Tomcat EVO FoldedTOMCAT surprised many of us by finding a new way to look at manufacturing 12” aluminum box truss. Rather than the fully welded assembly we have come to expect, when it starts shipping in early 2016, EVO Truss will use a combination of extrusions, welds, and pinned connections to create a modular, field serviceable replacement for standard box truss. In its spigoted configuration it will match the strength of the existing Core truss while enabling TomCat Evo Extendedstorage of up to (45) 10’ sticks of truss on a single cart measuring 10’-2” x 3’-6” x 6’-6”. This is made possible by a construction that allows the main chords to be slid out of ladders/ diagonals which can then collapse accordion style.

The advantage, other than storage density, is that all of the parts can be easily replaced in the field. Someone hits the side of the truss with a forklift and damages a couple of diagonals? No need to trash (or hopefully recycle) the whole truss, just unpin the damaged diagonals and replace them with spares. See photos below for a better understanding of how this exciting new product will work.