A8 & T9 support, and much, more.

wowThe piece that really intrigued designers though is the i-PIX DB 1 Beam.  The DB 1 is so unique, it refuses to be classified as just a lighting fixture or a video screen. Since there’s nothing like it in the world of entertainment technology, the i-PIX DB 1 has created its own category, The Beam Screen.