Altman Lighting

Altman PegasusThe Pegasus 6 and Pegasus 8 Fresnels are 6” and 8″ white output LED Fresnels that are both Mains Dimmable and DMX controlled all in one luminaire. Pegasus replicates the soft light output that is expected from a Theatrical or Studio Fresnel. Under 150 Watts, the Pegasus 6 surpasses the output of its 500 watt incandescent counterpart, and the Pegasus 8 meets the output of its 750 watt incandescent counterpart.  The Pegasus line also won a Plasa Member’s Choice award this year too!

Altman chalice-150-downlightDesigned specifically for the demands of theaters, churches and public venues, the Chalice 150 down light is a 145W White LED pendant fixture that addresses and alleviates the typical maintenance routines of changing lamps and ballasts in difficult-to-access locations. The Chalice 150 uses a single-point source for optimal beam control, and offers a variety of reflector options for ceiling heights from 15 to 50 feet. Its powerful output blends to seamless coverage in the most elegant setting. Extremely smooth dimming reproduces the comfortable feel of traditional incandescent sources, at a fraction of the power consumption. DMX control allows each fixture to be controlled independently or in groups, from an architectural control system and/or directly from a theatrical control console.