EZ-LAN-angle-600x259This year TMB has introduced a couple new products in its ProPlex networking line. The ProPlex EZ-LAN Ethernet switch makes setting up multiple VPN’s a breeze. With four groups of four ports these groups can easily be assigned to one of ten VPN’s using a digital address tool on the front of the unit. There is no external software required. This allows multiple disciplines to run on a single switch in a very quick and easy setup process. The EZ-LAN even won the LDI 2015 Debuting Product Award Widget Category.

ProPlex-IQ-416-Panel-v8-600x110 Another announcement was the introduction of the bigger and better ProPlex IQ Two 416 Converter/Opto-Splitter, this device will allow you to map up to four ArtNet/sACN universes to sixteen DMX outputs. All of this can be configured from the handy touch screen located on the front of the two u box.